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Today in the review there will be a new model from a familiar brand, manufactured in China by Viomi – Xiaomi Viomi Cleaning Robot. The article will describe the device, highlight strengths and weaknesses, focus on functionality and help you make the right choice when buying a robot assistant.

What do we know about the packaging of Xiaomi Viomi Cleaning Robot?

The kit is similar to the kit of other vacuum cleaners of the same company and includes the elements necessary for work: the Xiaomi Viomi Cleaning Robot model itself, charging station, power cable, central and side brush, wet wipes, water tank, HEPA filter, central turbo brush cleaner. Missing remote control and virtual wall.

What is the new Xiaomi Viomi Cleaning Robot?

The first feeling that you experience when you open the box with the device is delight. The design of the robot strikes with restraint and conciseness. The black and gray color combined with durable ABS plastic gives the vacuum cleaner a solid look. The shape remained traditionally round.

On top is the logo and a panel consisting of one merged button: “turn on” and “home”. Lidar is located nearby – a necessary assistant in building maps of the room and navigating in space. Under the body there is a waste collection tank with a capacity of 600 ml.

For wet cleaning, remove the container and replace it with a 560 ml water tank.

Xiaomi Viomi Cleaning Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Below are the mechanisms that ensure the normal movement of the vacuum cleaner in space: driving wheels and a swivel roller. The side and main brush are also on the bottom of the Xiaomi Viomi Cleaning Robot.

Xiaomi Viomi Cleaning Robot Vacuum Cleaner Bottom

The main feature of the model is the built-in LDS, which allows you to accurately build room maps, and in combination with the SLAM algorithm, the vacuum cleaner has almost perfect navigation. Xiaomi Viomi Cleaning Robot independently determines the cleaning places, bypasses the territories already passed and does not miss the upcoming cleaning zones. Equipping with all kinds of sensors is a way to protect the device from unwanted collisions, falls from heights and other situations that are unsafe for the robot.

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How is the cleaning process?

The side brush collects debris from the coatings, directs it to the central brush and the suction hole, from where it then transfers debris to the dust collector. Xiaomi Viomi Cleaning Robot is durable and powerful, its suction power reaches 2150Pa. Note that this version does not have a floor recognition function, the vacuum cleaner will not increase suction power when moving to a carpet.

Manufacturers have improved the wheels of the gadget by increasing their diameter. Now he is able to overcome all sorts of obstacles and cleanse various types of pollution. A HEPA filter has been introduced into the dust collector, which retains suitability for a long time.

Normal, eco or turbo mode are selectable depending on the needs of the user.

Viomi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Wet cleaning goes to a new level. As mentioned above, the kit includes a separate container for liquid, which is built in instead of the main tank for the duration of wet cleaning.

Xiaomi Viomi Cleaning Robot is sold together with two wipes designed for moisturizing and washing floors, each of which performs its own function.

An important innovation: the vacuum cleaner does not leave wet marks, as it independently blocks the process of supplying liquid, being in a static state. During the cleaning process, the water is correctly regulated thanks to electrical control.

Xiaomi Viomi Cleaning Robot App

Management is possible through the mobile application Viomi Robot or Mi Home. All modes of operation, power adjustment, viewing room maps, setting cleaning schedules by time and day are available in it. You can also start and stop the vacuum cleaner via your smartphone, and wet cleaning is also controlled here.

Xiaomi Viomi Cleaning Robot works in 7 modes: manual and automatic control, local cleaning, night mode, perimeter cleaning, cleaning one place twice, enhanced wet cleaning.

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Should I buy Xiaomi Viomi Cleaning Robot?

Key Features:

  • dry and wet cleaning
  • dust container 0.56 l
  • fine filter included
  • smartphone control
  • battery life: 180 min
  • weekday programming
  • WxDxH: 35x35x9.45 cm
  • zigzag
  • type of sensors: optical

An interesting approach to the design of the device, battery capacity, suction power, advanced navigation system, convenient operation are the undeniable advantages of the robot vacuum cleaner. However, one cannot ignore the weaknesses of Xiaomi Viomi Cleaning Robot: the presence of only one side brush negatively affects the cleaning result.

The absence of a remote control obliges users to download the official application, which is uncomfortable and problematic for part of the audience.


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