Review on Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Okami U80

Rating of robotic vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning in 2022


Okami U80 Pet is the youngest model of the U series. The device is able to completely free the user from household chores, as it has the necessary arsenal of options for autonomous cleaning.

Despite the low price, Okami U80 performs many functions inherent in premium vacuum cleaners. We analyze in detail all the possibilities of this device.

Options and appearance Okami U80 Pet

We analyze in detail what is included in the package of the device except for the vacuum cleaner model itself:

  • Dock station
  • Wet cleaning tank
  • Pair of microfiber cloths
  • Two pairs of side brushes
  • Pair of HEPA filters
  • Container Cleaning Brush
  • Instruction
  • Guarantee

Unfortunately, the kit does not include a virtual wall that limits the movement of the robot vacuum cleaner.

Review on Okami U80

The gadget looks spectacular, it can rightly be called one of the most stylish robot vacuum cleaners on the market. Round shape, black glossy plastic, fatalistic patterns on the body turn a simple vacuum cleaner into a full-fledged interior detail. The design of the model resembles a labyrinth. Interesting idea and great execution.

On the front there is a control panel consisting of two buttons: “Power” and “Home”.

The side is equipped with a soft touch bumper, power button, air vents and a speaker.

Review on Okami U80

Turning the vacuum cleaner over, we see:

  • Two voluminous rubber wheels that prevent the device from slipping on hard surfaces and allow you to overcome obstacles up to 2 cm high.
  • Swivel roller.
  • V-Shape 3.0 turbo brush made of silicone and bristles to effectively deal with large debris, hair and animal hair. No wonder the gadget received a prefix to the name Pet.
  • Compartment for attaching a microfiber cloth for wet cleaning.

What features does the Okami U80 Pet have?

  • The robot performs not only dry, but also wet cleaning. And he handles it at the highest level. All thanks to the intelligent technology for adjusting the water supply to the microfiber and the sensor located inside the tank. It is he who gives commands to the device regarding wetting the rag.
  • Navigation of the device is possible thanks to the implemented SLAM system, which is able to correctly analyze the space and correctly build a map of the apartment. You can view it in the official app. It is impossible to call the map ideal, because the absence of an optical camera or LDS greatly simplifies the cartography format.
  • We have already written about an improved version of the turbo brush and larger drive wheels. Now we’ll tell you why it was needed: this design allows you to effectively deal with rubbish not only on hard surfaces, but also on carpets.
  • The new NIDEC motor allows the user to change and adjust the optimal suction power depending on the type of coating and the degree of pollution.
  • The noise level is 50 dB, which turns noisy cleaning into a quiet autonomous robot activity that does not distract the user from his personal affairs.
  • Okami 80 Pet allows you to set the cleaning schedule and cleaning modes: automatic, along walls and corners, as well as spot. Important note: the robot can program cleaning not only at a certain time, but also plan its duties by day of the week.
Review on Okami U80
  • The easiest way to control the device is from the phone screen, just download the official Okami app from PlayMarket or AppStore and use all the features that it provides. If this format does not suit the user, then Okami U80 can be controlled using the remote control or buttons on the case.
  • One battery charge is enough for 120 minutes with full cleaning in automatic mode.

Briefly about the robot vacuum cleaner:

  • dry and wet cleaning
  • dust container 0.60 l
  • fine filter included
  • smartphone control
  • battery life: 120 min
  • weekday programming
  • WxDxH: 33x33x7.60 cm
  • remote control

Laconic design, suction power, cleaning modes, the presence of a wet cleaning function, scheduling cleaning by days of the week, the main brush of a new improved sample, the presence of additional consumables in the package – all that adds a lot of pluses to the Okami U80 piggy bank.

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