Electrolux Dishwashers – Customer Reviews


When choosing a dishwasher, we first decide on a budget, after that we decide on a company we trust. Among these, it is worth noting Electrolux.

An international company. Produces a huge range of household appliances, including dishwashers. The latter are distinguished by impeccable quality, effective programs (drying, express washing, etc.). Basically, all models have:

  • Quality, according to the main purpose – washing dishes.
  • Guaranteed long service life.
  • Affordable and easy to use.
  • Rare returns.

Of course, the characteristic is worthy, however, this is regulated by each piece of household appliances. The manufacturer certainly guarantees decent and high-quality functionality. However, as it really is, what Electrolux dishwashers are in fact. The most truthful and objective information is that which comes from the consumers themselves, who encountered the equipment during operation.

Consider how dishwashers are characterized by their owners. We present an overview of the most popular models.

Dishwasher Electrolux ESF 43020

Electrolux dishwashers - customer reviews

Anton. I am single, and such an assistant, oh, how I needed it. True, when choosing a sink, dimensions were key for me. Therefore, this model fits perfectly, its width is 45 cm, which is what you need for a tiny kitchenette.

I can say that, as the manufacturer claims, it is very roomy. We are happy with the experiment, my friend and I collected all the dishes in the house and put them in the sink. Everything fit and could fit a few more. In addition, it is quite economical, consumes little water and electricity. Electricity for a month runs on a couple of kilowatts more than without it. There are no complaints about the quality of washing, it copes.

Main advantages:

  • Compact, easy to fit in a small kitchen.
  • Produces little noise, almost inaudible from the room.
  • Equipped with a timer. This is cool, because it allows you to set the sink, for example, at night, when electricity is billed at a lower cost.


  • Doesn’t wash out tough dirt. Replacing the detergent does not help, the problem remains.
  • There is no shutdown notification. Somewhat inconvenient, you always have to look yourself to see if the wash is over.
  • Drying dishes is not the best. If this is important to someone, then you will have to wipe it yourself. Drops of water remain.

Dishwasher Electrolux ESL94201LO

Electrolux dishwashers - customer reviews

Angelina. Built-in type machine, width 45 cm. Before buying, I read a lot of positive reviews about this model. And my review is not so positive.

From the very beginning of work, the sink behaved unpredictably. My first problem with it is that the programs crashed, the program simply interrupted. Inexplicably, over time, the problem disappeared on its own. The second is management issues. And in addition, she began to flow. At first there was a slight leak (a couple of drops), and then more seriously. I had to call a specialist. I regret the choice.

Among the advantages:

  • Laconically fit into the furniture set in the kitchen.
  • It does not consume much water and electricity in operation.
  • It has a practical program – quick washing, which is economical in time.


  • Leak proof legend. I didn’t think the technology was that bad. This can be fraught not only for your apartment, with such equipment it is easy and simple to flood your neighbors.
  • Deals with pollution to no avail. Heavy pollution is an insurmountable barrier for her.

Dishwasher Electrolux ESL94200LO

Electrolux dishwashers - customer reviews

Tamara. My colleague at work boasted of this model, spoke well of her. The dimensions were suitable for my small apartment, so I opted for it.

At first, I was satisfied with the quality, it performed its function absolutely well. I am pleased with its capacity, after receiving guests it is not a problem to wash everything in one load. A nice detail, a signal at the end of the program, which is inherent in all the latest technology. It was incomprehensible to me that the quality of dishwashing was different. Sometimes a fiver, and sometimes dissatisfied.

Main advantages:

  • A wide choice of programs. Among them, express washing deserves special attention on my part, when it is necessary to slightly wash plates and mugs.
  • Noise output is minimal. I was expecting something like a washing machine, but it’s pretty quiet.
  • Easy to manage. No need to keep the instructions like a handbook. Everything is clear enough the first time.


  • Poor wash quality. That is, it is not clear why it periodically worsens. Maybe it’s the detergent itself. I use medium value products.
  • There is no economy mode. No matter full or partial load, water and electricity consumption will be the same at any load.

Dishwasher Electrolux ESF 2450

Electrolux dishwashers - customer reviews

Maksim. Small car wash for a small family. This model has been tested by my family, we are satisfied. Therefore, they bought the same for my parents, and for my wife’s parents. Everyone is happy. The small size of the sink holds a lot of dishes, enough for daily use. Well, when guests come, you have to wash something by hand. But this doesn’t happen every day.

Endowed with modest functionality: washing, express washing, intensive washing. Believe me, this is quite enough for the main purpose. Does not produce noise and knock during operation. You can only hear the water draining, but it’s tolerable.

Among the main advantages:

  • Super compact device. The machine is miniature, very appropriate where it is impossible to allocate a lot of space for its installation.
  • Ideal for an office where the need for washing is a few cups and plates with forks after dinner.
  • The best price for a modest set of programs. In this case, it’s an advantage. For example, this functionality is enough for us, and this has a pleasant effect on the price.


  • Not designed for washing pans, pots, etc. But this is not news to us. When I chose, this fact was known to me.
  • The big drawback in my opinion is the lack of a cycle completion signal. Almost all modern technology already has such a sensor. Sorry, this annoys me a little.

Dishwasher Electrolux ESL95201LO

Electrolux dishwashers - customer reviews

Tatiana. Frankly, washing dishes is my sore point. I don’t like everything. In addition, there are often guests in my house. This exacerbates the problem with washing dishes. Therefore, I approached the choice very carefully. I chose this model for its capacity, according to the characteristics, it holds 13 sets. I didn’t guess. I have an average family of four. Usually the dishes are typed in two days. This is how I start the dishwasher. This saves both electricity and water.

Main advantages:

  • Wash quality is good. True, detergents also matter. I choose from the expensive ones. But the result is guaranteed. If you save, you will have to spend twice.
  • Good system from leaking. And it’s been verified. There was a case when they could flood the neighbors. But the defense did not allow it. Minor factory defect, the master quickly corrected.
  • The express wash program pleases, especially considering that its main program takes a very long time to complete the cycle.
  • Doesn’t make noise. That is, it can even be called silent, since during its operation you can sleep.


  • The standard washing program is very long in time – about 3 hours.
  • Inefficient drying. The effect is such as, for example, from the natural process of drying on the grate.
  • Does not include partial loading. It’s not economical. The consumption is the same for any number of dishes. Considering that the sink is designed for a fairly large number of dishes, one would assume that such a need is not always there.

Alexei. We bought a model ESL95201LO. At first they almost returned back, out of ignorance. The first to launch the EcoWash program. The machine started, then stopped, the lights went out. I think it’s all right. But it turns out that this is the specifics of the chosen program, such a mysterious program, I would say.

In general, super, very roomy, as noted in the description. It produces a little noise, but perhaps due to the fact that it has not yet been built into the furniture. By the way, I installed it myself, no problem at all. All accessories (excluding faucet and filter) are included.

Dishwasher Electrolux ESL9450LO

Electrolux dishwashers - customer reviews

Elena. Excellent unit, I am satisfied and recommend this model. The machine is very thoughtful and user-friendly. Cleans plates and cups well. I was surprised when, at the first loading, I washed the tea plaque on the cups flawlessly. Modern, you can see what mode the sink is in. When the red light is on, it is washing; when the green light is on, it has completed the job.

Main advantages:

  • Narrow-sized. The standard models did not suit me, so its small dimensions are just right for me.
  • Excellent wash quality.
  • It has a light sensor that signals the end of the cycle.

Among the disadvantages:

  • Requires the correct layout of dishes. If it is randomly thrown into the sink, then the result will be appropriate.
  • Detergent tablets are ineffective. It used different types of them. Best of all, it is a powder, from which the result satisfies completely.

Dishwasher Electrolux ESL9531LO

Electrolux dishwashers - customer reviews

Maria. This dishwasher is my lifesaver. I have a big family: me, my husband, my mother and my three children. After each meal, I had to take about one hour to wash all the dishes. Now it’s much easier. And most importantly, she does her job well. I use Finish 3 in 1 as a detergent, I like it.

Main advantages:

  • Roomy, allows you to load all the dishes after cooking and eating.
  • Handles stubborn stains well.
  • Includes a set of effective programs.

Marina. I didn’t even bother when choosing Electrolux ESL9531LO. But time has passed, I’m satisfied. I read the reviews and realized that I accidentally chose one of the best models.

Main advantages:

  • I tried it and I declare that it is possible to effectively wash children’s toys and even a chandelier in it. By the way, I washed the chandelier twice – it sparkles.
  • Good and affordable functionality.
  • Economical – uses 10 liters of water per cycle.

Among the disadvantages:

  • Produces some noise, although this is not a problem.

Summing up

Electrolux dishwashers - customer reviews

We reviewed the most popular Electrolux dishwasher models. There is no perfect technique, so among the advantages there are also disadvantages. But, everyone evaluates them in their own way. Minor remarks are sometimes unimportant along with priority pluses. The main thing is to objectively evaluate and be prepared for all the nuances that are inherent in this technique.

This article is very relevant for potential buyers, and we hope it helps to make the right choice.