The Best Refrigerators Indesit – Rating 2022

The best refrigerators Indesit - Rating 2022


Indesit Company is a well-known Italian manufacturer of high-quality household appliances. Owns the brands Indesit, Hotpoint-Ariston, Scholtès and is part of the international holding Whirlpool Group. Refrigerators of this brand are produced in EU – in 2000 the company bought the Stinol plant in Lipetsk. The Expertology team brings you our experts’ ranking of the best Indesit refrigerators.

Rating of the best refrigerators Indesit

All considered options are two-chamber (bottom freezer), with a No Frost defrosting system, one compressor, it is possible to outweigh the doors. All models have approx. aboutsame cooling capacity:


    1. freezing power – 2-2.5 kg per day;


    1. autonomous preservation of cold – up to 13 hours.



Indesit DF5200S

Rating: 4.9

The best refrigerators Indesit - Rating 2022

Model DF 5200 S is made in a widespread laconic style in a case made of silver metal and plastic. The design style is perfect for any modern interior. Refrigerator dimensions – 60x64x200 cm, refrigerator capacity – 253 liters, freezers – 75 liters. The unit weighs 68 kg.

The operation of the refrigerator is controlled through an electronic panel with an LCD display on a large door. In addition to the basic functions, super-cooling and super-freezing are also available. The zone of freshness in this model is not provided. The temperature is shown on the display. The Smart Control system allows you to finely and flexibly adjust the modes and settings manually.

The energy consumption level of the Indesit DF 5200 S is within 378 kWh per year, which corresponds to the high energy efficiency class “A”. Climate classes range from normal to subtropical.

The noise level declared by the manufacturer is quite low – up to 40 dB, but among the reviews of real buyers there is a noticeable share of complaints about increased noise and extraneous sounds.



    • appearance;


    • affordable price with acceptable quality.



    • there are complaints about noise;


    • no cool zone.


Indesit DF 5160W

Rating: 4.8

The best refrigerators Indesit - Rating 2022

The compact Indesit DF 5160 W refrigerator attracts many buyers with its dimensions – 60x69x167 cm. This is the best solution for cramped kitchens, since a microwave oven or anything else can be placed on top of the refrigerator, thereby freeing up usable space. It is made in a white metal-plastic case.

When designing this model, it was decided to implement the reduced dimensions of the refrigerator at the expense of the refrigerating chamber (volume – 181 l), while maintaining the maximum volume of the freezer (75 l). This circumstance is positively evaluated by users.

The refrigerator consumes up to 342 kWh and belongs to the class “A” in terms of energy efficiency. Climate classes range from normal to subtropical. There is an express freeze mode. Works at isobutane (R600a) from one compressor. Electronic control, modes and temperature are displayed on the LCD.

The noise level declared by the manufacturer should not exceed 43 dB, and in general, the real indicators do not exceed the nominal ones, but some users note extraneous sounds during the operation of the unit.



    • compact;


    • economical;


    • affordable price.



    • extraneous sounds;


    • Difficulties with hanging doors, no instructions.


Indesit DF 5201XRM

Rating: 4.7

The best refrigerators Indesit - Rating 2022

Model DF 5201 X RM in many respects has absorbed all the good things from another solution in our rating – Indesit DF 5200 S, but also has some of its own advantages.

Dimensions of this model – 60x64x200 cm. Weight – 69 kg. It is made in a silver case made of metal and plastic. The volume of the refrigerating chamber – 253 l, freezing – 75 l. The refrigerator compartment has a separate freshness zone. The cooling functionality is supplemented in addition to the super-freeze mode by the super-cooling function.

The temperatures in the chambers are displayed on the LCD display of the electronic control panel. Modes can be adjusted manually.

This model belongs to the higher energy efficiency class “A +” with a consumption of 324 kWh per year. The climate class is from normal to tropical.

The nominal noise level is 40 dB. This is a fairly comfortable indicator, but some users report that an annoying hum is felt in the operation of the compressor. Such reviews are rare.



    • economical;


    • spacious;


    • attractive appearance;


    • wide functionality.



    • there are complaints about a continuous hum.


Indesit DFE 4200W

Rating: 4.7

The best refrigerators Indesit - Rating 2022

This is the most spacious refrigerator in the review, and this capacity is focused on the freezer – as much as 106 liters against 75 liters for all other models in the ranking. This is the main advantage of the considered model.

Refrigerating chamber standard – 253 l. Overall dimensions – 60x64x200 cm, weight – 67.6 kg. The body is made of white plastic and metal.

This model has no display and electromechanical control. User opinions are divided on this. One lacks a display as a functional and even decorative element. Others note the advantage of electromechanical control over electronic control in terms of reliability and reliability.

Energy-consuming class Indesit DFE 4200 W – “A”, annual electricity consumption – up to 378 kWh. There is a super-freeze mode, but additional modes and functions of the refrigerator compartment (super-cooling, freshness zone) are not provided. There is also no door open audio signal.

Nominal noise of the device – up to 43 dB. This is noticeably larger than the other models in the review, but for the most part, users are ready for this and deliberate complaints about noise are quite rare.



    • spacious freezer.



    • no display;


    • no open door signal.


Indesit DF 5200W

Rating: 4.6

The best refrigerators Indesit - Rating 2022

And the rating is completed by the model that received the most positive feedback from real users in open sources – Indesit DF 5200 W. The body is made of snow-white plastic and metal with contrasting black elements. Dimensions – 60x64x200 cm, weight – 67.6 kg.

The volumes of the refrigerator and freezer in this model are standard – 253 and 75 liters, respectively. There are supercooling and superfreezing modes. Annual electricity consumption – up to 378 kWh (class “A”).

The modes are controlled through an electronic panel with a small LCD display, which displays the temperature in the chambers. There is an acoustic indication of the open door. The refrigerator covers climate classes from normal to subtropical.

Noise during operation is perhaps the only weak point of the Indesit DF 5200 W. The nominal value declared by the manufacturer is 41 dB, but the number of users who note increased noise is quite noticeable.



    • combination of functionality, quality and price.



    • compressor noise and No Frost system.


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