TOP 10 Best Compact Dishwashers

TOP 10 best compact dishwashers


TOP 10 best compact dishwashers

A compact dishwasher is ideal for a small family with a small kitchen.

It helps to get rid of unpleasant manual labor, while not taking up much space.

The modern market of household appliances offers a wide range of similar devices of domestic and foreign manufacturers.

To purchase the best option, you need to understand the main criteria and features of various models.

Rating of the TOP 10 best compact dishwashers 2022-2023

Features of compact dishwashers

Most dishwashers (PMM), regardless of size, work on the same principle.

Water is poured into them and heated, which then, under pressure created by the pump, is directed to the dishes by a jet, washing away the dirt. The sprinklers are given a rotational movement.

Before spraying, water is mixed with detergent. The contaminated liquid is removed from the working chamber, and the dishes are rinsed. The final stage is drying.

One of the most important parameters of the PMM is the overall size. Full-sized machines are produced with a height of 80-85 cm, a depth of 55 cm and a width of 55-60 cm. In a narrow version, the width is reduced to 45 cm.

Compact devices are smaller in size both in width and height. Standard, compact PMM have dimensions of 45x55x50 (width x depth x height) cm. In addition, mini models are produced – 45x46x48 cm.

With a decrease in size, a problem arises with the configuration of the working bodies. In the PMM category under consideration, only one water sprayer is installed (for comparison, in a full-sized apparatus – 3, in a narrow version – 2).

However, given the reduction in capacity, this is quite enough for high-quality dishwashing.

TOP 10 best compact dishwashers

Device types

According to the installation method, compact PMMs are divided into 2 types – built-in and separately installed devices. Fundamentally, they differ little from each other, but have specific, constructive nuances.


For a small kitchen, it is difficult to find appliances of suitable sizes. Compact built-in machines help out. They have minimal dimensions, which makes it possible to place them under the sink (sink) or inside the kitchen cabinet.

A prerequisite is front loading dishes. The door of such a PMM can play the role of a facade, and have an appropriate decor. A variant is possible when the equipment is completely located in the cabinet and closed with its doors.


Another common PMM option for a small space is a countertop machine.

Its height is important when the device is located between the countertop and the wall cabinet. In other cases, the footprint is more critical.

Separately installed devices are subject to additional requirements such as stability and correct installation. An important detail is the adjustable legs of the machine. The value of its mass also increases, tk. often there is a need to move equipment on the countertop.

TOP 10 best compact dishwashers

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any household appliances, compact PMMs have their pros and cons.

The following advantages stand out:

  • small size, which makes it possible to use even in very small kitchens;
  • economical consumption of water and electricity;
  • simplicity of design, management and maintenance;
  • low weight, ensuring the mobility of the device, i.e. the possibility of its movement;
  • ease of connection, allowing you to do the installation yourself;
  • a small volume of drain, which makes it possible to carry it into the sink in the absence of a stationary connection to the sewer.

Machine disadvantages:

  • limited volume of the working chamber, which does not allow washing overall dishes;
  • sorting dishes before laying for rational loading;
  • the need to use special detergents (the disadvantage is also characteristic of another type of PMM);
  • a small number of sets of dishes that are washed in 1 cycle;
  • the need for frequent switching on with the active accumulation of dirty dishes.

These disadvantages are important for a large family and frequent dinners with guests. This category of equipment is intended for a family of 2-3 people, and in this case, its capabilities fully satisfy the needs. At the same time, such a machine harmoniously fits into the interior of a small room.

TOP 10 best compact dishwashers

How is the water connection made?

All dishwashers are connected to the water supply. They need a supply of water to create an effective jet and rinse the dishes after washing.

PMM differ in the way it is heated – tubular and flow devices. The first option involves the creation of a certain water reserve and the use of submersible heating elements. In the second case, constant heating of the water flow is provided. Warming up is faster, but power consumption increases.

Connection to the water supply can be individual or through a mixer tap.

When connected individually, a tee cuts into the water pipe, distributing the flow to the sink and PMM. Appropriate locking equipment is installed. The compact mini-machine can also be connected directly to the sink faucet. To do this, the rubber hose is simply put on the spout.

Are there PMM models without a water connection? Their existence is rather a myth. Washing fixtures such as Circo and NoStrom EcoWash Dinner Set are available, imitating a car. In them, water is poured into the reservoir, and its direction into the working chamber is carried out manually (by turning the handle). At the same time, you can lay 1-2 sets of dishes.

In principle, in the country, in the absence of running water, you can independently make a storage tank for servicing the PMM. Supply water to the pressure chamber to ensure the pump or the location of the tank at the right height.

TOP 10 best compact dishwashers

How to choose and what to look for?

There are parameters that determine the basic properties of a compact PMM, its capabilities, reliability and safety. When buying equipment, it is important to take into account the main selection criteria, and purchase the best option.

Dimensions and capacity

The dimensions of the machine determine its performance, which is usually defined as the capacity of the working chamber, i.e. the number of dishes processed in 1 cycle.

The main unit is a standard set, which includes 11 items (plates, glasses, spoons, etc.). The actual capacity of compact PMM can be from 2 to 6 sets.

Cleaning class

According to the quality of washing, 3 classes of cleaning dishes in the PMM are provided.

Almost all modern machines belong to class A, which guarantees absolute cleanliness with any type of contamination. Class B and C can only be found in cheap models. They allow small stains in certain types of dirt.

Water and electricity consumption

All compact PMM in terms of water consumption for 1 cycle belong to category A (less than 15 l). However, you can find devices with the lowest rate. Its value for different models ranges from 5 to 8 liters.

Electricity consumption depends on the total power consumption of all elements of the machine. Real PMM have this figure in the range of 0.6-0.8 kW / h per 1 cycle.

TOP 10 best compact dishwashers


In PMM, 2 drying methods can be used:

  • conventional. Dishes are blown with a stream of warm air. Drying is accelerated, but the design of the apparatus becomes more complicated, which leads to an increase in its price, and there is an extra consumption of electricity.
  • Condensing. Drying occurs naturally. Water simply gradually flows into the pan, from where it is removed into the sewer. Drying time increases, but the method is considered simple and economical.

Most models use condensation drying, which suits almost all consumers.

Operating modes

Modern machines are equipped with an electronic control circuit. With it, you can set a different cleaning mode depending on the type and quantity of dishes, as well as the degree of soiling. The capabilities of the device depend on the number of installed programs.

The number of temperature modes determines the following possibilities:

  • up to 50aboutC – economical work;
  • 60-66aboutC – standard programs;
  • 40-48aboutC – accelerated washing of lightly soiled dishes;
  • up to 70-75aboutC – intensive mode with heavy pollution.

Additional programs may be provided. Prewash at 40aboutWith subsequent heating of water up to 70 degrees, it cleans any contaminants.

Economic car wash (ECO) provides optimal energy consumption. Automatic mode (AUTO) selects the desired program by itself. Modern PMM can have from 2 to 8 different cleaning programs.

Noise level

The noise level when working at maximum modes determines the comfort in the kitchen. PMM with a level of 44-45 dB are considered quiet. Too noisy cars emit noise up to 52-55 dB. Most compact devices are rated at 46-49 dB.


One of the biggest troubles during the operation of PMM is water leakage during operation. Reliable protection against this problem is provided by the special Aquastop system.

In such machines, a special pallet with a sensor is installed. When a leak occurs, water rises into the pan, the sensor is triggered, and the device turns off automatically.

TOP 10 best compact dishwashers

Are there models with a width of 35 cm, or is this a marketing ploy?

Sometimes you can see advertisements for dishwashers 35 cm wide. It should be noted right away that it is useless to look for such a machine. They are not issued, because. the ability to load standard dishes is significantly limited.

This marketing ploy is designed for those who have a very small kitchen and want to buy appliances of the minimum size. Most likely, advertisers proceed from the internal dimensions of the working chamber, but “forget” to indicate such a nuance.

TOP 3 built-in compact dishwashers

What is the best compact built-in dishwasher in your opinion? You can vote one once.

Numerous reviews of hostesses and expert opinions allow us to rank the best compact dishwashers. Below is the TOP 3 of the most popular mini built-in PMMs.


One of the best models is MAUNFELD MLP-06IM. This small dishwasher belongs to cleaning class A. This model is highly reliable for 2022-2023.TOP 10 best compact dishwashers

The power consumption is 1.3 kW, and the consumption is 0.62 kW / h per cycle. Water consumption 6.5 l/cycle. Noise level – 49 dB. Number of programs – 6. Capacity – 6 sets. Dimensions – 55x52x43.8 cm.


  • a large number of programs;
  • the possibility of washing dishes made of thin glass;
  • touch control and user-friendly display;
  • timer with a delay of switching on up to 24 hours.


  • increased width;
  • claims to noise at maximum mode.

The disadvantages are compensated by low height, economical power consumption with significant power, ease of maintenance.

Flavia CI 55 Havana P5

A high place in the rating is given to the compact PMM Flavia CI 55 Havana P5. The model is similar in characteristics to the previous device.TOP 10 best compact dishwashers

Its capacity is 6 sets. Water consumption – 6.5 liters per 1 cycle. Power consumption 1.28 dB. Washing time on the standard program is 180 minutes. Dimensions – 55x52x45.2 cm.


  • the ability to set 6 temperature modes;
  • the presence of the “delicate wash” mode;
  • reliable protection of the chamber against corrosion;
  • convenient indication.


  • partial leakage protection.

In general, the device is characterized as a reliable and durable technique.

Electrolux ESF 2300 DW

One of the leaders in the ranking of the best built-in machines is the Electrolux ESF 2300DW. The device is designed for washing 5 sets of dishes.TOP 10 best compact dishwashers

Water consumption – 8 liters. Power consumption 1.3 kW. Number of programs – 5. Dimensions – 45x48x46 cm. Weight – 17 kg.


  • small dimensions in all directions;
  • economical power consumption (0.57 kWh per cycle);
  • installation versatility;
  • convenient timer and indication;
  • Ease of controls.


  • increased noise level.

Despite the rather high noise level, the hostesses highlight the high build quality and miniature size.

TOP 7 freestanding compact dishwashers

Which freestanding compact dishwasher do you think is the best? You can vote one once.

Separately installed machines are very popular with owners of small kitchens. TOP-7 of the best models helps to choose the best version of the car in this category.

Weissgauff TDW 4017 D

Invariably, the Weissgauff TDW 4017 D model is among the leaders of the rating. This compact machine washes 6 place settings. This is one of the highest quality models for 2022-2023.TOP 10 best compact dishwashers

Electronic control. Power consumption – 1.4 kW, and electricity consumption 0.6 kW / h per 1 cycle. Water consumption – 6.4 l / cycle. Noise level – 49 dB. Number of programs -7. Dimensions – 55x50x44 cm.


  • flow heater;
  • quick wash;
  • protection from children;
  • a large number of programs.


  • increased width.

The disadvantage is compensated by the low height of the machine. The model is characterized by reliability and economy.

Midea MCFD42900 G MINI

A worthy place at the top of the TOP is occupied by a stationary PMM Midea MCFD42900 G MINI. This is a mini-machine for 2 sets of dishes.TOP 10 best compact dishwashers

Power consumption – 0.73 kW, energy consumption – 0.42 kW / h per 1 cycle. Water consumption – 5 l / cycle. Number of programs – 6 with the possibility of setting 4 temperature = modes. Dimensions – 42x44x44 cm.


  • one of the smallest models;
  • economy of operation;
  • washing speed;
  • extra dry.


  • for its class of machines, it has practically no shortcomings. Small capacity is commensurate with dimensions.

Exiteq EXDW-T502

Consumers highly appreciate the stationary Exiteq EXDW-T502. This freestanding PMM washes 6 sets.TOP 10 best compact dishwashers

Power consumption – 1.38 kW, and energy consumption – 0.6 kW / h per 1 cycle. Water consumption – 6.5 liters. Noise level – 48 dB. The number of programs and temperature modes – 6 each. Dimensions – 55x50x44 cm.


  • convenient electronic control with display;
  • versatility of programming;
  • timer to delay switching on up to 24 hours;
  • all necessary equipment.


  • not narrow enough, but this drawback is unimportant for many.

Popularity ensures high reliability.

Hotpoint-Ariston HCD662

Among the best models, PMM Hotpoint-Ariston HCD 662 is noted. The capacity of the machine is 6 sets.TOP 10 best compact dishwashers

Water consumption – 7 l, and energy – 0.62 kW / h per 1 cycle. Number of programs – 6. Dimensions – 55x52x44 cm.


  • well washes fragile dishes;
  • reliable protection against leaks;
  • universality;
  • convenient indication.


  • increased cost, but it fully corresponds to the quality and reliability of the device.

Bosch Serie 2 SKS 41E11

German quality conquers PMM Bosch Serie 2 SKS 41E11. Machine capacity – 6 sets.TOP 10 best compact dishwashers

Water consumption – 8 l / cycle. Number of programs – 4. Dimensions – 55x50x45 cm.


  • high reliability and durability;
  • attractive design;
  • low power consumption;
  • reliable protection.


  • no deficiencies reported.

Midea MCFD-0606

Midea MCFD-0606 is rightly considered one of the best stationary models. The compact device is designed for 6 sets of dishes.TOP 10 best compact dishwashers

Number of programs – 8. Electronic control. Dimensions – 55x50x43.8 cm.


  • quick wash on standard mode (120 minutes);
  • low noise level;
  • a large number of additional programs;
  • high-quality drying;
  • delayed start up to 24 hours


  • deficiencies were not found.

Korting KDF 2050W

The work of PMM Korting KDF 2050 W is highly appreciated. This free-standing model has a capacity of 6 sets.TOP 10 best compact dishwashers

Belongs to the category of compact. Water consumption – 6.5 l / cycle. Power consumption 1.9 kW. The number of programs is 7, and the temperature regimes are 5. Dimensions are 55x50x43.8 cm.


  • self-cleaning function;
  • significant power with low energy consumption per cycle;
  • reliable protection against leaks;
  • low cost.


  • there are practically no shortcomings.

Versatility and ease of management are noted.

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