Why Do You Need a Slow Cooker in the Kitchen?

why do you need a slow cooker in the kitchen?


What is the use of a slow cooker and is it necessary in the household? Admirable reviews and advertising certainly make an impression. But Before making a purchase decision, it is still worth understanding in more detail the principles of its operation, advantages and possible disadvantages in order to be completely sure of the purchase. The article will tell in detail about the functioning of the device and the peculiarities of cooking with its help.

why do you need a slow cooker in the kitchen?

What is a slow cooker?

why do you need a slow cooker in the kitchen?

A regular cartoon on the KSHTALTCE 500E32 with a pan, a case in which it is placed, and a lid that is hermetically closed with a valve. Behind the mechanical or electronic control panel is an invisible microprocessor. It is he who manages the operation of the device – creates the required pressure and temperature inside the bowl, and also controls them. Due to the tightness of the device, air does not get inside during cooking, so there is no oxidation of products. Therefore, the finished dish retains its aroma and useful properties.

Important point: Liquids inside a closed pan are not brought to a boil, so soups, soups and jelly come out transparent. And for this, the hostess does not stand over the food being prepared with a slotted spoon to remove the scale.

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What is a slow cooker used for?

why do you need a slow cooker in the kitchen?

Before buying, you should find out what a specific multicooker can do, and more precisely, what set of programs the manufacturer equipped it with. Yes, HD2178/03 has a pressure cooker function – with its help, dishes are prepared faster than in a regular cartoon. But, as a rule, standard models have such a minimum set of skills:

  • Quenching is one of the best cooking programs. Fragrant and tender meat, stew, potatoes are obtained by heating the products to boiling and then simmering at a low temperature in an apparatus such as MK707832. Also, if the device does not have a mode for soups, this will work best;
  • “Porridge”, which is in HD4726/03, is designed for short-cooking cereals, such as rice, buckwheat, and CORN. With pearl barley, peas, beans, the “GRAIN” mode will cope better. Some models have a separate function for cooking rice;
  • with the help of the baking or baking program, you can prepare both a cupcake or a charlotte, as well as a loaf of bread. At the same time, it will be possible to avoid constant monitoring of the process – in the cartoon, the pastry will not burn and will bake evenly. This is the mode in devices on SAMPLE MK812132 and for baking meat products;

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  • for frying, the device is used without a cover, and models of the CE501132 type are equipped with a special program. The main advantage of frying in the cartoon is that the products will not burn due to the special coating of the bowl. But you should remember that you need to stir carefully so as not to accidentally scratch the non-stick layer;
  • warmed up Every device has this skill. Appliances can both reheat food that has cooled, and maintain the desired temperature of only cooked food until the desired moment.

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Is it worth buying?

why do you need a slow cooker in the kitchen?

Regardless of the cooking style and the availability of other kitchen appliances, there are several undeniable reasons why you should buy a multicooker:

1. The device essentially cooks itself. Therefore, it saves the owner time – no need to leave work or rest to add or mix ingredients. PLUS, models with the possibility of delaying the start time, like the MK708832, you can put the food in the evening, set the timer, and in the morning – enjoy fresh, hot porridge.

2. Appliances with additional functionality in the form of All-In-One Cookpot pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, steamer. They are especially relevant in a small kitchen. In addition, they will help save the family budget from spending on separate devices.

3. Health benefits are one of the most important reasons for purchasing this assistant. Firstly, the coating of the bowls allows you to cook without fat and oil or with a minimal amount of it. Secondly, fruits and vegetables retain useful substances to a greater extent. Thirdly, coating the container in multi is harmless and safe for humans.

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4. Simple and clear operating technology of models like Philips HD3136/03, quickly master the control and prepare a variety of dishes every day. In addition, you can gradually teach the child to use the helper, and he will be able, at least, to heat up his lunch while the parents are not at home.

5. Devices like neat and COMPACT COOK & HOME are indispensable in the country or on a trip. With the help of the multi, you can comfortably prepare the usual food for adults and children in any conditions where there is an electrical network.

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Having understood what a multicooker is needed for, it is easier to make a purchase decision. After all, understanding the features of functioning and operation allows you to weigh all the “pros” and “againsts”, determine the benefit of the device for yourself. It should be noted that families with a small child, people with an irregular work schedule and those who do not like to cook or spend a lot of time on it will appreciate the possibilities of this technique.


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