TOP-10 Manufacturers of Microwave Ovens: Which One Is Better?

TOP-10 manufacturers of microwave ovens: which one is better?


Few people can be surprised with just a microwave. But here is the stove with the image of the logo of one of the popular brands still capable of impressing the guests. But how do you know if the devices produced by companies with a world name are really worth their money? Do expensive microwaves really have more options than budget models?

To begin with, you should understand what types of microwave ovens exist. They are usually divided into three groups, which depend on the functional capabilities of the devices:

  1. Solo . Such microwaves are intended only for heating up already prepared meals or defrosting products.
  2. Grill . With the help of this part, you can not only heat up food, but also cook some dishes, for example, baked chicken.
  3. Convection . Thanks to convection, which involves the forced injection of hot air, these models can almost completely replace the oven.

World brands produce all three types of microwave ovens. However, in order to understand which manufacturer’s microwave oven is better, it will be useful to read this list of TOP-10 brands that have released more than one model and know a lot about household and other appliances.


The Beko brand is part of a Turkish concern that takes product quality seriously. The fact that the company is in 2nd place in Western Europe among corporations that produce large household appliances confirms this once again. This approach can be applied to microwave ovens of this brand.

TOP-10 manufacturers of microwave ovens: which one is better?

Beko microwaves are presented in four models and are popular due to the following advantages:

  • moderate price;
  • simple management;
  • reliable assembly;
  • sophisticated appearance.

The manufacturer focuses on the needs of customers and takes into account their wishes. For example, some models with a built-in grill are sold at the price of mono-ovens. This causes only positive emotions in buyers.

Although fans of technological innovations may like the simple controls of Beko microwave ovens, the vast majority of buyers will appreciate the simple and clear interface of this brand’s ovens.


The German concern Bosch offers high-quality microwave ovens. All models, of which, by the way, there are more than ten, are designed with the pedantry characteristic of the inhabitants of Germany. Although some microwaves are assembled in China, some models are made in Europe.

TOP-10 manufacturers of microwave ovens: which one is better?

Bosch microwave ovens have the following “pluses”:

  • attractive design;
  • a large number of automatic modes;
  • clear and convenient control;
  • acceptable cost of budget models.

The Bosch brand is associated with reliability and durability. This reputation is the result of time-tested relationships with customers who repay the company with trust.


One of the models of Candy microwaves entered the ranking of the 10 most popular microwave ovens in Europe, based on comprehensive search query statistics. This speaks of the trust enjoyed by the products of this brand.

TOP-10 manufacturers of microwave ovens: which one is better?

Advantages of microwaves of the Italian Candy brand:

  • more than twenty models for every taste;
  • low cost;
  • uniform heating of food;
  • good lighting;
  • stylish design.

Candy small appliances, including microwaves, have a good ratio of reliability, quality and moderate cost. For this reason, it is chosen by many buyers who focus on the budget segment.

Thanks to ergonomic control, microwave ovens of this manufacturer are very easy to use. For this, there is no need to learn complex instructions. All modes are included easily and clearly.


Elenberg brand products are widely represented in the budget segment of microwave ovens. The design and assembly of devices of this brand takes place in EU, Turkey and China. For many buyers who are wondering which brand of microwave oven is better to choose, the key advantage of this manufacturer is an attractive price.

TOP-10 manufacturers of microwave ovens: which one is better?

Other advantages of Elenberg microwaves include:

  • convenience and ease of management;
  • silent robot;
  • fast heating of food;
  • durability;
  • uniform thermal distribution in the chamber;
  • attractive cost.

Some models are equipped with cameras with an antibacterial coating on the walls, which is also easy to clean. In terms of functionality, microwaves of this brand are not inferior to more expensive analogues of well-known brands.

The low cost of Elenberg microwaves, as well as decent build quality, will be important factors when making a purchase decision.


The Gorenje brand comes from Slovenia, but most products, including microwave ovens, are manufactured in China, so the price tags for microwaves of this brand are quite moderate. However, this does not mean that Gorenje products are of poor quality. This confirms the fact that the Gorenje brand entered the TOP-10 manufacturers of kitchen stoves.

TOP-10 manufacturers of microwave ovens: which one is better?

The obvious advantages of microwave ovens of this manufacturer include:

  • attractive price;
  • original design;
  • assembly reliability;
  • quality of materials and electronics.

Gorenje manufactures microwaves (the range of which does not reach 20 models) in various price segments. At the same time, the company does not skimp on quality. For example, although the standard enamel coating is used in most ovens, the manufacturer made sure that it had antibacterial properties.

Convector-type models use a stainless steel chamber made according to Innox Terior technology. This provides better circulation of microwaves and allows you to achieve an almost perfect taste of the prepared dish.

As mentioned at the beginning, convector microwaves are similar in function to an oven. To test the preparation of an independent dish in a device with a stainless steel chamber, you can use one of these recipes:

Most Gorenje models use a quartz grill. Thanks to its compact design, this item does not take up too much space.


Microwaves of the German brand Kaiser are produced in all price categories. The manufacturer is particularly popular due to the availability of quality models in the budget segment. However, the company also has models with an exclusive design for premium buyers. The brand has a total of eight models of microwave ovens.

TOP-10 manufacturers of microwave ovens: which one is better?

The “pluses” of Kaiser microwave ovens are as follows:

  • quality assembly;
  • original design;
  • ease of use;
  • easy camera cleaning.

Microwaves of this manufacturer are distinguished by a wide variety of colors and a large number of functions. For example, they have 6 built-in cooking modes that are suitable for different dishes. At the same time, the price of budget models remains at an affordable level.

Thanks to a successful combination of good technical characteristics and an attractive appearance, microwave ovens of this company are worthy of the attention of even demanding buyers.


In terms of the total number of sales, the Korean corporation LG is confidently in the first ranks. This also applies to the popularity of the brand. Such popular love is well-deserved, because the LG company is known for its passion for new proprietary technologies that bring product quality to a new level.

TOP-10 manufacturers of microwave ovens: which one is better?

The “pluses” of LG microwave ovens include:

  • moderate cost;
  • innovative technologies;
  • easy and quick cleaning of the inner chamber;
  • presence of a quartz grill.

The distinctive features of LG microwave ovens include I-wave technology, the use of which allows you to heat food more evenly, preventing cold areas. Also, the microwaves of the Korean company are equipped with a special smooth EasyClean coating, which has antibacterial properties and makes the process of cleaning the camera more convenient.

LG microwaves deserve the attention of buyers also because the factory warranty for the internal coating of the camera is 10 full years. This indicates the high quality and reliability of microwave ovens of this manufacturer.


Panasonic is a leading “player” in the production of inverter microwave ovens. The engineers of the Japanese corporation brought this technology almost to perfection. The electronic control unit (inverter) is much smaller than the transformer used in conventional microwave ovens. Thanks to this, additional useful camera space is freed up.

TOP-10 manufacturers of microwave ovens: which one is better?

Advantages of Panasonic inverter ovens include:

  • lighter and more compact than conventional microwaves;
  • economical energy consumption;
  • fast defrosting mode.

Thanks to inverter wave control technology, defrosting of products in Panasonic microwave ovens is twice as fast as in conventional ovens. Stainless steel and an enamel layer are used as material for the inner coating of the camera.

For many buyers wondering which brand of microwave oven to buy, look no further than Panasonic. They are convinced of this by the huge assortment (32 models!), Japanese quality and reliability.


Microwave ovens from the South Korean company Samsung have a large number of built-in programs with recipes. It is quite simple to prepare the necessary products and press the button. The microwave will automatically select the cooking mode and set the timer for the time exactly determined by the program, which is required for the dish to be fully ready.

TOP-10 manufacturers of microwave ovens: which one is better?

The following competitive advantages allowed the brand to gain popularity among buyers:

  • wide selection – more than fifty different models;
  • 10-year warranty for internal coating;
  • uniform heating of food thanks to TDS technology, which implies a three-dimensional distribution of waves in the chamber;
  • standby mode with saving up to 40% of electricity;
  • a large selection of models in the budget segment.

A feature of Samsung microwaves is a unique bioceramic enamel, which is used to cover the inner walls of the oven. A camera with such a surface is not damaged by rust, is easy to clean, does not turn yellow, does not absorb the smell of food. Also, bioceramics prevent the appearance and spread of harmful bacteria.

Samsung continues to be one of the leaders among manufacturers of household appliances, as well as enjoy the love and trust of customers.


It was the Sharp company that became a pioneer in the development of household microwave ovens, offering housewives a generous gift in the form of a faithful assistant in the kitchen. In general, these are high-quality devices with convenient controls, which can be mechanical or touch, depending on the selected model.

TOP-10 manufacturers of microwave ovens: which one is better?

The advantages of each of the thirty-five types of Sharp microwaves include the following factors:

  • nice design;
  • quality assembly;
  • affordable price;
  • simple management;
  • self-diagnosis option in case of breakdown.

Sharp microwave ovens are equipped with programs for auto-defrosting, reheating food, and cooking independent meals, taking into account the peculiarities of cooking different products.

Some models have two built-in grills – standard tan and quartz. The advantage of the first one is to periodically change the position in order to adapt to the individual shape of the dish. The quartz grill, in turn, consumes energy very economically and gives food such a taste as if it were cooked on fire.

Which brand is better?

This review of the TOP 10 microwave manufacturers has shown that the decision about which brand is better to choose can be influenced by price, type of device, its features and other characteristics. However, the brand plays not the last role. Three companies whose microwaves are available at the lowest price stand out from the list of the top 10 companies: Elenberg, Candy and Beko. The most expensive microwave ovens are produced by Kaiser, Bosch and Panasonic.

Fans of innovation will like microwaves from LG and Samsung, which are developed on the basis of branded technologies that make cooking and heating food easier. They include models with intuitive electronic control and stylish design.

Those who value simplicity, durability and reliability will be pleasantly surprised by Gorenje and Sharp microwaves. A large number of models with many excellent parameters will help any buyer to find the microwave oven he has always dreamed of.


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