Which Vacuum Cleaner Is Suitable for Carpet

Upright carpet cleaners


Carpeting is very difficult to clean, as dirt and dust get stuck between the villi so tightly that not even every vacuum cleaner can handle this task. In this article, we will look at how to choose the best upright carpet vacuum cleaner: selection criteria, types of equipment.

Which vacuum cleaner is suitable for carpet

Best Upright Carpet Vacuums

When buying household appliances, it is important to study the specifications and equipment in order to understand whether the vacuum cleaner can handle carpet cleaning. To choose a vertical cordless vacuum cleaner and not regret it, pay attention to 5 parameters:

  • power. Affects the strength, intensity of suction of dust and small debris. For cleaning carpets, models with a power of at least 400-500 watts are suitable. If there is less, then the vacuum cleaner will only cope with the dirt that is on the surface, but it will not be able to perform deep cleaning;
  • nozzles. Only a special nozzle with several rows of bristles is suitable for cleaning the pile, capable of penetrating to the base of the villi and pushing them apart so that the vacuum cleaner can suck in the dust;
  • dust container volume. Stores sell models with a capacity of up to several liters, but it is best to take a vacuum cleaner with a volume of up to 0.5–0.8 liters so that cleaning does not turn into strength training;
  • the size. Dimensions should be chosen taking into account personal preferences and tasks. If you need to remove only the floor carpet, a small but powerful device will do, and for wall-mounted ones, a manual one.

Types of upright vacuum cleaners

Bosch Upright Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

There are 2 types:

  • manual. A versatile device that transforms from a full-sized upright vacuum cleaner to a compact one. It is suitable for those who have carpets on the walls, fabric-covered sofas;
  • vertical. Non-separable models that usually do not have a telescopic handle. Using a standard vacuum cleaner, you can also clean wall carpets, furniture, but you have to lift it entirely.

Top Manufacturers of Upright Carpet Vacuum Cleaners

In stores you can find household appliances from more than 50 manufacturers. Of these, first of all, it is worth looking at models from:

  • Thomas;
  • Doffler;
  • LG;
  • Bosch

Companies produce household appliances of different price categories, but all products have a good combination of price and quality.

Upright carpet vacuum cleaner: which one is better?

Based on the criteria we have identified and customer reviews, we will compile the TOP 5 best upright vacuum cleaners for carpets.

Okami V50 Ultra

The best upright carpet cleaner

Since 2021, the Okami V50 Ultra has been regularly taking the first positions in the ratings of upright vacuum cleaners.
Its advantages:

  • high absorption rate. The model creates pressure up to 200$ Pa, so it can remove fine dirt stuck in the carpet, regardless of the length of the pile;
  • versatility. The standard nozzle is suitable for cleaning any surfaces, including carpet, tile, laminate and even parquet;
  • nozzle illumination. During cleaning, you can turn on the LED lamps to better see the garbage;
  • nice modern design;
  • transforming body. Okami’s full-size upright vacuum cleaner becomes manual in just a couple of steps;
  • powerful battery. On a single charge, it will work up to 45 minutes in basic mode and up to 20 minutes in turbo;
  • wide selection of nozzles. Okami V50 can be equipped with special brushes to improve cleaning performance. For example, a carbon brush in the form of a roller is ideal for carpets;
  • convenient panel for setting up the vacuum cleaner.

The cost of Okami V50 Ultra reaches 200$.

Kitfort KT-561

Upright carpet cleaners

Kitfort KT-561 is a stylish and powerful device that does a good job of cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture.
Included in the list of the best upright Kitfort vacuum cleaners due to the following advantages:

  • easy cleaning of the dust container. It detaches in a couple of steps, and the container itself can be washed with water;
  • capacious battery. Battery life on a single charge reaches 50 minutes. However, at maximum power, the device will be discharged in just 10-11 minutes;
  • equipment. The vacuum cleaner comes with 3 additional attachments, so it is suitable for cleaning any floor covering, while the soft brush gently cleans textiles, including curtains and even clothes.

Philips FC6168 PowerPro Duo

Upright carpet cleaners

The model is recognized as the best upright vacuum cleaner for carpet cleaning in the Philips model range. The manufacturer has developed a new Power Cyclone technology that enhances the air flow, so that the suction intensity has become greater without increasing the power of the device.

  • perfect cleaning. The dust collector is closed with a fine mesh filter that does not allow even the smallest fraction of debris to pass through;
  • versatility. Equally effective in cleaning carpets and hard surfaces, such as tiles, laminate, parquet;
  • removable dust collector. The compartment can be removed and washed, so you do not have to spend money on disposable bags;
  • filling indicator. During operation, the vacuum cleaner shows how loaded the dust container is.

The cost of the vacuum cleaner reaches 13,7 dollars.

Atvel G9

Upright carpet cleaners

This is a handy vacuum cleaner that will easily get rid of fine dirt, dust, wool and even dust mites, which is especially important for allergy sufferers. The package includes a set of 5 nozzles, each of which is designed to clean a specific type of debris.

  • careful cleaning. Despite the high suction intensity, the vacuum cleaner does not damage the pile;
  • 2 HEPA filters. The air at the end of the cycle comes out completely clean, because it passes through 2 fine meshes;
  • automatic control of power consumption;
  • battery life. Atvel G9 on a single charge is up to 60 minutes;
  • illumination at the base of the nozzle.

The cost of Atvel G9 is approximately 290$.

Polaris PVCS 1101

Upright carpet cleaners

Polaris makes quality home appliances that are technically one step ahead of the competition. Advantages of PVCS 1101:

  • transforming body. It can be used in 2 versions – full-size and manual, so the vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning floors and walls in a house, cleaning upholstery in a car, etc.;
  • 3 cleaning modes. The user can choose from medium, strong and turbo power options to increase suction or battery life. Turbo mode suitable for cleaning carpets
  • functional fittings. The package includes a crevice nozzle for cleaning furniture and a combined nozzle for removing litter of various sizes on hard surfaces. Also attached to the vacuum cleaner is an unusual device for attaching additional elements;
  • cyclonic collection and filtration system.

Sold for 19 10$.

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