Top Upright Vacuum Cleaner Brands: 8 Trusted Brands

Top Upright Vacuum Cleaner Brands: 8 Trusted Brands


Many housewives keep up with the times and purchase comfortable upright vacuum cleaners instead of bulky and heavy wired counterparts. When choosing a device, you should pay attention to many important characteristics: the volume of the dust collector, the battery life and charge, the power of the device, etc. However, it is better to first decide on a specific brand that suits your needs, because each brand has its own characteristics. In this article, we have collected best upright vacuum cleaner brands.


Upright vacuum cleaner Okami V70 Absolute

Asking the question about what brand is better to buy an upright vacuum cleaner, you can not ignore the products of the Okami group of companies, which is a major supplier of the Okami and Panda brands in EU. The company does not spend millions on marketing and advertising, but invests in the development and improvement of products.

Okami upright vacuum cleaners boast sufficient power reserve, large capacity of dust collectors and long working time in turbo mode (15-20 minutes).

So, the Okami V70 Absolute model can be considered a pretty good option in terms of price / quality ratio, the “younger brother” of which (the V50 Ultra version) is in first place in our rating of upright vacuum cleaners


Firm Deerma feel free to add to the list top brands of upright vacuum cleaners. She is a sub-brand Xiaomi and represents a more budgetary segment of home appliances compared to the Chinese digital technology giant. Despite this, upright vacuum cleaners of this brand look stylish and expensive. They are characterized by minimalism, maneuverability and ease of use.

Deerma is engaged in the production of vacuum cleaners for various target audiences: you can even buy a dust mite device (for example, Xiaomi Deerma Mites Vacuum)! However, regardless of the purpose of the purchase, the model will be an excellent device for regular cleaning.


upright vacuum cleaner Kitfort KT-561

The European household appliances company attracts customers with budget devices with capacious dust collectors (1 liter or more). It is also worth noting that due to such dimensions, the manufacturer’s products are characterized by high power, which is especially important for pet owners. However, for many, Kitfort vacuum cleaners may seem heavy due to heavy batteries and accessories.

The company does not stand still: it expands its range and creates new models for various needs of users. Today on marketplaces you can find not only heavy vacuum cleaners with a long cord, but also light, comfortable and versatile models. For example, Kitfort KT-561, which took a high position in our rating best upright vacuum cleaners 2021


Bosch BCH6256N1 upright vacuum cleaner

The German manufacturer of home appliances has gained wide recognition among customers due to reliable and durable products, and upright vacuum cleaners are no exception. as one of best brands of upright vacuum cleaners for the homeits products stand out with their strong suction power and powerful lithium-ion batteries, which allow you to carry out regular thorough cleanings without any problems.

Bosch vacuum cleaners are not the cheapest: their cost is partly due to the presence of additional options for many products. For example, model Bosch BCH6256N1 Equipped with fast charging and self-cleaning filter functions.

Choosing an upright vacuum cleaner brand Boschyou can be sure of the quality and reliability of the purchased device.


upright vacuum cleaner Philips FC6728/01 SpeedPro Aqua

A well-known brand from the Netherlands supplies universal models of upright vacuum cleaners to the world market. As a rule, models are equipped with a tank for wet cleaning, and in the kit, the buyer also gets various nozzles for more thorough cleaning.

The devices of the Dutch household appliance company cannot boast of the most capacious dust collectors, but they compensate for this with productive and durable batteries, high-quality components and reliable assembly.

This makes Philips vacuum cleaners easy to use and manoeuvrable. We advise you to take a closer look at the Philips FC6728/01 SpeedPro Aqua model, which is equipped with a two-stage filtration system and can cope even with heavy pollution.


upright vacuum cleaner Tefal TY8871RO

“What brand is better to buy an upright vacuum cleaner?” – Definitely worth paying attention to the products of Tefal. The French company has been producing household appliances for decades and has established itself in the market as a proven manufacturer.

The company produces powerful, but not the most compact models of vacuum cleaners, which for the most part are suitable for cleaning spacious apartments. A distinctive feature of the models of a European company is the Steam function. It, in addition to the usual dry cleaning, allows you to simultaneously wash the floors with the help of steam streams without household chemicals. The option is not found everywhere, in a more expensive segment. Also, many models have other auxiliary functions, such as a backlight panel, etc.

Buying a Tefal upright vacuum cleaner, the user receives a high-quality device that can deal with even the smallest elements of domestic dirt and dust. So, the Tefal TY8871RO model will be an excellent assistant in terms of complex cleaning.


 upright vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Dreame V11

A dynamically developing Chinese brand of equipment has firmly established itself in the market of upright vacuum cleaners, releasing models that are stylish, maneuverable and easy to use. They are perfect for owners of one-room apartments who need a comfortable device for regular cleaning.

Xiaomi products focus on versatility, ease of use and design minimalism. Yes, the company’s upright vacuum cleaners do not have high power or better runtimes, but they are not needed by most of the company’s target audience.

So, the Xiaomi Dreame V11 device, which took the 2nd line in the ranking of the 5 best upright vacuum cleaners, has great suction power and can be transformed into a manual analogue, which makes it an indispensable tool for cleaning your apartment.


“Which brand of upright vacuum cleaners is better? – of course, one of the favorites will be the legendary Dyson. The brand is considered to be one of the most expensive and premium brands on the market; the average cost of the British company’s models is more than 50,000 ₽. But this does not prevent the company from holding a leading position in the market: even now, if it is possible to order any product online, it is not always possible to find Dyson upright vacuum cleaners in stock.

The models are distinguished by first-class build quality, a wide range of nozzles for various tasks, convenient arrangement of device elements and low weight with high suction power. The company does not produce bulky devices with high power consumption and long cords, but relies on versatility and compactness, which makes the purchase of any Dyson vacuum cleaner model a good solution even for the most scrupulous housewives.

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