Rating of the Best Vacuum Cleaner Robots With Lidar in 2022 (TOP 7)

Rating of the best vacuum cleaner robots with lidar in 2022 (TOP 7)


A laser range finder (lidar) is the optimal tool for orienting the robot in multi-room and furniture-filled apartments. After comparing the characteristics, studying the test data and analyzing customer reviews, I selected for this rating 7 best robotic vacuum cleaners with lidar costing from 20 0 to 450$. Each of them boasts modern navigation tools, but there are differences in the functionality of the application, motor power, and the quality of dry and wet cleaning. In the article, I tried to briefly characterize each model and describe what tasks it can handle.

Table of participants in the rating of robotic vacuum cleaners with lidar in 2022

iBoto Smart L920W Aqua

Rating of the best vacuum cleaner robots with lidar in 2022 (TOP 7)


  • cleaning type: dry and wet
  • dust container volume: 0.45 l
  • water container volume: 0.3 l
  • equipment: side brush
  • smartphone control
  • building a room map, timer, cleaning time limit

In seventh place – iBoto Smart L920W Aqua. The flagship of the Chinese company iBoto maps the room using lidar. The body height is 5 mm less than the standard – only 95 mm, so the Smart L920W Aqua can climb into areas inaccessible to most of its competitors. And so that the robot does not get stuck somewhere under the sofa, a mechanical sensor was installed on its lidar. For management, a proprietary application is used, specially designed for this model. It is qualitatively Russified, and it is quite easy to understand it. The painted apartment can be divided into rooms, choose the number of passages for each (1 or 2)designate target and restricted areas for different types of cleaning.

After launch, the robot divides the available area into small sections, which zigzag along the perimeter. Dry cleaning is carried out by three brushes (side and central) and a motor with a suction power of 1500 Pa. For deep cleaning of the carpet, the power is not enough, but the Smart L920W Aqua collects surface debris thoroughly. For wet cleaning in the box there is a separate container with a volume of 300 ml. A functional robot costs only 230 $.

  • compact body;
  • jamming sensor under furniture;
  • two end brushes;
  • zoning into rooms;
  • Russification;
  • large water tank;
  • attractive price tag.
  • no wetting adjustment;
  • no manual control;
  • voice acting for an amateur;
  • weak motor and battery (2600 mAh);
  • works with only one smartphone;
  • not always optimal route construction.

iBoto Smart L920W Aqua is one of the most affordable lidar robots. Despite the low price tag, the manufacturer has developed a separate application for this model with an eye to premium functionality – for example, you can select the right rooms for cleaning. The robot will cope with maintaining cleanliness on smooth surfaces and thin carpets, but the Smart L920W Aqua simply does not have enough power to eliminate the side effects of living in a dog house. That is why he could not rise above 7th place.

Abir X8

Rating of the best vacuum cleaner robots with lidar in 2022 (TOP 7)


  • cleaning type: dry and wet
  • dust container volume: 0.6 l
  • water container volume: 0.35 l
  • equipment: turbo brush, side brush
  • smartphone control
  • battery life: up to 120 min

Sixth place goes to Abir X8. Another robot of the classic type is round, with two panicles and replaceable tanks. Abir X8 maps with lidar and displays it on the WeBack app. Navigation is carefully thought out: a smart vacuum cleaner accurately divides the apartment into rooms, sweeps over furniture legs and cleans each zone from edge to edge without breaking into fragments. To work around the perimeter, Abir X8 was equipped with a TOF sensor, so the robot can ride parallel to the wall without constantly twitching towards the baseboard. The motor is installed in the dust collector.

According to the manufacturer, its suction power reaches 5000 Pa. In fact, it does not exceed 2500 Pa, but this is quite enough to clean the carpet from hair, sand and crumbs. The end brushes are protected against winding, and the turbo brush can be disassembled on both sidesso maintenance doesn’t take long. During dry cleaning, Abir X8 disinfects the floor with a UV lamp, and if you put a tank of water (360 ml) in place of the dust collector, it can also wipe the floors. The liquid is supplied under the control of the pump, and the application has the option to turn on the polisher. You can buy a robot for 250 $.

  • high suction power;
  • UV disinfection;
  • S- and Y- trajectory of movement;
  • adjustment of wetting of a napkin;
  • rational navigation;
  • rich equipment;
  • convenient service.
  • the dust collector cannot be washed under the tap;
  • separate cleaning;
  • no settings for working in different rooms;
  • The declared characteristics do not correspond to the actual ones.

The Abir X8 is a slightly more expensive but more powerful option than the iBoto Smart L920W Aqua. Thanks to its high suction power, Abir X8 can tidy up the dog mat, and during wet cleaning, wipe off paw marks. A 3200 mAh battery is enough to work in multi-room and multi-level rooms. The benefits of a UV lamp are doubtful, but its very presence can reassure and add optimism, especially during a pandemic.

Xiaomi Lydsto R1

Rating of the best vacuum cleaner robots with lidar in 2022 (TOP 7)


  • cleaning type: dry and wet
  • dust container volume: 0.2 l
  • water container volume: 0.25 l
  • equipment: turbo brush, side brush
  • smartphone control
  • battery life: up to 150 min

Xiaomi Lydsto R1 occupies the fifth place in the ranking. It is also equipped with lidar, makes a map and divides the house into rooms. Moreover, the application has settings for suction power and wetting by room. When a carpet is detected, the suction power increases to 2700 Pa. In combination with a petal-bristle turbo brush, this is enough to clean the door mat with high quality. Container at Lydsto R1 combined type: In the middle is a dust box, and around it is a C-shaped water tank. This design allows you to vacuum and mop the floors at the same time.

5200 mAh battery lasts for 1.5-2.5 hours, so the robot is well adapted to work in large rooms. But the main advantage is not even in this, but in the fact that it comes complete with a self-cleaning station. The vacuum cleaner with the selected frequency ships the collected garbage to the base, and the user only needs to change the one-time package at the station once a month. The power of the stationary motor (1000 Pa) is enough not only to pump out garbage from the dust collector, but also to clean the dust filters. The price of the kit is 280 $.

  • complex cleaning;
  • high suction power;
  • top battery;
  • individual cleaning settings;
  • self-cleaning;
  • captivating design with glossy lid.
  • cheap plastic and parts;
  • poor build quality;
  • afraid of black carpets;
  • does not drive under the curtains;
  • one end brush;
  • limited set.

Lydsto R1 from Xiaomi is the cheapest robot with lidar and self-cleaning base. It frees the user from routine as much as possible and keeps the house clean offline. Compared to Abir X8, Lydsto R1 has a more expensive battery and a more functional application. The specs and mapping capabilities are in line with the premium segment, but the build quality is budget-friendly, and that’s the main reason the Lydsto R1 couldn’t rise above 5th place.

Viomi S9

Rating of the best vacuum cleaner robots with lidar in 2022 (TOP 7)


  • cleaning type: dry and wet
  • dust container volume: 0.3 l
  • water container volume: 0.25 l
  • equipment: turbo brush, side brush
  • smartphone control
  • battery life: up to 220 min

Fourth place goes to Viomi S9. This is an example of what a premium self-cleaning robot should be. And this applies not only to design, but also to functionality. The overall design is the same as that of the Lydsto R1, but thanks to the golden inserts on the case, the Viomi S9 looks more interesting. An information display was built into the front of the base, reminding you that it is time to replace the package. On the virtual map, you can choose cleaning in the right room, set target and restricted areas, change the suction power, and even start the “violence” mode, in which Viomi S9 will start to oppress dust mites and aggressively comb out the hair (in fact, this is just a curved translation of the increased suction mode ).

Simultaneously with dry cleaning, the vacuum cleaner can wipe the floors. A static mop with electronic dampening control copes with fresh footprints and wipes off drops of tomato juice. For especially polluted areas, a Y-shaped mode is provided, in which the Viomi S9 travels away from the main trajectory. You will have to spend about 410 $ on the flagship Viomi model.

  • graceful design;
  • self-cleaning base with display;
  • high build quality;
  • a large number of application settings;
  • multiplayer mode;
  • garbage collection and floor mopping in one working cycle;
  • the ability to work in multi-storey buildings.
  • automatic translation of the application;
  • does not speak European;
  • one end brush;
  • does not drive on black carpets;
  • there is no official service in the EU;
  • You cannot configure settings for different rooms.

Viomi S9 is the closest relative of Lydsto R1. It has the same design and characteristics, approximately the same functionality and self-cleaning. The main difference lies in the build quality: Viomi has a more expensive and pleasant to the touch plastic, the parts fit well, you won’t hear any squeaks or clicks during cleaning. If your goal is to save money, you can return to the previous place in the rating, and if you value quality, your option is Viomi S9.

Dreame Bot L10 Pro

Rating of the best vacuum cleaner robots with lidar in 2022 (TOP 7)


  • cleaning type: dry and wet
  • dust container volume: 0.57 l
  • water container volume: 0.27 l
  • equipment: turbo brush
  • smartphone control
  • battery life: up to 150 min

The top three is opened by Dreame Bot L10 Pro. Like other rating robots, it makes a map using laser navigation. But its main feature is not lidar, but the presence of a front camera for recognizing obstacles. Compared to conventional IR sensors, this system has three advantages. Firstly, the vacuum cleaner knows in advance whether it will pass under the sofa and between the legs of the chair, so does not make unnecessary movements. The big-eyed robot almost does not use the tactile sensor and does not budge even light obstacles. Secondly, the application has a contactless cleaning mode, which is useful in a room with mirrors to the floor or unstable vases on the table or floor. And thirdly, on the map, the robot indicates obstaclessuch as furniture legs, freestanding boxes, flower pots, etc.

There is not much benefit from this, but it is easier to navigate when zoning. Suction force of 4000 Pa is enough for cereals, sand, pet hair and other debris. To wipe the floor, the robot has a mop with a 270 ml tank and smart water supply. Taking into account advanced navigation, its price tag is quite modest – only 290 $.

  • stylish design;
  • recognition of objects on the floor;
  • powerful motor;
  • dry and wet cleaning from one run;
  • obstacle avoidance mode;
  • premium materials and assembly;
  • friends with Alice.
  • minimum equipment;
  • one end brush;
  • there is no setting of cleaning parameters in each room;
  • recognizes black carpets as height differences;
  • The lid collects fingerprints.

Unlike Viomi S9, this robot does not come with a self-cleaning station, but it is equipped with an advanced navigation system and one of the most powerful motors on the market. At the moment Dreame Bot L10 Pro is the most affordable model with a front camera. The closest analogue costs twice as much. If the manufacturer paid more attention to wet cleaning, Dreame could take a higher place, and so, despite a number of advantages, it is still noticeably inferior to the new Roborock flagship.

Roborock S7

Rating of the best vacuum cleaner robots with lidar in 2022 (TOP 7)


  • cleaning type: dry and wet
  • dust container volume: 0.47 l
  • water container volume: 0.3 l
  • equipment: turbo brush, electric brush, side brush
  • smartphone control
  • battery life: up to 180 min

Second place goes to Roborock S7. Roborock S7 does not have a bumper camera, but it is equipped with a carpet recognition sensor. On the compiled map the robot marks soft surfaces, when driving on them, it increases the suction power to 2500 Pa and prudently raises the mop. This is the only model on the market that does a comprehensive cleaning in homes with uneven surfaces. The main innovation of Roborock S7 is the vibration moduleb. While wiping the floor, it wipes off dried-on stains, and during dry cleaning, it knocks dust and sand out of the carpet.

Suction force, wetting abundance and even vibration intensity can be adjusted separately for every room. Roborock S7 is equipped with a branded silicone end brush for working in corners. It sweeps the trash with five instead of three dusters like most robots, so it works more efficiently. Instead of a turbo brush, a rubber roller was installed in the working unit. It thoroughly combs out the specks even from a carpet with a medium pile, while it does not clog with wool, and therefore does not require regular maintenance. The cost corresponds to the class – 420 $.

  • individual settings for each room;
  • dry and wet cleaning with vibration;
  • deep cleaning of the carpet;
  • reliable and efficient end brush;
  • working block with a roller;
  • mop with lifting mechanism;
  • high performance (110 minutes in turbo mode).
  • one side brush;
  • kit without spare accessories;
  • does not recognize objects on the floor;
  • high price.

Roborock S7 is a next generation robot. He navigates the terrain a little worse than the Dreame Bot L10 Pro, and does preventive cleaning in much the same way. But in an apartment with a large dog and uneven flooring, the difference becomes clear. The Roborock S7 is built to handle extreme dirt: wool, grit and grit in carpet pile, grease stains on tiles in the kitchen, grime stuck to linoleum in the hallway. If this robot had been better equipped and cheaper, it could have competed for the first place in the rating.

Genio Laser L800

Rating of the best vacuum cleaner robots with lidar in 2022 (TOP 7)


  • cleaning type: dry and wet
  • dust container volume: 0.5 l
  • water container volume: 0.24 l
  • equipment: turbo brush, side brush
  • smartphone control
  • battery life: up to 150 min

Deserved first place goes to Genio Laser L800. Under the bottom of the flagship Genio, like the Roborock S7, there is a ribbed roller, ideal for cleaning hard surfaces. But so that the robot can thoroughly clean the carpet on which the dog sleeps, they put a turbo brush in the box. You can swap tools at any time, as well as change work modules: for major dry cleaning, a separate 500 ml dust collector is better, and for complex cleaning, you can put a container with a dust collector and a tank. Brushless motor delivers up to 2700 Pasucking in motes of any caliber, and for wet cleaning a Y-shaped movement mode is provided.

Navigation is spelled out soundly: Genio Laser L800 sweeps over all obstacles, drives into every nook and cranny of the apartment, quietly moves on black carpets. The robot “sees” Wi-Fi networks of any frequency (2.4 and 5 GHz), so connecting it to a smartphone is quite simple. In the application, you can select rooms for cleaning, draw target and forbidden rectangles, set virtual walls. For those who do not want to fiddle with the settings, the manufacturer has prepared a remote control and a magnetic tape. The purchase of a multifunctional robot will have to spend 320 $.

  • representative design;
  • wide equipment;
  • high quality dry and wet cleaning;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • speaks in the voice of Alice;
  • separate management tools for conservative users.
  • to maintain a beautiful appearance, the case should be wiped frequently with a damp cloth;
  • sometimes gets stuck on the dryer;
  • no spare HEPA filter included;
  • goes around the curtains (although for some this may be an advantage).

It is the most versatile robot on the market. Genio allows you not only to select the desired settings in the application, like Roborock S7, but also to configure the vacuum cleaner itself to suit the specifics of each room. Its rated power is also higher than that of the previous rating model, and during wet wiping, you can activate the polisher mode. Genio Laser L800 can solve any apartment cleaning tasks, it is suitable even for those who do not have a smartphone or who do not like complex settings. And with all its many advantages, the Genio Laser L800 is also relatively inexpensive. Therefore, if you need a robot with lidar, we recommend this particular model.


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