What Are Blenders Used for in the Kitchen? Functional Features and 5 Reasons to Buy

What are blenders used for in the kitchen? Functional features and 5 reasons to buy


What is a blender? – a device for quickly grinding a small amount of products. But technology does not stand still, and in the 21st century, the capabilities of such devices far exceed the initial models. It may seem that such a device is not the most necessary in the kitchen. But why more and more buyers want to buy it, what benefits it brings and whether it is worth buying, the article will tell.

What are blenders used for in the kitchen? Functional features and 5 reasons to buy

What are blenders used for in the kitchen?

Features of using in-depth models

What are blenders used for in the kitchen? Functional features and 5 reasons to buy

Manual devices on KSHTALTDD100141 have a leg with several knives in the lower part. To prevent products from flying in different directions during the operation of the device, the knives are covered with a structure resembling a bell.

The main purpose of an immersion blender is to grind. However, manufacturers have long understood that it would be nice to supplement a single function with other useful features. Therefore, modern models, such as the HR1679/90, are able to beat, mix, and crush. And some of them even come with a grater.

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To make it convenient to use nozzles, companies add different containers to the set. Some even have special lids so that ready-made food can be conveniently stored or taken with you.

What can be whipped with a blender of this type? Cooks offer the following list:

  • mashed potatoes will become airy, tender and uniform;
  • mashed potatoes for the baby will have a pleasant, light texture;
  • minced meat from various meats – the finished patties will delight you with their softness and uniformity. In addition, the products are better mixed;
  • milk and other cocktails – quick preparation and excellent result;
  • pureed soup – you don’t have to mess with bulky kitchen appliances to prepare a light lunch;
  • sauces and mayonnaise – without lumps and extra effort. And you won’t have to wash many parts.

Models on KSHTALT24700-56 Desire when cooking delicious and healthy meals at home. For what? To speed up the process, as well as to get the original taste and delicate consistency. Here are some popular recipes:

  1. A small child will like mashed potatoes and carrots. It is enough to boil one root crop of each species without the skin in salted water. After that, cool, cut into pieces and grind in a blender without draining the water. The snack is ready!
  2. An exquisite sauce for salmon will be made from cream and lime. A quarter of a glass of lime juice should be mixed with a clove of garlic, a teaspoon of salt and a pinch of black pepper using a blender. Add 100 ml of heavy cream and beat.

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Peculiarities of using stationary devices

What are blenders used for in the kitchen? Functional features and 5 reasons to buy

A stationary blender is used for grinding and whipping. However, you will not have to hold it in your hands while working, which cannot be said about the immersive view. Thanks to the stable design of the deep bowl on the body, like u/00, they can make a larger volume of different dishes.

At the same time, devices of this type do not have an “assortment” of nozzles, the same knives grind products. Their consistency depends on the initial state – solid, semi-liquid, liquid. And the main advantage is the ability to turn products of different hardness into a homogeneous mass.

Using the device on SAMPLE 18996-56, you can:

  • fake nuts or ice;
  • process products into a puree-like mass;
  • beat the liquid ingredients until frothy;
  • knead the liquid type dough.

This is what deliciousness can be prepared if you have such a device as the ESB7500:

  1. Legendary forshmak. Fillet 2 herrings or buy ready-made fillets, boil one carrot and 3 eggs. Soak a slice of bread in milk, and finely chop a couple of onions and fry. Send everything to a blender and add half a pack of butter. Beat and eat with pleasure.
  2. Chocolate-strawberry cocktail. Put a large scoop of strawberry and chocolate ice cream in a bowl, add a couple of spoons of strawberry or chocolate topping. Add half a glass of milk and beat until thick with foam. Serve in chilled glasses.

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Advantages and disadvantages of blenders

What are blenders used for in the kitchen? Functional features and 5 reasons to buy

Any technique, regardless of cost, size and functionality, finds both supporters and haters. Someone goes crazy with a multicooker, and someone desperately needs a deep fryer. But such a compact device as a blender stands aside and confidently holds the position of popularity among home and professional cooks of all countries. This is not surprising, because the capabilities of a typical device on KSHTALT24601-56 far exceed its dimensions and cost.

Advantages of devices:

  1. The simplest of them, like the 22220-56 Explore, perfectly grinds soft and hard products.
  2. KSHTALTSHB4450WH immersion blenders can be mixed and whipped no worse than a mixer.
  3. Multifunctional devices are ready to “surpass” the usual food processors in terms of the number of nozzles and modes. As an example – HR1679/90 with a grater, a mincer and a nozzle for slicing into cubes.
  4. Even standard models on the KSHTALTESB5700BK take up much less space than other kitchen appliances. They are easy to wash and store. And the HBX884QE has a special stand for placing elements that should always be at hand.
  5. Working with blenders is easy and simple. You need to grind, beat, mix – you can change the nozzle in a second. And stationary devices, in addition, guarantee full protection against splashing.

Disadvantages of devices and disadvantages are difficult to name:

  • the sizes of the cups of standard models are not designed for cooking a huge amount of food;
  • handheld devices will have to be kept under the process;
  • for creams and cakes it is better to start a mixer.

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Knowing what blenders do makes buying decisions much easier. After all, this small-sized assistant will be useful to self-employed careerists-gourmets, and young parents, and smoothie fans. The kid will help with first dishes, desserts, and baby food. He can make very tasty cocktails. The only thing worth deciding on is manual or stationary. If you need more functions, you should buy a submersible one. And if you don’t want to stand over the device all the time and you only need grinding – it’s better to choose a stationary model.


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