Rating of the Best Toasters for the Home in 2022 by Price-Quality (TOP 6)

Rating of the best toasters for the home in 2022 by price-quality (TOP 6)


In this ranking I have collected 6 best toasters for 2022. Only the best models with a price tag got into my TOP up to 30 dollars. When selecting toasters, I paid attention to such characteristics as power, the number of roasting levels, the presence of additional modes, a crumb tray, options for the convenience of removing small pieces of bread. And in order to be as objective as possible, to identify the ease of use and the quality of toasting, as well as the pros and cons of each model, I studied customer reviews and expert reviews.

Table of participants in the rating of toasters 2022

Scarlett SC-TM11018

Rating of the best toasters for the home in 2022 by price-quality (TOP 6)


  • for 2 toasts
  • power 700 W
  • mechanical control
  • cool case
  • crumb tray

The sixth position in the ranking is occupied by Scarlett SC-TM11018. Standard shape toaster for two slices. Equipped with Cool Touch Technologywhich ensures that the case does not heat up. The user can choose the degree of roasting from 6 positions. A rotary switch is provided to select them.

The heating is turned on using a standard type lever. The Cancel button allows you to stop toasting at any time. The toaster is equipped with a retractable crumb tray, which makes it easier to clean the appliance and protects the table from debris. Power – 700 W.

  • Nice view.
  • Thermally insulated body.
  • Possibility to cancel roasting.
  • Retractable crumb tray.
  • Convenient wire storage.
  • When ready, the toast “bounces” a little for ease of extraction.
  • Inexpensive.
  • There are cases when the toast does not “jump”.
  • There are doubts about the quality of materials (subjectively).

. It is an inexpensive model with simple controls, cancelability and design improvements (pallet). It differs from other rating models in the absence of additional options (such as heating bakery products) and low power. Due to good equipment and decent roasting of bread at a low cost, 82% of users recommend Scarlett for purchase.

Tefal TT761138

Rating of the best toasters for the home in 2022 by price-quality (TOP 6)


  • for 2 toasts
  • power 850 W
  • mechanical control
  • defrost function
  • crumb tray
  • line: Loft

The fifth position of the TOP is Tefal TT761138. The model is original, with a beautiful design, reminiscent of ceramic dishes with exquisite touches and chrome accents. The toaster is equipped with two wide openings, which are also suitable for thick slices and include toast centering technology. Bread can be toasted on one of 7 toasting levelswhich are set with the rotary switch.

There are also three buttons that expand the functionality: Defrost – to toast frozen slices, Reheat – to reheat previously toasted toast, and the Stop button to stop toasting. These buttons are equipped with LED indicators for ease of control. The activation lever has a high lift, which makes it easy to remove even small slices. At the bottom is a removable crumb tray.

  • Design. Beautiful control buttons.
  • Quality materials and performance.
  • Possibility of heating, defrosting bread.
  • Crumb tray.
  • Convenient removal of toasts.
  • Sharply “shoot”.

. More powerful than Scarlett (850W) with more functions (defrost, reheat) and large slots with auto-centering option. A model of good quality made of solid materials, especially distinguished by its beautiful appearance, which corresponds to the price (the most expensive in the ranking). Almost all users recommend it for purchase.

Bosch TAT3A014

Rating of the best toasters for the home in 2022 by price-quality (TOP 6)


  • for 2 toasts
  • power 980 W
  • mechanical control
  • bun warmer
  • crumb tray
  • browning adjustment

Bosch TAT3A014 is on the fourth step of the TOP. It is distinguished by the presence of a grill for heating buns. Quite large in size, with two wide slots and automatic toast centering. There is a stop function, an integrated heating mode and 6 roasting levels.

When the toast is ready, it rises and it is possible to raise the grates even higher using the switch lever for easy removal of small pieces. Separately, it should be noted that automatic shut-off when bread jams. Equipped with the longest cable (100 cm).

  • Quality build.
  • The case does not heat up.
  • Even roasting of slices.
  • The crumbs fall into the tray, which is easy to clean.
  • Warm-up function.
  • There are single complaints about low power (toasts are not fried at a high level).
  • In the lower part, frying is stronger.

. Like the more expensive Tefal, a toaster with a warming function, auto-centering of slices, a removable crumb tray. Equipped with a grill for buns and a safety option (auto-off). Given the lower cost and higher power (980 W), 95% of users recommend it for purchase.


Rating of the best toasters for the home in 2022 by price-quality (TOP 6)


  • for 2 toasts
  • power 800 W
  • mechanical control
  • defrost function
  • crumb tray
  • cool case

The top three opens BBK TR81M. A budget toaster (the cheapest in the ranking), which, nevertheless, has good functionality: there is a warm-up, defrosting and cooking stop. You can perform these actions using the three buttons on the case.

The degree of roasting is selected from 6 levels. Power is quite acceptable – 800 W. Model with a thermally insulated housing and a removable crumb tray.

  • Roasting is fairly even.
  • There is a possibility of heating.
  • The crumbs fall into the tray, which can be removed for cleaning.
  • Simple control.
  • Some pieces are difficult to get out due to the lack of a high lift.
  • The plastic case looks “cheap”.

. It is inferior to more expensive models (for example, Bosch) in the absence of an “extra-lift” option for the convenience of removing ready-made toasts. Compared to its price tag, Scarlett has more power, the ability to defrost and reheat bread, but is inferior to a rustic design. Most users consider BBK the best toaster in terms of price-quality ratio.

Gorenje T900RL

Rating of the best toasters for the home in 2022 by price-quality (TOP 6)


  • for 2 toasts
  • power 1000 W
  • mechanical control
  • defrost function
  • crumb tray
  • cool case

Gorenje T900RL takes the second place in the ranking. Made in retro style. The difference from other models is location of control buttons on the front panelinstead of on the side: rotary switch for choice of the degree of roasting from 7 positions and 3 buttons for selecting modes – defrosting, heating, canceling. For clarity and ease of operation, the buttons are highlighted.

On the side there is only a lever for lowering the toast and turning it on. Bread is automatically centered for the most even toasting.. When you lift the lever up after the toast is ready, it is easier to take it out. The set includes a removable grate for heating bread. The crumb tray prevents crumbs from spilling onto the countertop. Housing is thermally insulatedwhich protects against burns during operation. The wire can be folded into a special compartment for compact storage.

  • Interesting design.
  • The case does not heat up.
  • Even roasting.
  • Easy to get ready toast.
  • There is a single case of understaffing – there was no grate for heating bread.

. Compared to the BBK, the TR81M has more power (1000 W), more browning levels, a bread warmer and automatic centering of bread slices. It also stands out with a pleasant design and an interesting arrangement of control buttons. Almost all owners of the model recommend it for purchase.

Philips HD2581

Rating of the best toasters for the home in 2022 by price-quality (TOP 6)


  • for 2 toasts
  • power 830 W
  • mechanical control
  • defrost function
  • crumb tray
  • cool case

Philips HD2581 became the leader of my TOP. Has the largest choice of the degree of roasting of toasts – 8 positions. Due to the smooth forms and concise execution, it stands out with a design that is suitable for any interior. Two wide compartments are designed for roasting different types of bread.

Slices are centered for even roasting. And for the convenience of extracting small pieces, the lifting lever has the option of “extra-lift”. All the crumbs wake up in a tray that can be removed for cleaning. Has reheat and defrost functions, they are activated by separate buttons. For convenience of a warming up of rolls and other bakery products the support is included in the package. To cancel toasting, a cancel button is provided.

  • The walls don’t get hot.
  • Easy to remove crumb tray.
  • You can toast bread of any thickness.
  • It is convenient to warm up buns, pancakes on the grill.
  • Roasting is even.
  • Simple control.
  • The mark on the rotary switch is hard to see (on the black model).
  • Toasts from round bread are difficult to remove even with the “extra rise”.
  • There is a single case of failure.

Inferior to Gorenje in power (850 W), but superior in a large number of levels of roasting. The models are similar in terms of equipment and functionality, but Philips also has a protective auto-shutdown, which is triggered in the event of a short circuit. According to most users, this is the best model, well-assembled and with a good set of features.

And now you want to know how to choose a toaster for your home in 2022? Every morning is the same. A fidgety child, a husband-… (there are many different words for him), a cat that arranges “hungry races” for you. And it is unlikely that your morning begins with a cup of aromatic coffee. Rather, from pans, pots and mountains of dirty plates. Want to make your life easier? Buy a toaster! And how to choose a toaster for the home, we will tell you.

Organization of the purchase: we study the details

Rating of the best toasters for the home in 2022 by price-quality (TOP 6)

Choosing a household toaster is a piece of cake, but, whatever one may say, this choice must be approached wisely. Otherwise, the “spit” will be useless and, moreover, will add unnecessary trouble to you. And that’s why.

Take, for example, this situation. You have got a big family. And every one of its members love toasted bread. As you can see, you can’t do without a special “roasting” unit.

You understand this, you buy a toaster, and… It disappoints you, because you have to constantly “guard” the cooking process and “charge” the next portion of bread. All because you just made a mistake with the size of the device.

Or such a scenario. You are late for work, but at the same time you cannot break the ritual – eat a toast with coffee. But because of the wrong toaster (with little power), you remain hungry again and again. Of course, you can adjust to the unit and get up 10-15 minutes earlier. But why is he needed at all?

Moreover, practice shows that a cheap toaster of an unknown manufacturer (and there are most of them on the household appliances market today) can cause a fire. How to avoid buying a useless and dangerous household appliance? Read this article to the end. It will definitely help you find the best toaster in all respects.

Varieties of toasters

Rating of the best toasters for the home in 2022 by price-quality (TOP 6)

We all know perfectly well what a toaster is., so we won’t stop there. Let’s go further. Outwardly, these devices are like twin brothers. Therefore, it is not easy, and there is no need to draw any conclusions on their appearance. Their main difference lies in the cooking control system, which can be:

  • manual. This type of device is a “mammoth” of production. Little is known about it and it is no longer for sale. From the name it is clear that the cooking process here is controlled manually, which, you see, is inconvenient.
  • semi-automatic. Toasters with this type of preparation, a characteristic signal makes it clear that the product is ready. However, he continues to work. You will have to turn off the device and remove the toasts with your hands.
  • automatic. This type of device is the best option. He will cook, and extract, and make it clear that breakfast is ready. If we were also ourselves, there would be no price for him.

According to the type of loading, the unit can be vertical or horizontal:

  • How does it work toaster vertical downloads? Everything is simple here. Such devices are used exclusively for toasting bread. In extreme cases, you can warm up a bun or croissant in it (using an additional rack).
  • Home toaster horizontal or “Sandwich toaster” can please you with much more options. On such an apparatus, you can cook buns with filling, and pies, and delicious hot sandwiches.

Toaster selection options

Rating of the best toasters for the home in 2022 by price-quality (TOP 6)

A good choice is the right choice. Before choosing a toaster, decide what exactly you want from it. If the technique is needed to prepare breakfast “for one”, it is enough to buy the simplest toaster with two compartments.

If you want to feed a large family, buy a device with either two large compartments that fit two slices of bread, or four at once. Alternatively, you can consider buying a horizontal toaster with two chambers that can easily accommodate 3-4 slices of bread.

If you like thin slices of toasted bread, a toaster with a compact compartment will suit you. If you love thick crispy pieces, take a unit with a wide one. Well, if each family member has their own preferences in size, you will have to invest in a device with the function of adjusting the thickness of the compartment.

Toaster power

As with any other household appliance, its power is important in a toaster. Here you need to be extremely careful when choosing. After all, high performance, of course, will reduce the cooking time of the delicacy, but the result can be disappointing. Well, who wants to eat “burners”?

To avoid unplanned incidents, buy models that can offer you several degrees of doneness (usually from 6 to 11).


Use the first levels to reheat already prepared toast. The rest are for frying.

Housing materials

Rating of the best toasters for the home in 2022 by price-quality (TOP 6)

Well, there is no originality here. The case can be either made of plastic or metal (another question is their quality).

  • If you take a toaster with a plastic case.
  • From the pros you get a low price and the ability to choose colors. Of the minuses: “cheap” look, burns (plastic heats up very quickly). Moreover, under the influence of temperatures (both high and low), the plastic is deformed and quickly becomes unusable.
  • If you take a toaster with a metal body.
  • You get a solid, stylish, durable and reliable unit that will suit any interior. The disadvantages include the high cost of the device and the soiled metal.

But not only the appearance of the device is important. The materials of the heating chamber must also meet quality standards. For home use, a non-stick chamber is best. He is the easiest to take care of.

Additional functionality

Rating of the best toasters for the home in 2022 by price-quality (TOP 6)

Do you want to make your life as comfortable as possible? Pay attention to the additional features of the toaster, which is worth paying for.

  1. Toaster cleaning. Modern toasters offer as many as three options for extracting crumbs from the device:
    • just turn over and shake as it should;
    • let the crumbs fall on the table (some models are equipped with a grate bottom);
    • buy a device with a sliding tray.
  2. Fixing the toast in the heating chamber. It will prevent your breakfast from “burning” on one side and not being fried on the other.
  3. Bread lift adjustment. Allows you to prepare canapés or delicious croutons for soup.
  4. Defrosting bread before toasting. The function is useful for those who store bread in the freezer.
  5. Key “STOP“. An emergency pause button for the cooking process (in case you decide that your toasts are already ready).
  6. Cell for the power cord. Convenient thing. The cord does not break and does not take up extra space.
  7. Disconnecting the device in the process of falling. A useful feature for families with small children and pets.
  8. “Lovely faces”. Function for creative personalities and aesthetes. It uplifts the mood and charges with positive for the whole working day.

Safety regulations

Rating of the best toasters for the home in 2022 by price-quality (TOP 6)

The first thing to do when buying a toaster is to open your passport and read everything that is written there. Spending 30 minutes of time, you will save yourself from injury, and the purchase from breakdowns for many years. But we will not be too lazy to voice a few general provisions. Extra knowledge never hurt anyone.

  1. Do not put bread spread with butter, honey, jam, paste (walnut, chocolate, caramel…) into the toaster. Apply toppings to already cooked toasts.
  2. If you want to reheat the bun, remove the wrapper from the bun.
  3. Do not use extension cords for 1500 watt models or more.

Care instructions

  • After making toast, be sure to remove the crumbs from the device. Pay special attention to this, as their accumulation can lead to breakage.
  • Wipe down the outside of the toaster body after each use.
  • Remove the rest of the filling (from the “Sandwich Toaster”) from the still warm surface.

Which manufacturer to choose

Today, toasters are produced by all and sundry. Often on such devices there is not even a nameplate, that is, no one knows about its origin. These are the units that are dangerous. So don’t go cheap. Buy toasters from well-known and time-tested manufacturers: Bosch, Philips, Mullinex, Electrolux, Tefal, Bork, etc.

And now it’s time to say goodbye. Have you found the answer to your question: how to choose a toaster for your home? We hope so… Spend your money wisely and enjoy the results. See you!


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