Screw Juicers. Which of the 2 Types Is Better?

Screw juicers. Which of the 2 types is better?


You can enjoy delicious juices, experiment with their flavors and independently create assorted fruit drinks with the help of a useful and necessary unit – a juicer.

Screw juicers. Which of the 2 types is better?

There are several types of these units, each of which squeezes juice differently. Everything is clear with citrus presses, but if you want more than just orange juice, then a dilemma arises: which one to buy – a screw or centrifugal juicer? Knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of these types will help simplify the choice. All features and pitfalls of devices are considered and described in this article.

Screw juicers

This type of device functions similarly to a meat grinder, that is, it grinds the fruit components, and then squeezes the liquid out of them. Screw units at minimum revolutions, without acceleration.

Screw juicers. Which of the 2 types is better?

There are many advantages of such devices. Here are a few of the most significant:

  1. Drink from any products. The device copes with the preparation of fruit nectar from raspberries, blackberries, grapes and others. Spinach, greens, any vegetables can be used. You can even process nuts: for example, to prepare almond milk.
  2. The minimum amount of cake. At the output, it is very little (5-10%) and it is practically dry.
  3. Quiet work. Different models, for example, Sencor SSJ5051RD Panasonic MJ-L500NTQ do not make noise during operation. You can calmly create a freshly squeezed drink at any time of the day, without disturbing the rest of the household.
  4. The finished product is not divided into fractions. That is, a homogeneous drink is obtained, filled with fiber useful for the body of adults and children.
  5. Built-in self-cleaning option. After extracting the juice, you need to pour water into the chamber, place a container for draining waste and turn on the device – such hygienic procedures eliminate almost all contamination.

So, what is the main difference between an auger juicer? The advantage is that due to slow work, the juice inside does not heat up and does not oxidize, preserving all the useful elements. The disadvantage is that large-scale processing of a large amount of fruit and vegetable crops will take a long time.

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Centrifugal juicers

These operate at fairly high speeds, separating juice and pulp with the help of centrifugal force. In other words, the raw material moves very quickly inside the device, the pulp is pressed into the walls and pure juice comes out. Through a special hole, the finished product is poured into a prepared container (for example, a glass).

Screw juicers. Which of the 2 types is better?

Centrifugal (its second name is centrifugal) juicer also has a considerable number of advantages:

  1. Super speed work. Various centrifugal machines produce fruits at a speed of 10,000 to 40,000 revolutions per minute. Such devices are indispensable if you need to quickly process a large amount of edible raw materials.
  2. Wide entrance hole. Any fruits can be easily loaded into such a neck, even without preliminary grinding.
  3. Minimum pulp – maximum juice. The drink is clean without any admixture of fruit or vegetable residues.

Such units are ideal for lovers of clear, flesh-free fruit cocktails. But there are also small disadvantages here:

when cooking juice, due to contact with air, a drink with foam is obtained, which quickly separates into fractions;
consume no later than after 20-30 minutes, then it will lose its rich taste (this applies to freshly squeezed juice, not canned juice).

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What to choose?

Both devices do an excellent job of processing all kinds of fruits and vegetables. There are some features in the possibilities of using raw materials in each of them. For example, although centrifugal devices create freshly squeezed juice without impurities, it is desirable to drink it immediately. As for augers, they are more suitable for pulp lovers.

Screw juicers. Which of the 2 types is better?

What is a screw juicer better than a centrifugal one and vice versa? The answer depends on the purposes for which the devices are purchased. Small homemade preparations – the first option is perfect, large-scale production of juice – the second is indispensable. Naturally, when choosing the right unit, you should not forget about the taste preferences of the household, because two different types of devices prepare drinks with different consistency and degree of usefulness.

In addition, auger devices prepare more vitaminized drinks, keeping a maximum of useful substances in the juice. Centrifugal units will quickly process a large number of fruits/vegetables, the downside is that many vitamins are lost in the finished product.

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Finally, it is worth taking another look at the excellent characteristics of the units, collected in the table:

One thing remains constant in any model (for example, Kenwood JE 850 Sencor SSJ4041BK) – the ability to prepare a healthy drink at home without adding preservatives and sugar. The owners of these wonderful machines will know the composition of the juice that their household members drink, for sure.


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