TOP 5 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners of 2021

TOP 5 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners of 2021


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1 place – Okami U100 Laser

TOP 5 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners of 2021

The device of the popular line of U-series robotic vacuum cleaners opens our rating. Okami U100 is the brand’s most progressive model. The powerful NIDEC engine, made in Japan, allows you to develop suction intensity up to 2500 Pa. Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 3200 mAh is responsible for the duration of cleaning on a single charge – 120 minutes. Such a figure is enough to clean a room of any area.

The Okami U100 robot vacuum cleaner navigates in space and builds a map of the room thanks to a lidar-based navigation system. For this Okami U100 just a few seconds. This is one of the most advanced ways to create cleaning plans today. The device stores several cards in its memory at once.

The robot vacuum cleaner will not get lost in the vastness of the apartment, it perfectly remembers the location of the docking station and is always ready to return to it on its own. The mobile application provides access to the zoning of the premises, in which the user can select the room needed for cleaning. Virtual walls and restricted areas are also available on your smartphone.

A little about innovations: Okami U100 is equipped with a TOF sensor for better cleaning in corners and around the perimeter. Wet cleaning has also undergone major changes. Now the Okami U100 robot vacuum cleaner is moving on a new innovative trajectory. The route of the device repeats the silhouette of the letter Y and passes the same place twice. This is not just dusting the floors, but a full-fledged washing, similar in technique to manual wet cleaning. Through the application, you should set the optimal level of water supply to the microfiber cloth. The liquid container has a special compartment for dry waste.

The volume of the dust container is slightly larger than that of most competitors on the market – 600 ml. The capacity is enough for about 2-3 cleaning cycles, subject to daily maintenance.

I would like to note the appearance of the device, namely the design approach. Okami U100 will be an interesting interior detail.

All Okami models are absolutely multilingual. The presence of a service center and official representation facilitates communication with the brand.

Cleaning type dry and wet cleaning
Dust container volume 0.60 l
Battery operation up to 120 min
Battery type Li-Ion, capacity 3200 mAh
Control control panel, remote control, mobile application
The size WxDxH: 33x33x10 cm
Suction power 2500 Pa
Noise level 50 dB

2nd place – Roborock S5 Max

TOP 5 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners of 2021

SLAM-algorithm and LDS-sensor on guard of navigation! Roborock S5 Max analyzes the room and instantly issues a cleaning map. The official application allows you to view the cleaning plan, monitor the process and analyze the route of the robot vacuum cleaner.

The maximum suction power of Roborock S5 Max is 2000 Pa. The battery capacity is enough for 2.5 hours of cleaning.

The package includes a special tank for wet cleaning. Electronic water supply is regulated inside the official mobile application. The new version of the device has an important function “area without a mop”, which allows you to prohibit wet cleaning in certain areas. For example, on carpets. The settings will be automatically reset when the water tank is removed.

The device operates in four main modes:

  • Balance
  • Quiet
  • Turbo
  • Maximum

Choose the optimal mode, suitable for a certain type of coating and degree of pollution. However, it is worth remembering that when cleaning in the maximum mode, the battery charge is consumed more actively.

The Mi Home app is compatible with Android and iOS. Virtual walls are drawn in it, territories are limited, or local places for cleaning are determined. Each room has its own settings. It is possible to program cleaning by time and day of the week.

Cleaning type dry and wet cleaning
Dust container volume 0.46 l
Battery operation up to 180 min
Battery type Li-Ion, capacity 5200 mAh
Control control panel, remote control, mobile application
The size WxDxH: 35x35x9.60 cm
Suction power 2000 Pa
Noise level 69 dB

3rd place – Viomi Cleaning Robot V3

TOP 5 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners of 2021

A unique approach to all types of cleaning. Manufacturers offer three containers to choose from: for dry, wet and combined cleaning. Now the device is as multifunctional as it can be. After installing the desired container, choose the cleaning mode that suits your type of coverage. The wet cleaning function offers three levels of wetting the wipes, dry cleaning – four suction powers: from quiet to maximum.

The application opens access to the “sweeping along the edges” and “re-passing” modes. When wet cleaning, the robot cleaner can follow one of two possible paths: standard (S-path) and herringbone movement for thorough removal of debris. Viomi V3 simply has no chance to leave the apartment dirty!

A powerful battery with a capacity of 4900 mAh allows you to operate on a single charge up to 170 minutes. During this time, it will be possible to clear a large area of ​​​​about 150 square meters. m. The suction power is also at a height of 2600 Pa.

Navigation is based on a laser rangefinder. In the application, you can view the route of the robot vacuum cleaner, analyzing the cleaning. There is also a function of splitting zones into rooms and combining them into common areas. Viomi V3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner saves up to 5 cleaning plans in its memory.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to single out a minus that negatively affects the cleaning of apartments in which fluffy pets live. The main bristle-petal brush is not disassembled, which makes it difficult to clean it from wound wool and hair.

Cleaning type dry and wet cleaning
Dust container volume 0.55 l
Battery operation up to 170 min
Battery type Li-Ion, capacity 4900 mAh
Control control panel, remote control, mobile application
The size WxDxH: 35x35x9.50 cm
Suction power 2600 Pa

4th place – Kitfort KT-565

TOP 5 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners of 2021

And again in our rating, a combination of dry and wet cleaning. In 2021, without these functions, nowhere! Kitfort KT-565 attracts not only with an arsenal of useful features, but also with a price. For about 280 $, the user gets a lot of pleasant impressions from using the device.

The built-in video camera provides control over navigation, namely the analysis of the environment and the construction of a map of the premises. It scans the ceiling and walls, transmitting information to sensors and a gyroscope. It is easier and more convenient to control the robot vacuum cleaner from the mobile phone screen. The application is available for download in Play Market and App Store. Start the robot vacuum cleaner from anywhere in the world and watch the process with the video surveillance function. The camera is able to cover 360 ° and give a panoramic image.

A little more about the remote control of the appliance: the timer function and cleaning programming is a must have for office workers, avid travelers and those who spend less of their time at home. Kitfort demonstrates that the human is not the key to maintaining cleanliness. Modern gadgets do a great job on their own.

More modes, more options. The manufacturer of KT-565 knows about this and implements 5 main positions:

  • Automatic – zigzag route, trajectory along obstacles.
  • Cleaning mode along the perimeter – a route along the walls.
  • Spot cleaning – local cleaning of areas up to 2 sq.m.
  • “Random” cleaning mode – cleaning in random order.
  • Turbo mode – travel through the same place twice.

To carry out wet cleaning, you should attach a special module that comes with the package. It consists of a container for liquid and a microfiber cloth that is wetted automatically. First of all, the robot vacuum cleaner cleans the floors of dry debris, and then wipes it with a damp cloth.

Thanks to the lithium-ion battery, the model operates from 90 to 120 minutes on a single charge. Then the robot vacuum cleaner will independently find and stand on the docking station. Forced return is also possible when using the mobile app.

Cleaning type dry and wet cleaning
Dust container volume 0.47 l
Battery operation up to 120 min
Battery type Li-Ion, capacity 2600 mAh
Control control panel, remote control, mobile application
The size WxDxH: 32.50×32.50×9.60 cm
Navigation type The robot is equipped with a panoramic camera for visual navigation and video surveillance functions.
Noise level 60 dB

5th place – Panda evo

TOP 5 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners of 2021

If in our rating places were given out as an ideal value for money, then Panda EVO would definitely take the first position. The average price for the device is 200 $. The manufacturer destroys the stereotypes regarding the budget versions of robotic vacuum cleaners, offering users many features and decent technical specifications.

Affordable price tag and a set of nice bonuses, such as SLAM navigation and three suction power modes. The brushless motor develops intensity up to 2150 Pa. Note that the figure is close to that of premium models, which means that the Panda EVO will cope with its tasks just as well.

The kit includes a removable 180 ml wet cleaning tank. The first cycle is dry cleaning and solid waste suction. The second cycle is wet cleaning and mopping with microfiber cloths. The volume of the dust collector surprises with its size – 800 ml, enough for several cleaning cycles.

Management, like all modern devices, occurs through a mobile application or remote control. There is a function of programming cleaning. Magnetic tape acts as a virtual wall.

The device is multilingual: it speaks European, the operating materials are also written in European. Note the presence of an official representative office and a service center on the territory of the EU.

Cleaning type dry and wet cleaning
Dust container volume 0.80 l
Battery operation up to 120 min
Battery type Li-Ion, capacity 2600 mAh
Control control panel, remote control, mobile application
The size WxDxH: 32x32x7.60 cm
Navigation type SLAM navigation
Noise level 50 dB

Website of the official representative office of the brand in EU

Rating results

We tried to collect in one place the most popular and functional devices on the modern robotics market. The rating includes models from different price segments, both premium and budget devices. Everyone will be able to choose a “smart” assistant, based on their own capabilities. We deservedly gave the first place to the “senior” device of the Okami brand. It has absorbed all the leading data: many functions, best technical characteristics, affordable price and unique design.

wink Choose “your” robot vacuum cleaner and enjoy your free time!


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