Refrigerator Samsung RS54N3003SA. Functionality, Photos, Reviews, Pros/cons

refrigerator Samsung RS54N3003SA. Functionality, photos, reviews, pros/cons


Refrigerator Samsung RS54N3003SA 2000 is a premium segment household appliances with a total volume of 535 liters. This model is not an economy class, but this is exactly the case when the price is fully consistent with the quality.

There is plenty of space in the refrigerator room to accommodate products of various sizes, so this model is suitable for providing fresh food to a family of several people.


You can control the refrigerator using a digital display that will always tell you what temperature is in the freezer or refrigerator, and you just have to adjust the work as needed. Also, the refrigerator has a very low noise level – no louder than 38 decibels.refrigerator Samsung RS54N3003SA. Functionality, photos, reviews, pros/cons

Separately, it is worth stopping at the freezer. The fact is that there is a Power Freeze function here, which provides quick freezing if you need to cool a large amount of food in one sitting. When this function is activated, the fan starts to run at maximum speed, and after a few hours it returns to the previously set temperature.

Distinctive features

One of the features of this model is an ice maker, so you don’t even have to think about uncomfortable trays for making ice. The same applies to the procedure for defrosting the refrigerator, since the device is equipped with the No Frost system, and in both compartments.

Another important feature of the Samsung model is the Twin Cooling technology cooling system, which consists of two fans and two evaporators working together, which allows you to maintain humidity at about 70%. This gives all the conditions for long and efficient storage of vegetables, fruits and herbs in the refrigerator.

Pros and cons of the model


  • build quality;
  • rearranged shelves;
  • quiet work;
  • comfortable handles for a natural grip;
  • excellent capacity.

Cons: not found.


  • Dimensions W x H x D (cm):
  • Energy efficiency class:
  • The total volume of the refrigerator compartment:
  • Total volume of the freezer:

refrigerator Samsung RS54N3003SA. Functionality, photos, reviews, pros/cons

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