Top 10 Electric Cooktop Companies

Top 10 Electric Cooktop Companies

Electric models of hobs have literally flooded the world market in recent years. And even if some consider them just a tribute to fashion, this technique has a number of undeniable advantages that make it so highly sought after. How to choose the best option for your home? Which manufacturers are ready to offer decent quality without overcharging for the brand? Our experts understand the issue.

How to choose the right option

Type of heating, number of burners

Let’s start with the number of burners. How much will be enough? This is the first question to be answered. Two-burner models are suitable for small families and those who live alone. This option is optimal for a small kitchen. If two burners are not enough, you can pay attention to designs equipped with three heating elements.

The most common option is a panel with four burners. You should carefully choose the number of burners, since it is on this characteristic of the technique that its price largely depends.

Cooktops use different types of burners:

  1. Spiral – used in budget models, they are low-power;
  2. Tape (Hi-Light) – energy efficient, widely in demand in electric cooking panels, found in the middle price segment;
  3. Halogen – the most powerful option, designed for instant heating. Rarely used in everyday life.

Surface material

Stainless steel is considered one of the most reliable and durable materials for the hob. Stainless steel electrical panels heat up quickly, cool slowly, and are easy to clean (even an abrasive is suitable).

  1. Enamel is resistant to high temperatures, easy to maintain and operate, has an aesthetic appearance, but at the same time it is “afraid” of mechanical impact, abrasive substances.
  2. Glass ceramics – such a surface conducts heat well, is compact, has a stylish look, the cooking zone can be adjusted to dishes of various sizes, but only special liquid compositions are allowed for cleaning, and special dishes are required for operation.
  3. Tempered glass is an alternative to the previous material. It is rarely used in electric hobs.

Heating zones

On sale there are hobs with a surface equipped with round, oval burners, often with expansion zones that increase the heating field of the existing burner (there are two-, three-circuit heating zones). There are also models with heating zones that can be combined into one with a single heating circuit to increase the diameter of the working zone.

Advice. Pay attention to models in which two heating elements can be combined into one heating zone. This will expand your culinary possibilities.

Additional options

The presence of additional options that expand the functionality of the hob will be useful for those who appreciate maximum comfort and convenience in the operation of kitchen appliances:

  1. Auto-boiling – at the moment the element reaches the set temperature, the heating mode changes to keep warm.
  2. Auto power off – in the absence of any user instructions for a certain time interval, the device turns off automatically.
  3. Child protection – the lock button eliminates the risk of accidentally turning on the device.
  4. Detection of the presence of dishes – the hob will automatically detect not only the presence of dishes on the work surface, but also whether they are installed correctly.
  5. Residual heat indicator – indicates its presence.

Rating of the best manufacturers


Rating: 5.0

Top 10 Electric Cooktop Companies

Country: Sweden


The company was founded in Sweden back in 1996. Since that time, its specialists have been creating cost-effective, safe and durable equipment. Brand products (without exception) have quality certificates. All parts of the equipment are distinguished by a stylish unique design and a balance of technical characteristics. This allowed the brand to create an impeccable reputation.

Our experts added the brand to this rating for good reason, because one of the recognizable features of Asko hobs is a longer service life compared to analogues. This is understandable: the company uses high-strength, reliable materials in the development of the model range – they are safe, resistant to wear, and, importantly, retain their presentable appearance.

Asko products belong to the premium price class. It is designed for people who are not just ready to spend on household appliances, but who seek to equip their homes with engineering innovations. The company’s hobs, like all appliances, go through several stages of control – sales defects are excluded.


Rating: 4.9

Top 10 Electric Cooktop Companies

Country: Germany


NEFF is an eminent brand from Germany that is proud of its history, dating back to the end of the 19th century. Today it belongs to the BSH group of companies. In the European market, the brand’s products were first presented only in 2005. Under this brand, household appliances are created and sold on the world market exclusively in the premium segment.

Neff electric hobs combine impressive performance (as many as 17 heating levels) with quality details. The brand’s lineup boasts a whole arsenal of useful options: touch control, heating the pan, maintaining the set temperature, two burners with a common heating zone. Neff hobs are easy to clean: using a special scraper, it is easy to keep the work surface in perfect condition.


Rating: 4.8

Top 10 Electric Cooktop Companies

Country: Italy


Premium Italian manufacturer of home appliances. The key attention in the company is paid to the technological component, maintaining a high level of quality and exclusivity of the design of the created products. Eminent architects and designers have worked on each of the SMEG electric hobs on the market.

At the moment, the brand is considered one of the largest manufacturers of household appliances for the kitchen on a global scale. Representative offices of the company are located all over the world – both in European countries, such as Portugal, France, Europe, and beyond its borders (USA, UAE, etc.).

There are several modifications of hobs in the SMEG catalog – induction models, including those supplemented with an integrated hood, combined options, glass-ceramic specimens, etc. Products with the MultiZone option are especially popular – the heating zone is divided into two parts or can be used as one large zone for cooking.


Rating: 4.7

Top 10 Electric Cooktop Companies

Country: UK


The company has been present on the domestic market for more than two decades, and during this time has managed to form an authority in its niche. All this thanks to an impressive range of kitchen equipment, the use of practical advanced materials that are not only highly functional, but also resistant to wear.

Another of the attractive features of MAUNFELD products is the stylish minimalist design developed directly in the main laboratory of the manufacturer. That is why the consumer can easily choose the right hob in any interior. The brand’s operating facilities are located in Italy, Turkey, Poland, etc.


Rating: 4.6

Top 10 Electric Cooktop Companies

Country: Sweden


The Swedish company, founded over a hundred years ago, is today one of the “monsters” of the global market for household appliances and professional equipment. The world’s second largest manufacturer of household appliances (Whirlpool is the leader in this niche). Over the years of its existence, the international corporation has absorbed many companies, including quite well-known ones (for example, Zanussi).

Hobs manufactured by Electrolux are safe to use, easy to maintain, very convenient to operate – instantly respond to user commands (due to the presence of touch panels and electronics), economical (due to high efficiency). All this together allows us to talk about a highly functional, efficient, durable, useful product.

Another feature of Electrolux hobs is a wide range of modifications, taking into account power, dimensions and price category. Everyone can choose the best option according to their own wishes.


Rating: 4.5

Top 10 Electric Cooktop Companies

Country: Germany


The eminent German brand, which includes many brands, is firmly entrenched in the European market due to the perfect balance of high reliability and durability at a reasonable price. The company has a fairly wide range of hobs, albeit slightly of the same type.

Users especially praise BOSCH equipment for its reliability and technological novelty. The products of this manufacturer are always a reliable purchase for the home. Highly functional induction hobs with specially shaped burners and different sizes make cooking easier and more enjoyable.

Impeccable visuals and practicality of materials are also the strengths of the company’s products. Leading designers and engineers are involved in the production process. The result is a thoughtful, safe product. Why are BOSCH hobs good? All details are thought out for maximum protection of the user from possible malfunctions: child lock, cool surface in induction models, auto-off, and much more.


Rating: 4.4

Top 10 Electric Cooktop Companies

Country: Slovenia


Ever since the foundation of the company in the 50s, the production of functional and convenient household goods has been established. And, starting from the 80s, the first built-in hobs went on sale. Gorenje’s current range includes a wide variety of carefully designed electric hobs. For each consumer, the brand offers high-quality solutions – with laconic surfaces, ergonomic lines, various configurations.

The products have become widely in demand, primarily due to the wide size range of products, low energy consumption, good arrangement of burners, and comfortable control. The hobs are equipped with child protection, a timer for convenient cooking, an auto-off option, etc.


Rating: 4.3

Top 10 Electric Cooktop Companies

Country: Germany


The brand was created in Germany, but became famous as it moved to the European market. In 2009, the trademark was bought out by Megalex, and four years later the company expanded widely into the CIS market. The owners from Europe retained the German-style design bureau, and the production was transferred to China.

But this does not mean low quality at all – the equipment is created using the same technology as the famous Bosch, Hotpoint Ariston, but at the same time the market price is lower. It is worth saying that the choice of electric hobs from the manufacturer is rather modest – only three lines, but each model is unique. The presented range varies widely in power – from 3 to 7.3 kW. The equipment is also not bad (from a “domino” for two burners to a full-fledged 4-burner hob).


Rating: 4.2

Top 10 Electric Cooktop Companies

Country: Germany


The brand positions itself as German, but only projects are created in this country: all electric hobs are made in Poland. Products are equipped with reliable electronics that operate uninterruptedly throughout the entire specified service life. True, there is one feature – the technique is quite sensitive to significant power surges.

The manufacturer offers several dozen options for electric panels for both two and four burners. The company’s engineers claim that each of the models will heat up in literally 10 seconds. The hobs are resistant to mechanical stress, easy to maintain, well designed: during operation, food residues and dust do not get into the joints of the structure.


Rating: 4.1

Top 10 Electric Cooktop Companies

Country: Turkey


A well-known Turkish manufacturer of household appliances, belonging to the Ko Holding. The brand has been known on the domestic market for almost a quarter of a century. The company’s plant is located in the city of Kirzhach. It is worth noting that the manufacturer took care of the durability of the created equipment.

The brand’s electric hobs are mostly protected by a special stainless steel frame around the perimeter of the work surface – to protect against mechanical stress. And if liquid gets on the heating zones, they are automatically turned off. According to consumer reviews, Beko equipment lasts a long time, rarely fails (mostly small, easily replaceable parts), and is easy to operate.

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