The Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Without a Turbo Brush for an Apartment

The best robotic vacuum cleaners without a turbo brush for an apartment


The absence of a turbo brush allows you to simplify the care of the vacuum cleaner or eliminate it altogether. But such models are more Suitable for owners of smooth floorssince the majority robot models cannot provide high-quality cleaning of carpets.

We have compiled a list of the best non-turbo brushless robot vacuum cleaners that are really worth buying.

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1st place – Hobot Legee 7

Leader of our rating is a modified version of the Hobot Legee 688 with better navigation, no turbo brush, higher suction power, improved battery and new features that make the vacuum cleaner able to compete with premium robots.

The the vacuum cleaner has a D-shaped body, which allows it to completely suck up debris from corners and hard-to-reach places, while not having a turbo brush. There are sensors and a gyroscope on the body, and in this robot model, a lidar turret appeared on top, so that the robot vacuum cleaner has better navigation compared to other models in the rating.

The robot can continuously clean up to two hours thanks to the best battery in our rating with a capacity of 4500 mAh, which allows you to refresh an area of ​​​​110 square meters in one cleaning. But the robot has the function of automatically continuing cleaning after recharging at the docking station, so that the cleaning area becomes almost unlimited, which allows it to take the best places in the ratings.

The leader of our rating successfully copes without a turbo brush with both dry and wet cleaning, regardless of the type of flooring. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with an average suction power of up to 2700 Pa, but it will provide garbage collection without a turbo brush even on carpets, and the robot’s mop is capable of producing up to 900 vibrations per minute, which provides the best wet cleaning in our rating and removal of even dried stains.


  • Thorough cleaning of corners
  • Powerful battery
  • Advanced dry and wet cleaning function
  • The mop produces up to 900 vibrations per minute
  • Advanced Navigation


  • No reinforcement on carpets
  • Does not overcome thresholds higher than 5 mm
  • High price

The best robotic vacuum cleaners without a turbo brush for an apartment

2nd place – ILife V9e

We continue our rating of robotic vacuum cleaners without a turbo brush model from ILife. The robot uses a cyclone system for suction. This model also does not have a turbo brush; instead, under the vacuum cleaner is a soft silicone rubber mouthpiece, which sucks up debris.

The 700 ml dust container of the robot is equipped with a three-stage filtration system, including a HEPA filter. ILiife claims that it removes up to 99.95% of the smallest particles and allergens as small as 0.3 microns – the best choice for allergy sufferers in our ranking.

Robot has the best connection to the application among other rating models. In the application, you can turn on the automatic mode, the “edge” mode or increase the motor power in the “maximum” mode up to 3000 Pa. The spot mode increases the suction power to 4000 Pa – an impressive result in our ranking.

This vacuum cleaner, like other ILife models, is not equipped with the best LiDAR navigation system, so it does not create an accurate map of the area. Since the robot does not have an accurate map, the cleaning path often deviates from the usual zigzag path if the robot cleaner hits an obstacle.


  • Suction power 4000 Pa
  • High rating
  • Spot Mode
  • Fast and powerful cleaning
  • Easily connects to the app


  • Noisy
  • Navigation issues

The best robotic vacuum cleaners without a turbo brush for an apartment

3rd place – Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 950

One of the best vacuum cleaners in our rating of models without a turbo brush is equipped with a navigation system: LiDARwhich helps the robot know which areas it has already cleaned and which areas it has not yet cleaned, so that this robot cleaner can carefully cover the entire area and display an accurate map in the application, which allows the user to set virtual boundaries with virtual restricted areas.

The robot has less suction power compared to other models in our rating – up to 1500 Pa. It does, however, boast an auto-boost feature, which may come in handy for users with carpets, as the suction power increases when the vacuum detects them. This ensures thorough cleaning despite the absence of a turbo brush.

The vacuum cleaner has an impressive long battery life – up to 200 minutes of continuous cleaning, so it can clean a huge area on a single charge. Even in maximum suction mode, it still outperforms its competitors in terms of battery life.


  • Best Navigation
  • Can vacuum and wash at the same time
  • Automatic suction boost
  • Long battery life
  • Supports various levels of water flow


  • High price
  • The docking station must be moved with the robot cleaner to work on different floors

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The best robotic vacuum cleaners without a turbo brush for an apartment

4th place – Clever&Clean AQUA Light

One of the best domestic-made vacuum cleaners, which could adequately oppose Western market models. Due to its compactness, noise level, suction power, ease of setup and other equally important parameters, this robot takes the best places in many ratings of vacuum cleaners without a turbo brush.

The height of the robot is only 7.5 centimeters, and the diameter is 30 centimeters, thanks to which it can clean in the most inaccessible places even without a turbo brush.

The vacuum cleaner has a 250 ml dust container, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with the best double filtration system. The best class 12 HEPA filter is built into the back wall of the dust collector, which traps more than 99.4% of dust particles – a big plus for allergy sufferers.

The device is not equipped with the best navigation systems like LiDAR or vSLAM, which significantly affects the accuracy of the vacuum cleaner. But the robot is equipped with a gyroscopewhich is enough for consistent cleaning of a room or a small apartment, but when cleaning a large area, it goes astray.

This robot is also designed primarily for cleaning floors and will be ineffective when cleaning carpets due to the lack of a turbo brush. The robot has normal and turbo modes, which is enough to clean any type of flooring. The vacuum cleaner can capture debris in gaps up to 2 centimeters, and also collect any small and large debris, including animal hair, without a turbo brush.


  • The best HEPA filter
  • Thorough cleaning of cracks up to 2 cm deep
  • Picks up all kinds of trash
  • Sufficient dust container
  • Voice Assistant Compatibility
  • compactness


  • Doesn’t save room map in app
  • Mediocre navigation
  • Doesn’t clean carpets
  • Small volume water container

The best robotic vacuum cleaners without a turbo brush for an apartment

5th place – Roborock E5

The next model of our rating of vacuum cleaners without turbo brush not equipped with lidar, but it has a gyroscopic navigation system, so the robot follows a pre-programmed cleaning pattern. At the same time, he does not really map the premises, so he does not know where he has already cleaned and where he has not yet.

The maximum suction power of the Roborock E5 reaches 2500 Pa, which contributes to a thorough cleaning even without a turbo brush. In addition, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a function to boost suction power when carpets are detected. This allows the Roborock E5 to perform thorough carpet cleaning without the need for a turbo brush. The vacuum cleaner has a large dust container with a capacity of up to 0.6 liters, so you do not have to empty the dust container often.


  • Affordable price
  • Following a systematic cleaning scheme
  • Can automatically increase suction on carpets
  • Can be controlled by APP, remote control and voice control
  • Large dust container


  • No Smart Mapping Feature
  • Doesn’t come with magnetic stripe and no virtual borders
  • The app is for basic control only

The best robotic vacuum cleaners without a turbo brush for an apartment

6th place – Eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid

Eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid refers to high-rated mid-range vacuum cleanerswhich allow you to simultaneously vacuum and clean, as well as equipped with intelligent navigation at an affordable price.

The robot has a suction power of up to 2000 Pa, which means that the vacuum cleaner is able to suck up dirt between tiles and remove large debris, despite the absence of a turbo brush.

Regardless of the operating mode, the noise level of the device does not exceed 55 decibels, which is quieter than a microwave oven. Therefore, it may be better to use the maximum mode to provide a more thorough and deep cleaning at a low noise level.

The manufacturer notes that this vacuum cleaner without turbo brush is only for hard floors. Thus, the robot cannot provide the same cleaning quality for those with carpets and rugs due to the lack of a turbo brush.

The robot can work for 100 minutes of continuous cleaning in standard mode and 45 minutes in maximum mode. However, the disadvantage of this mode is that if you have a large house and the robot vacuum cleaner runs out of its battery halfway while cleaning, you will have to charge the robot yourself and wait 5-6 hours for the vacuum cleaner to continue the cleaning cycle. Therefore, given the battery life, this robot is more suitable for apartments or small houses.

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  • Can vacuum and wash at the same time
  • Compact and beautiful design
  • Strong suction power with low noise
  • The app is easy to use
  • High rating


  • Works best only on hard floors
  • Basic cleaning
  • Long charging time and short battery life

The best robotic vacuum cleaners without a turbo brush for an apartment


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