Rating of the Best Electrolux Dishwashers of 2022 (TOP 5)


Electrolux has been on the European market for a long time and has established itself as a high-quality and reliable manufacturer. The Swedish company produces a huge number of household appliances, and dishwashers are no exception. The article presents the TOP-5 Electrolux brand dishwashers that are popular among buyers in 2022.

Electrolux ESL 94200LO

Rating of the best Electrolux dishwashers of 2022 (TOP 5)

Budget model with limited functionality, but performs important actions perfectly. Large pots, pans and baking sheets can be placed in the hopper. There is also a separate compartment for cutlery. At the bottom of the hopper there are shelves for plates, and in the upper container there are special rubber holders for attaching cups and glasses. There is no “beam on the floor” function that allows you to monitor the washing process and know the remaining time. Equipped with a condensing drying mode.

On the door is a container with two cells that are designed for detergent and rinse aid. There is also a salt compartment, but it is located at the bottom of the dishwasher.

High level of security. In case of any depressurization, a special sensor will automatically detect a malfunction and block the water supply. However, the dishwasher does not have such a function as a “child lock”.

The model has a useful “water softening” function, with which you can adjust the level of hardness. There are no functions such as double rinse, disinfection and delayed start.


  • low cost;
  • good washing quality;
  • durability;
  • high level of security;
  • availability of functions for economical consumption of resources.
  • location and layout of elements in the bunker.


  • lack of additional functions;
  • noisy work;
  • inconvenient location of the basket for plates.

Electrolux ESF 9453 LMW

Rating of the best Electrolux dishwashers of 2022 (TOP 5)

The main difference is a sink for 9 sets. The hopper is designed for washing large dishes, such as a frying pan, a saucepan or a baking sheet. There is a special compartment for glasses, respectively, there is a function of washing fragile glass. All shelves in the hopper can be adjusted, which is convenient when loading non-standard dishes

Built-in 6 functions for different degrees of washing. Depending on the mode, the consumption of water and electricity will vary. You can also set a default program so that it starts as standard when you turn on the dishwasher. Drying takes place with the help of condensation, but unlike the ESL 94200 LO, on this model, after washing, the door of the hopper automatically opens by 10 cm. This reduces the drying time of the dishes. The dishwasher belongs to the freestanding class.

In addition to safety sensors, sensors are installed to adjust the water supply, depending on the contamination of cutlery. There is also a pre-soak. The function is very useful in case of stagnant dirty dishes.

On the body there is a display where you can customize the sink as desired. This model already has a “delayed start” function, in which you can set the required time for the automatic start of the dishwasher up to 24 hours.

The disadvantages of ESF 9453 LMW include the absence of a child lock, as well as the recommended detergent. According to customer reviews, PM washes dishes most effectively with the help of special tablets that cost a lot of money. When using conventional detergents, traces and smudges will often remain.


  • 6 washing programs;
  • security sensors;
  • convenient bunker;
  • class of separately installed PM;
  • the presence of special shelves for glasses;
  • built-in function for washing fragile glass;
  • sensors for saving water and electricity when calculating the contamination of dishes;
  • automatic opening of the bunker door after washing;
  • the possibility of pre-soaking dishes;
  • delayed start function up to 24 hours;
  • presence of a display.


  • traces after washing with conventional detergents;
  • no child lock function.

If we compare this model with the ESL 94200 LO, then the difference will be in the number of functions, which affects the small difference in price. The build quality and security level are identical.

Electrolux ESF2400OH

Rating of the best Electrolux dishwashers of 2022 (TOP 5)

The car is very popular, primarily because of its bright red color. It has a rather ergonomic appearance, and it is worth noting that this is not a PM built into kitchen furniture, so it can be installed anywhere. In keeping with the price, the ESF2400OH lacks some features, but for a budget model, the dishwasher is more than great.

On the case there is a display where you can set one of six dishwashing programs. In addition to standard programs, the dishwasher can independently recognize the degree of soiling of dishes and start the recommended wash. However, as standard for a budget model, there is no child lock on the buttons.

The level of security is at the highest level, so any water leakage will trigger a sensor and automatically block the water supply. What is the great privilege of the display is in the image of the error code, with which it will be possible to know the specific breakdown zone. The function will be very useful when starting a delayed start. The disadvantages include a small hopper, in which only 6 sets of dishes can be placed. Despite the small dimensions, plates with a diameter of up to 25 cm can be placed in the hopper. There are also special rubberized mounts for washing glasses. There is a special compartment for cutlery.

The dishwasher stands out for its small dimensions and can be placed on the table, but at the same time it loses in the number of simultaneous washing of dishes. Despite its small size, it costs like a standard model. For a small family of up to 3 people, this is a very convenient option, since the ESF2400OH does not take up much space and can be removed when not in use. Multifunctionality surpasses many budget models.


  • ergonomic appearance;
  • the presence of a display;
  • automatic determination of the degree of contamination of dishes;
  • delayed start function;
  • the presence of security sensors;
  • 6 standard washing programs;
  • the possibility of washing fragile glass;
  • saving water;
  • the possibility of transportation around the house.


  • simultaneous washing of up to 6 sets of dishes;
  • high cost relative to capacity.

The dimensions of the Electrolux ESF2400OH dishwasher will be both an advantage and a disadvantage, depending on the requirements of the buyer.

Electrolux ESL 98345 RO

Rating of the best Electrolux dishwashers of 2022 (TOP 5)

The model belongs to the luxury class and has all modern technologies for washing dishes. It is immediately worth noting the capacity of up to 15 sets, and the water consumption is 11 liters. Energy class A++. When compared with water consumption, it is possible to designate a high saving of resources.

In addition to 6 washing programs, there are 5 temperature modes. With the help of delayed start, you can set the sink up to 24 hours. Safety sensors will automatically block the water supply. Dish drying takes place in condensation mode, and after washing, the door of the hopper automatically opens, which significantly speeds up the process of drying dishes. Also on the ESL 98345 RO there is a water hardness sensor that will indicate the recommended settings to improve washing. Compared to budget models, there is already a beam on the floor, with which you can know about the duration of the washing cycle.

Also in the expensive model there is a salt indicator indicating its level. It is worth noting that here the car is quite economical.

In the bunker, almost all shelves stand out for their convenience, however, when reviewing the model, some buyers spoke negatively about the cutlery tray due to the inconvenience of their fence. Also, the dishwasher is demanding on the quality of the detergent. It is recommended to use special chemical tablets, which indicates additional expenses. When washing dishes in express mode, after ordinary detergents (especially powders), traces of smudges and small lumps often remain.

The Electrolux ESL 98345 RO model is built-in and has dimensions of 59.6x55x81.8 cm. Before buying, be sure to look at the dimensions, otherwise there may be installation problems.

When using special PM tablets ESL 98345 RO will always wash even the dirtiest dishes well. The built-in FlexiSpray sprayer will allow you to clean the most difficult areas.


  • economy of water and electricity;
  • 6 washing program;
  • 5 temperature modes;
  • Low noise during operation;
  • Simultaneous washing of 15 sets of dishes;
  • sprayer FlexiSpray;
  • water hardness sensor;
  • the possibility of setting up an individual program;
  • beam on the floor;
  • salt level indicator;
  • adjustable shelves;
  • rubberized glass holders.


  • high price;
  • inconvenient placement of a shelf for cutlery;
  • recommended use of special tablets.

Electrolux ESL 95321LO

Rating of the best Electrolux dishwashers of 2022 (TOP 5)

One of the company’s best-selling models. On Walmart, this model is marked “customer’s choice”, which indicates good user reviews. In addition to great functionality, buyers note good build quality and durability.

The capacity is 13 sets. The machine has 5 programs with different washing modes, setting the choice of water temperature, pre-soaking function, start delay, but with a limit of 3 to 6 hours.

The bunker is quite roomy and has separate compartments for each type of cutlery. Rubber holders for glasses are installed. The shelf for dishes in the hopper can be adjusted in height. The build quality is excellent, and even with any depressurization, the sensor will instantly work and automatically block the water supply.


  • low price in relation to the number of functions;
  • “buyers’ choice”;
  • XtraDry systems
  • capacity 13 sets of dishes;
  • 4 temperature modes;
  • the presence of a pre-soak function;
  • mounts for glasses;
  • the ability to adjust the height of the shelf in the bunker;
  • build quality;
  • water hardness sensor;
  • leak sensor.


  • no display;
  • recommended use of special tablets;
  • no indicator on the floor;
  • lack of automatic opening of the bunker door during drying.

If we compare ESL 95321 LO with other models in the rating, then it is the most favorable in terms of features, quality and cost.