Robotic Vacuum Cleaners iClebo Arte and Omega Choose. the Best Model of the South Korean Manufacturer

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We have already talked about robotic vacuum cleaners from the South Korean manufacturer iClebo and noted the most popular models. Their list includes iClebo Arte and Omega. Today we will try to show the differences and identify which robot vacuum cleaner is more effective in coping with the tasks.

Device packages

Device configurations are similar. The delivery set of the Omega model includes the robot vacuum cleaner itself, a docking station and a power supply, a HEPA filter, a motion limiter, a brush for cleaning the turbo brush, a remote control, and instructions.

iClebo Arte has approximately the same set: a robot vacuum cleaner, a docking station, two HEPA filters, a cleaning tool, a remote control and batteries for it, a motion limiter, instructions.

The iClebo Arte brush system includes soft side brushes, a rubber squeegee and one bristled turbo brush. The Omega model is equipped with hard side brushes with ten arms, as well as a silicone main brush.

Technical characteristics of devices

By tradition, we highlight the most significant indicators for efficient operation: type, navigation, type of cleaning, time and area of ​​cleaning, dust tank volume, cleaning modes, battery capacity, control methods.

iClebo Omega

Navigation type: the robot is oriented in space thanks to the built-in video camera, 35 sensors and sensors.

cleaning type: The model provides dry and wet cleaning.

Cleaning time: up to 80 minutes on a single charge.

Cleaning area: continuous cleaning is carried out on an area up to 120 sq.m.

Dust container volume: 700 ml.

Cleaning modes: the robot can function in automatic, local and maximum modes.

Battery capacity: 4400 mAh

Control methods: remote control and control panel on the case.

iClebo Omega Robot Vacuum Cleaner

iClebo Arte

Navigation type: A lot of sensors and an optical camera allow the robot to correctly navigate in space.

cleaning type: The device is capable of both dry and wet cleaning.

Cleaning time: The operating time of the device on a single charge reaches 160 minutes.

Cleaning area: The robot vacuum cleaner can clean an area up to 150 sq.m.

Dust container volume: 600 ml.

Cleaning modes: iClebo Arte cleans the area in automatic, local, chaotic, maximum and wet cleaning modes.

Battery capacity: 2200 mAh

Control methods: The device cannot be controlled via a phone; for this, a remote control is included in the kit.

Note that the set of two devices at once includes microfiber cloths for wet wiping of floor coverings, but only iClebo Omega performs this type of cleaning in addition to other modes of operation.

iClebo Arte Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Final verdict

Comparing Yujin Robot robot vacuum cleaners, one thing can be said: each user should decide on a purchase based on their needs. For example, iClebo Omega is suitable for owners of furry pets, because thanks to the advanced brush system, the robot does not wind wool around the turbo brush. The same device will perfectly cope with cleaning carpets. For owners of large living spaces, we advise you to take a closer look at the second model, the cleaning area of ​​which reaches 150 square meters.

iClebo Robot Vacuum Cleaner


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