What Are the Advantages of a Kitchen Air Purifier


The kitchen is one of those places in the house where it is really necessary to purify the air, because it contains not only various odors, but also often products of gas decay. There are a huge number of exhaust devices that can cope with this problem. This article will talk about recirculation version of the hoodwhich is also called an air cleaner for the kitchen.

The principle of operation and differences from conventional hoods

A kitchen air purifier is used instead of a hood and works as follows:

    • with the help of a fan, polluted room air is sucked in by the device;
    • there it passes through a series of filter elements;
    • after the purified air mass is fed into the room.

Filters trap the following air pollutants:

      • soot;
      • fat;
      • various mechanical particles (for example, dust, animal hair, fabric fibers, etc.);
      • products formed after combustion of gas;
      • odors (particles of substances that caused their appearance).

Extractor fan in the kitchen

The fundamental difference between an air purifier and a flow hood lies in the principle of operation of the devices and the degree of their mobility. The first passes the air mass of the room through the filter system, cleaning it. The hood removes air with impurities from the room through the ducts to the outside. In addition, the air cleaner can be reinstalled in any room, and the hood is a stationary device that is placed directly above the stove to achieve greater efficiency of its work, with a whole system of ways to exhaust air.

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Here’s how the air cleaner differs from the hood:

        • productivity;
        • operating noise level;
        • the presence of additional functions;
        • the cost of the device itself and its maintenance;
        • installation complexity.

Recirculation hood

These differences are not fundamental and depend on the specific models used. But it is on these criteria that they are guided when choosing devices.

Hoods capable of operating in 2 modes: recirculation and flow are becoming more common. But the price of such devices is higher than single-mode counterparts.

The nuances of installing air cleaners

As mentioned above, the installation of devices for recirculation and flow principles of operation is different. For the hood, you should choose a place so that you can easily connect an air duct and then connect it to a common ventilation shaft. Ideally, it is recommended to purchase an air purifier in combination with kitchen furniture so that its model fits into the design of the room.

The installation process is simple, but a number of such nuances should be taken into account:

          • needs to be calculated in advance. outlet locationfrom which the installed device will receive power so that its wire is not stretched and does not come into contact with the heated parts of the stove;
          • install an air cleaner before arranging kitchen furniturein order to be able to preliminarily determine the direction and scope of its action, it is convenient to arrange all the constituent elements of the headset around the room.

Scheme of installation of the flow cleaner

Flow cleaner installation diagram

The optimal distance of the cleaner from the stove is 0.75 m, which meets the requirements of fire safety. This arrangement allows the device to draw in all the vapors coming from the stove.

Connecting the device through an extension cord is not recommended. The best option for the location of the outlet is its hidden placement in the cabinet at the level with the purifier.

Types of filters in kitchen air purifiers

Kitchen air purifiers are often equipped with the following filters:

Extractor grease filter

Air filter

The first filter is a cassette consisting of several layers of plastic or aluminum. It can be washed with water. The air filter is designed for more complete cleaning and has a fibrous structure. It allows you to trap small particles.

In addition to the 2 considered, a number of models contain a third, carbon filter. It is designed to eliminate odors. The air and charcoal filters need to be replaced at least once every 3 months. This is determined by the intensity of the work of the equipment, entails additional, sometimes significant, costs.

carbon filter

Carbon filter for exhaust

Mobile cleaners can be equipped electrostatic filter. Its essence lies in the fact that an electric field is formed around the electrodes, because of which they begin to attract particles in the air. Some models contain photocatalytic filter, which decomposes organic matter into simple, harmless compounds. The electrostatic and photocatalytic types are relatively expensive, but do not need to be replaced.


Which is better to choose: a recirculating air purifier or a conventional hood

Which is better: an extractor hood or an air cleaner in the kitchen? This question cannot be answered unequivocally, because the choice must be made based on practical expediency. Recommendations in this regard are as follows:

    • when cooking is rarely done in the kitchen, and its area exceeds 15 sq. m, then the recirculation cleaner will do just fine;
    • if the stove is often used or the kitchen is small, it is recommended to give preference to the hood.

Girl cooking in the kitchen

When choosing, keep in mind that the air cleaner:

      • can be installed in any room, it is mobile;
      • does not remove heat from the house outside during the cold season;
      • ready to work immediately after installation and connection to the network;
      • maintenance is more expensive than the hood;
      • does not interfere with the circulation of moisture.

Maintenance costs can be reduced by purchasing a model with washable filters.

The flow hood is characterized by greater productivity and lower noise level during operation, but requires summing up ventilation ducts. If this is problematic, or the work is associated with significant costs, then it would be preferable to install a recirculating device.

Hood Kaiser AT 6405 N

Combined hood Kaiser AT 6405 N

The choice of cleaner must be made, guided by its practicality for specific operating conditions. Among the three types of devices, if possible, it is better to purchase equipment combined type of action. It will remove pollutants from the air, function as an exhaust hood.

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How to Measure Pressure With a Manual and Automatic Sphygmomanometer

It is recommended to have a pressure measuring device in every home. For the elderly and those suffering from diseases such as hyper- or hypotension, it is very important to learn in time about the changes in the heart rhythm that have begun in order to prevent serious health problems in advance. To understand how the tonometer works, how to use it correctly, and what errors can occur, our article will help.

The principle of operation of the tonometer

The principle of operation of the tonometer is standard, regardless of the type of device, and comes down to measuring blood pressure – one of the most important indicators of the vital activity of any person.


It’s easy to measure blood pressure correctly. To do this, it must be remembered that the measurement is carried out in a generally accepted scale (mm.r.t.). It is millimeters of mercury that show what blood pressure the person measuring is currently having.. Otherwise, just follow the instructions. It is available in the instruction manual or applied directly to the cuff.

  1. A special encircling cuff is tightly fixed on the shoulder or on the wrist.
  2. After that, the cuff is inflated by pumping air.
  3. When the amount of air necessary for measurement is collected (above the estimated systolic), the device resets it and gives the readings of the tonometer.
  4. The principle of measuring with a tonometer

    In some cases, the user is forced to do all these manipulations on their own. Very important correctly put on the blood pressure cuff, otherwise an error may creep into the measurement. If the fabric is not close enough to the surface of the skin, it should be corrected and made sure that it repeats all the reliefs and curves. This is the only way to achieve the best result when pumping air.

    If there is no automatic supercharger, the rules of use prescribe use a special pear. In fact, there is not much difference whether the air is pumped by hand or by a compressor.

    Important! Before starting work, it is necessary to realize that a person’s blood pressure is constantly changing, this is not a fixed value. It is not always the fault of the device itself or the user. It may very well be that in those 10-15 minutes that have passed since the last measurement, the pressure could really change due to natural causes.

    Features of blood pressure measurement

    Let’s talk about the intricacies of measuring pressure. Knowing this information will help you avoid incorrect results.

    Sampling frequency

    It may seem strange, but experts do not recommend measuring blood pressure too often. Concerns about too frequent measurements are not groundless. Years of research conducted in therapeutic departments around the world have recorded one unusual phenomenon – waiting syndrome.

    man measuring blood pressure

    The syndrome lies in the fact that the patient already anticipates the measurement and, on the basis of this, makes his own forecast, thereby adjusting his real pressure with faith in what it will be. In the scientific literature, similar symptoms are described by the “placebo effect”, the patient’s belief in the power of the medicine taken, etc.

    Measurement time

    However, with the measurement of blood pressure, not everything is so simple. Much depends on what disease the patient has and how difficult it is. With atrial fibrillation it is necessary to measure the pressure before each medication, as the amount of the drug used will depend on this. Most requested measurements:

    • after waking up;
    • after physical activity;
    • after a stressful situation;
    • before taking drugs that lower / increase blood pressure to adjust the dose;
    • before bedtime;
    • periodic monitoring of nighttime blood pressure.

    It is extremely important, having a disease of the cardiovascular system, to keep an individual diary of blood pressure. Similar recommendations can be heard not only from cardiologists, but also from local therapists. Having a diary in hand, you can trace the dynamics of blood pressure. Fortunately, some automatic models of blood pressure monitors are equipped with a memory for the last measurements, and the rules for measuring blood pressure are quite simple.

    Blood pressure diary

    The frequency of pressure measurements depends on which device is used by the patient. The fact is that, without being a physician and without clinical experience, it is rather problematic to constantly use a classic mechanical tonometer. Having an automatic model in hand, the frequency of measurements is limited only by their necessity and expediency.

    Which arm to measure blood pressure

    It is worth mentioning on which arm to measure the pressure. This also affects the accuracy of the measurements. Since the advent of the first mechanical blood pressure monitors to this day readings are taken from the left hand. When using an electronic tonometer, this is a mandatory requirement; in mechanical models, it is only desirable.

    On a note! Some cardiologists generally deny the connection between the right or left hand and pressure. Doctors suggest focusing on the arm where blood pressure is above the average norm, and not on the sides, right or left.

    How to put on a cuff

    At work with mechanical tonometer you need to learn how to put on the cuff correctly. If the cuff is attached incorrectly, the device will give a measurement error, because. hemodynamics will be poor. The cuff fabric should fit snugly over the entire surface, snuggling and repeating the relief of the shoulder or wrist. For measurement, you should set the tonometer in the correct position in front of the measuring one and sequentially take in air with a pear.

    Put on the cuff correctly

    working with automatic devicesimply place the cuff on your wrist and press the button. The technology will do the rest.

    How to measure blood pressure with a mechanical sphygmomanometer

    It is not difficult to use a manual or mechanical tonometer, you just need to take into account a few points that will greatly facilitate its operation.

    The first thing to take care of is to make sure that the cuff is on correctly, and sufficient fit to the hand. Before starting work, there must be a distance between the arm and the cuff fabric so that a finger can easily fit there. The tissue is fixed at the same level with the heart. There may be an indent of about 2 centimeters to the elbow.

    When the cuff is fixed, it is necessary to draw air into it. This is done using a special device, a pear. As a rule, injection is performed 40 millimeters more than normal from the patient’s average pressure (for example, 120 + 40 mm). When the required point is reached, the air is released. This is also done, manually, by turning the lock at the base of the pear.

    [iframe width=»680″ height=»383″ src=»https://www.youtube.com/embed/JZKbcH3BrVI»]

    Further to the arm, near the bend at the elbow, in the inner part, applied phonendoscope. This must be done as accurately as possible in order to be able to listen to the artery. The first push heard will report the upper pressure limit. Physicians call this parameter systolic. All the time while air is being discharged, you must carefully listen to the knock. The last sound indicates lower pressure. It is called diastolic.

    How to measure pressure with an automatic sphygmomanometer

    It is much easier to measure pressure with an automatic tonometer than with its manual counterpart. It is perfect even for children, the main thing is that the size of the cuff allows. For measurement it is necessary to put on a cuff on a shoulder or a wrist. This is already enough for a shoulder tonometer, you can press the button and wait for the results, the device will do the rest.

    Automatic blood pressure monitor

    In order to properly use an automatic tonometer, you need to know the decoding of the readings displayed on the screen of the device.

    1. letters dia literally means diastole, i.e. lower pressure level.
    2. letters sys – systole, this is the limit of the upper pressure of the patient. The numbers mean the indicators of both blood pressure thresholds themselves.
    3. Intellisense indicates the presence of the smart metering function. With this useful option, readings begin already during the inflation process. The technology itself will ensure that there is no strong pulling of the fabric, and will exclude re-injection as a result of a failure. For a tonometer with this option, it takes much less time for one measurement, any discomfort from squeezing the shoulder or hand is practically leveled. The measurement accuracy with the smart function will be much higher than without it.
    4. WHO Color Chart allows you to determine whether a patient has hypertension, or to establish the level of the norm of his blood pressure. Green (120-80 and below) indicates the norm. Yellow (up to 139, up to 89) indicates that the patient has hypertension. A higher pressure that goes beyond the red scale reminds that there are serious problems with the cardiovascular system. As a rule, the scale is applied to the glass surrounding the display of the tonometer. In some blood pressure monitors, the scale is displayed along with other information, being part of the text. Focusing on the WHO scale helps to keep your blood pressure under control and, in case of any changes, take prompt measures to adjust your blood pressure.
    5. Letter “E” displayed on the screen means an error. The list of errors may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. For example, in the case of an incorrectly fitted cuff, the device will show this letter instead of numbers in the SYS column. A list of all possible errors can be found in the operating instructions for the tonometer.

    The signs on the tonometer can also display other information. For example, show arrhythmias.

    [iframe width=»680″ height=»383″ src=»https://www.youtube.com/embed/PUhxwB9c6M4″]

    On a note! Not all models of automatic blood pressure monitors support the analysis of the presence of this disease. If the instrument has any doubts, it will itself conduct a series of brief measurements in order to exclude an error.

    The characters on the screen differ depending on the manufacturer. So, if the heart is blinking, this indicates the presence of a failure in the heart rhythm. This icon is the most common. The lightning bolt icon on the display also indicates the presence of an arrhythmia. If the result aroused suspicion, it is best to re-pass the procedure after a short period of time.

    If a tonometer shows different pressurethere may be several influencing factors at once.

    1. BP could change due to natural causes, such as sudden excitement, stress, etc.
    2. The pressure may be incorrectly measured by the device due to a hardware or software error. In this case, it is recommended to try again later.

    Features of using a carpal tonometer

    This type of blood pressure monitor is the most compact and easy to carry. It is easy to take it with you on a trip or to the country.

    Important! Perhaps a serious disadvantage is the lack of network operation. The user will have to constantly change the batteries, which quickly fail.

    The principle of measuring “one button” remained unchanged, as in the case of shoulder-mounted automatic devices. However, a pulse tonometer will require the owner to perform one more additional action. After tightening the cuff and firmly fixing it on the wrist, it is necessary to attach the device to the chest in the region of the heart so that the pattern on the cuff is in contact with the body. In this case, the back of the hand lies on the opposite, right collarbone.

    Carpal tonometer

    There are no other features of the pulse tonometer. Measurement accuracy does not depend on the position of the cuff. The only thing that can significantly affect the final result is an incorrectly fixed hand position. The instructions for the device have detailed drawings describing the operation process. Schematic signs are duplicated on the cuff itself.


    Anyone can learn how to use a tonometer. To do this, you need the desire to take your blood pressure under strict control. It is important to remember that no one, except the user himself, will be able to monitor the disease. The good news is that measurements now do not take much time, the whole process takes no more than a few minutes. A mechanical tonometer requires more skill, but with experience, the patient will use it with the same ease as an automatic one.

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    The most reliable blood pressure monitors

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Types of Electronic Thermometers


Body temperature is one of the main indicators of the state of our body. If it is increased or decreased, we experience anxiety for our health: perhaps an internal failure has occurred, a virus or some kind of disease has arisen. It is especially important to control body temperature with a sudden deterioration in well-being. Until recently, the main instrument for measuring temperature was the classic mercury thermometer. Its indicators are as reliable as possible, but the glass case could be easily broken, and mercury, as you know, is poisonous. Today, in medical institutions and at home, electronic thermometers are more often used. What is their peculiarity, and how to choose the right accurate and high-quality device – we will consider below.

Types of electronic thermometers

In modern medicine, there are several ways to measure the temperature of the human body. In addition to traditional mercury thermometers, electronic, Galinstan, infrared, pacifier thermometers, and even patch strips for express measurement are actively used in practice. Temperature determination using an electronic device occurs when a potential difference occurs. For this purpose, sensors are installed inside the unit that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. The obtained values ​​are shown on the display.

Digital Thermometer

At home, three options for an electrothermometer are considered the most convenient.

Classic electronic thermometers

A conventional electronic thermometer for measuring body temperature has oblong body with metal tip. In place of the thickening of the case is a small display (sometimes backlit) and batteries (1.5 W batteries). Turning on and off, as well as zeroing the readings, is carried out using a single button on the case. As a “filling” – a built-in sensor that responds to body temperature (it is also called a thermistor). When the measurement is completed, the sensor emits sound signal.

Important! Estimated measurement time is about 5 minutes, although many modern models have an alert signal in just a minute.

Classic thermometer

The medical electronic thermometer is able to remember the results of previous measurements (from 2 to 25). The instrument is waterproof and can also be used in the dark if the specific model has a backlit display. Differs in hygiene as tips can be changed (changeable are on sale separately). It is made of plastic, so it is light and compact. Electronic thermometer for measuring temperature can be use orally, rectally and classically axillary. For armpit measurements, some manufacturers offer special flat tips with a maximum fit to the body.

Infrared thermometers

The infrared thermometer is a technological novelty of recent years. In modern medical centers, it is used everywhere, but in home medicine cabinets this device is not yet the most popular. True, young mothers have already appreciated the main advantage of this device: fast measurement and instant display of the result. It is very difficult to measure the temperature in young children with ordinary thermometers: you need to wait a while, try to keep the device close to the body. With an infrared thermometer, it is easy to determine the temperature even of a sleeping baby. The principle of operation lies in taking readings of infrared radiation from various areas: ear, temporal, frontal. The whole procedure takes 1-2 seconds, the finished result is shown on the display.

Important! Like the previous type of device, the IR thermometer saves the latest measurements. This is very convenient: for example, you can track the dynamics of temperature changes during an illness.

IR thermometer

IR thermometers fall into two categories:

  • contact – suitable for measuring body temperature in the auricle, in the forehead or temples;
  • contactless – not in contact with the body.

Non-contact models work at a distance of 5-8 mm from the temples or forehead. The remote method is convenient for very young children, sleeping people. By the way, such devices are used not only in medicine, but also in everyday life, industry, in determining the temperature of water or air.

The weak side of a typical IR thermometer is the error of readings (for example, budget devices are mistaken by an average of 0.1-0.3 degrees). Therefore, the results often have to be double-checked on another thermometer, which is not very convenient. Also, the reliability decreases when measuring the temperature in the ear area, if the child has otitis media, acute respiratory diseases, or simply screams a lot.

Pacifier thermometer for children

For newborns and very young toddlers, there is another type of thermometer. In appearance, it resembles an ordinary pacifier made of silicone or latex. Inside the structure is temperature sensitive sensor, responsive to temperature. The pacifier is equipped with an on/off button.

Pacifier thermometer

On a note! Some models have a backlight to control the temperature at night and indicators. Indicators display temperatures by changing colors: green if the indicator is normal, red if it is elevated.

Children’s electronic thermometer works as follows: the baby takes a pacifier in his mouth. The parent presses the power button, starting the temperature detection sensor. All the time while the nipple is in the baby’s mouth, the temperature is measured. The result is displayed on the mini-display. The end of the measurement is usually accompanied by sound signal. The measurement time is about 3-5 minutes. As with most electronic thermometers, the latest results are stored automatically in memory.

Advice! It is not recommended to use the thermometer as an ordinary nipple. It is better to take it out of the baby’s mouth, disinfect it and leave it until the next time.

[iframe width=»680″ height=»383″ src=»https://www.youtube.com/embed/rE642mskrqA»]

It would seem that such a children’s temperature meter in the form of a nipple is just a lifesaver for restless little ones who do not want to sit with an ordinary thermometer under their arm. However, not all children favor an unfamiliar dummy. If the baby does not like the thermometer nipple, he will simply spit out an unusual thing, and you will not have time to measure the temperature.

But the advantages of a thermometer-pacifier are many:

  • safety;
  • convenient form;
  • easy to care for;
  • automatic shutdown;
  • interesting gadget for the baby;
  • the presence of illumination.

Obvious cons:

  • refusal of the child to suck on an unusual nipple;
  • the presence of an error of up to 0.3 degrees;
  • long freeze;
  • a device with a sound signal can frighten a child.

Mercury or electronic

Despite the ease of use and the variety of types of electronic models, mercury devices are still in demand. Mercury thermometers, with careful handling, can be used for years, so many people have these devices lying around in the first-aid kit since Soviet times. A similar home thermometer is a glass case with a mercury column inside. The temperature scale is engraved on the glass. One device contains approximately 2 mg of mercury.

The principle of operation of the device is based on the physical properties of mercury: it is able to expand with increasing temperature. Accordingly, if the thermometer is applied to a body with a high temperature, the mercury column will crawl up and stop at the desired value. In this case, the probability of error is extremely small, which means that the reliability of the readings is high.

Mercury or electronic

But one cannot categorically state which instrument for measuring temperature is more accurate, mercury or electronic. Both types of devices have their advantages and disadvantages.

mercury thermometer

  • measurement accuracy – an error of 0.1-0.2 degrees;
  • to “zero” the previous measurement, just shake the thermometer;
  • cheapness (within 100 rubles);
  • hygienic, easy to disinfect;
  • long service;
  • oral, rectal and axillary administration is possible.
  • the glass case is easy to break;
  • inside is mercury – a toxic substance, the vapors of which are very dangerous to health;
  • long measurement time (to get an accurate result, you need to hold the device for about 7 minutes);
  • undesirable for children.

Electronic thermometer

  • application safety;
  • unbreakable plastic housing;
  • quick display of the result;
  • additional functions (charge indicator, backlight, dual scales);
  • different designs;
  • the possibility of auto-shutdown;
  • can be used by children from birth.
  • inconvenient to wash and disinfect;
  • error more than 0.1 degree;
  • the need to carefully follow the instructions;
  • regular battery replacement.

Selection Guide

To choose an electronic thermometer that will last a long time, be guided by the most important characteristics of the device.

    1. Display. Pay attention to the diagonal of the display and the clarity of the displayed information. It is important that the numbers are large and easy to read. Ideally, if the device is equipped with a backlight. Then you can measure the temperature at night without turning on the light. There are models that show information about the battery charge level – useful so as not to miss the time to replace the battery.

Flexible tip thermometer

  • Saving the last measurements. The internal memory of many models can store up to 25 past measurements. A necessary option in cases where it is important to track the dynamics of changes in body temperature. Of course, you can get by with notes on paper or try to keep the numbers in your head. It is even more convenient when the device can perform the same actions automatically.
  • Time of measurement and display of the result. When buying a device, pay attention to how long it takes to measure. Most thermometers display readings after 1-2 minutes, less often it takes up to 5-7 minutes.


thermometer with battery

  • Build quality and waterproof. It’s no secret that electronic thermometers are mostly made of plastic. But plastic is different from plastic, so it is important to make sure of its strength and quality. The material must be resistant to damage and scratches. Best of all, sat down at the device has a protective case in which it can be stored. A good moisture protection allows you to wash the thermometer in water and disinfect after use.


[iframe width=»680″ height=»383″ src=»https://www.youtube.com/embed/3CFn14YDTno»]

How to use an electronic thermometer correctly

To get reliable readings, it is important to use the electronic digital thermometer correctly. To do this, it is enough to comply with a number of simple requirements.

    1. The thermometer should fit as close to the body as possible. It is better to buy a model with a flexible tip that adjusts to the curve of the armpit.
    2. Armpit skin should be dry.
    3. With axillary measurement, it is necessary to place the thermometer in the very center of the armpit. The hand should be pressed to the body.
    4. To obtain accurate data, it is advisable to hold the device for a couple of minutes after the beep.

  • You should not measure the temperature after taking a bath, visiting a bath or sauna. In addition, the temperature of the human body of a person differs depending on the previous physical activity.
  • The fastest and most accurate method is rectal measurement. The thermometer shows the result within a minute.
  • Replace batteries regularly. Batteries that have failed may give an incorrect result.
  • Wipe the device with an antiseptic after each use.
  • Store the device in a special case (usually included).


How measure the temperature in the ear? To find out the data using this method, use only an infrared thermometer. If you have returned from the street, wait 15-20 minutes and only then start measuring. Pull your ear a little to the side and insert the thermometer into your ear. It will take about 30 seconds to display the result.

[iframe width=»680″ height=»383″ src=»https://www.youtube.com/embed/cbg_WxKpV30″]


When choosing an electronic thermometer, we recommend that you carefully study customer reviews and information about the manufacturer. Saving on technology is not worth it: if the thermometer turns out to be inoperable, there will be no sense from it. By approaching the purchase with responsibility, you will receive a modern convenient gadget that shows accurate data and is a good tool for diagnosing and monitoring health.

[iframe width=»680″ height=»383″ src=»https://www.youtube.com/embed/0nFVfuatzU0″]

Reliable electronic body thermometers

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How to Connect, Set Up and Use Bluetooth Headphones

In order for a wireless device for personal audio transmission to perform its functions properly, you need to know how to use Bluetooth headphones correctly. The main distinguishing feature of such accessories is the absence of a wired connection. They work due to radio waves, the frequency spectrum of which is from 2.4 to 2.48 GHz. When working with wireless headphones, the main requirement is that the device to which they are connected must have Bluetooth module.

Bluetooth headphones

How far can Bluetooth headphones work?

Most modern models catch at a distance of 10 meters. Certain inconveniences can be caused by the presence of several devices equipped with radio modules. During operation, they can connect to the devices used and create additional interference. To minimize such situations, wireless technology developers have provided frequency hopping. Even if the frequencies match, this will be expressed only in a short-term break in communication, which the user may not even notice.

According to manufacturers, the range of new devices with the version Bluetooth 3.0 can reach 100m. In fact, this figure is many times less. In open space, accessibility in the zone of 50 meters, in buildings 10-20 meters.

Basic functions of control buttons

Most Bluetooth headsets are equipped with three buttons that perform several tasks at once. Their execution is provided by a different length or number of clicks.

The standard feature set for the vast majority of headsets is as follows.

  1. Inclusion. Often, this button performs multiple tasks, requiring a long press to supply power. Some devices use a separate key to turn on, sometimes in the form of a switch.
  2. Volume control – “+” and “-“. Most often they are combined with switching to the next / previous track. They can act as keys for rewinding a song.
  3. Pause/play. The main function is to control the player. Can perform the task of answering or stopping a call, activating voice dialing, calling the last number.
  4. Keys for rewinding tracks may be separate.
  5. Key to receive an incoming callend a call, call the last number can also be separate.
  6. Hardware mute microphone can be placed on a separate button.
  7. Key to select the sound source – smartphone, radio, microSD (subject to their support).

Advice! When choosing a wireless headset, it is not recommended to neglect the study of management. On the one hand, a small number of buttons makes the design more concise, but on the other hand, many functions assigned to one key make control difficult and not always clear.

Ways to pair headphones via Bluetooth

Not all devices support the connection of wireless accessories. The receiver must be equipped with a Bluetooth module with a certain set of protocols.

The easiest way is to connect the headphones to a device that has built-in bluetooth. To do this, it is enough to activate the wireless connection on both devices. Then select the desired accessory on the active receiver and allow pairing.

Bluetooth pairing

The situation is somewhat different with devices that do not have an integrated radio module installed. They require special adapter. This is an optional USB device.

Most often it is necessary for PCs or laptops. On modern phones or tablets, this option is built-in.

Some models of modern bluetooth headphones come with such an adapter. In this case, to set up a connection between devices, the user just needs to install the radio signal transmitter in the source from which the sound will be transmitted (PC, TV, car radio).

How to connect wireless headphones to your phone

The process of connecting mobile gadgets and wireless accessories is quite simple, since both devices have a built-in bluetooth module.

  1. Charge and turn on the Bluetooth headphones.
  2. Activate the wireless data transfer function on your mobile phone (turn on Bluetooth).
  3. In the list of found devices, select the model of your wireless headphones and click “Connect”.
  4. Sometimes a PIN may be required. As a rule, this is a four-digit numeric code – it can be found on the accessory’s factory box (most often it is “0000”). Pairing is complete, the accessory is ready for use.

If you do not remove the device from the list of connected devices, re-synchronization will not be required during further work, it will take place automatically.

Separately, it is worth noting the connection of headphones in detection mode. Depending on the model, the ways to activate this option may be different. The user should study the instructions in advance on how to turn on and use bluetooth headphones. On some models, you need to hold down the power button or answer the call (in the case of a headset) for a few seconds. As a result, the LED indicator on the case should change color or start flashing in a certain order. Other accessories have multifunction wheel, which can be switched to the appropriate mode. After the wireless device is ready to connect via bluetooth, you should look for it in the list of available devices on your phone.

Today, hybrid models can also be found on sale, which have two connection methods: wired and via bluetooth.. In this regard, many users have a question about how to connect USB headphones through a wire to the phone, because mobile gadgets do not have such a connector. In this case, you can purchase an adapter from mini USB to regular.

How to connect bluetooth headset to laptop

Any modern laptop is equipped with built-in bluetooth module, which makes it possible to connect a wireless headset to it. For correct operation, the latest drivers must be installed on it, and in addition, on some devices it must be enabled by hardware and software.

Advice! The driver can be found on a disk that could have been included with the laptop, but it is better to download the current version from the manufacturer’s website.

To connect, you need to enter the control panel – devices – Bluetooth. We find the headset and perform pairing.

If the laptop does not have a Bluetooth module or it does not work, then the connection can be made in the same way as with a PC.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to PC

In most cases, the PC is not equipped with a built-in Bluetooth module. In this case, you can use external USB option.

If the module is needed solely for connecting the system unit to the headphones, then the latter can be immediately selected with the base. If Bluetooth is also required for other devices, for example, for a mouse, then it is better to buy a separate module.

Important! The advantage of headsets with a base included is ease of setup, and often their range is higher than that of their “colleagues” without a base.

What are Apple AirPods

Questions on how to set up wireless headphones on an iPhone are especially relevant for owners of the latest versions of such gadgets. In the 7th generation of the iPhone, the manufacturer decided to abandon the 3.5 mm audio jack familiar to many, and offers branded AirPods headphones to owners of newfangled smartphones.

It is worth noting that they are connected in the same way as regular bluetooth headphones.

Management thought out to the smallest detail. Thanks to optical sensors and accelerometer, the accessory recognizes the need for standby mode. The headset turns on automatically, it does not require additional configuration. Playback of audio information starts after

putting them on by the user, and stops when they are removed. To switch the volume, answer a call or get directions, the user needs to activate Siri by pressing the sensor.

Apple AirPods

In music mode, AirPods can work up to 5 hours continuously. There is a possibility quick recharge, thanks to a special wireless case. With it, you can not charge the headphones for more than 24 hours.

Proper charging

The convenience of headphones with Bluetooth connectivity is obvious, but not without its drawbacks. The main one is the need to replenish the capacity of the battery. For this, a standard MicroUSB-USB cable is used. After the purchase, you need to discharge the batteries several times to zero and charge them to 100%.

Advice! If you do not plan to use the headset for a certain period of time, then you need to fully charge it. Periodically, the capacity of the battery should be checked and replenished if necessary, even if they are just lying down.

Battery life can be found in the instructions. It is important to understand that the time indicated in it is an average value and the maximum / minimum autonomy figures may vary depending on the use.

If Bluetooth Headphones Can’t Connect

In the event that audio playback through the wireless accessory fails, the following possible causes should be ruled out:

  • headphone battery deadas a result of which the accessory did not turn on;
  • the sound source and headphones were not synchronized;
  • the wrong accessory is selected from the list of available devices;
  • on the sound source, automatic connection of devices added to the list of once installed devices is deactivated.

Connecting and setting up wireless headphones is easy. The main thing is to understand the features of the model and synchronize the accessory with the sound source. To avoid frequent disconnections, do not use paired devices at long distances from each other.

Instructions for Use and Price of the Bioptron Lamp From Zepter


Bioptron lamps are medical devices produced in Switzerland by the well-known Zepter brand. The technology of using branded devices is patented and allowed in the Russian Federation. Lamps are used for the prevention and treatment of diseases by means of a light flux. Let us consider in more detail how this device works, to whom it is contraindicated, we will study the reviews of customers and doctors.

Bioproton lamp

Features of the use of the Bioptron lamp

In medical institutions, treatment with the Bioptron lamp is used for diseases of the joints, skin, and eyes. The device helps to accelerate the healing of traumatic wounds and sutures after operations, increase immunity and eliminate allergic reactions on the skin. It is allowed to use a medical lamp at home. The manufacturer produces models of the professional segment and designed for home use.

The advantage of the device lies in the fact that after the procedures no side effects were noticed, and with a properly selected course, the results of the treatment are very significant. The lamp is indicated for regular use, its use guarantees the healing of the whole organism.

Operating principle

The device has a plastic case with an optical module and a light source inside. The housing of the professional model for light therapy consists of a base, a stand, a protective cover with a lamp and a cover with ventilation holes. The device is equipped with a fan, a power supply with fuses and a control panel, through which a timer is set to control the procedure time. The device is powered by 220 V.


Important! To improve the quality of the procedure, a set of filters of 7 color shades and 3 cosmetics can be included with the lamp. Ready kits can be purchased separately.

The principle of the effect of the lamp is the penetration of a directed polarized beam of light into the tissue. When exposed to a light flux, cellular energy increases, and microcirculation also increases, which is of great importance for the biostimulation of cellular processes. During irradiation, the metabolism is activated and improved, the production of collagen and elastin is stimulated.

The apparatus can act on biologically active points and on sore spots. The range of application of Bioptron devices is very wide. The lamp does not generate harmful ultraviolet radiation, so safe for the eyes and does not cause burns to the skin.

Types of devices

Devices differ in form factor and level of functional equipment. Conventionally, models are classified by type.

  1. Lamps for home use. The design of the device is simple, easy to use and compact. Can be used at home, on the road or in a hotel on vacation.
    Compact lamp Bioptron

    Compact lamp Bioptron

  2. Semi-professional devices for spa salons and small medical institutions. Lamps of this segment are made in a less mobile version, they require stationary installation on a floor stand and a stand on a table. Adjustment of an angle of inclination and height, other functions for convenience of carrying out procedures are provided.
    Semi-professional lamp with a set of filters

    Semi-professional lamp with a set of filters

  3. Professional devices for medical centers differ in lamp power, large diameter filters, larger dimensions. The installation is stationary. The device moves with the help of a special mechanism on the stand.
    Bioptron 2 for medical centers

    Bioptron 2 for medical centers

Indications for use

The use of the healing properties of the light flux is shown in more than 60 diseases and pathologies. In the instructions for use, which is attached to the device, their complete list is always indicated.

Using the device will help with:

  • respiratory diseases;
  • pathologies of male and female genital organs;
  • depression and other problems of the nervous system;
  • the appearance of allergies, both in adults and in children;
  • pathologies of the joints and skeletal system;
  • skin problems, for example, with the appearance of abscesses or ulcers;

And this is not a complete list of diseases that the Zepter Bioptron lamp can handle.

It is worth noting that the lamp has been widely used in many cosmetic procedures. Its use not only helps to get rid of acne, cellulite, acne, but also helps smooth wrinkles.

Joint treatment

In addition, additional color filters enhance the healing effect of the Bioptron lamp. Each color has its own purpose.

    1. Red helps to increase blood circulation, reduce pain, relieve depressive states.
    2. Orange has a positive effect on inflammation in the genitourinary system, eliminates unpleasant symptoms during menopause.
    3. Yellow helps with digestive problems: relieve constipation, reduce acidity, and also improve lymph flow.
    4. Blue is recommended for insomnia, anxiety, muscle spasms.
    5. Violet have an antiseptic, venotonic effect.

Color filters

Color filters

Carrying out the procedure

Carrying out light therapy according to the instructions that are attached to each device gives the most tangible results when performing long courses. Do not expect instant improvement after the first treatment. The duration of one session takes only a few minutes, so the treatment does not require much free time. Sessions are recommended for maximum results. twice a day: in the morning and in the evening.

Before starting the session, you should clean the surface of the skin that will be exposed to the device, then direct the light flux at it at an angle of 90 degrees. The distance between the device and the skin should not be less than 10 cm. After all the nuances are observed, you should just sit down and relax. After the end of the session, the device turns off, and the person returns to everyday life.

During the procedures, there may be a feeling of slight discomfort, but do not worry about this – they are completely safe for the body person. To avoid not too pleasant sensations, you should close your eyes.

Important! Performing procedures is not allowed with the presence of contact lenses.

Application in cosmetology


Despite the huge list of advantages of the device, its use is not possible in all cases. There is a clear list of pathologiesin which the use of such therapy is not allowed:

      • diseases of the blood vessels;
      • oncological and skin pathologies;
      • violation of the blood circulation of the brain;
      • availability of transplanted organs;
      • active tuberculosis;
      • kidney and heart disease;
      • problems with the endocrine system;
      • epilepsy.

Sometimes the use of the device is allowed, but it should be used carefully and with the permission of the attending physician. This applies to diseases such as:

      • acute thrombophlebitis – a light beam can cause a blood clot to break off;
      • oncology of any kind – the effect of light on mutated cells has not yet been thoroughly studied.

Also, the device should not be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The use of the device will not be effective if a person uses corticosteroids, cytostatics, immunomodulators.

Before you start using the device, you should carefully read the instructions, and for treatment, it is best to consult a doctor.


Where could I buy

When buying a device, you should beware of fakes, as many craftsmen seek to cash in on a well-known name. If you decide to purchase a product in the online store, then you should definitely read the reviews and characteristics of a potential seller. You can always buy the device from official dealers of the company. The Bioptron lamp is manufactured only in Switzerland. It is clear that a quality device is highly valued, so if a product is offered at an incredibly low price, it is worth considering: there is a high probability that it is a fake.

Customer Reviews

Users of household models note in reviews the effectiveness of the course of light therapy (at least 8 sessions) in conjunction with other treatments prescribed by the doctor. Many have noted an improvement in the condition of the skin, progress in the treatment of joint pain and sciatica. The procedure is easy to carry out at home, there is no need to visit the clinic and waste time waiting for the session.

However, patients who expect a miraculous effect from a lamp note in the reviews the insufficient effectiveness of the procedures. Perhaps these users used a fake. Buyers do not call the cost of the device affordable. Prices for the simplest medical lamps suitable for home use start at 40,000 rubles.

Important! Subject to the recommendations of the doctor and the time of the sessions, “Bioptron” brings tangible benefits.

Bioptron treatment

Bioptron treatment

Reviews of doctors

The first time after the appearance of the Bioptron lamp on the market, doctors were doubtful about the effectiveness of the device. And very rarely prescribed such courses of light therapy. But today the situation has changed dramatically. To date, many clinics in the treatment of various diseases use the properties of the device. Positive feedback from the luminaries of world medicine should dispel the last doubts of skeptics about the healing properties of the Bioptron lamp and its effectiveness.


If we talk about the pros and cons of the Bioptron lamp, then there are undoubtedly more first ones. A pronounced therapeutic effect, the absence of any harm to health (if there are no contraindications), a wide spectrum of action – all this speaks in favor of purchasing the device. The high cost and the possibility of running into a fake cannot be attributed to the direct disadvantages of the device. You can’t save on health, and buying an original Bioptron lamp is one of the best investments in longevity.


How to Choose a Silent Range Hood for the Kitchen


Every housewife knows that it is difficult to get rid of odors in the kitchen during cooking. Therefore, in many residential areas, special kitchen hoods are installed in these rooms that solve this problem. But immediately another appears – the noise from the operation of this device. Therefore, when choosing a hood, the range of which is very large on the market, it is necessary to pay attention to the level of its noise during operation. For this purpose, this review was written, which will tell you how to choose a silent kitchen hood in 2022 for your home.

Performance and Noise

How to choose a silent range hood for the kitchen

It is no secret that the operation of kitchen hoods is accompanied by a certain noise, which is associated with the operation of an electric motor, a rotating fan: there are no completely silent exhaust systems on the market yet.
Noise generation is affected by the following parameters:

  1. Performance is the main characteristic that shows how many cubic meters of air pass through the hood during 60 minutes of operation.
  2. Kitchen area.
  3. The power of the exhaust system depends on the size of the room.

From everything described, we can conclude that the listed parameters are interconnected, and they can be calculated using the formula: the height and area of the room is multiplied by 12. The result will show how many times the air in the kitchen should be updated when cooking according to European standards.
If you intend to remove polluted air from the room, then the result obtained must also be multiplied by a factor of 1.3, taking into account the length of a standard duct, the depth of the shaft and the number of floors in the building.
Most buyers are interested in why such calculations are needed. Their purpose is to choose the optimal hood for your room. When buying such a system, it is necessary to take into account the required performance and noise level during operation.
When buying, you need to know that when choosing a new hood, it is necessary to take the performance a little higher than necessary so that the air circulation is normal.

Noise level

How to choose a silent range hood for the kitchen

Manufacturers are increasingly working on the creation of silent hoods in order to make cooking even more enjoyable. To date, there are already special developments in this direction: fans are created with motors that operate quietly. A person almost does not pick up the noise from the operation of such a unit.
Every day a person is faced with different noise, and in order to understand its power, consider the following examples:

  • Whispering conversation at a distance of one meter – 20 dB.
  • The voices of people in the auditorium – no more than 30 dB. Note that this noise level is maximum for multi-storey buildings at night.
  • Quiet conversation creates a noise level of -40 dB – this figure is the limit for living quarters in the daytime.
  • Communication on raised tones – 60 dB. Note that for Europe this figure is considered acceptable for offices.
  • Freight transport moves with a noise of 80 dB.
  • Thunder rolls are characterized by a noise level of 100 dB. Note that at this level, you can listen to music through premium headphones.
  • The sound of a working jackhammer creates noise in the range of 120 dB.

A person begins to feel pain at a noise of 120–140 decibels, and a working hood works with noise up to 65 decibels, so there is no strong effect on the hearing organs.

How high is the noise level of the hood

How to choose a silent range hood for the kitchen

Before purchasing an extractor hood, it is necessary to consult about its power and performance, and what level of noise it emits at maximum speed. This information can be found in the instructions that came with the device. To date, most manufacturers produce housings of exhaust systems from sound-absorbing materials, which significantly reduces the noise level to acceptable levels.
And also do not forget about the human factor: for one, 55 dB can be quite acceptable, and for another – very loud.
If you want to purchase a kitchen hood with a minimum noise level, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. No need to buy a hood with a large capacity.
  2. You need to purchase exhaust systems with an operating mode regulator. This can be explained by the fact that they operate very rarely at maximum modes.

It is also necessary to always perform maintenance on time, paying special attention to cleaning the filters and the air duct. When they are clogged, the noise increases significantly.

Innovative developments

How to choose a silent range hood for the kitchen

When buying a silent hood, a woman can be conquered by an attractive design, good power and performance. In the process of cooking, these systems will not interfere with their hum: you can watch a TV series, talk on the phone and even cook when small children are sleeping. Such hoods are perfect for rooms where the living room and kitchen are combined into one room.
Falmec, an Italian brand, created the NRS Noise Reduction System, which literally fascinates with innovation and build quality. Hoods from this series are 85% quieter than similar systems from other manufacturers. The employees of the company have achieved the almost impossible: they have increased efficiency while reducing energy consumption.
When creating the body and components, sound-absorbing materials were used. For this reason, people who have already purchased these hoods enjoy cooking.
When creating exhaust systems, engineers used the following unusual solutions:

  • Exhaust fan – located at the greatest distance from the air intake.
  • Thick body walls, so they absorb sound.
  • The V-shaped traps are constructed from acoustic material and therefore the hood operates quietly.

Hoods from an Italian company create a noise level of no more than 30 decibols, which means that the operation of this system is invisible against the background of the rest of the sounds of the apartment.

Rating of the quietest hoods

Elica Oretta Wh/A/60

How to choose a silent range hood for the kitchen

This hood from the Italian brand is the undisputed leader. Its characteristics:

  1. Productivity in the mode of an output of pollution is 900 m³/h, in the period of circulation – 650 m³/h.
  2. The noise level is no more than 32 dB.
  3. The design is very elegant, the illumination is provided by two 25 W halogen lamps.
  4. Speed ​​control is standard.
  5. Air purification from pollution occurs due to high-quality coal filters.

Ardesia Basic-F 50 W

How to choose a silent range hood for the kitchen

This model costs no more than $55, and as it turned out, it is not only the most budgetary, but also the most silent.
The hood has a capacity of 190 m³/h, so it will fit well into the interior of a small kitchen. This system is small in size and very easy to install. The work is carried out quietly, as evidenced by the reviews of many buyers.

Indesit H 161 IX

A good hood, you can become the owner of which for $ 60. Characteristics:

  • Power – 200 watts.
  • Productivity – 250 m³ / h.
  • Noise level – up to 50 dB at maximum power.

Among the shortcomings, one can single out the absence of a carbon filter in the configuration.

Candy CCE 16 X

How to choose a silent range hood for the kitchen

The approximate price of this exhaust system is $130. This model is a fireplace and operates in both circulation and air exhaust modes. Properties:

  1. Power – 150 watts.
  2. Productivity – 450 m³ / h.
  3. Noise level – no more than 50 dB, which is confirmed by user reviews.
  4. Reliability – able to work without repair for 4-5 years.

Despite the fact that this model is outdated, it is still in demand and therefore it can still be bought at the points of sale of household appliances.

Ardesia CN60CR

How to choose a silent range hood for the kitchen

This domed fireplace exhaust system sells for $150 and is characterized by high performance and is capable of operating in two modes: air extraction and air circulation. It is intended for a kitchen with a large area. Characteristics:

  • Productivity – 400 m³ / h.
  • Management is electronic.
  • Noise – 50 dB at maximum power.
  • Quality build.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Attractive appearance.

In this article, we tried to cover the topic of various exhaust systems as fully as possible, described their advantages and disadvantages. We hope this will help you in choosing the quietest range hood for your kitchen.


Rating of the Best Kitchen Hoods 50 Cm in 2022 (TOP 10)


Few people like to constantly hear extraneous odors that come from frying or baking. To minimize the contamination of the finish, to rid the kitchen of the smell of meatballs or soup, use a hood. It does not take up much space, is easy to install, and is inexpensive. The main thing is to determine the dimensions, installation location, type. After studying a lot of user reviews and analyzing the opinions of experts, I have compiled my rating of the best kitchen hoods in 2022 with a width of 50 cm.

Selecting the optimal performance

Often, many manufacturers initially indicate the area of the room (less often the volume) for which this or that model is designed. For the area indicator, a value of two and a half meters is conventionally accepted for the standard calculated ceiling height, which makes it easy to switch to conversion into the required units of volume. Too weak models will not cope effectively enough with the tasks of air exchange and removal. More powerful hoods for the kitchen – do not justify themselves in terms of economic feasibility. How to determine the necessary and sufficient parameters that would best suit your individual conditions and criteria?

The performance required in each specific case for your kitchen can be calculated independently. For this you need:

  • Determine the volume of air in the room (we multiply the area by the height), for example – 12 m2 × 2.5 m = 30 m3and then subtract the volume occupied by furniture and kitchen equipment, let’s say 6 m3. Approximately 24 cubes are obtained.
  • We take into account: the frequency of air exchange (according to the requirements of the current sanitary standards, this is an indicator of 10–12 cycles per hour, while not less than 75 m3/hour for electric stoves, and 90 m3/ hour for gas), and the power reserve of the unit is 25–30% (coefficient 1.3).
  • As a result, we get the value: 24 × 12 × 1.3 = at least 375 m3 in hour. We should not forget about possible losses in the duct leading to the entrance to the ventilation shaft. Each angled deflection of the flow reduces its efficiency by about 10%. If there are such turns, we add them to the calculation. For example, if there are two of them, we additionally take into account another 20%. Total result 375+75=450 m3/h No longer makes sense, lower is ineffective.

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 50 cm in 2022 (TOP 10)

Operating parameters

Another important factor to consider when choosing is power consumption. And to be more precise – energy efficiency or the ratio of power and performance. It is no secret that models from different manufacturers spend different amounts of energy to remove the same volume of air. Therefore, their efficiency coefficients differ significantly. For example, both models of the same production Elikor Epsilon 50 and Vreznoj Blok 60 consume energy the same 225 W, while the first one is able to overtake at 430 m3/ h and the second is already 700, at a relatively identical cost. This kind of spread in performance indicators is primarily due to differences in the applied design solutions, electric drives and methods of capturing and generating flow, which collectively affect energy efficiency.

Operating modes, there are two of them – this is air exhaust and recirculation. In the first case, an air duct is connected to the hood, which is purchased and installed separately, and each turn of it entails an additional 10% loss. A hood with a recirculation function allows you to purify the air directly inside the room without removing it to the outside. In this case, the air duct is not required, and is not involved, which is especially useful in the cold autumn-winter period, and with low loads on the hood. The removal of large volumes of warm air requires additional costs for heating cold air entering from the street. For this, a system of special filters is used. But such an advantage requires a fee – they should be periodically cleaned, and changed after the resource is exhausted (especially coal ones with active absorbing properties).

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 50 cm in 2022 (TOP 10)

Maximum noise level – unfortunately, experts have not yet invented silent or very quiet hoods. The lower its value, the more comfortable you feel. Constant noise, even a slight one, is disturbing and annoying. In any case, the noise device, which exceeds the threshold of 70 dB, is definitely not worth buying.

Collaboration Security with various gas heaters equipped with an open combustion chamber: flow-through (columns) and capacitive (boilers) – this is a very important point, which, however, in most cases is often overlooked. The danger lies in the fact that the simultaneous operation of the hood with the specified equipment, especially with the withdrawal of the air duct into one shaft, can lead to the formation of a reverse draft in the chimney and the ingress of carbon monoxide (CO) back into the room. Such requirements and parameters, without fail, must be indicated by the manufacturer in the product passport, but, unfortunately, very often they are present in it in a rather veiled form so as not to scare away.

TOP-3 cooker hoods 50 cm MAUNFELD

  1. MAUNFELD Tower C 50
  2. MAUNFELD Ancona Plus 50
  3. MAUNFELD Aire 50 White


By form of design kitchen hoods are available in the following designs: domed, T-shaped, with glass, wall-mounted, fully built-in, canopy and country (country style). The color scheme is quite extensive and varied, and allows you to successfully fit into the interior.

Most popular colors:

  • classic – white, beige, ivory, red, brown and black;
  • techno style – polished stainless steel, silver, chrome, graphite, bronze, copper and gold;
  • other colors – yellow, orange, pink, blue, and green – are more specific and less in demand.

By type of installation and methods of fastening:

  • suspended (usually flat models) – installed under a wall cabinet or shelf above the stove;
  • built-in – the most compact, powerful and less noticeable. Mounted directly in a wall cabinet or decorative fireplace dome, or on a worktop next to the hob. Equipped with a fixed or retractable bottom panel. The first one significantly increases the air intake area and facilitates management;
  • wall-mounted – with wall mounting;
  • corner – originally designed for operation in the corner zone;
  • island – attached to the ceiling in the island zone (when the stove and hob are located as an island and have an approach from all sides).

The minimum distance between the hood and the electric hob must be at least 70 cm, and the gas stove – 80 cm.

The width and depth of the coverage area – in increments of 5 cm, the size range is presented in the range with a width of 50 cm to 120 cm (up to 180). Ideally, when choosing, these indicators should match or overlap the dimensions of the hob.

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 50 cm in 2022 (TOP 10)

Which type of hood control to choose – mechanical (push-button or slider) or electronic (touch). The first option is the simplest and cheapest, but the “mechanics” are highly susceptible to contamination and sticking over time. The second is more stylish and modern. And the presence of an LCD display and a microprocessor allows you to implement as additional options:

  • automatic control of operating modes, switching on and off using timers and sensors that respond to the temperature of the hob and air humidity,
  • control and indication of the state of contamination of filters;
  • remote control using the remote control.

Filters are perhaps one of the main elements that affect the efficiency of the entire unit. Two types are used: the main fat-absorbing rough cleaning, and replaceable coal for the recovery of fine cleaning. (See also: How to clean the hood from grease in the kitchen)

In addition, do not forget that if the kitchen hood duct is planned to be led outside or into the ventilation system, it is necessary anti-return valvewhich prevents outside air from getting inside when it is off.

Case material:

  • polished stainless steel is undoubtedly the most expensive and stylish solution, but at the same time the most practical and durable, requiring minimal effort to clean work surfaces;
  • enameled or powder coated – an affordable budget and quite practical option, but less durable;
  • tempered tinted glass is undeniably beautiful and aesthetically pleasing in itself, but it requires careful maintenance and the absence of chips, stains, scratches and stains.

TOP 3 kitchen hoods 50 cm ELIKOR

  1. ELIKOR Integra 50
  2. ELIKOR Epsilon 50
  3. ELIKOR Mortise block 400 pp 50 stainless steel

Hood to the kitchen 50 cm: consumer choice

Cooker hoods 50 cm wide – market analysis 2016, Based on statistical data of real demand and consumer preferences of numerous Internet users, it shows that out of the whole variety of brands on the market, the most popular among the European consumer are products of such well-known brands as (sales market share, in percentage terms):

  • 36% – Elikor (Group “Elikor”, Kaluga,);
  • 9% – Krona (KRONAsteel, KaventDom LLC, assembly Turkey/China,);

They are further, in equal shares of 8%, followed by:

  • Hansa (German AMICA WRONKI SA, with factories in Poland,);
  • Cata (Spain, Toreio,).

Approximately equal niches, with a share of 3–4%, are occupied by:

  • Gorenje (Slovenia, Velenje,);
  • JETAIR (Elica Italy, );
  • Lex (Europe, );
  • Akpo (Poland, Isobelin,).
  • Maunfeld (Great Britain, Middlesboro, );
  • Gefest (JV JSC “Brestgazoapparat”, Brest, Belarus,);

17% – other manufacturers.

It’s nice to know that almost half of the market demand (49%) is completely covered by domestic brands.

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 50 cm in 2022 (TOP 10)

TOP-3 built-in hoods 50 cm

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 50 cm in 2022 (TOP 10)

ELIKOR Integra 50

The rating is opened by the ELIKOR model, made in white. It slides out and mounts in a hanging kitchen cabinet above the stove, saving more free space in the kitchen. The model has a good motor with a maximum capacity of up to 400 m3/h in the extraction mode, and up to 280 m3/h in the recirculation mode. An innovative turbine is responsible for the operation of the hood, providing a relatively low noise level – no more than 55 dB, economically consuming electricity. Two 40 W halogen lamps are built into the hood housing for additional illumination of the hob. The model has an anodized grease-catching aluminum frame filter.


  • good lighting;
  • perfectly draws air;
  • affordable price;
  • attractive look.


  • high noise level;
  • often there are poorly assembled models;
  • the case is made of thin metal, so it vibrates during operation.

The device of the European company ELIKOR belongs to budget technology. At a price of 3450 rubles, the device is assembled poorly and makes a lot of noise. Externally, the hood looks quite attractive, especially in white, it has good lighting, the motor works properly and perfectly cleans the air in the kitchen. On the Yandex. Market 81% of buyers recommend this product.

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 50 cm in 2022 (TOP 10)

Krona Kamilla Slim 1M 500 white

The KAMILLA SLIM model has the thinnest bar, which has no analogues in the world market. The hood remains invisible in the kitchen set, does not violate the integrity of the design. The model has a good motor with maximum performance in retract mode up to 449 m3/h, and in recirculation mode – up to 390 m3/h According to these indicators, the Krona model surpasses ELIKOR Integra 50. The device can operate at three speeds with a minimum noise level of 38 dB and a maximum of 60 dB.

The device has a Slide Stop function that will automatically turn on when the bar is extended or turn off when the bar is reversed. The hood will remember the last operating mode settings: just reach out and pull out the bar. The hood is equipped with an anti-return valve. It automatically blocks access to the ventilation system of the house when the engine is turned off, preventing foreign odors from entering the apartment.

The device is equipped with halogen lamps, which are included in the kit. They have excellent light transmission, durability, save energy. The plafond of the backlight lamp is made of polycarbonate: it does not darken, it does not scratch when washing. The model is equipped with metal grease cassettes. It also includes attachments for carbon filters that absorb excess moisture and eliminate unpleasant odors. When installed, the hood can operate in recirculation mode, which helps to reduce the cost of heating the room. Control with the Memobutton function is a keyboard that “remembers” the selected speed of the previous inclusion. You can quickly switch to the desired operating mode. I would like to note that the Krona engineers decided to conduct an experiment: the hood was connected to the network and did not turn off for 7 years, but it worked flawlessly throughout this period.


  • model with the thinnest bar, almost invisible when installed;
  • slide stop function;
  • very high quality lighting;
  • control with the Memobutton function;
  • 3 speeds of work.


  • at the maximum third speed, the hood is very noisy;
  • inconvenient button control;
  • aluminum filters are very flimsy.

A very good model from Krona, especially when compared with the competitor ELIKOR Integra 50. Kamilla Slim is more technologically advanced, functional, it is more powerful, which has a positive effect on its work. The hood is assembled from high quality components, as evidenced by the test I mentioned. The price is 48$. I think that it is better to pay extra and buy this model than to buy ELIKOR Integra 50. On the Yandex portal. Market 60% of buyers recommend this product.

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 50 cm in 2022 (TOP 10)

Jetair Aurora LX/WH/F/50

Stylish design with a combination of classic colors – gray and white. The model has a powerful motor with maximum performance in retract mode up to 650 m3/h, and in recirculation mode – up to 460 m3/h According to these indicators, the hood is more powerful than Krona Kamilla Slim 1M 500 white. Two 28W halogen lamps are built into the housing. According to this indicator, the device is inferior even to ELIKOR Integra 50. The device operates at 3 speeds with a minimum noise level of 53 dB and a maximum of 62 dB. Installed grease and carbon filters that absorb excess moisture and eliminate unpleasant odors. Aluminum grease filters to trap particles of fat and other suspended particles formed during cooking, prevent their penetration into the hood. Filters can be easily removed and washed as they get dirty. The air purifier effectively removes odors by extracting air into the ventilation shaft. If this is not possible, then there is a recirculation mode: polluted air passes through the filters included in the kit, and already cleaned is returned back.


  • powerful engine;
  • high productivity – 650 m3/h;
  • cord length – 140 cm;
  • removable filters that are very convenient to wash;
  • Spare filter included.


  • overpriced;
  • high noise level;
  • insufficient power of halogen lamps.

The device copes well with air purification due to the high engine power and removable filters of excellent quality. According to these indicators, Jetair surpasses the Krona model. But in terms of noise level during operation, the previous model clearly wins: it is quieter than Jetair, has better and brighter lighting. The price is 4950 rubles. On the Yandex. Market 75% of buyers recommend this product.

TOP-4 fireplace hoods 50 cm

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 50 cm in 2022 (TOP 10)

ELIKOR Epsilon 50

The classic semi-circular dome of the hood allows it to be integrated into the design of any kitchen. The hood is equipped with an Italian turbine for 430 m3/h It does an excellent job of extracting and circulating air, and the built-in aluminum grease filter purifies the air. To operate the cooker hood in recirculation mode, you need an F-00 charcoal filter, which is purchased separately. A simple slider control makes the device easy to use. You can turn on the backlight or select the operating mode that matches the workload of your stove. The hood has 3 modes of operation with a minimum of 35 dB and a maximum noise level of 54 dB. Proper setting of the operating mode will help to optimize the efficiency, noise, and energy consumption of the equipment. For directional lighting of the hob, two built-in lamps with a power of 40 W each are provided on the body.


  • silent operation in mode 1;
  • sufficient power;
  • affordable price;
  • attractive look.


  • 2 and 3 operating modes are very noisy;
  • poor lighting;
  • it is difficult to buy a grease-catching aluminum filter for replacement;
  • The switch buttons are hard to press.

A simple hood without any special “bells and whistles” and “chips”, which does its job well. Its power is enough for a kitchen of 10 m2 even when working in mode 1, but with modes 2 and 3 it starts to work very loudly. The device has insufficiently bright lighting, it is not easy to clean it. Replacing the aluminum filter will not be easy: it is hard to find it on sale, and it fails after 5 years. The price is 3990 rubles. On the Yandex. Market 96% of buyers recommend this product.

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 50 cm in 2022 (TOP 10)

Krona Bella 500 white

The Krona model has a high-quality and perfectly polished case, it looks very beautiful. The noble white color technique will go well with other colors in the interior of your kitchen. The motor in retraction mode works with a power of 663 m3/h, and in circulation mode – 550 m3/h In the removal mode, unpleasant odors are eliminated outside your apartment through ventilation. If the circulation mode is on, the air is driven through the grease filter and cleaned. There is no carbon filter in the KRONA BELLA 500 kit, but if you install it, it will effectively capture the smells of burning and “escaped” milk. Convenient push-button control: you can change the speed of the hood, turn on the backlight (one 28 W halogen lamp is installed). The hood has 3 modes of operation with a minimum noise level of 46 dB and a maximum of 56 dB.


  • powerful motor;
  • low noise level;
  • beautiful view;
  • high-quality components and assembly;
  • affordable price.


  • charcoal filter must be purchased separately;
  • loud noise at power level 3;
  • control buttons are pressed hard.

The Krona model again pleased us with excellent quality and good work results. The extractor hood is quite powerful, easily copes with its duties. It is more powerful than ELIKOR Epsilon 50, and on the 2nd operating mode in terms of noise level, it is more acceptable. But in mode 3, it works just as loudly as a competitor. The package does not include a charcoal filter, but it is inexpensive, I advise you to purchase, as it perfectly removes odors. In terms of quality and assembly, I have no complaints. The price is 46$. On the Yandex. Market 77% of buyers recommend this product.

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 50 cm in 2022 (TOP 10)

LEX Mini 500

The inclined hood LEX MINI 500 attracts with its stylish design, which is why it is so popular. The device comes in a white laconic case with a convenient push-button control. The motor in retraction mode works with a power of 680 m3/h, and in circulation mode – 320 m3/h In the extraction mode, this hood is slightly more powerful than the Krona Bella, and in the circulation mode, on the contrary, it is weaker. During operation, air is driven through a grease filter, you can install an additional carbon filter, but you need to buy it separately. It can operate at 3 speeds with a minimum noise level of 38 dB, a maximum noise level of 48 dB, which is even quieter than the previous model. Illumination is provided by two 35W halogen lamps.


  • high power;
  • low noise level;
  • stylish appearance;
  • good level of light.


  • low power in circulation mode;
  • very easily soiled;
  • charcoal filter must be purchased separately;
  • thin metal hood frame;
  • high price.

This time, LEX did a good job and assembled a fairly high-quality model with good power, even a little more than in the Krona Bella 500. The built-in lighting is also good, only the lamps get very hot. The LEX Mini 500 is quieter at speeds 1 and 2 than the Krona. There is no charcoal filter in the kit – this is a minus of this and previous models. The price is 66$. On the Yandex. Market 78% of buyers recommend this product.

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 50 cm in 2022 (TOP 10)


The Maunfeld Tower C 50 hood is a model with a modern design. Inside the hood there is one motor with class B energy consumption. It can work at three speeds with a minimum noise level of 38 dB and a maximum of 54 dB. Air suction occurs with a capacity of up to 650 m³ / h (button control). With the recirculation function on, air intake with a capacity of 520 m³/h. An aluminum filter is used to protect the mechanism from grease. This is a fine-mesh mesh, fixed in the body with latches. The filter can be easily removed for cleaning. It can be washed with soap or other cleaning products. It is possible to install a carbon filter, but it is purchased separately. Illumination – two LED lamps with a power of 3 watts.


  • high power in the mode of withdrawal and recirculation;
  • low noise level during operation;
  • aluminum filter is easy to remove and easy to clean;
  • LED lightening;
  • non-staining.


  • high price;
  • loud sound of switching speeds of work;
  • stamped glass.

An excellent model with a beautiful design that looks very attractive, especially in black. On the surface of the hood itself, there are no traces of hands, but the glass edging attracts dust like a magnet, fingerprints remain on it, it must be wiped regularly. There are no complaints about the power level, all odors are removed from the kitchen even in mode 1, when compared with the LEX Mini 500 and Krona Bella 500 white, even at the third speed the appliance is quieter than its competitors. LED lamps do their job well, do not heat up as much as in models with halogen ones. The price is 80 $. On the Yandex. Market 80% of buyers recommend this product.

TOP-3 hanging hoods 50 cm

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 50 cm in 2022 (TOP 10)

Hansa OSC 5111 WH

The Hansa OSC 5111 WH hood is presented in white. The model has a motor with maximum performance in retract mode up to 335 m3/h, and in recirculation mode – up to 158 m3/h It has 3 speeds of operation, the minimum noise level is 58 dB, the maximum is 63 dB. This allows you to quickly clear the kitchen of smoke and persistent smells of fish or onions. During operation, the air is driven through the grease aluminum filter that comes with the kit. You can install coal, but it is purchased separately. Backlight – one halogen lamp with a power of 28 watts.


  • affordable price;
  • easy installation;
  • good aluminum filter;
  • excellent build quality.


  • low power;
  • high noise level at 2 and 3 speeds;
  • charcoal filter must be purchased separately;
  • light bulb burns out very quickly.

The hood of the German company Hansa is of good quality, but does not do its job very well. Its power is not enough to purify the air from odors, especially if it works at speed 1. At levels 2 and 3, noise will cause great discomfort. The aluminum filter can be easily removed, it washes well, the carbon filter is not available, but you can purchase it. The price is 24$. Given this minimum price, it is difficult to count on an excellent result of work. On the Yandex. Market 90% of buyers recommend this item.

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 50 cm in 2022 (TOP 10)

ELIKOR Davoline 50

Model Davoline 50 looks unattractive, especially when compared with similar models. For control, a slider mechanism is used that regulates the operation of the motor, capable of delivering maximum power up to 290 m3/h, which is less than in Hansa OSC 5111 WH. 3 speeds of operation with a minimum noise level of 34 dB and a maximum of 52 dB. The device will quickly clear the kitchen of smoke and unpleasant odors. The kit includes a grease aluminum filter, a carbon filter can be purchased separately. One 40 W incandescent lamp is built into the hood housing.


  • affordable price;
  • durable motor;
  • easy to manage;
  • case made of fairly dense metal.


  • very weak suction power even at 3 speeds;
  • very noisy operation at 2 and 3 speeds;
  • the lighting lamp is bad, it is advisable to replace it with an LED one;
  • Charcoal filter must be purchased separately.

The model has little power even compared to the competitor Hansa OSC 5111 WH. This power is hardly enough for 3 speeds of operation, at 1 and 2 it practically does not suck. But at speed 3, the noise level is unbearable, even though it is less noisy than the Hansa in terms of characteristics. In appearance, the previous model looks better, Davoline 50 looks more like an ordinary white piece of plastic. The price is 2550 rubles. On the Yandex. Market 94% of buyers recommend this product.

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 50 cm in 2022 (TOP 10)

GEFEST VO-2501 K47

The GEFEST model with a beautiful design, unlike ELIKOR Davoline 50, is made in brown. The hood has push-button control: you can choose one of three operating speeds. The minimum noise level is 38 dB, the maximum is 62 dB. Maximum productivity in retraction mode – up to 300 m3/h, and in recirculation mode – up to 150 m3/h 2 incandescent lamps with a power of 25 W are built into the housing. The aluminum filter can be removed easily, it washes well, there is no carbon filter, but it can be installed.


  • good build quality;
  • the power is small, but it is enough even when working at 2 speeds;
  • good aluminum filter;
  • attractive design;
  • affordable price.


  • at 2 and 3 speeds it works more noisily than at the first;
  • charcoal filter must be purchased separately;
  • only available in one color.

The GEFEST model is a hood with a high-quality assembly and a good engine that does not have high power, but works very well at 2 and 3 speeds. If compared in terms of noise level, it works quieter than ELIKOR Davoline 50 and Hansa OSC 5111 WH, although the characteristics should be the other way around. In terms of lighting quality, it is better than Hansa OSC 5111 with its single lamp. I think this hood is the most attractive and high-quality among these three appliances. The price is 35$. On the Yandex. Market 100% buyers recommend this item.


Rating of the Best Kitchen Hoods 60 Cm in 2022 (TOP 13)


60 cm is a common size for gas, electric stoves and hobs. Therefore, hoods with a width of 60 cm are in demand. When considering devices, it is important to evaluate their performance, design, mode of operation and the type of filter used. Power depends on the area of ​​​​the kitchen. According to the comments and ratings of customers, we managed to rank the best kitchen hoods with a width of 60 cm in 2022. Models in the TOP are divided by type of construction with increasing prices. The review is accompanied by brief descriptions.

Table of participants in the ranking of the best kitchen hoods 60 cm 2022

Kitchen hoods 60 cm wide – market analysis 2022

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 60 cm in 2022 (TOP 13)

Based on the statistics of real demand and consumer preferences of Internet users, it can be confidently stated that out of the whole variety of brands on the market, the European consumer prefers hoods of such well-known brands for his kitchen, such as (sales market share, % / brand, manufacturer):

  • 34% – Elikor (Group “Elikor”, Kaluga);
  • 9% – Krona (KRONAsteel, KaventDom LLC, assembly Turkey/China);
  • 7% – Cata (Spain, Toreyo, official site in EU);
  • 6% – Hansa (AMICA WRONKI SA, assembly plants in Poland);

They are followed further, in an equal ratio of 5%, followed by:

  • Gorenje (Slovenia, Velenje);
  • JETAIR (Elica Italy);

Approximately equal niches, with a share of 3–4%, are occupied by:

  • Lex (Europe);
  • Bosch (Robert Bosch GmbH, assembly Germany and Slovenia);
  • Akpo (Poland, Isobelin);
  • Maunfeld (Great Britain, Middlesbrough);
  • Gefest (JV JSC “Brestgazoapparat”, Brest, Belarus);
  • 17% – other manufacturers.

At the same time, over the past 5 years, there has been a steady trend – a good half of the internal market demand (47-53%) is completely covered by products of domestic brands, and this applies to both classic models and advanced, ultra-modern (including built-in cabinets) .

TOP 3 best cooker hood MAUNFELD

  1. MAUNFELD Tower C 50
  2. MAUNFELD Gloria 60
  3. MAUNFELD Tower C 60

Consumer preferences

Among other criteria that consumers are guided by when choosing a 60 cm hood for the kitchen, preferences and priorities are as follows:

  • mounting type: wall-mounted (63%), and built-in in a cabinet (36%), island and others less than 1%;
  • kitchen area (m2): up to 10 (14%), ≤ 15 (33%), ≤ 20 (34%), ≤ 25 (9%), and above (8%);
  • productivity (m3/ hour): up to 300 (6%), ≤ 500 (40%), ≤ 700 (34%), up to 900 (10%), and above (6%);
  • design and construction:

— eternal classics — flat suspended (mounted), and domed (20% each);

— retractable (19%);

– visor (16%);

— country style (10%);

– fully built-in hood, with glass, and T-shaped (equally, each 5%);

  • demanded in width: 50 cm (29%), 60 cm (61%), and 90 cm (7%);
  • control method: mechanics – buttons (54%) and slider (29%), touch (16%);
  • lighting: halogen and LED lamps (59%), fluorescent (35%).

TOP 3 best cooker hood LEX

  1. LEX Hubble G600
  2. LEX GS BLOC 600
  3. LEX Mini 600

TOP 5 built-in hoods 60 cm

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 60 cm in 2022 (TOP 13)

ELIKOR Integra 60

The maximum productivity of the device is 400 m3, which is significantly lower than in the CATA TF 2003 600 duralum model. During operation, the ELIKOR hood consumes 220 watts. The choice of speed from two possible is carried out by buttons. The device has an aluminum grease filter, which can be replaced with active carbon. The principle of operation is the removal and recirculation of air. The maximum noise level is 55 dB. Lighting is provided by two halogen lamps.


  • the sliding panel facilitates leaving;
  • low price;
  • the possibility of using a carbon filter.


  • noisy operation (especially at second speed);
  • The set includes only one type of filter.

Given the performance and the number of operating modes, we can recommend this hood for a small kitchen. If a more powerful one is needed, then Krona Kamilla 2M 600 inox is of interest. Performance is higher here, as is the price.

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 60 cm in 2022 (TOP 13)

LEX Hubble G 600 Black

Black model with metal case. When working, consumes 100 watts. The indicator is lower than that of the Elikor Integra 60 device. The hood operates in the mode of exhaust and recirculation of air with a maximum capacity of 650 m3. The choice of speed from two possible – push-button. The kit includes a grease filter. The work surface is illuminated by two LED lamps. The price is 58$.


  • grease filter;
  • high performance;
  • LED lamp;
  • low noise level – 48 dB.


  • difficulties in installing a carbon filter;
  • poor instructions.

Given the low noise level, high performance, active filter and ease of operation, this hood is bought for use in an apartment or in small cafes. For comparison: the Bosch DHI 642 EQ 60 WH model at a similar cost makes much more noise, and the performance is almost 2 times lower.

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 60 cm in 2022 (TOP 13)

Bosch DHI 642 EQ 60 WH

Productivity of the device — 300 m3, which is almost two times lower than in the CATA TF 2003 600 duralum model. During operation, the hood, made in a silver metal case, consumes 180 watts. Implemented 3 speed modes. It works on the principle of air extraction and recirculation. The model is controlled by a slider. The maximum noise level is 62 dB, the lighting is provided by halogen lamps. Comes with a replaceable grease filter. The price is 5990 rubles.


  • 3 speeds of work;
  • slider control.


  • loud noise during operation;
  • in the design of obsolete halogen lamps.

Having appreciated the high noise performance at a relatively low performance, it is difficult to recommend this hood for permanent use at home. The best option would be a small cafe. For comparison: Krona Kamilla 2M 600 inox is much quieter with greater performance.

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 60 cm in 2022 (TOP 13)

CATA TF 2003 600 duralum

The model in a silvery metal case consumes 100 watts during operation. The indicator is similar to the household device LEX Hubble G 600 Black. Operating mode – air extraction and recirculation with a maximum capacity of 600 m3. Mechanical control: you can choose the speed from 2 possible. Noise during operation – 57 dB. Comes with a removable grease filter. Lighting – two halogen lamps. The price is 66$.


  • button control;
  • low noise level;
  • the possibility of installing a carbon filter;
  • high performance.


  • there is no non-return valve included;
  • according to buyers, the performance is lower than stated.

After evaluating the noise level and performance, we can confidently recommend the hood for permanent use at home. If a high price is an obstacle to buying, then you can consider the ELIKOR Integra 60 model. The power consumption here is slightly higher, and the noise during operation is at the same level.

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 60 cm in 2022 (TOP 13)

Krona Kamilla 2M 600 inox

During operation, the model consumes 200 watts. The indicator is close to the power of Elikor Integra 60. Pushbutton switches: one of three possible speeds can be selected. Maximum productivity – 550 m3lighting – incandescent lamps. The kit comes with a metal grease filter with the possibility of replacing it with coal. The device works in the mode of removal and recirculation of air. The price is 6850 rubles.


  • the ability to replace the filter with coal;
  • low noise level – 55 dB;
  • 3 speeds of work.


  • high price;
  • poor build quality;
  • buyer’s advice: it is better to replace incandescent lamps with more modern ones.

Low noise, high performance and stylish design make this hood popular. If the priority is the price, and not the volume during operation, we can advise the Bosch DHI 642 EQ 60 WH.

TOP-5 fireplace hoods 60 cm

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 60 cm in 2022 (TOP 13)

Simfer 8662 SM

The maximum performance of the dome device in the wall version is 500 m3. The indicator is similar to LEX Mini 600 white. Noise – 55 dB. Mechanical gear change. The filter comes with a metal grease filter, it can be replaced with active carbon. Lighting – halogen lamps. The price is 4990 rubles.


  • 3 speeds of work;
  • the possibility of replacing the grease filter;
  • low price;
  • quiet work.


  • installation difficulties.

After evaluating the performance and noise level of the Simfer 8662 SM hood, we can recommend it as a household appliance for permanent use. If you are interested in a more productive model with electronic control, you can recommend ELIKOR Agate 60. But the price here will be significantly higher.

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 60 cm in 2022 (TOP 13)

LEX Mini 600 white

The household appliance, made in a white metal case, is controlled mechanically. Maximum productivity – 500 m3, which is slightly lower than in MAUNFELD Tower C 60. Air extraction and recirculation are possible at three speeds. Among the built-in features, perimeter suction deserves attention. Comes with a removable grease filter. Lighting – two halogen lamps. The price is 78$.


  • perimeter suction function;
  • 3 speeds of work;
  • the ability to install a carbon filter;
  • lamps with different light are provided – warm and cold;
  • low noise level – 48 dB.


  • high price;
  • poor build quality;
  • There is no charcoal filter included.

Despite the high price, the model is popular. The secret is in performance and advanced functionality. If you need budget equipment, you can advise Simfer 8662 SM.

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 60 cm in 2022 (TOP 13)


Maximum productivity – 520 m3, which is slightly higher than in the Simfer 8662 SM model. The hood works in the mode of exhaust and recirculation of air with the function of perimeter suction. 3 working speeds controlled by pushbutton switches. The kit comes with an aluminum grease filter with the possibility of replacing it with a carbon counterpart. The maximum noise level during operation is 54 dB. The price is 80 $.


  • stylish design, 5 color options;
  • Ease of controls;
  • telescopic box;
  • low noise level;
  • perimeter suction function.


  • high price;
  • low quality of decorative box materials;
  • difficulties with the installation of the box.

Given the extended functionality and ease of management, MAUNFELD Tower C 60 is bought by representatives of both mature and younger age. As an alternative, we can recommend the LEX Mini 600 white with almost the same functions and parameters.

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 60 cm in 2022 (TOP 13)

ELIKOR Agate 60

During operation, the model consumes 280 W, which is slightly higher than in the Bosch DWK 065 G 66 R. The design is silver or black. The hood operates in the mode of exhaust and air circulation with a maximum capacity of 1000 m3. Speed ​​selection – on the electronic touch panel, from 4 possible or intensive modes of operation. The model additionally has a display where all indicators are displayed, a timer works. Comes with a grease filter and halogen lamps. The price is 13500 rubles.


  • built-in timer;
  • low noise level – 59 dB;
  • high performance;
  • electronic touch control;
  • display;
  • the ability to install a carbon filter.


  • high price;
  • easily soiled surface;
  • observed cases of spontaneous inclusion.

Given the electronic control, high performance and advanced functionality, this ELIKOR model is of interest to buyers. If the principle of control is not important, we can recommend a model half the price – LEX Mini 600 white.

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 60 cm in 2022 (TOP 13)

Bosch DWK 065 G 66 R

The performance of the device, made in a black metal case, is 530 m3. With the same indicator goes MAUNFELD Tower C 60. The model operates in the mode of exhaust and air circulation with a power of 210 watts. Among the built-in functionality are 4 speeds, a perimeter suction function, a timer, an intensive mode of operation, and brightness control. Electronic control. There is a built-in display on the front panel, where performance indicators are displayed. The maximum noise during operation is 62 dB. The kit includes a grease filter. Design features – anti-return valve, LED lamps. The price is 15990 rubles.


  • perimeter suction function;
  • anti-return valve;
  • LED lamps, brightness can be adjusted;
  • there is a timer;
  • electronic control;
  • touchscreen;
  • 4 working speeds.


  • high price;
  • high noise level during operation.

Given the design features and advanced functionality, the Bosch DWK 065 G 66 R model is purchased for decorating kitchens in mansions or country houses. If the high price is a serious obstacle to such a purchase, we can advise Simfer 8662 SM. The performance is almost the same, the functionality is lower, the control is mechanical.

TOP-3 suspended hoods 60 cm

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 60 cm in 2022 (TOP 13)

Hansa OSC 6111 WH

During operation, the device consumes 135 W, which is slightly lower than Elicor Davoline 60. The white model in a metal case works on the principle of air extraction and recirculation. Maximum productivity – 335 m3. Mechanical control: you can choose the optimal speed from 3 possible. Lighting – halogen. Removable grease filter included. The price is 2390 rubles.


  • 3 speeds;
  • halogen lamp;
  • low price;
  • it is possible to replace the working filter with coal.


  • there is not enough power to fully exhaust the exhaust air.

The simplicity of design and control in the absence of advanced functionality make this pendant model a popular household appliance for the middle class. Shindo ITEA 60 B is an alternative. The performance is slightly higher here, as is the price.

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 60 cm in 2022 (TOP 13)

Shindo ITEA 60 B

The maximum productivity of the device is 350 m3, which is higher than that of the Hansa OSC 6111 WH. Black model in a metal case, consumes 80 watts. Mechanical speed adjustment is possible. Mode of operation – air extraction and circulation. The design includes an anti-return valve. The grease filter has a removable design, can be replaced with active carbon. The maximum noise during operation is 42 dB. The price is 2750 rubles.


  • low noise level;
  • 3 speeds of work;
  • in the design of the anti-return valve;
  • execution in the opaque case facilitates leaving;
  • it is possible to install a carbon filter;
  • affordable price.


  • lighting – incandescent lamps.

Quiet operation, high performance make the Shindo ITEA 60 B model popular for installation in an apartment or private house. For comparison: ELIKOR Davoline 60 is slightly more expensive, but it works much louder.

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 60 cm in 2022 (TOP 13)

ELIKOR Davoline 60

160 W – this is the indicator of power consumption of the device, made in a white metal case. Maximum productivity in the operating mode of exhaust and air circulation – 290 m3. 3 speeds of work are regulated by the slide switch. The design includes an incandescent lamp and 2 types of filter: grease and carbon. The maximum noise level is 52 dB. The price is 29$.


  • slider control;
  • 3 speeds;
  • two types of filters – coal and grease.


  • lighting in the device – incandescent lamps. User feedback: change to energy-saving options;
  • low quality coating;
  • high noise level.

The suspended model, given its performance and ease of operation, is of interest to middle-class buyers. For comparison: Hansa OSC 6111 WH with higher performance costs 6 dollars less.

Hood to the kitchen 60 cm: what is the choice of the consumer based on

The first and, perhaps, the most important criterion for choosing a 60 cm kitchen hood is its performance (m3/hour). It is he who determines whether this hood is able to cope with its tasks or not. In the product passport, the manufacturer indicates the area of the room for which his particular model is designed. Knowing the area and height of the room, you can easily determine the volume of your kitchen. And considering: the air exchange rate is 10–12 cycles per hour, and the required power reserve is 25–30%, you should simply multiply the value of the volume by 10 and by 1.3 – this is the optimal value of the performance you need. Weak hoods are unable to effectively cope with the tasks of air exchange and removal. And more powerful ones are unreasonably expensive in terms of economy and expediency.

Power consumption and energy efficiency – in fact, these are the two main parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing a hood for the kitchen. It is no secret that different devices spend different amounts of energy to remove the same volume of air. For example, both domed wall models of the same production Elikor Epsilon 60 and Silver Storm 60 they equally consume 225 W, while the first distills 430 cubic meters per hour, and the other – 650. Such a spread in operating parameters is due to differences in the applied design solutions, methods of capturing and generating the flow. Therefore, their efficiency is significantly different, although the price is approximately the same.

Noise level – the lower its value, the more comfortable you feel. Constant noise, even a slight one, interferes, distracts and annoys. Unfortunately, designers and engineers have not yet succeeded in creating completely silent or completely quiet hoods. Experts do not advise choosing a hood whose noise exceeds the threshold of 70 dB, even if a built-in hood is selected.

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 60 cm in 2022 (TOP 13)

Operating modes – there are two options, this is the removal of air to the outside or its recirculation inside the room. In the first version, an air duct is connected to the hood, which is purchased and installed separately. And in the second – the hood to the kitchen without an air duct allows you to clean the air inside the room without removing it outside. In this mode, there is no need for an air duct, and it is actually not used, which is especially economical in the cold autumn-winter period. The removal of large volumes of warm air requires additional costs for heating cold air entering from the street. Each mode has its own filtration system.

That’s why filters – this is, perhaps, one of the main structural elements that affects the efficiency of the entire unit and comfort in the working area. Today, two types are used: the main coarse cleaning (mesh made of steel or aluminum) absorbing fats, and the replaceable carbon fine cleaning (with active absorbing properties) for recovery, removal of odors and fine particles. Mesh periodically need to be washed from pollution, and coal – only replaced with a new one after the resource is exhausted.

When connecting the exhaust air duct to the mine ventilation system or when taking it outside, it is necessary to foresee the installation anti-return valve, which prevents the ingress of external air into the room in the off state. Not all of their models are equipped with this device.

In most cases, buyers often forget and completely lose sight of the question collaboration security with existing gas heaters with an open combustion chamber: flow-through (columns) and capacitive (boilers). Actually this is a very important point. The danger lies in the fact that the joint operation of the hood with this equipment can lead to the formation of reverse draft and the ingress of carbon monoxide (CO) from the chimney back into the room. Such requirements, without fail, must be indicated by the manufacturer in the product passport, but often, unfortunately, they are often ignored and are present in an implicit or veiled form.

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 60 cm in 2022 (TOP 13)

Design, form and construction hoods are presented in a wide variety: classic domed, T-shaped, with glass, hinged, fully built-in, canopy and country (country style). The color scheme is quite extensive and varied, and allows you to successfully fit into the interior. Most popular colors:

  • timeless classics – white, beige, ivory, red, brown and black;
  • modern techno style – polished stainless steel, silver, chrome, brushed graphite, bronze, copper and gold.

TOP 3 best cooker hood Kuppersberg

  1. Kuppersberg F 660
  2. Kuppersberg SLIMLUX II 60C
  3. Kuppersberg Inlinea 52 X 4HPB

Types of fastening and mounting of the hood

According to the type of fastening and installation, kitchen hoods are divided as:

  • Fully built-in – installed in a wall cabinet or dome of a decorative fireplace dome, in rare cases on a desktop in close proximity to the hob. Equipped with a retractable or fixed bottom panel, which significantly increases the cross-sectional area of ​​​​the air intake, and facilitates management.
  • Wall – with various options for mounting on the wall.
  • Flat hanging – mounted under a wall cabinet or shelf above the stove.
  • Corner – originally designed for operation in the corner zone.
  • Island – fastened to the ceiling in the area of ​​the so-called “island” (when a free-standing stove and desktop are located in the middle of the kitchen and have free access from any side).

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 60 cm in 2022 (TOP 13)

Dimensions and type of hood control

Width and depth coverage area (cm) – the right choice of hood when the geometric dimensions completely coincide or slightly overlap the dimensions of the plate. And the effective distance between the hood itself and the hob for electric stoves should be at least 70 cm, for gas stoves – 80 cm.

Control – mechanical (push-button or slider) or electronic (touch). The first option is the simplest, cheapest and most common. However, the “mechanics”, over time, are subject to contamination and sticking. Electronic ones are more stylish and modern, and the presence of a microprocessor and an indication display allow you to implement additional options: ( See also: How to choose a 50 cm kitchen hood)

  • automatic control of operating modes, switching on and off using timers and sensors that respond to the temperature of the hob and air humidity;
  • control and indication of the state of contamination of filters;
  • remote control using the remote control.

Rating of the best kitchen hoods 60 cm in 2022 (TOP 13)

Housing material

  • Undoubtedly, the most expensive, stylish and at the same time practical solution, especially for built-in wardrobes, is polished stainless steel. Due to the high chemical resistance of steel and the protective layer, it is one of the most reliable and durable materials that requires minimal effort to clean work surfaces.
  • Enamel or powder coating is an affordable budget option, although less durable, but also quite practical if the painting and application itself is carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of technology.
  • Tempered tinted glass is undoubtedly beautiful, fashionable and aesthetically pleasing in itself, but it requires careful maintenance: you will have to constantly monitor stains, stains, chips and scratches.

Professionals recommend a balanced approach to the process of choosing a hood for the kitchen. You should not rely entirely on ratings, reviews and comments, because in each case the requirements for choosing a kitchen hood are individual, and these “indicators” of the market are constantly changing.


What Are Open Top Dishwashers


The life of a modern woman takes place at a frantic pace: work, sports, shopping, family, and of course household chores. Of course, it’s quite difficult to live like this, but household chores are greatly facilitated thanks to the kitchen equipment that has appeared. One such unit is the dishwasher. There are many models of these devices on the market, but devices with an open panel are in the greatest demand. In this review, we will try to answer the question: “Open panel dishwasher – what is it?”

What is this dishwasher

What are Open Top Dishwashers

A standard dishwasher has a control panel on the upper end of the door, which can be touch or push-button. In addition, you can also notice the screen, but there are models that are built-in. Their control panel is located in the same way as that of washing machines. Such a panel is not hidden when the dishwashing process takes place, so it can be seen. The open panel got its name due to the fact that it is not hidden by the furniture facade, which has a beneficial effect on the aesthetics of the kitchen.

There are dishwasher owners who do not want to look at household appliances, so they hide them behind a furniture facade. Dishwashers with a hidden panel are completely hidden and in the kitchen they do not differ from other elements of the headset. And devices with an open panel cannot be hidden.

Pros and cons

What are Open Top Dishwashers

Before purchasing an open panel dishwasher, you need to learn more about this type of appliance. In order to make the right choice, it is necessary to study the advantages and disadvantages of the unit.


  • The control panel is always available.
  • You can monitor the washing process even at a distance from the dishwasher.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • Interesting design.
  • Affordable cost.


  • The open panel is visible.
  • Such models of devices are considered exclusive on the market, so developers add about 20-30% to the price of the device.
  • The open panel gets dirty and dusty much more often, so it needs to be washed as often as possible. And if liquid gets on it, then the possibility of a short circuit is not excluded.
  • If there is a small child in the house, then the “child protection” function is necessary. But not all dishwashers can boast of it.

Rating of the best models with an open panel

What are Open Top Dishwashers

Bosch Serie 6 SCE 52M55

This small model can be partly built-in or stand alone. Its characteristics:

  • Capacity is approximately eight sets of dishes.
  • 5 dishwashing modes.
  • Leak protection.
  • Width 60 centimeters.
  • A large number of functions.
  • Delay the start of the wash up to a day.

Among the minuses can be called the high cost of the device.

What are Open Top Dishwashers

Smeg PLA6442X2

This equipment is a full size open top dishwasher.

  • Capacity – 13 sets of dishes.
  • 9 programs.
  • Screen and electronic control.
  • Half load option.
  • Leak protection.
  • Water purity control.
  • Reliability.

What are Open Top Dishwashers

Siemens iQ500SK 76M544

This compact model has the following properties:

  • Capacity – 6 sets of dishes.
  • Quiet operation.
  • 6 programs.
  • Availability of various options, including Vario Speed ​​Plus or Extra Dry.
  • Profitability.

Note that the washing chamber of this model cannot accommodate large items.

What are Open Top Dishwashers

Electrolux ESI 4620 RAX

The narrow dishwasher is partially built-in because the control panel remains visible. Features of this model:

  • Capacity 9 sets of dishes.
  • Washing and drying class A.
  • Energy efficiency A++.
  • Low noise level.
  • 6 programs.
  • Delay start for a day.
  • Complete protection against leaks.
  • Water purity control.
  • The end of washing is signaled by a sound signal.
  • Availability of the TimeManager option.

What are Open Top Dishwashers

Bosch SPI 50X95

This unit can be partly integrated. In addition to the fact that this dishwasher is narrow, it has the following characteristics:

  • Drying, energy efficiency and washing class – A.
  • Capacity 9 crockery sets.
  • The presence of an LED screen.
  • Child safety feature.
  • Minimum noise during operation.
  • 5 programs.
  • 4 temperature levels.
  • Delay start for a day.
  • Complete leakage protection.
  • Water purity control.
  • You can use tablets.
  • The presence of a double sprinkler in the upper box.

Customer Reviews

What are Open Top Dishwashers

The best indicators for buying household appliances are customer reviews. Dishwashers are no exception to this rule.

Natalia from world became the owner of a Siemens iQ500 SK 76M544 dishwasher. The woman is satisfied with the purchase and writes that despite the fact that this unit holds a few dishes, it is enough for her. Any contamination can be washed off. The display shows how long the wash will take to finish. The design of the dishwasher is quite unusual. You can give this device 5 points.

Alexandra from Tver also purchased an iQ500 SK 76M544 and is completely satisfied with her work. According to her, this dishwasher copes well with capsules, but she has not used the powder yet, but she believes that there will be no problems with it either. For a family of two, it is ideal, but for a large family, it will be small. The woman recommends it conditionally, because this model is too expensive.

Ivan from Naberezhnye Chelny. Dishwasher Smeg PLA6442X2, in which the control panel is freely accessible. This unit is made of quality materials and is capable of much. I recommend it, despite the fact that I do not use 50% of the options and do not understand their purpose.

Alena from Krasnodar purchased a Bosch Serie 6 SCE 52M55 dishwasher and was unhappy with her choice, because the device had not even worked for a year. I had to turn to the experts for help. The dishwasher is expensive and you don’t want to lose it. The woman is disappointed with this manufacturer.


Rating of the Best Induction Hobs in 2022 (TOP 6)


In this ranking, I have collected the 6 best induction hobs for 2022. Only the best models from different price ranges got into my TOP – from 15,000 to 430$. When choosing models, I paid attention to such characteristics as the size and power of the heating zones, the number of power levels, the presence of a fast heating function and additional functions, as well as security options. I studied in detail the features of the models, expert reviews and customer reviews. And based on them, I identified the pros and cons of each model.

Table of participants in the rating of induction hobs 2022

Rating of the best induction hobs 2022

Krona REMO 60 BL

Rating of the best induction hobs in 2022 (TOP 6)


  • panel material: glass ceramic
  • total number of burners: 4
  • installation: independent
  • functions: short pause, timer
  • switches: touch
  • safety: protective shutdown of burners, panel lock button

And I’ll start with the budget Krona REMO 60 BL. An induction hob with a size of 59×52 cm and a height of 6.2 cm. This model has 4 heating zones – two with a diameter of 16 cm and a power of 1400 W and two with a diameter of 18 cm with a power of 1800 W. FROMthe degree of heating can be selected from 9 positions for each of them. The control panel is located at the front in the center. For ease of cooking there is a timer with which you can limit the time of the burner from 1 to 99 minutes. And the Stop & Go pause function allows you to stop heating.

After turning it on, it will continue according to the previously set settings. The model is equipped with several safety options – there is an indicator of the presence of disheswhich will not allow heating to be turned on if it is not available, a residual heat indicator showing that the zone has not yet cooled down, and also overheat protection, overfill protection and control panel lock.

  • Simple control.
  • Fast heating.
  • Automatic shutdown.
  • Auto shut-off when overfilled.
  • There is no large burner for large dishes.

. This model has good equipment, convenient operation, a timer with a shutdown and a large set of options that are responsible for safety. It does not have, like more expensive models, burners of increased power, there is no possibility to increase the power of burners and there are no additional functions. But as an inexpensive, but high-quality option, it completely suits the owners. According to reviews on Walmart, they all recommend the model for purchase.

Gorenje IT641BSC

Rating of the best induction hobs in 2022 (TOP 6)


  • panel material: glass ceramic
  • total number of burners: 4
  • installation: independent
  • functions: short pause
  • switches: touch
  • safety: safety shutdown of burners, panel lock button, residual heat indicator

The fifth place in the TOP is Gorenje IT641BSC. This is a model from the Essential design line in standard sizes – 59.5×52 cm. Due to the low height (5.4 cm), the panel is flush with the worktop. On the panel is 4 burners: on the left – two with a diameter of 18 cm each with a power of 1400 W, on the right – with a diameter of 16 cm with a power of 1400 W and a diameter of 21 cm with a power of 2300 W. Due to the PowerBoost function, you can increase the power of the burners located on the left up to 2100 W, and those located on the right – up to 1850 W and 3000 W, respectively. Management is represented by a touch panel, which is moved forward. The StopGo function is used to stop heating and then resume cooking with the same settings. And with this button, you can restore the settings if the panel is accidentally turned off.

The model also has a StayWarm heating function and a SoftMelt defrosting function for frozen foods.. This model has two types of timer – control with sound notification and sleep timer that lasts up to 99 minutes. After the set time has elapsed, the hotplate will turn off and an audible signal will sound. It’s nice that the volume can be adjusted. The burners are equipped with a safety shutdown, and the control panel can be blocked from accidental pressing. BUT if there are children in the house, you should use the auto-lock function. Each time the hob is switched off, the control panel will be locked automatically.

  • Quality build.
  • Quick warm up.
  • Increasing burner power.
  • A large number of functions, including defrosting and heating.
  • 2 timers, one with shutdown.
  • Auto-lock control panel.
  • Sensors do not respond when pressed with wet fingers.

. In comparison with the previous model, it is equipped with burners of different diameters, the power of which can be increased, as well as additional functions that allow you to keep the finished dish warm, defrost food, and resume settings. 83% of owners recommend it for purchase.

Hansa BHI68317

Rating of the best induction hobs in 2022 (TOP 6)


  • panel material: glass ceramic
  • total number of burners: 4
  • installation: independent
  • functions: timer
  • switches: touch
  • safety: safety shutdown of burners, panel lock button, residual heat indicator

Fourth place goes to Hansa BHI68317. A hob with dimensions of 58×51.9 cm and a small height of 5.4 cm. For the manufacture of hobs, the manufacturer uses glass ceramics from the German manufacturer Schott Ceran, which ensures safety and reliability. She has 4 heating zones – 2 each with a diameter of 16 cm and two each with a diameter of 20 cm. They are arranged in a checkerboard pattern for maximum convenience. Each of them is equipped with a protective shutdown. To limit the cooking time, a timer is used that will automatically turn off a certain heating zone after a specified time.

The unique function of this model is automatic boiling.. It provides for work for a predetermined time at increased power, and after that – a decrease in the heating level for prolonged stewing or cooking. The model has a Booster function, which briefly increases the heating rate by 30%, and a keep warm function, which allows you to keep the cooked dish hot. Wherein the zone maintains the temperature up to 65 °C, i.e. the dish does not change its taste characteristics and does not burn. In order not to accidentally knock down the settings, the control panel can be locked. The panel has an indication of residual heat, which shows that the surface has not yet cooled down after turning off the heating.

  • Quality build.
  • Convenient location of heating zones.
  • Fast heating.
  • Power boost function.
  • Keep warm.
  • Simple care.
  • Does not turn off when water spills.

. In comparison with the previous model, it is equipped with other heating zones in diameter, but does not differ in overall power. A panel with good functionality, a lot of protective options, is distinguished by the quality of glass ceramics and the presence of an automatic boiling function. 90% of model owners recommend it for purchase.

Weissgauff HI 643

Rating of the best induction hobs in 2022 (TOP 6)


  • panel material: glass ceramic
  • total number of burners: 4
  • installation: independent
  • functions: timer
  • switches: touch
  • safety: safety shutdown of burners, panel lock button, residual heat indicator

Weissgauff HI 643 BY opens the top three. Model of standard dimensions 59×52 cm, made of high-quality Vitro Ceramic Glass with high strength and scratch resistance. It is equipped with four heating zones: there are two with a diameter of 18 cm, one – 16 cm and one – 12 cm with a heating power of 1800 and 2000 W. As with many induction models, it is possible to increase the power up to 3000 W when the Boost function is activated. A unique feature of the model is the free Flex Zone, which serves to combine two zones into one when using dishes of non-standard dimensions. The total power of this zone is 2600 W. The touch control panel is highly responsive. The buttons respond even when exposed to cold or wet hands.

Convenient control is represented by a separate slider control system in the form of four independent elements. Like other models, this panel has 9 power levels. The Stop & Go function allows you to stop heating and resume it with one touch. With the auto-off timer, you can select a cooking time up to 99 minutest. The BBQ function opens up the possibility of grilling meat using special pans. This model has all the necessary security options – protective auto-off, residual heat indication, dish sensor, control panel lock from children.

  • Quality glassware.
  • Fast heating.
  • Slider control.
  • Responsive sensors.
  • Large combined heating zone.
  • Noisy at work.

. In comparison with the previous model, it is distinguished by the presence of a Flex-zone for using dishes of various sizes, a separate control slider system for each zone and a BBQ function for barbecue. Given the lower cost and a large number of features, 90% of users recommend this model for purchase.

Bosch PIE611FC5R

Rating of the best induction hobs in 2022 (TOP 6)


  • panel material: glass ceramic
  • total number of burners: 4
  • installation: independent
  • functions: automatic shutdown, timer
  • switches: touch
  • safety: child lock, residual heat indicator

The second place is occupied by the most expensive model of the rating – Bosch PIE611FC5R. Induction hob with dimensions of 59.2×51.2 cm and a height of only 5.1 cm. It is equipped with four heating zones with a pan recognition function. Two of them with a diameter of 18 cm have a power of 1800 W, one with a diameter of 14.5 cm with a power of 1400 W and one with a diameter of 21 cm with a power of 2200 W. The PowerBoost function allows you to increase the heating power by up to 60% – from 2200 W in a small zone to 3700 W in a large one. Using the control panel, you can adjust the heating power of the selected zone, choosing from 17 positions.

The model has a timer with a shutdown function and a reStart function, which allows you to restore the settings if the panel is accidentally turned off. A convenient function that the models described in the rating do not have is quickStart, which automatically turns on the burner on which the dishes are installed. BUT With the help of the main switch, you can turn off all the burners at the same time with one touch. and, if necessary, restore the previous settings.

Another one model feature – frying sensor Frying Sensor Plus. It allows you to accurately control the temperature of the pan in one of five temperature ranges. The pan does not overheat, the fat does not splatter, and the frying occurs evenly. For ease of use and control, the control panel has an indication of the power level for each burner. A feature of this model is the ability to control the consumption of electricity. At the end of cooking, the display shows the consumption of the current session. The model is equipped with all mandatory safety options – residual heat indication, protective shutdown. There are several ways to lock the control panel – Cleaning pause for short-term blocking up to 30 seconds and Child safety – for automatic blocking when the heating is turned off.

  • Fast heating.
  • Very powerful PowerBoost mode.
  • Lots of power settings.
  • Quality glassware.
  • Responsive management.
  • Main switch.
  • Indication of electricity consumption.
  • Auto-lock control panel.
  • There is no possibility of combining zones for cooking in a roaster or in non-standard dishes.

. The high price of the model is due to the presence of options and features that other models do not have – 17 power levels for each burner, a frying sensor with 5 power levels, a quick start function, a main switch to turn off heating in all zones, power consumption control, several lock options. All owners of the model recommend it for purchase.

Electrolux IPE6443KFV

Rating of the best induction hobs in 2022 (TOP 6)


  • panel material: glass ceramic
  • total number of burners: 4
  • installation: independent
  • functions: automatic shutdown, timer
  • switches: touch
  • safety: safety shutdown of burners, panel lock button, residual heat indicator

And the leader of my TOP was Electrolux IPE6443KFV. This model is equipped with a unique Bridge function, which allows you to combine two heating zones into one work area for cooking in non-standard dishes, for example, on a planch, in a roaster. In this case, the temperature and time settings are synchronized. This model is distinguished by the greater power of the burners. Dthe left ones, which can be combined into one zone, have a diameter of 21 cm and a power of 2300 W. When the Booster function is activated, the power increases to 3200 watts. To the right, further from the edge, there is a medium burner with a diameter of 18 cm with a power of 1800 W (in Booster mode – up to 2800 W). Closer to the edge is a small burner with a diameter of 14 cm with a power of 1400 watts. Its power can be increased up to 2500W in Booster mode.

. Infinite’s self-adjusting burners adapt to the size of the cookware, ensuring full coverage of cookware of all sizes. Heating in this case is energy efficient and without loss of performance. The control panel is in the front, but shifted to the right. Like all models, the induction hob is equipped with a timer with auto-off, a panel lock function, residual heat indication. And this model has the longest network cable – 1.5 m.

  • Fast heating.
  • Very powerful booster mode.
  • Smooth power adjustment.
  • Large working area for non-standard dishes.
  • Simple clear control.
  • Sensitive sensor. It can turn off when a drop of water hits.

. Compared with analogues in price, the model is distinguished by the presence of two large heating zones of high power, which can be combined into one working zone, adjusting the heating zone to the size of the dishes on each burner, a long wire for easy connection and a large informative control panel. 98% of owners recommend the model for purchase.

A few words about the operation of the induction cooker

Rating of the best induction hobs in 2022 (TOP 6)

The induction hob appeared in everyday life after the discovery of the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. Electric current occurs in a closed magnetic circuit, while the hob does not heat up until you put special dishes with ferromagnetic properties on it.

Basically, if your enameled pot or cast iron skillet is attracted to a magnet, then they are also suitable for use on an induction stove.

There are several rules for choosing dishes for cooking on an induction hob or panel: in addition to the fact that all kitchen utensils must be attracted by a magnet, the bottom of the pan must be more than 12 cm in diameter and at least 2 mm thick.

See also – Rating of the best Gorenje hobs

Benefits of using an induction cooker

  • The most basic and distinctive advantage of an induction hob is its high heating rate.
  • Also, the induction hob is easy to care for. – you just wipe the surface of the device with a damp cloth or sponge. The usual stainless or painted surface of a classic stove in this regard cannot be compared with the glass-ceramic, which is usually covered with induction panels.
  • The panel itself does not heat up.this means that spilled food or pieces of food do not burn or fry on it.
  • Andinduction cookers and panels are more economical. They consume less electricity than conventional electrical appliances, because the entire burner, spiral or heating element does not heat up in the induction cooker. The current is consumed only to create an electromagnetic field in the coil.


All the stories that induction cookers are dangerous to health are nothing more than fiction, because the electromagnetic vortex field that this device creates is similar to that that occurs around a mobile phone. However, at a distance of 30 cm from the device, the effect of the field is not felt.

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Choosing the right induction hob

Rating of the best induction hobs in 2022 (TOP 6)

Before talking about the most reliable manufacturers of this household appliance or finding out which model is considered the best, you should find out what induction hobs are.

By design, dependent and independent panels are distinguished. The first form a single whole with the oven. The latter, on the contrary, can be bought separately from each other.

You can also choose a hob with a different number of burners – from 2 to 4 or even more. It all depends on how intensively you cook.

The shape of the burners can also be different: round, different diameters, rectangular and even oval, for those who like to cook dishes in refractory pots and cauldrons. It is good when burners of different shapes are adjacent on the same surface, and a temperature maintenance zone is also provided.

You can choose a combined hob in which two burners will be induction, and two more – gas.

Rating of the best manufacturers of induction kitchen appliances

Rating of the best induction hobs in 2022 (TOP 6)

The flagship, innovator and founder of the production of induction devices is AEG. But today, on store shelves and on selling websites, you can find a huge number of induction hobs and cookers from other well-known world brands:

  • MAUNFELD (high quality and reliability)
  • Gorenje (budget and middle price segment);
  • Hansa (leader in the production of full-fledged induction cookers);
  • Electrolux (absolutely all price segments);
  • Zanussi (pricing policy absolutely accessible to the average consumer);
  • Siemens (premium models);
  • Lex (available models at affordable prices);
  • Bosch (quality and reliable).

Difficult to compare models from different manufacturers, because each company relies on something different from its competitors – design, dimensions, additional functions, etc. Well, now, let’s take a close look and discuss the best induction hobs.


We told you how to choose an induction hob and presented a rating of the best models of 2022 according to customer reviews. And you understand that it is not difficult to make a profitable purchase. Treat yourself to a quick and easy cooking process, and your household with delicious and mouth-watering dishes with the new induction assistant.