What Is Better Multicooker or Double Boiler? Advantages and Disadvantages of Devices

What is better multicooker or double boiler?  Advantages and disadvantages of devices



Manufacturers of modern household appliances are in a state of fierce competition for each buyer. At the same time, the latter only win: devices are becoming more functional, and their prices are becoming more affordable. There is only one “but” – do not get lost in the sea of ​​proposals and choose exactly what is useful for you.

What is better multicooker or double boiler?  Advantages and disadvantages of devices

Steamer – an attribute of a healthy diet

The method of cooking with steam or a water bath has been known for a long time. If earlier it was necessary to use an unreliable design of several pans, today steamers are convenient, easy to use and do not require acrobatic skills from the hostess.

A modern electric steamer consists of a tray containing a heating element, a control unit and a water niche. On top of the pallet, bowls for products are installed, which are securely connected into a single multi-storey structure. At any time, you can remove one of the tiers, which is important when cooking several dishes at the same time, which require different durations of heat treatment. During cooking, purified filtered water is poured into the pan, which, when boiled, forms steam.

What is better multicooker or double boiler?  Advantages and disadvantages of devices

Tefal offers an unusual solution: the main food bowls are located side by side, and on top there is an opportunity to place a tray for preparing liquid dishes and cereals. The material from which the bowls are made is stainless steel of the highest quality. This model is suitable for those who are especially zealous about their health.

Advantages of steamers

  • Simplicity and convenience in operation. Most models of double boilers require the hostess to perform only a few actions: pour water, install bowls of food, set a timer. There are also more complex models: with the function of heating cooked dishes, with a delayed start, with a turbo mode to preserve the maximum of vitamins contained in the products. But all additional functions are activated using a few buttons / switches, so it will not be difficult to deal with such a device.
  • Portability. Most steamers are quite compact and take up little space. The cooking bowls are folded into one another according to the nesting doll principle, so the device will take up a minimum of space during storage or transportation. Also, steamers are lightweight, because the main working element is a small heating element, and all other parts are mainly made of lightweight plastic. That is why you can take a steamer with you on a trip, even if you don’t have a car: it will take up little space in your luggage, and you will be provided with delicious and healthy food, from soups to hot tea.
  • Simultaneous cooking of several dishes. Since each dish is prepared in a separate tier in a double boiler, it is possible to cook meat, fish and a side dish of vegetables or porridge at the same time. Some steamers are equipped with special trays that are located between the bowls. They are needed to avoid getting the juice of products from the upper tiers to the lower ones during cooking. Although, of course, the simultaneous preparation of fish and dessert is still impossible, because due to the constant circulation of steam, the smells of the prepared products are actively mixed.

What is better multicooker or double boiler?  Advantages and disadvantages of devices

Braun steamer – with pallets separating the tiers from each other.

  • Preservation of vitamins. Steaming preserves the maximum amount of vitamins in the finished dish. Dishes from a double boiler remain juicy, retain their natural taste and aroma, and practically do not require the addition of salt. Some models are equipped with Turbo mode: food is subjected to short-term exposure to high temperatures, which allows you to save even more vitamins.
  • Price. The low cost directly depends on the simplicity of the device.

Disadvantages of steamers

  • Monotony of food. Whatever you do, whatever one may say, and the dishes that can be cooked using a double boiler will be quite monotonous. No, of course, with the help of a double boiler, you can cook soups, and cereals, and fish / meat dishes, and vegetables, and much more, but the menu remains quite monotonous and can get boring after a while if you are not a faithful adherent of proper nutrition.

What you need to know about the multicooker

A slow cooker or, more simply, an electric pan, confidently bypasses all other kitchen devices in popularity. The principle of operation of the multicooker is quite simple – a bowl with a non-stick coating (Teflon or ceramic) is placed in the body, where the products are stored. The device is hermetically covered with a lid, and inside the case the temperature is pumped up with the help of a heating element, due to which the products “cook in their own juice”.

Multicooker advantages

  • Functionality. The most important advantage of the multicooker, for which it got its name, is a wide variety of cooking modes. “Multyu” can be used for cooking, frying, stewing, baking. In the presence of additional devices, it acts as a deep fryer, double boiler, bread machine. The ability to delay the start and reheat the finished dish will help you manage your time – breakfast, lunch or dinner will be waiting for you when you planned it. Your personal presence is not needed, so you can safely load food and go to rest or go about your business – the slow cooker will cook the soup itself, bake a biscuit or cook aspic.

What is better multicooker or double boiler?  Advantages and disadvantages of devices

Complete set of the Redmond multicooker with the function of a deep fryer and a double boiler.

  • Large food container. There is only one cooking bowl in a multicooker, but it is roomy – up to 7 liters in some models. Such a portion can already feed a very large and friendly family, it will also remain the next day.

Cons of a multicooker

  • One bowl for cooking. You will have to choose one dish to cook it in a slow cooker. With a steam cooking grate, you can simultaneously cook steamed meatballs and a side dish in the bowl, for example, but the possibilities of the multi end there.
  • More time to cook. A multi-cooker or an electronic pot, on average, spends more time cooking. This is due to the fact that the products languish and boil in their own juice. But this minus can also be attributed to pluses: due to slow cooking, the taste of ready-made dishes pleases the most sophisticated gourmets. In addition, some manufacturers have provided the function of a pressure cooker and a double boiler, which significantly reduce cooking time.

What is better multicooker or double boiler?  Advantages and disadvantages of devices

An exclusive model of a multicooker from the Korean brand Cuckoo – with a stone bowl for food

What is better to buy anyway?

If right now you can’t decide whether to buy a double boiler or a slow cooker for your kitchen, make a list of the mandatory features that should be present in the device.

Write down your usual menu, which dishes you cook most often, which you almost never use, and then compare with what a slow cooker or double boiler can cook.

Look through the offers and evaluate your budget, perhaps the key criterion will be the price.

Evaluate your kitchen: can you find a place to accommodate new appliances?

If you plan to transport the device, use it not only at home, estimate your strength and availability of resources (free space in the trunk of a car and a pair of strong male hands).

Consider your purchase, weighing all the pros and cons, because the question “What is best for you specifically?” only you can answer.

Overview of the Magio multicooker with deep fryer and steamer functions.

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