What Is Thermopot? How to Choose Which of the 2 Devices Is More Economical?

What is thermopot? How to choose which of the 2 devices is more economical?


Was the kettle “upgraded” and the result was thermopot? The devices have one thing in common – the ability to boil a liquid. Otherwise, both devices have differences, starting with the appearance and ending with the number of kW consumed. So what is better and more economical in everyday life: a thermopot or an electric kettle? We find out in order.

What is thermopot? How to choose which of the 2 devices is more economical?

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What is thermopot?

This device is something between a standard kettle, a thermos and even a samovar. Why?

What is thermopot? How to choose which of the 2 devices is more economical?

He is able to:

  • heat water like a regular teapot;
  • keep the liquid hot, as a thermos does;
  • pouring liquid into containers without the need to lift the tank is a kind of modern samovar. Only instead of unscrewing the faucet, you need to press the button.

Thanks to thermostats, you can independently set the degree to which the unit will heat the water, and then maintain it.

Thermopot looks quite convincing, and it weighs more than a regular kettle, because it has volumes from 3 to 10-13 liters (for example, in the NC-EG4000WTS up to 4 liters). But there is no need to carry it from place to place to pour boiling water. Here, you need to bring the cup/brewer to the device, place it on a small platform below, and press the button for supplying boiling water or a special valve (the process is similar to using a coffee maker).

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The device has a tank into which water is poured for heating. On the top cover, in addition to the control buttons, there may be a display (for example, in is), which displays the current temperature of the liquid inside the Drying for. The device is also equipped with a handle so that, if necessary, you can conveniently move it to another place. At the bottom is a base (like an electric kettle) with a hole for the power cord.

How to start using this device:

  • the device must be placed on a special stand;
  • then connect it to the power supply network;
  • after – pour water into the vessel;
  • close the lid and turn on the unit;
  • wait until the heating element boils;
  • when the water in the tank reaches the required temperature, the thermal switch will work.

Due to the good thermal insulation of the water vessel, the liquid will remain warm for a long time.

But gradually the water in the device will cool down. And if you set, for example, temperature maintenance to 75° C, then when the contents cool down below this mark, a special sensor is triggered. Then the second heater comes into operation – and the liquid “heats up”, reaching the specified degrees. After the user presses the desired button, a manual or automatic pump (variety depends on the model) will deliver boiling water into the cup.

The principle of operation of the electric kettle

And how a standard electric kettle (for example, KE7096) works, probably everyone knows. But it will not be superfluous to repeat:

  1. The device must be placed on a special stand and connected to the power grid.
  2. Pour water and, by pressing the button, activate the device.
  3. With the help of electric current, the heating element heats water.
  4. The thermostat determines the temperature of the heated liquid.
  5. If the boiling water is ready, the electricity supply is automatically turned off.

To pour boiling water into a mug, you need to remove the kettle from the stand and tilt it slightly with its “beak” into the cup. There is no need to press additional buttons.

What is thermopot? How to choose which of the 2 devices is more economical?

Budget models of electric kettles can only boil water. In more “advanced” devices, there are additional functions, for example, maintaining a set water temperature, setting different degrees for heating (40-100° C). For example, the Avance Collection has options.

Difference Drying for from an electric kettle

What is the difference between these 2 devices, apart from the appearance? Let’s take a closer look.

In addition, it is worth highlighting a few more significant differences:

  1. Most drying models have built-in water filters that require replacement about once a month.
  2. The outer shell of the kettle often heats up during its operation, while the dense walls of the Sushka for the outside do not become “red-hot”.
  3. The kettle (as an option, KO299830) is supplied with energy only while it is busy heating. The dryer for energy supply is also necessary to maintain the set water temperature.
  4. Some drying options are equipped with 2 containers for liquid, in each of them the degrees of liquid heating can be adjusted. Thanks to this, you can pour water of different temperatures.

In terms of dimensions and mobility, the teapot wins, but in terms of volume and functions, the first place belongs to the Drying for.

What is thermopot? How to choose which of the 2 devices is more economical?

What is more profitable?

Both devices work from the network, which means that they consume a certain amount of electricity. What is more economical for use at home or in the office: a thermopot or a kettle? Before choosing a device, you should learn more about it.

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How much energy does an electric kettle consume?

The kW counter turns on when the device heats the liquid. After the end of the process, the energy of the device is no longer needed. Therefore, the following are taken into account here: the power of a specific device, the frequency of use and the volume of liquid inside.

How much energy does thermopot consume?

Here it is worth considering the main thing – the device needs energy not only for the initial heating of the liquid, but also for maintaining the required temperature indicators. That is, while the device works like a thermos, it will absorb electricity. It is also taken into account that the thermopot exceeds the kettle in terms of volume, which means that the liquid heats up longer.

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Drying or kettle: which is better?

The first device, unequivocally, wins over the teapot in terms of economy, functionality and volume. You can boil water once, and it will remain hot for 5-6 or more hours. At the same time, you can adjust the degree of water heating, which is convenient if, for example, there are children in the family. It is also an excellent option for a large family, installation in the office.

If there is no constant need for hot water, you can choose an inexpensive and mobile electric kettle (example EKL-1303). And more expensive specimens even know how to keep the liquid warm for a certain time.

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