Replacing the Seal in the Refrigerator With Your Own Hands. How to Replace Tires Correctly?

Replacing the seal in the refrigerator with your own hands.  How to replace tires correctly?


The maximum tightness of the refrigerator is very important for its operation. This tightness is achieved by installing an elastic rubber gasket around the perimeter of the door. But nothing lasts forever, sooner or later it fails, and it becomes necessary to replace the seal in the refrigerator.

Signs of a failed seal

You can understand that you need to replace the sealing rubber in the refrigerator with the naked eye. Over time, it dries out, becomes less elastic, cracks. This is due to the temperature difference between the refrigerator compartment and the kitchen, as well as purely mechanical damage due to regular use.

But even if such signs of failure of the rubber seal, at first glance, are not yet visible, but cold air is clearly blowing from the door, and ice is heavily frozen on the inner walls, then repair work is also necessary. Otherwise, more and more warm air will get inside, which the device will need to cool, which will eventually lead to overloads and motor breakdowns, as well as excessive power consumption.

Removing the old seal

Replacing the sealing gum on the refrigerator begins with the removal of the old rubber. To do this, the refrigerator is turned off, the products are removed, and the door itself can be removed for convenience, if the design allows it, and placed horizontally. The further dismantling procedure will be slightly different depending on how the sealing rubber is attached.

  1. In the case of fastening the seal on the door to the groove, its edge must be pulled back, insert a flat screwdriver into the slot and, prying the material with it, pull it out of the groove, trying not to tear it.
  2. If the old seal is glued, it is also carefully pry around the entire perimeter with a screwdriver or spatula.
  3. It is even easier with screws – they only need to be unscrewed.

Replacing the seal in the refrigerator with your own hands.  How to replace tires correctly?

Next, the surface must be cleaned of dust and debris with a damp cloth, and all glue residues, small adherent particles of the rubber itself, etc. must be wiped off. Glue is perfectly removed with acetone, and it is better to wipe the door clean with acrylic paint thinner or white spirit.

Replacing the seal in the refrigerator with your own hands.  How to replace tires correctly?

How to choose a new seal

Replacing the sealing rubber in the refrigerator will do nothing if the new material is unsuitable or of poor quality. New tires must not show visible damage, texture or color irregularities, stretch or lumps.

Of course, it’s good if you can find a seal specifically for this refrigerator model. But this is not always possible, and you can purchase any material that is suitable in size. The only thing is that it should be somewhat larger in length and width than the old packed rubber. If the right size is not in the store, then this is not a problem. The sealant can be adjusted in place by cutting off the excess parts and carefully gluing the joints with strong glue like Moment.

As is the case with so many building materials, sealing rubber should be left indoors for about a day to give it time to get used to its microclimate.

Replacing the seal in the refrigerator with your own hands.  How to replace tires correctly?

Installing a new seal

It is not enough to choose a good material to replace the one that has become unusable, you need to know how to replace the seal. It is better to mount a new elastic band in the same way that the old one was attached.

  • When mounting on glue, the fastened surfaces must be degreased beforehand. You should choose only a quality product and follow the instructions for its use, because. different adhesives may have their own characteristics when working, for example, different curing times, etc.
  • If the seal is screwed on, you may need to use larger screws if the holes for them have loosened over time.

Important point: in the production process, the seal is mounted by machines with great effort, and when replacing the sealing rubber on the refrigerator door is carried out manually, it is very difficult to apply the same effort. Therefore, if the old seal was inserted into the groove, then inserting a new one there, it is worth additionally fixing it with glue or screwing it on. Holes for screws for this are drilled in increments of 10-15 cm.

Once the glue has dried, or the gum is completely fixed in other ways, the refrigerator can be plugged in and continue to be used for its intended purpose.

Replacing the seal in the refrigerator with your own hands.  How to replace tires correctly?

The first time after a new seal has been installed on the door, the refrigerator should be carefully monitored to detect cracks or places of loose rubber that may not have been noticed during installation. You can make sure that everything was done correctly if the door, after replacing the seal, began to open with visible effort.

To replace the sealing rubber on the refrigerator door as rarely as possible, the refrigerator should be opened only by the handles, and not pry off the rubber for this, regularly mechanically injuring it.

How to repair an old seal

A few small damages can be repaired without even removing the seal from the door. If it needs a stronger repair, it is better to dismantle it. In the case when the rubber has simply lost its shape over time, it can be enough to warm it up with a hairdryer at a moderate temperature or soak it in hot water for a while.

If separate fragments are peeled off from each other, they are fastened with Moment glue. Cracks in rubber are best repaired with an elastic and rubber-like material. Suitable, for example, glue-sealant or something similar to it.

But it should be understood that the repair, although it will extend the life of the sealant, but not for long. Therefore, if it is really worn out, covered with mold, it is better to update it, especially since replacing the refrigerator seal is a simple process, and new rubber is cheap.

Video instruction

The video instruction tells about the process of replacing the failed sealing rubber on the Stinol refrigerator. The master demonstrates the removal of the door, the dismantling of the old seal and the installation of a new, branded one, designed specifically for refrigerators of this brand.

If there is any doubt that it will be possible to cope with the work with your own hands, even despite the presence of a video instruction, then you can always call a refrigeration master. His services are also inexpensive.

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