Rating of the Best Liebherr Freezers of 2022 (TOP 5)

Rating of the best Liebherr freezers of 2022 (TOP 5)


In this ranking, I have collected the 5 best Liebherr freezers of 2022. Low-temperature refrigeration equipment has become a faithful assistant both in large-scale production and in small cozy kitchens. Freezers allow you to keep almost any food in the same state for a long time. The German company Liebherr produces compact and reliable freezers in various price segments, allowing a wide range of consumers to choose equipment to suit their needs. This article will consider models that can be purchased for the home in January 2022.

Liebherr G 1223

Rating of the best Liebherr freezers of 2022 (TOP 5)

The top is opened by one of the most budgetary models. It is popular due to its low price, compact size and the presence of useful features that simplify management and use.


  • overall cabinet volume – 101 l;
  • the volume of the internal chamber (useful) – 98 l;
  • energy class – A +;
  • noise level – 40 dB;
  • LCD display with electronic control.

It is a free-standing small freezer cabinet with dimensions of 85.1 * 55.3 * 62.4 cm and a weight of 38 kg. Cable length 160 cm, adjustable legs and reversible door allow you to install it in any convenient place. It consumes up to 200 kWh of electricity per year, which is quite an acceptable indicator for such a baby. Thanks to the use of R 600a refrigerant, the chamber is able to freeze 11 kg of product in 24 hours, while after turning off the unit it autonomously keeps cold for up to 26 hours, which allows it to be used in networks with power outages. Has 3 food storage drawers.

Among the shortcomings, one can distinguish a high price in comparison with competitors, the absence of self-defrosting – the process occurs only statically. A budget compressor can make noticeable noises in the “supercharge” mode.

Liebherr GP 1376

Rating of the best Liebherr freezers of 2022 (TOP 5)

More advanced model compared to its predecessor. It is also the choice of many buyers due to the presence of more useful features in the same compact body. Specifications:

  • total chamber volume – 106 l;
  • internal (useful) volume – 104 l;
  • energy class – A ++;
  • noise level – up to 38 dB;
  • light and sound indication of temperature increase;
  • temperature display screen.

Freestanding freezer, slightly larger than its predecessor – 55.3 * 62.4 * 85.1 cm, 42 kg. The inner chamber contains one drawer more than in the younger model – a total of 4. A standard 160 cm power cable, adjustable legs and a reversible door, the exact same refrigerant is used, and the freezing capacity is similar – 11 kg per day. Cold keeps for 4 hours longer – up to 30 hours with a complete power outage. However, having a modern compressor with increased energy efficiency on board, the chamber can significantly reduce energy consumption per year – up to 150 kWh, which is 25% less than its predecessor. The noise level has also been reduced to 38 dB. Management is completely electronic, with protection against intervention of children. It has the function of “super-freezing”, while defrosting is static, that is, manual.

The increase in the number of boxes has led to the fact that their size has become much smaller, which means that the internal capacity has fallen. According to reviews, people who store large-sized raw materials and whole poultry carcasses may face a lack of headroom.

Liebherr GN 1066

Rating of the best Liebherr freezers of 2022 (TOP 5)

A model from the middle price segment, which has a number of useful features that budget options cannot boast of. The following features are hidden in the compact body of the freezer:

  • total chamber volume – 102 l;
  • internal (useful) volume – 91 l;
  • energy class – A +;
  • noise level – up to 42 dB;
  • indication of temperature increase by light and sound;
  • LCD screen with temperature.

The size of the camera is really small – 60.2*62.8*85.1 cm, which makes it one of the smallest cameras in the line. The number of cameras in this regard returned to the very first model in the rating – 3 pcs. In terms of electricity, the baby is quite voracious – almost 200 kWh per year. The noise level also leaves much to be desired – up to 42 dB, that is, in a small kitchenette, the presence of such an assistant will be quite noticeable. What, then, brought this camera to the middle price segment, because the main parameters lose to budget competitors? It’s all about more productive iron – it allows you to freeze 14 kg of raw materials in 24 hours, which is 3 kg more than its predecessors. Here, defrosting is no longer manual, the modern No Frost system is used in the chamber – it minimizes the amount of moisture inside the usable volume, so the so annoying “ice coat” does not form on the walls and other elements. This means that GN 1066 does not need to be completely defrosted, which saves the consumer a lot of time. The bonus is autonomy up to 30 hours, the “super-freeze” mode, a complete cold battery and electronic control with protection against accidental pressing.

With all the positive aspects, a batch of defective models entered the market, which were distinguished by frequent breakdowns and an unpleasant smell of plastic. Although the company recalled the batch, replacing the purchased models with new, serviceable ones, buyers in the reviews are advised to double-check the warranty documents before buying in order to protect themselves in the future.

Liebherr GN 1923

Rating of the best Liebherr freezers of 2022 (TOP 5)

The camera is also in the middle price category, but already has a relatively impressive size – the model is perfect for those who need to store a large amount of frozen raw materials. Specifications are as follows:

  • total chamber volume – 187 l;
  • the volume of the inner chamber (useful) – 151 l;
  • energy class – A +;
  • noise level – up to 43 dB;
  • light and sound indication of temperature increase;
  • sound indication of door opening.

The model has noticeably grown up – 60 * 63 * 125 cm, which made it possible to fit 5 full-sized storage boxes inside. Energy consumption for such a volume also increased significantly and amounted to 240 kWh per year, which is quite acceptable for a chamber with such a useful volume. The noise level remained at the level of small models – up to 43 dB. The model is equipped with the No Frost system, which greatly simplifies the care of such a volume. Powerful iron freezes 15 kg of raw materials per day, there is a mode of quick freezing of small volumes of raw materials, while the walls keep the cold inside for up to 24 hours. Fully electronic control with temperature indication and critical condition notifications. The massive door is equipped with a handle with a pusher, which minimizes the effort applied to opening. The complexity of the design of the handle in comparison with the classic options can lead to unexpected breakage.

Liebherr GN 2323

Rating of the best Liebherr freezers of 2022 (TOP 5)

The increase in the price of this model in comparison with its predecessors is associated with a further increase in the useful volume of the chamber and, as a result, an increase in the amount of stored raw materials.


  • total chamber volume – 226 l;
  • the volume of the inner chamber (useful) – 188 l;
  • energy class – A +;
  • noise level – up to 42 dB;
  • light and sound indication of temperature increase;
  • sound notification when the door is opened.

GN 2323 has increased in size by almost 20 cm, which made it possible to equip it with another drawer. Thanks to the high-quality optimization of iron, power consumption increased by only 4 kWh, while the noise level of the device dropped to 42 dB, which is an excellent indicator for a camera almost 1.5 meters high. Already a standard set of functions for such a price – No Frost, super-freezing, all kinds of indications and notifications for instant interaction with the consumer. The useful volume freezes 16 kg of raw materials per day and keeps cold up to 24 hours with a complete power outage. Some buyers highlight rather big dimensions as a disadvantage.


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