TOP-7 Manufacturers of Food Processors. Which Company’s Equipment to Buy?

TOP-7 manufacturers of food processors.  Which company's equipment to buy?


A convenient and functional food processor will help in tiring cooking. Such equipment performs many processes in a matter of minutes, freeing the hostess from unnecessary troubles. How to correctly choose a fast “assistant” without getting lost among the variety of brands and models? It will be possible to determine which company’s food processor is better to buy after considering 7 popular manufacturers of this equipment.

TOP-7 manufacturers of food processors.  Which company's equipment to buy?


A stylish appearance and a large number of FUNCTIONS are the main qualities that distinguish high-tech Braun food processors. A glossy black or white stand accommodates work bowls that are securely fixed on its surface. It firmly fixes the equipment, preventing strong vibration.

TOP-7 manufacturers of food processors.  Which company's equipment to buy?

Among the possibilities of food processors stand out: a juicer, a device for cutting and separate nozzles for whipping mixtures. By the way, the latter work in the mode of intelligent management. It is enough, for example, to select the function of cutting vegetables and the equipment itself will choose the optimal speed of operation.

3 reasons to choose Braun combines:

  1. Nozzles for dough. A special nozzle for kneading yeast dough is a good addition to the functionality of the equipment. Products made from such dough, baked in high-quality baking dishes, will simply “melt” in your mouth.
  2. Security. The food processor works only if the bowl is installed correctly and covered with a lid. This is a kind of protection against damage to the hands by knives and, in parallel, the kitchen walls from contamination by splashes.
  3. Instruction. the set with the equipment comes with a colorful instruction manual, which is similar in style to a fashionable women’s magazine. Here the rules of use are written in different languages, including Ukrainian and European. A couple of recipes are a pleasant surprise.

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The price of the equipment is “above average”. True, the functionality of the brand’s combines fully corresponds to it.


The main features of Panasonic food processors are original design, compactness and touch control. True, not all models of the brand are equipped with the latter.

TOP-7 manufacturers of food processors.  Which company's equipment to buy?

One of the main tasks of this Japanese technique is high-quality grinding of products. And she copes with this function perfectly. Quickly chop a salad, cut potatoes or cheese – such operations are performed by Panasonic food processors in a matter of seconds.

The lack of a full-fledged juicer is acutely felt in the company’s models. To enjoy vitamin fresh every day, you can separately buy a Panasonic centrifugal juicer in the same color as a food processor. Such a tandem performs many operations, while taking up a minimum of space.


  • 13 universal devicesincluding a nozzle for drying products after washing (for example, greens), a grater, a blender, etc.;
  • extremely sharp and strong knife professional chopping of ingredients.

The only disadvantage is the cost of the equipment. Although, in order to buy a device for quick cooking for the whole family, you can be “generous”.


Another worthy representative of our rating is the Philips company. The brand specializes in the production of reliable household appliances and promotes the improvement of life on the planet.

TOP-7 manufacturers of food processors.  Which company's equipment to buy?

The equipment allows you to install an additional salad cutter with 4 discs for different types of chopping. True, you will have to pay separately for the pleasure of having such a device. To store nozzles in one place, it will not be superfluous to immediately purchase a branded box for accessories if it is not included in the set.

In the list of advantages, buyers highlight the following:

  • Preparation of up to 5 portions of any dish at a time. This is possible thanks to capacious bowls, the volume of which reaches 4 liters.
  • About 28 different functions, including: chopper, blender, kneading dough, whipping cream, etc.

Products of the Philips brand are a reasonable combination of “price and quality”.

Russell Hobbs

The company’s equipment looks like a mix of Kenwood + Braun. Useful and stylish equipment does everything the same as more expensive models: whips, shreds, kneads dough. When the cost of Russell Hobbs combines is several times cheaper.

The set comes with different graters, a blender and whisks. Most of the company’s models are equipped with a meat grinder and a juicer. If necessary, the missing devices are purchased separately. For example, a fruit slicer is a compact coffee grinder.

TOP-7 manufacturers of food processors.  Which company's equipment to buy?

The “pluses” of combine harvesters of the trade mark are:

  • Color. Saturated bright colors distinguish the brand’s products from the usual black and white combines.
  • Security.The lid of the device is automatically locked when the equipment starts working. It can be opened only after the operation is completed.
  • Complete set. In addition to standard devices, the set includes a special grater for turf and a nozzle for crushing ice.

One of the disadvantages of brand equipment is noise during operation. In addition, some users who have already purchased Russell Hobbs combines complain that solid products do not always fall under the knife, flying in pieces on the walls of the bowl.


The first thing that comes to mind when you see the Electrolux brand name is reliability, quality and high price. The specified parameters also apply to food processors of the brand. The equipment received its value for a wide list of possibilities, performing many operations: from standard chopping and whipping of mixtures to the preparation of “air” minced meat. Especially for the latter function, some models are equipped with a unique flat knife.

TOP-7 manufacturers of food processors.  Which company's equipment to buy?

A distinctive feature of Electrolux combines is their power (about 1000 W), capacious working bowls (up to 5 liters) and the dimensions of the equipment. They are more significant, and the weight of some equipment reaches 10 kg.

The main points for which buyers single out Electrolux appliances:

  • Thoughtful assembly and reliable fixation nozzle Most models are made of stainless steel, which ensures their strength and durability.
  • A wide range of functionsincluding chopping vegetables, kneading dough, whipping proteins, making creams, etc.

The overpriced price is a disadvantage of the food processor. In addition, in some models there is an increase in sound and vibration in parallel with switching speeds. But with such power, this phenomenon is common.


In order to finally decide which company is better to buy a food processor, it is worth adding the super popular Bosch company to the rating. The popularity of the brand is fully determined, because the main criteria of the trademark are high productivity and a long service life of the equipment.

TOP-7 manufacturers of food processors.  Which company's equipment to buy?

The main thing to pay attention to when buying a food processor is its functions. This is where you can really let your culinary imagination run wild. The equipment of the German manufacturer has all the necessary devices for cooking: a blender, a juicer, a large number of knives and graters.

Features of Bosch combines are:

  • Dimensions. Despite its multifunctionality, the motor part of the equipment is small. The manufacturers achieved this compactness thanks to the movable bracket on which the nozzles are attached. A similar design is noted in most copies of the company.
  • Security. Some combines of the brand are equipped with automatic shutdown of the engine in case of overload. This mechanism blocks reactivation if the equipment has not yet cooled down.

A “weak” meat grinder stands out in the list of shortcomings. It will not work to grind a large amount of meat here. If such a point is important, it is better to purchase a separate electric meat grinder from the same manufacturer.

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Thanks to its food processors, the Kenwood company is all over the world. Compact equipment combines great functionality and stylish appearance. The “feature” of the brand is the unique “Planetary Mixing” system. The essence of the procedure: the crowns rotate not only around the bowl, but also around their axis. True, not all models are equipped with this option.

TOP-7 manufacturers of food processors.  Which company's equipment to buy?

Original components and a wide range of possibilities turn Kenwood combines into a standard of quality on the market of similar equipment. Regular experiments of the company delight consumers with new models. Among all the variety, you can choose both budget options and more expensive copies.

The advantages of food processors of this manufacturer are:

  • two or more drives, which facilitates the simultaneous execution of several operations;
  • capacious bowls, where you can prepare a large number of portions at once;
  • good power, whose indicator varies from model to model within 1000 W.

The price of such “helpers” from Kenwood is aimed at buyers with an above-average income.

Main disadvantages:

  • in some models, the immersion hole is too narrow and the products must be cut into small pieces before serving;
  • individual parts have small plastic elements, which makes it difficult to wash them.

If the standard equipment of combines seems insufficient, it can always be expanded with additional accessories. These include nozzles: ice cream maker, potato peeler, etc.

Comparative characteristics: 7 best brands

A comparative table of equipment parameters will help to remove all doubts when choosing a combine harvester. The most important features of each brand are collected here, after considering which, it will be possible to choose the best manufacturer.

After considering the specified table, it will take a few minutes to determine which company’s food processor will be better. If functionality is the main selection criterion, give preference to high-tech models from Bosch or Electrolux. The cheaper options are represented by Philips and Russell Hobbs brands. In addition, this equipment has small dimensions and is suitable even for a compact kitchen.
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