The 10 Best Bread Makers for the Home in 2022: Which One Should You Choose?

The 10 best bread makers for the home in 2022: which one should you choose?


If you arm yourself with one of the TOP 9 6.1 bread ovens from this rating, you can forget about buying bread. There will always be a fragrant loaf on the table, beckoning with smells and a crispy crust – golden as the sun itself.

We look at the best bread makers that work flawlessly and bake like gods.

Panasonic SD-2501WTS

This is a real mini-bakery! Panasonic SD-2501WTS to customize and experiment with baking. The main thing is that there is enough time and desire – and the “technical side” is taken over by this girl.

The 10 best bread makers for the home in 2022: which one should you choose?

The device comes with one mold for brick bread, 2 spatulas, a measuring spoon and a glass. You do not need to buy additional accessories. On the electronic panel there is a monochrome display and 7 buttons, which are responsible for a certain spectrum.

You can choose one of 24 recipes.

You can choose the size of the loaf: 750, 900 and 1250 gr.

Allows you to set the desired time, if the mode is adjusted to an individual recipe.

  • The color of the crust

You can choose from light to brown.

The Panasonic SD-2501WTS has 2 covers – one opens access to the work area where the form is located, the second is a mini hatch (aka dispenser) for placing additional ingredients. It is enough to put candied fruit, raisins and other additions there, and then the oven itself will add them to the dough at the right time.

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Gorenje BM 1400 E

In Gorenje BM 1400 E 12, the sequence and duration of the cooking phase are set in each. Experienced cooks can customize any mode for themselves, changing the duration, temperature, degree of browning of the crust, and more.

The 10 best bread makers for the home in 2022: which one should you choose?

Among the features of this bread machine, three stand out:

1. Double form
You can bake 2 types of bread at once.

2. Jam preparation mode
It is enough to put the ingredients in the bowl and tap on the “Jam” program. Jam will be ready in less than an hour. It will have the perfect consistency and will not escape when boiling, as if you had to cook it on the stove without leaving the pot.

3. Increased loaf size
You can bake bread weighing 1 kg, 1 kg and 1.4 kg in the bread maker.

Auto shut-off is a useful “feature” for spendthrifts who forget to turn off the device. The timer is designed for 13 hours, including a light heating mode, if you have to prepare yogurt. As for the bread, everything is simple here – you need the necessary ingredients, the oven will knead, create favorable conditions for the dough to rise, and bake. It is enough just to take the bread out of the bowl.

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Gorenje BM1210BK

One of the few bread makers that will help prepare gluten-free pastries. The “Gluten Free” program is configured so that even an inexperienced user will get the desired result. Such baked goods should insist and bake longer than usual, Gorenje BM1210BK these features.

The 10 best bread makers for the home in 2022: which one should you choose?

BM1210BK works in 12 modes:

1. Basic
Wheat, rye, rye and other breads are baked on it.

2. French pastries
For making air buns with a crispy crust.

3. Wholemeal flour
For baking using fractions of unsifted flour.

4. Fast
Provides accelerated baking of small and medium-sized loaves (up to 900 g).

5. Sweet
Dessert mode.

6. Ultra-wide
The timer, kneading and rising of the dough is automatic. Small and dense loaves are baked in this mode.

7. Gluten free
It is used to work with wet gluten-free dough.

8. Jam
For quick preparation of jam of perfect consistency.

9. Dough
The oven will knead and rise the dough without baking it.

10. Cake
The device will knead, raise and bake the cakes. You can add soda and baking powder.

11. Sandwich
Prepares toasted bread with the thinnest crispy crust.

12. Baking
No timer. You need to adjust the cooking time yourself.

Users appreciate the bake for the way it creates a crust without overcooking the loaf. You can watch her “tanning” in real time – a large window on the device allows you to see what is happening here and now, without opening the lid. This is convenient because the temperature balance inside the camera is not disturbed. Even if the light is turned off, the baking will not suffer. If less than 10 minutes have passed between emergency shutdown and start-up, the device will start from the same moment it left off.


How the bread maker works: a 6-step algorithm for making fresh soft bread for a gluten-free loaf. Those who like small loaves will like it. There are 3 options for baking – 500, 750 and 1000 gr. The timer function will help delay the start of cooking up to 15 hours. So you can prepare the ingredients ahead of time so that the oven itself will prepare the goodies at the right time. After the end of cooking, heating is automatically turned on for an hour.

The 10 best bread makers for the home in 2022: which one should you choose?

Tefal PF210138 Pain Dore features:

  • Yeast dough kneading

Lovers of lush dough can forget about self-kneading. Now cooking pizza and pies will be even easier!

  • Very long delayed start

If in other manufacturers this indicator rarely exceeds 10 hours, here the timer can be set for 15 hours.

  • Mode of preparation of jam and oatmeal

Berries and oatmeal will not overcook or burn.

  • Ability to program the recipe

Connoisseurs of culinary experiments will like fine tuning.

Panasonic SD-ZP2000KTS

In the Panasonic SD-ZP2000KTS, the movement of the paddle creates the effect of manual kneading. Thus, the dough is at the level of a Michelin restaurant. Two temperature sensors tirelessly monitor the temperature outside and inside the oven, adjusting it for optimal rising and baking of the loaf.

The 10 best bread makers for the home in 2022: which one should you choose?

Among the advantages of the oven, three points stand out:

1. Now the top will always have a baked crust. The lid reflects heat, the temperature evenly surrounds the bun from top to bottom.

2. Variety of gluten-free pastries
Fans of bread made with rye, rice, chickpea and other non-standard flours will be able to appreciate the taste of homemade pastries.

3. 18 cooking modes
Usually, the number of installed modes does not exceed 10-12. There are many more of them here + fine-tuning of existing modes is possible.

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Russell Hobbs 18036-56

The second name of this oven is “Classic Baker” and it is fully deserved! Here are 12 programs for making bread. Through a small window on top of the lid, it is convenient to observe the process. Russell Hobbs 18036-56 has a dispenser where you can fill in additional components — nuts, candied fruit, raisins. The oven itself will add them to the dough when needed.

The 10 best bread makers for the home in 2022: which one should you choose?

Lovers of compact loaves will like it. There are 3 sizes to choose from:

  • 450 grams – small loaves for a family of 3-4 people for dinner;
  • 700 g – classic loaf;
  • 1 kg – for those who prefer to prepare large portions.

In the “accelerated baking” mode, the device bakes immediately, without waiting for the dough to rise.

Ardesto BMG-1000

Convenient and extremely budget-friendly bread maker with 18 programs. Most of them can be customized. For those who do not like to use oil, but prefer a “dry consistency”, there is good news – the pastry will not stick. The non-stick coating withstands any experiments.

The 10 best bread makers for the home in 2022: which one should you choose?

Supporters of healthy eating can cook jams and yogurts directly in the bread machine. Now you don’t need to worry about the optimal microclimate when cooking such food – Ardesto BMG-1000 will be able to automatically adjust to the optimal mode.

She also knows how to prepare dough for pasta – she will mix it herself. The hostess will only have to roll out and cut the dough. And “pasta from the chef” will be at the level of the best restaurants in the world!

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Ardesto BMG-750

Ardesto knows how to make high-quality home appliances at “popular prices”. This also applies to bread makers. Ardesto BMG-750 delicious loaves weighing 500 and 700 g. The device can be used for cooking jam and as a rice cooker.

The 10 best bread makers for the home in 2022: which one should you choose?

If you need to bake quickly, there are 2 modes: “fast” and “super fast”. Using them, you will get fragrant bread before dinner is ready. You can choose the roasting of the crust: light soft, classic and dark crispy.

Fans of Italian cuisine will be delighted with the “pasta” mode. The oven itself will mix and prepare the pasta dough. It remains only to cut it and cook it.

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Gorenje BM1600WG

This bread maker can serve as an alarm clock. Just imagine – waking up in the morning not from an annoying ringtone, but from the smell of fresh baked goods! Bread machines have a timer for up to 15 hours. And maintaining the climate will help keep the bun warm for another hour.

The 10 best bread makers for the home in 2022: which one should you choose?

Gorenje BM1600WG features:

  1. Large loaves of bread

Now you can please your loved ones with XXL loaves up to 1600 grams.

  • 3 degrees of crust browning

Weak, medium and strong – it is convenient to adapt to any preferences of your household.

  • It works even in the event of power outages

If no more than 10 minutes have passed between turning off and turning on the light, the stove will continue working at the same stage where it finished before the power cut.

In the rating of bread makers, important parameters are noted that affect a successful choice when buying an appliance. See the table:

As can be seen from the table, the more expensive the stove, the larger the dimensions of the loaf and the more diverse the cooking itself. But at the same time, even budget devices are ready to please with goodies for many years. The choice of the best bread machine is yours!

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