TOP 6 Best Refrigerators. Better Top and Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

TOP 6 best refrigerators. Better top and bottom freezer refrigerators

This review is dedicated to refrigerators. When choosing the nominees, not only the popularity of the brand was taken into account, but also the practicality, capacity of the chambers, the location of the shelves and other design features. An important factor was the practicality and reliability of equipment in real-life conditions. For this, customer reviews posted on the popular Walmart and NewEgg marketplaces were taken into account.

For convenience, all models were divided into two categories – with an upper and lower freezer.

6 best refrigerators

Better top freezer refrigerators

This category includes 5 models of refrigerators with a top freezer. All models are united not only by the form factor, but also by a relatively small volume and average height. Despite many common design features, each refrigerator has its own differences that set them apart from their counterparts.


Hisense RT-267D4AR1

Rating: 4.7

TOP 6 best refrigerators. Better top and bottom freezer refrigerators

The next model in our review is Hisense RT-267D4AR1 from a Chinese manufacturer of large household appliances and home electronics. The model differs from most analogues in the red color of the body, which gives the product a spectacular and original look.

One of the features of the model is a metal back wall and a closed evaporator. This solution provides additional durability to the equipment. The total volume is 202 liters, which is considered a good indicator with a body height of 143 cm. The model itself is compact in size, which is especially important for small kitchens.

Inside the main chamber there is an LED lamp, which practically does not emit heat, while providing bright illumination. The lower shelf in the door has an increased width, which allows you to place large bottles and bulky products.

Energy efficiency class A + indicates the high efficiency of technology. According to the Walmart resource, the model is marked as “buyers’ choice”, which indicates the high quality of products and consumer confidence.

Spectacular appearance, compact size and thoughtful design allowed Hisense RT-267D4AR1 to become one of the best refrigerators in its product group.


    • Original design.


    • Bright LED backlight.


    • Power consumption A+.



    • Marked surface, fingerprints are visible.



Artel HD 276 FN WH

Rating: 4.9

TOP 6 best refrigerators. Better top and bottom freezer refrigerators

The next model in our review is Artel HD 276 FN WH from the largest Uzbek manufacturer of household appliances. With a case height of 144 cm, the total volume of the two compartments is 212 liters. This is enough for the needs of one or two people.

Inside there are three shelves made of tempered glass, which can be rearranged in any order. The door has three side shelves that cannot be interchanged. The presence of a modern high-quality compressor allows the refrigerator to work with a minimum level of noise.

The refrigerator compartment is equipped with LED lighting mounted in the upper part of the chamber. There is also a mechanical thermostat.

Energy efficiency class A + indicates the efficiency of technology.

Walmart portal, the model is marked as “buyers’ choice”, which indicates consumer confidence and a high level of product quality.

Compactness, thoughtful design and affordable price have made the Artel HD 276 FN WH refrigerator one of the best in its price segment.


    • LED lights.


    • Energy class A +.


    • Thoughtful interior design.


    • Low noise level.



    • The side shelves cannot be moved.


Beko DSF 5240 M00W

Rating: 5.0

TOP 6 best refrigerators. Better top and bottom freezer refrigerators

Among the features of the equipment, it is worth noting good capacity, the total volume is 233 liters with a body height of only 145 cm. Integrated handles give the model a stylish and modern appearance. Due to the symmetrical design, the doors can be re-hung on either side.

The declared noise level is 40 dB, which is one of the lowest in this price category. This is confirmed by consumer reviews. The model has no critical shortcomings, only some users note a not very practical implementation of the backlight. The lamp is located on the right behind the mechanical temperature controller.


    • Good capacity.


    • Built-in handles.


    • Possibility to move doors.


    • Quiet work.



    • The backlighting is not very well implemented.


The best bottom freezer refrigerators

This category presents 5 models of the best refrigerators with a bottom freezer. All models belong to the budget segment, but each nominee has its own characteristics and advantages that distinguish it from competitors.


Candy CCRN 6180W

Rating: 4.7

TOP 6 best refrigerators. Better top and bottom freezer refrigerators

The next model in our review is the Candy CCRN 6180 W from the Italian home appliance brand. The refrigerator is made in a minimalist style and has built-in handles. The product is available in two colors – white (letter W at the end of the marking) and silver (letter M in the marking).

A distinctive feature of the model is the No Frost system in both compartments.

The control panel is located at the top of the case, inside the refrigerator compartment. The user can choose from four power modes, as well as turn on the supercooling function.

Inside the main chamber there are 4 shelves and 1 common drawer. To change the distance between the shelves, there are grooves on the sides, but they are not enough for comfortable control of the interior space.

We recommend the Candy CCRN 6180 W refrigerator for a family of 3-4 people who want to purchase reliable, stylish and modern appliances.


    • Stylish minimalist design.


    • No frost system.


    • Super cool mode.



    • There is no separate camera control (according to user reviews).



Indesit ITS 5180W

Rating: 4.9

TOP 6 best refrigerators. Better top and bottom freezer refrigerators

The next nominee in our ranking is Indesit ITS 5180 W from a popular Italian manufacturer of large household appliances. The model is made in a modern design, and the presence of built-in handles gives the product a concise look. A distinctive feature is the presence of a display on the door of the main chamber. This allows you to control appliances without opening the refrigerator, as well as visually control the selected temperature regime.

The control panel itself is touch-sensitive and intuitive. There are only 3 buttons – power, temperature selection (from +2 to +8 degrees), as well as the “Push & GO” mode. When this function is activated, the equipment goes into enhanced cooling mode in order to reach the set temperature as quickly as possible.

Inside the refrigerator there are three tempered glass shelves that can withstand a load of up to 100 kg, as well as one drawer for fruits and vegetables. Only 5 positions are available for rearranging the shelves, which is very small, given the size of the compartment. The door has four hanging trays, some of which can be adjusted in height. The package also includes a special box for convenient storage of sauces and other products in soft packaging.

No Frost cooling system in both chambers. This model has received a lot of positive feedback from customers, in which they note the quality assembly, spaciousness, quiet operation and a convenient control panel. The only drawback is the inability to adjust the temperature in the freezer compartment.

We recommend the Indesit ITS 5180 W for a family of 3-4 people, as well as for those who want to purchase a modern refrigerator with large volume and No Frost technology at an affordable price.


    • No Frost.


    • Touchscreen.


    • Push&GO mode.


    • Low noise level.



    • Few positions for height adjustment of shelves.


    • Freezer temperature cannot be set.


Beko RCNK 310E20

Rating: 5.0

TOP 6 best refrigerators. Better top and bottom freezer refrigerators

The review is completed by the Beko RCNK 310E20 VW refrigerator with the No Frost system from a Turkish manufacturer. The model looks stylish and modern thanks to the minimalist design with built-in handles.

A feature of the model is a touch control panel on the door of the refrigerator compartment. The user can set the temperature in each chamber separately. In addition, it is possible to select the superfreeze function, eco mode and vacation mode. This will save energy, as well as the most accurate and easy to control equipment.

Inside there are 4 tempered glass shelves with a plastic frame. Three of them can be rearranged in height, but there are only 5 seats, which significantly limits the possibility of adjusting the space in the refrigerator.

Harvest Fresh technology keeps your greens, vegetables and fruits fresher for longer with tri-color lighting in the bottom drawer that mimics sunlight during different phases of the day.

The owners of the equipment note the good capacity and thoughtful organization of the internal space. Among the disadvantages, users highlight an increased noise level, which is associated with a not very tightly fixed condensate bowl on the compressor.

Convenient operation, availability of useful functions and good capacity in a compact size allowed Beko RCNK 310E20 VW to become one of the best refrigerators with No Frost in its price group.


    • No frost technology.


    • Convenient control panel with various functions.


    • The ability to independently set the temperature for each chamber.


    • Harvest Fresh food storage technology.


    • Sound and light alarm when the door is open for a long time.



    • Increased noise level.



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