TOP-8 Gadgets for Making Coffee

TOP-8 gadgets for making coffee


A cup of coffee a day – friend or foe? And if there are three, four, or even five? There are legends about the beneficial and harmful properties of this drink: some claim that “coffee drinkers” live longer and are less prone to cancer. The opposite side says that coffee is like a drug, addiction to it has a bad effect on well-being. In any case, it is impossible to solve this eternal dispute, so it is better to understand how to successfully choose a coffee maker that will brew divine coffee. About the types of coffee machines, their advantages and disadvantages – further in the article.

TOP-8 gadgets for making coffee

Electric Turk

This gadget came to us from Eastern culture. Its relative, the copper cezva, is designed to prepare aromatic coffee in the Turkish way. The modern Turka is similar to its “Comrade” only in form: it is a small tank in which coffee is brewed, with a slightly narrowed neck, as in the Gorenje TCM800E MODEL, which allows you to preserve the aroma of the drink for a longer time. Ease of operation and movement is also a plus for such a gadget. Even on a trip, it is easier to take an electric Turkish than its classic version. Unless, of course, you don’t go to nature, where there is no outlet.

Disadvantages of such a device for brewing coffee:

  • water boils quickly in it, so the coffee does not fully reveal its potential, and, moreover, it can “escape”;
  • some budget models are made of low-quality plastic, but this negatively affects the taste of the product; A significant disadvantage of such a unit is that the coffee grounds fall into the cup together with the drink, so it is impossible to finish it all the way to the bottom – small remnants of grains risk remaining on the teeth and tongue.

You can choose such an electric coffee maker in the form of a Turk in order to save time for preparing coffee. But it is difficult to vouch for its taste.

TOP-8 gadgets for making coffee

French press

This device for steaming coffee was patented in 1929. Its construction and operation are very simple, which explains the wide popularity of the gadget both in the last century and today. A glass flask, a metal lid and a plunger with a filter in the form of a mesh – quite a design of such a French press as Krauff greatly simplifies the process of preparing “Elixir of Vigor”. It is necessary to pour ground coffee into the tank, pour water (not boiling, approximately 92-96° C) and leave for 3-4 minutes. After that, the press is lowered with a net, pressing the coffee grounds to the bottom of the Flask. As a RESULT – a fragrant, rich drink without sediment and acidity, which fully revealed the taste and degree of roasting of grains. Such a device prevails over others due to its low price and speed of coffee preparation. Cons: lack of automation, fragile glass bulb that needs careful treatment. How to choose the right French press so that it lasts for a long time?

  1. It is important to carefully check the bulb so that it is perfectly smooth, without defects and scratches.
  2. The mesh filter should “walk” smoothly in the flask, without any inhibitions or friction against the walls.
  3. It is also worth carefully checking the filter itself, so that it is safe, without holes.

A French press is also used for brewing aromatic tea.

TOP-8 gadgets for making coffee

Drip coffee maker

Drip coffee makers for home and office are different: it all depends on both the budget and the tasks. Choosing such a device is not difficult if you know the features of its operation:

  • the size and power of the coffee maker depends on how strong the coffee will be as a result. With a not very powerful coffee machine, the coffee will be stronger, since the time of its preparation is longer.
  • shape of the bulb: each manufacturer chooses its version of the bulb, but it is best if it is narrowed upwards. Then the aroma of coffee aroma will remain for a long time.
  • the material of the flask should be made of organic glass, because it does not affect the chemical composition of coffee in any way, unlike plastic.
  • a mandatory condition for a coffee maker is a filter. They are reusable and disposable. When choosing this gadget, it is important to choose a quality filter suitable for a specific machine.

Depending on the price, drip coffee makers have some nice features, such as: automatic shutdown, portioned coffee dispensing, coffee pot heating, and coffee strength adjustment. Only some luxury models grind grains at once, which greatly simplifies the cooking process. Negative sides of the gadget: the need to clean after use, quick cooling of the drink, low speed of making coffee with such a machine. There is no air foam in such coffee, as after preparation in espresso coffee makers.

TOP-8 gadgets for making coffee

Capsule coffee makers

Capsule-type coffee makers became popular at the end of the 80s of the last century. They are convenient to operate with the help of elementary specifics of functioning. After placing the capsule in the coffee maker, it is automatically punctured, then water passes through it under a pressure of 13-15 bar and fresh and aromatic coffee is prepared in a matter of seconds. Most often, such coffee makers are small in size, nimble in operation and durable. Among the disadvantages of such a gadget, the high cost of capsules is highlighted.

It will be useful to know: Coffee maker or Turk: which of the 2 devices for brewing coffee is better?

Horn coffee makers

Or espresso, as these machines are popularly called. After all, in none of the machines listed above, you cannot brew a chic and rich espresso. Modern technologies have led to the fact that, thanks to this gadget, you can prepare an invigorating drink in 30 seconds. Everything depends on the technical characteristics of the machine: the higher the pressure, the faster the invigorating drink is prepared.

There are things to consider when buying such a coffee maker:

  • the presence of a high-quality metal horn into which ground coffee is poured. If it is plastic, the coffee will not be as aromatic, and later the plastic will completely wear out;
  • the volume of the water tank varies depending on the power of the machine: it can be 0.2-0.6 l in small ones, and up to 1.5 l in large ones. Therefore, it is worth solving the tasks that rely on the coffee maker “on the shore”;
  • the presence of a cappuccino machine, as in the Saeco Poemia Focus HD8323/39. After all, you can make a wonderful cappuccino or latte with a croissant machine. To do this, you need to foam the milk well until it becomes airy. The spout of the cappuccino maker should not dangle, you should carefully check its condition before buying;
  • do not forget about the tamper – a special device for tamping coffee. After all, a mandatory condition for delicious coffee is the density of the horn filling. Otherwise, the coffee will not reveal its potential. When choosing this device, you should consider the size – it should be smaller than the sieve in the horn by 0.5-1 mm. One more point: the handle of the temperer should be comfortable, the size of the hand. After all, baristas press coffee with an exemplary effort of 13-15 kg, and it will not work with an uncomfortable handle.

The negative sides of such a device:

  • high-class car – the appropriate price, not everyone can afford it;
  • a long preparatory process: grinding coffee, stuffing it into a cone;
  • performance: several cups of coffee are prepared at once, unlike drip machines, where a large volume is obtained at the finish.

TOP-8 gadgets for making coffee

Geyser coffee machine

Coffee machines are not the only ones. In a geyser coffee maker, coffee is prepared under steam pressure. One part contains water, the other contains ground coffee. Next, the device is put on fire/electric stove. This, of course, lengthens the coffee brewing process, but a significant advantage of such preparation is the rich taste of the drink. It is almost impossible to compare which type of coffee maker is better, a geyser or an electric Turk, because the method of their operation is partially similar. Both need to be cleaned after each use (only the geyser takes a little longer to wash), and they need to be ground separately each time before brewing. You also need to carefully monitor them so that the coffee does not “escape” in the electric steamer, and the gadget itself does not burn in the geyser when the water evaporates from the lower flask. Therefore, you should rely on intuition when choosing such a brewing device.

Combined type coffee makers

The operation of such an automatic machine does not require much work: you only need to press the magic button and aromatic coffee, invigorating, will fill the cup with a pulling stream. This is the option when you don’t need to worry. The main thing is the availability of water and coffee in the tanks designated for them. Such coffee machines can be called “smart”, because they combine various functions that make life easier: self-cleaning, automatic on and off timer, coffee grinder, cup heating, a “stop” button if you need to interrupt the preparation process, and many others. Here everything depends on the desired budget. By the way, in this advantage over other machines, there is also a significant drawback – the high price. Such machines cost hundreds of dollars, but they justify such a price. Most likely, combined type coffee machines are suitable for corporate use, where dozens of cups of coffee are drunk per day. At home, there is not always a need to use the full potential of such a unit.

Recommendations for choosing coffee machines

If the purchase of a coffee machine is inevitable, you need to answer the following questions:

  1. Where will the coffee maker be used: at home or in the office?
  2. How many people will use the car?
  3. Which coffee is better: in beans or finely ground?
  4. Which drink will be the most popular: espresso, Americano, cappuccino or something more interesting?
  5. What is the budget?
  6. Where to put the gadget?

If the answers to such simple questions are ready, you can immediately determine the right type of coffee machine. Also, the comparative table will clearly show the pros and cons of each type of this gadget:

The number of coffee machines that are produced these days allows you to choose the most optimal option for each person. After all, whether to buy a drip or carafe coffee maker depends on the individual preferences of this magical invigorating drink; brew coffee with a French press or cook in an electric steamer? Based on the description above, the most optimal option is a horn coffee maker. After all, it is relatively easy to use (although you have to bother with pouring coffee into the cone), thanks to its functional features, you can prepare different coffees, and the price range of such gadgets is quite reprehensible. But to each his own. The most important thing is a tasty result at the end:


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