TOP-5 Floor Polishing Robots


The lion’s share of our ratings is devoted to robot vacuum cleaners, the main task of which is to collect dust and litter from floor coverings of various types. Some of the devices are equipped with a wet cleaning function, which allows, in addition to the main activity, to wipe the floors. Despite the popularity of gadgets suitable for two types of cleaning at once, many brands are replenishing their arsenal with robotic polishers. Consider the most popular models that can completely replace manual mopping, and find out whether it is worth separating gadgets according to the principle: “only for dry” and “only for important”.

Hobot Legee-688

Perhaps the most popular washing robot vacuum cleaner on the robotics market. What made the device so popular among the audience?

  • Hobot Legee-688 performs not only high-quality wet cleaning, but also copes well with hard rubbish.
  • The unique design of the robot: on the bottom of the device are two movable platforms with attached microfiber cloths. In front of them is a suction hole.
  • Laser navigation, which contributes to orientation in space and building a map of the room.
  • Controlling the device through an application on smartphones.
  • The robot operates in eight modes, which allows you to adjust the cleaning to a specific type of flooring.
  • The ability to adjust the moisture level of the wipes and adjust the required suction power.
  • Large cleaning area on a single charge – up to 150 square meters. meters.

Hobot Legee-688 floor polisher Hobot Legee-688 floor polisher

iLife W450

The silver medal on our list goes to an improved version of iLife’s robot floor polisher. Wet cleaning has reached a new level. The design of the device includes a rotating roller that performs the main cleaning function, two containers for clean and dirty liquids.

Let’s describe the cleaning mechanics:

  • Water from the first container is supplied to the floor directly in front of the cleaning module – roller.
  • The roller, rotating, cleans the surface of dust and dirt.
  • Dirty liquid is sucked up by the device and goes straight to the second container.
  • Remaining stains are removed from floor coverings with a silicone scraper.

What else is important to know about iLife W450:

  • Device navigation based on multiple sensors, gyroscope and optical camera.
  • The ability to build a plan for cleaning the premises.
  • The official mobile application that allows you to control the device from your smartphone.
  • The robot operates in four modes: path, point, spot and perimeter.
  • Possibility to regulate the water supply level through a mobile application.
  • Large volume of liquid tanks: 850 ml for clean, 900 ml for dirty water.
  • Extended battery life on a single charge – up to 80 minutes.

iLife W450 floor polisheriLife W450 floor polisher

Everybot edge

Another device with a unique design: a pair of rotating round polishing platforms, which are the reservoirs for liquid, with attached microfiber cloths. The device is equipped with two motors rotating at a frequency of 5700 rpm. Napkins adhere tightly to the floor covering, which allows for even better cleaning. Water is regularly supplied to the microfibers during the entire cleaning process.

The new floor polisher model has incorporated many functions and necessary technical characteristics:

  • Advanced sensors and a gyroscope that allow the polisher robot to correctly navigate in space.
  • Convenient handle mounted on the body of the device for manual cleaning of vertical surfaces such as wall tiles.
  • The gadget functions in 7 modes: automatic, point along a spiral path, along the perimeter, Y-shaped route, intensive, cleaning 50 minutes, manual cleaning.
  • Extended battery life on a single charge – up to 100 minutes.
  • Perhaps the only device that not only wipes dust from floor coverings, but also polishes them.
  • Almost silent operation of the device. The noise level of Everybot Edge does not exceed 45 dB.
  • Affordable gadget price: from 200 to 220$.

Robot floor polisher Everybot EdgeRobot floor polisher Everybot Edge

iRobot Braava Jet m6

Robot cleaner that syncs with the latest robot vacuums from the same manufacturer: iRobot Roomba i7+, iRobot Roomba s9+. To date, a set of two devices brand iRobot is the most expensive in the world. The liquid supply technology of the device is not the most perfect: the gadget sprays water in front of it, and then wipes the floor with a napkin. Such mechanics are suitable for daily dust control, the device may not be able to cope with stubborn dirt.

Robot features:

  • Navigation device based on optical camera.
  • Operational construction of a cleaning plan.
  • The ability to divide the room into zones.
  • Convenient mobile app for your smartphone.
  • The robot is synchronized with voice assistants, for example, with Google Assistant.
  • The function of continuing cleaning from an interrupted place after recharging at the docking station.
  • Battery life on a single charge up to 90 minutes.

Comparing the Braava Jet m6 robot with previous devices, one can note a meager range of functionality.

iRobot Braava Jet m6iRobot Braava Jet m6

Xiaomi SWDK Smart Cleaning Machine

The 2020 device from the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi closes our rating. Let’s immediately justify the final position in this top chart: unlike Hobot Legee, Xiaomi SWDK Smart Cleaning Machine does not suck up rubbish, but only wipes the floor with wet wipes. The design of the washing module consists of two movable platforms with attached microfibers, which are wetted automatically during the cleaning process.

Briefly and succinctly about the characteristics of the device:

  • Floor polisher navigation (viewing angle of 135 degrees) is based on the built-in camera and gyroscope.
  • Possibility of building a plan for cleaning the premises.
  • Convenient official application available for download in the App Store and Play Market. In it, you can start the cleaning process, set up a delayed start of cleaning, designate the desired zones, watch the robot in the current time mode, and choose the optimal route for the device.
  • The duration of the device on a single charge reaches 120 minutes.
  • Xiaomi SWDK Smart Cleaning Machine can clean up to 120 square meters without recharging. meters.
  • Automatic return of the robot cleaner to the docking station for recharging.
  • Many operating modes: from automatic to cleaning around the perimeter.
  • Unique square shape that fits perfectly into the corners of the apartment.

Xiaomi SWDK Smart Cleaning MachineXiaomi SWDK Smart Cleaning Machine


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