The Best Budget Vertical Cordless Vacuum Cleaners: TOP-5 Models

The best budget vertical cordless vacuum cleaners: TOP-5 models

What are the advantages of cordless upright vacuum cleaners? The rating of inexpensive models is of interest to buyers in the first place. Because they are not only affordable, but also convenient for quick cleaning of hard-to-reach places both in the apartment (corners, furniture, curtains) and in the car. With a set of nozzles of various shapes, a budget wireless upright vacuum cleaner will become simply an indispensable dust and litter cleaner!

In our expert review, we have included the best budget cordless upright vacuum cleaners from various brands with long battery life, dry/wet cleaning of floors and carpets. Of course, we did not forget about the power and noise level.

1st place – Okami V50

The most stylish vacuum cleaner in our review and the first number among the novelties of the Okami lineup has decent characteristics for high-quality cleaning of a three-room apartment within 45 minutes. without recharging. The V50 features an ergonomic design + a powerful bristle-silicone turbo brush and a reliable MIF fine filter. There is an auto-off in case of overheating + built-in LED-backlight on one of the nozzles. Other technical characteristics are also pleasantly surprised:

  • large dust collector with a volume of 1.18 l;
  • 250 W electric motor;
  • support for wet cleaning;
  • a set of convenient crevice nozzles that are mounted on a bracket;
  • easy transformation into a manual version.

Wet cleaning attachment sold separately.

When the apartment becomes perfectly clean after cleaning, it will be useful to remember the weather in the house. The best budget humidifiers for an apartment are presented in a new review.

Okami V50 best vacuum cleaner
Perfect cleaning of floors, carpets and upholstered furniture from dust and litter!
Okami V50 Ultra

Upright vacuum cleaner Okami V50 Ultra

Dry and wet cleaning

Dust container 1.18 l

battery life: up to 45 min

detachable handheld vacuum cleaner: yes

design features: vertical parking, storage space for attachments, power control on the handle

2nd place – Xiaomi Jimmy JV51

The elegant 2-in-1 Jimmy JV51 dry cleaning transformer from the popular Xiaomi brand works autonomously for 45 minutes. The power of the turbobrush is provided by a 400 W electric motor, and a capacious battery (2,500 mAh) provides long-term operation. The volume of the dust collector is 500 ml, it has a cyclone filtration system. A nice advantage that allowed this model to get into the category “Best Budget Vertical Cordless Vacuum Cleaners” is the transmission of data on the contamination of the HEPA filter, battery level and the fullness of the dust container to the application on the smartphone.

We did not find any shortcomings, except to increase the period of continuous operation and add wet cleaning.

Xiaomi Jimmy JV51 Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Dry cleaning without problems with the maneuverable helper!

3rd place – Xiaomi Dreame V11

The Dreame V11 model from the famous Xiaomi brand works autonomously up to 1.5 hours, the battery capacity is 3,000 mAh. For effective dry cleaning of floors and carpets, we immediately chose this cordless upright vacuum cleaner in third place. The rating of budget models cannot be imagined without this device, which successfully combines the balance of quality and cost. It has a display for displaying 3 power modes (standard, eco, max). The 500 ml dust container is located at the top. A distinctive feature of the vacuum cleaner is a flexible corrugated hose and 3 nozzles in the kit. Light weight up to 2.3 kg, washable filter, high cleaning quality – these are its additional advantages.

To compare the capabilities of devices from other equally popular brands, we advise you to look at the review of the best Kitfort upright vacuum cleaners. One of the flagships for the production of high-quality household appliances in China will surprise you with a rich assortment!

It is convenient to hold a lightweight design in your hand while cleaning, and the result is 10 out of 10 points!

4th place – Philips FC6404 PowerPro Aqua

The 3-in-1 wireless model from the Dutch brand FC6404 PowerPro Aqua was a little short of power (150W) to enter the top three. All features are great:

  • continuous work for 40 minutes;
  • cyclone cleaning system with a three-layer filter;
  • the volume of the dust tank is 600 ml (located at the bottom of the tube), for water – 200 ml;
  • turbo brush + special nozzle for wet cleaning
  • noise level up to 82 dB;
  • you can carry out wet cleaning with detergent.

In addition to low power, the disadvantages include the lack of backlight on the brush and the low location of the dust / water tanks – because of this, the vacuum cleaner will not always crawl under the furniture.

If you have a lot of carpets with long and medium pile in your apartment, then for their high-quality cleaning it is rational to purchase vertical vacuum cleaners for cleaning carpets. We just have a rating of the best models.

We clean and wash the apartment and car interior!

5th place – Genio Magic Stick M30

The best for the fifth place was the Genio Magic Stick M30, which borders on the price of a higher price segment (this is its big minus).

And now the advantages of a vertical transformer vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning:

  • suction power 200 W;
  • continuous operation up to 80 minutes;
  • 600 ml dust container (located at the bottom, like the electric motor). A distinctive feature of the model is that there is a 2nd container for the manual version of the device;
  • cyclone type filtration system (HEPA filter);
  • the turbo brush cleanly picks up not only dust and litter, but also pet hair;
  • 3 standard nozzles + additional for clothing + flexible hose and connector;
  • the noise level is standard for cordless vacuum cleaners – up to 78 dB.

Weight 3.2 kg (manual – 1.5 kg). Minus: the vacuum cleaner quickly gets tired in turbo mode (only 15-20 min.)

There are no uncleaned areas with the Genio Magic Stick M30!

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