What Is a Multicooker With 3D Heating

What is a multicooker with 3D heating


Everyone who loves pies and biscuits with a ruddy crust will immediately fall in love with a multicooker equipped with a 3D heating function. This technique greatly simplifies the preparation of confectionery products, turning every culinary experiment into a masterpiece.

What is a multicooker with 3D heating

A multicooker with similar capabilities “once, twice and that’s it.” As a rule, this technology is most often found in the premium segment, where devices are assembled for a considerable price. What is the special feature of the new development and is it worth the money? The article will tell you everything about multicookers with 3D heating: it will explain what it is and tell you whether the purchase is worth the hope.

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What is 3D heating in a slow cooker?

There are two types of technology: using standard heating elements and induction. In the first case, manufacturers simply install heating elements on all sides of the working container, thanks to which the products are heated equally, regardless of their location in the bowl.

What is a multicooker with 3D heating

The induction heating system with the 3D effect has its own characteristics. Does it turn on instantly, immediately after activating the multicooker. Quickly “ignites” the walls of the bowl, bypassing the stages of gradual heating and cooling. Electrothenes or magnetic fields are used here. They are located below, on the lid and on the sides, as if enveloping the bowl from three sides, but not touching its surface. Actually, hence the name – 3D.

Thanks to this technology, products are prepared 3 times faster, while maintaining useful properties. In addition, electricity consumption is significantly saved. A vivid example of such an “assistant” is the Philips HD4749/03 model.

The technique with 3D functionality is very convenient: there is no need to turn the food over, interfere with the products, worry that the dish will remain half-raw or will be too “overcooked”. 3D heating was especially effective in the “Baking” mode. Air muffins, cakes, donuts and much more are now baked evenly from all sides, do not burn and do not stick to the surface.

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Having found out what a 3D multicooker is, you can move on to the specifics of the technology.

Advantages and disadvantages of multicookers with 3D

Since slow cookers with such a feature are luxury models, their functionality is appropriate. So, 3D heating is supplemented with auxiliary capabilities, the main purpose of which is to increase the benefit of the three-dimensional cooking process. There are 15 or more such programs in the multicooker. They help create culinary masterpieces for any taste, keeping food warm and appetizing for a long time after the process is finished.

What is a multicooker with 3D heating

The 3D heating technology itself has many advantages. Here are the 3 coolest:

  1. Thanks to uniform heating from three sides and the absence of heat loss, the products precisely reach the specified level of readiness, without overcooking and drying out. All manipulations of the equipment are monitored by the central processor, which monitors the temperature, determines the level of juiciness of the dish and even comments on the actions of the multicooker through the voice sensor. True, such an upgrade is currently available only in mega-expensive models.
  2. In order for 3D technology to please with its performance for a long time, it provides special protection against overheating. If suddenly such a moment happens, the equipment will simply turn off. By the way, the device will not work even if the hostess forgets to put food in the working bowl.
  3. 3D heating also provides a mode of “starvation” of food. Porridge, potatoes, other side dishes, as well as rich borscht or salt soup taste as if they were cooked in the oven. This aerobatics is at the level of the best Masterchef kitchen equipment due to the ability to regulate temperature fluctuations during cooking.

Not without 3D devices and disadvantages. The most important of them is the price. Yes, Models with a new generation function cost from $100.

Is it worth paying extra for the 3D heating option?

Multicookers with 3D heating are especially in demand among users who cannot imagine their life without flour dishes. All kinds:

  • pastries;
  • souffle;
  • casseroles;
  • pies with fruit fillings and much more…

… will turn out to be perfectly tasty, with a fried crust and a delicate texture.

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Those who do not belong to the category of sweet tooth and rarely use the opportunity to bake pies for the whole family are unlikely to appreciate the merits of three-dimensional fields. You can also prepare porridge, soups or stew vegetables in a regular multicooker, the cost of which is many times cheaper than “advanced” models.

What is a multicooker with 3D heating

In order to accurately determine all the pros and cons, it would be logical to compare the parameters of a regular multicooker with the 3D version. Premium models are taken as an example. The results of the battle are in the table.

Instead of a summary

3D heating is a good thing: fashionable, technological, helps to prepare dinner for the whole family or show off your culinary talents in a matter of moments. And if you have a flexible budget when choosing a multicooker, then it is better to give preference to models with this technology. Those who have not yet accumulated know-how should not be upset, because an ordinary multicooker performs most of the same functions as a super-innovator.


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