Which Is Better: A Grill Pan or an Electric Grill? Pros and Cons of Devices

Which is better: a grill pan or an electric grill?  Pros and cons of devices


If you use, for example, an electric grill or a grill pan for cooking, you can expect that the dish will not contain such harmful elements as carcinogens, and will be much more useful. But in order to figure out which is still better of these two kitchen appliances, it is worth considering their technical characteristics in more detail.

Electric grill: functionality

This appliance is powered by the mains, it can fry meat, seafood, fish without the use of fat. The following functions are also used: stewing and baking different types of food from simple scrambled eggs to a complex dish of meat, vegetables and other ingredients.

Which is better: a grill pan or an electric grill?  Pros and cons of devices

Among the models of the electric burner there are those equipped with a special function – to keep cooked food warm for a long time.

Another advantageous feature is the ability to set a special temperature regime for a specific period of time. This allows the hostess to remain completely calm, because the dish will not be overcooked, will not be overcooked, will never burn or remain half-baked.

Separate electric grill models have a baking function. Thus, having this device, you can do without an oven. To all its advantages, it is compact, does not take up much space, so there is always a convenient place for it. An electric grill is often used in the country, where it is possible to cook food outdoors.

A characteristic feature of the design is the corrugated bottom, which allows you to fry meat or fish with virtually no contact with fat. There is also a special pan for collecting oil and secreted juice. Some models are equipped with a combined bottom: one part is corrugated, the second is smooth. On the latter it is convenient to cook vegetables.

The removable tray (tray) is easy to clean with ordinary dishwashing detergent.

Obvious advantages and disadvantages


  • if it is possible to connect to the power supply, the device can be used outdoors;
  • no need to use fat or oil;
  • some models are equipped with a smoke protection mechanism;
  • the ability to cook several dishes at once with a combined day;
  • works according to a given program, you do not need to constantly monitor the cooking process;
  • if the elements are removable, the maintenance of the device is facilitated;
  • due to its compactness, you can take it with you to the country or to friends to cook a dish on the spot.

Which is better: a grill pan or an electric grill?  Pros and cons of devices

Flaws electric grill:

  • some types, in particular, floor ones, are too heavy;
  • significantly superior in cost to a grill pan;
  • non-separable models are difficult to wash.

Rating of manufacturing companies

The most cost-effective option is the company Maxwell, which produces the Maxwell MW-1960 electric grill. Products from this manufacturer are durable due to the use of plastic and stainless steel. The electric grill is practical and multifunctional, equipped with an automatic shutdown controller. The only difficulty is the non-removable plates for frying, which makes maintenance somewhat difficult. However, this model can be considered ideal among inexpensive ones.

Which is better: a grill pan or an electric grill?  Pros and cons of devices

Manufacturer kitfort also presents a range of affordable electric grills. At the same time, they have a removable element for frying, they are quite roomy. The device is equipped with a mechanical thermostat-regulator and a special pan for collecting fat.

Which is better: a grill pan or an electric grill?  Pros and cons of devices

Company Philips manufactures the Philips HD 6360/20 electric grill. The device is more powerful, equipped with additional elements: a pan for draining fat and a compartment for arranging herbs and spices. The plates are removable and can be washed in the dishwasher.

Which is better: a grill pan or an electric grill?  Pros and cons of devices

Tefal is a world famous manufacturer of kitchen appliances. The electric grill model GC306012 has a number of advantages: compactness, speed of cooking, versatility. This product belongs to the average price category.

Which is better: a grill pan or an electric grill?  Pros and cons of devices

The Optigrill GC702D34 model from the same company is a little more expensive, but its parameters are larger and allow you to cook more food. Its functions include defrosting products and many others, which are carried out according to 6 automatic programs.

All of the listed models deserve the attention of the consumer, but everyone will make the final choice for himself in proportion to his own economic capabilities.

This article will help you figure out which electric grill is better to buy.

Grill pan: technical features

The pan resembles an electric grill with a bottom configuration – it is also corrugated. With this and the thickened bottom, it differs from an ordinary frying pan. Meat or fish is cooked on it without coming into contact with hot fat, so a burnt or overcooked crust is never formed, which makes the dish more healthy. The process takes place in such a way that the fat flows down the grooves, evaporates and allows the product to cook better. Cooked products will never burn, they will be juicy and fragrant.

Which is better: a grill pan or an electric grill?  Pros and cons of devices

The grooves on the bottom should be deep enough to collect fat so that food does not come into contact with it at all.

In a pan, you can also cook in oil, but with a minimum amount so that when heated, it does not soak the food, but remains in the grooves.

Grill pans are made of cast iron or aluminium. More practical in terms of long service life are cast iron appliances. They are said to be eternal. Despite the fact that such pans warm up more slowly, they keep heat for a very long time. Products will never stick in such a dish if it is well warmed up and at least oiled the bottom and the products themselves.

If such a pan is washed with warm water after each use, rinsed well and wiped dry, it will really last for decades. The only problem is the heavy weight.

An aluminum grill pan is much lighter, and food is fried very quickly and efficiently. But, as a rule, such devices should have a non-stick coating so that the food is safe and never burns.

Which is better: a grill pan or an electric grill?  Pros and cons of devices

The market offers a range of frying pans of various shapes: oval, round, square, rectangular. The most optimal – square, they are more spacious. For cooking steaks, double-sided pans are made with a special lid (also double-sided) for pressing the meat so that it cooks more evenly and quickly.

Grill pans may have a ceramic or Teflon non-stick coating on the inside. Ceramics tolerates almost any temperature well, but it must be handled with extreme care so as not to damage the surface with sharp mechanical influences. Teflon also requires the use of only special accessories, you can not mix food with metal spatulas and wash it with a metal scraper. This material also does not tolerate too high temperatures very well, while releasing harmful substances.

When choosing, it is important to consider what material the handle is made of. This is especially true for a heavy cast-iron grill pan. The ideal option is a coating of silicone, plastic or special wood.

Which is better: a grill pan or an electric grill?  Pros and cons of devices

Some models are equipped with “ears” where excess liquid and fat drain, this is quite an important detail.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • aluminum appliances are comfortable and light;
  • fast food preparation
  • food acquires a beautiful pattern in the form of stripes or mesh;
  • guarantee of uniform roasting;
  • affordable price.


  • performs much fewer functions than an electric grill;
  • the cooking process forces you to be nearby all the way until it ends;
  • in the room where they cook in a pan, the hood must be turned on;
  • food should not be left in a cast-iron pan so that it does not absorb the taste of metal;
  • cast iron pan is very heavy.

Which Grill Pan is Right for Your Stove?

For induction cookers. The pan can be aluminum or cast iron, the main thing is that the bottom is equipped with a special metal magnetized material.

To find out more, you can read:

For gas stoves. Any grill pan will do. Due to the fact that it is equipped with a thick bottom, heat is distributed evenly, which is very important for high-quality cooking.

You can learn more about how to choose the right gas stove.

For glass ceramic hob. The ideal surface of such a stove requires the same delicate surface and the dishes on which food will be cooked. Most likely, only an aluminum grill pan will do, and you should specify how smooth the outside of the bottom is. Cast iron is out of the question, their weight is disproportionate to the fragility of the glass-ceramic coating of the stove.

The problem of choosing the right cookware for a glass-ceramic stove will help to solve this material.

For electric ovens. You can use any grill pan that suits the owner in all respects. And as for what it is made of, it does not matter for this type of plate.

Which is better: a grill pan or an electric grill?  Pros and cons of devices

The best manufacturing companies

The top four best grills include:

  1. World famous brand Ballarini has been very popular for a long time. This manufacturer produces the following models:
  • aluminum pans with a diameter of 26 cm, equipped with “ears”, round;
  • square with rounded corners 26 x 26 cm;
  • rectangular 24 x 28 cm.

Which is better: a grill pan or an electric grill?  Pros and cons of devices

This cookware is coated with a high quality non-stick layer. Aluminum frying pans are lightweight and last a long time if properly cared for. An important element is the presence of a heating indicator, which “tells” when the pan has warmed up to the desired level and is ready for cooking.

  1. Biol. Biol products are represented by square frying pans, which also have different parameters: 26, 24, 28 cm. They are made of cast iron, very durable, do not undergo any mechanical damage, durable, provide uniform heating, which means a quality cooked dish. Their weight is up to 3 kilograms, for this reason they are more preferred by men. The handle can be removed and re-inserted when needed.

Which is better: a grill pan or an electric grill?  Pros and cons of devices

  1. Grill pans from Gipfel. A well-known company that produces a huge range of kitchen accessories offers grill pans in sizes 24 and 26 cm (side). The models are different: with a ceramic coating, which is considered very resistant, as well as with a three-layer non-stick coating. The handle is non-removable, but it is not exposed to heat, as it is made of Bakelite or silicone. The height of the sides is 4 cm, the weight is quite light – about 1.3 kg.

Which is better: a grill pan or an electric grill?  Pros and cons of devices

  1. Production of the company Lodge. The American firm offers round or square cast-iron grill pans. Dimensions: 26 cm in diameter or side. Some reach 30 cm. Very good for cooking large quantities of food, a beautiful corrugated pattern appears on meat or fish. Due to the sufficient depth of the ribs at the bottom, the fat flows down and does not come into contact with the products, is not absorbed into them, thereby providing tasty and healthy food.

Which is better: a grill pan or an electric grill?  Pros and cons of devices

What is better?

To make the right choice, you need to clearly define the purpose for which this dish will be used. What are the financial possibilities and the upcoming scale of cooking.

If, indeed, you need all the functions that an electric grill performs, you should take a closer look at just such a device. However, be specific about how to use it. If you need a compact version that is easy to carry or transport to the destination in the right place, it is better to give preference to the desktop version. Outdoor is more suitable for home stationary use.

If you cook exclusively on the stove, then a frying pan will be enough for you. After all, the functionality of the devices under consideration is largely the same.

Is it possible to answer the question, which is better: an electric grill or a grill pan? Based on the above, the answer will be this: both the first and second devices may be the best for a particular case, certain amounts of food and financial possibilities. After all, all the presented types of devices differ in size, purpose and price.

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