Rating of the Best Multicookers Polaris 2022 (TOP 11)

Rating of the best multicookers Polaris 2022 (TOP 11)


We compiled our ranking based on the popularity of Polaris 2022 multicookers among consumers. The more expensive the kitchen appliance, the more various additional functions are presented there, so we started with the most budgetary multicooker, from simple to complex – it’s easier to get acquainted with the product and make a comparison. Especially such a review will be needed for those who are not yet familiar with the multicooker in principle.

Features of multicookers

Rating of the best multicookers Polaris 2022 (TOP 11)

In order not to wonder how a multicooker differs from a double boiler and a pressure cooker, we will immediately define some options that are typical for all multicookers.

  • One of the unique features is “delayed start”. Almost all users in the reviews emphasize the convenience of cooking: just lay the products, select the program and specify the desired start time.
  • The “multi-cook” option is the ability to independently set the time and temperature of cooking.
  • The multicooker comes standard with a steaming sieve, plastic spoons, a measuring cup and a recipe book.
  • Bowls in multicookers can be 3, 4 and 5 liters. It should be borne in mind that you will never cook the volume declared in the bowl – it’s just physically not worth filling the bowl to the brim – the contents will splash out and fall on the heating element, which will lead to damage. In a 3 liter bowl, the volume of food will be 2.5-2.7 liters – this is about 5 servings.

Positioned as a mobile kitchen appliance that is easy to take with you on vacation, to the hospital, office.

Rating of the best multicookers Polaris 2022 (TOP 11)

Polaris PMC 0351AD

The budget multicooker has a standard set of cooking programs: multicook, milk porridge, frying, steaming, baking, stewing, yogurt, pasta, cereals, as well as the ability to delay start and maintain heating. In an additional function, the manufacturer indicates the ability to independently set the time and temperature of cooking, but this is a “multi-cook” program.

Main characteristics:

  • metal case
  • Power 600 W
  • Bowl 3 l

Uniqueness and advantages:

  • soup program.
  • Easy to use, clear menu

Ceramic bowls and other parts can be washed in the dishwasher.

Rating of the best multicookers Polaris 2022 (TOP 11)

Polaris PMC 0559D

Such models most often no longer look like pans, they have a streamlined shape, high power and bright backlight on the touch screen. The elegant black multicooker with electronic control attracts with its design.

General characteristics

  • Power 860 W
  • Plastic body
  • Bowl 5 l
  • 22 cooking programs – very convenient, almost all dish options are on the display.


  • The set includes only a double boiler, a measuring cup and a spoon – there is no ladle and containers for yogurt.
  • No carrying handle
  • There may be an odor during the first preparation

New generation multicookers

In expensive models, an ear for spoons is provided on the body, the so-called “boat holder”. It is very difficult to classify this life hack as useful: spoons often fall when you open the appliance, and if you stir the dish and put a ladle in this ear, the rest of the broth or sauce will simply flow down onto the handle and into the ear itself.

Rating of the best multicookers Polaris 2022 (TOP 11)

Polaris EVO 0225

The kitchen appliance of the third generation Wi-fi – powered by a smartphone, was released last year. It’s not even worth talking about cooking programs here. Using a tablet or phone, by downloading the desired application, you can not only control the kitchen appliance, but also download recipes from the Internet. The cooking report also comes to the gadget. The cost is from 60 dollars.

General characteristics:

  • Power 860 W
  • The case is plastic, stylized as metal.
  • Bowl 5l

Advantages and uniqueness:

  • Over 20 cooking programs
  • Multicooker control via web application
  • Adding any recipes from the internet

Rating of the best multicookers Polaris 2022 (TOP 11)

Polaris EVO 0446DS

Relatively new model from manufacturer Polaris with new features and capabilities. In addition to the already familiar 3D heating, it has 36 cooking programs and is able to weigh products. Characteristics of the model power 860 W, body material plastic, bowl 4 liters.

Advantages and uniqueness:

  • Using the built-in scales, it weighs the stored products and independently adjusts the cooking time.
  • The programs, among others, include such dishes as jelly, jelly, jam, cottage cheese, cheesecake, fondue, mulled wine and others.
  • Cookbook with 190 recipes
  • Modern appearance, plastic case looks like expensive metal.


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