Rating of the Best Kitfort Steam Cleaners and Steamers in 2022 (TOP 5)

Rating of the best Kitfort steam cleaners and steamers in 2022 (TOP 5)


The Kitfort trademark is European, the main office is located in the world, and the main production and assembly plants are in China. That is why the brand’s products, in accordance with modern standards of steam cleaners and steamers, remain affordable for families with an average income, easily cope with tasks of any complexity and are an excellent alternative for those who are not ready to overpay for an advertised brand. Kitfort brand steam cleaners and steamers are ranked based on user reviews and sales volumes for 2022.

The best steam cleaners

Rating of the best Kitfort steam cleaners and steamers in 2022 (TOP 5)

Kitfort KT-909

The best-selling model of the entire product line. This floor steam cleaner easily copes with any dirt on laminate, parquet, linoleum, ceramic tiles, wooden floors, suitable for washing windows, cars and disinfecting furniture and rooms.

Main characteristics:

  • heating time – up to 15 minutes, depends on the fullness of the boiler, its volume, unit power;
  • maximum temperature of water and steam – 98 degrees;
  • steam supply rate – 36 g / min.;
  • boiler volume – 1.5 l;
  • operating pressure 3.5 bar;
  • power – 1500 W;
  • steaming modes – one;
  • flexible hose length – 1.7 m.
  • dimensions: 30.5×32.5×52.5 cm;
  • weight – 5.3 kg.

Optional Features:

  • rack for cleaning clothes with a stand for holding the iron;
  • a set of auxiliary nozzles – jet, angled, round brass, for the floor, universal;
  • three brushes – for the floor, round with soft bristles, round with hard bristles;
  • glass scraper;
  • extension tubes;
  • nozzle-adapter;
  • power indicator;
  • napkin for washing surfaces;
  • measuring cup and funnel;
  • container for storing accessories;

The best steamers

The steamer works on the same principle as the steam cleaner, but it does not have such a wide range of functions. These devices are used for complex care of clothes and textiles, where ordinary washing and ironing are undesirable: smoothing, steaming, cleaning clothes or upholstered furniture, smoothing wrinkles on skirts and trousers, etc. Some models are equipped with a mini iron. Steamers are more compact than steam cleaners, but they cannot replace either a vacuum cleaner or a standard iron.

Rating of the best Kitfort steam cleaners and steamers in 2022 (TOP 5)

Kitfort KT-910

This floor model is designed for smoothing, cleaning and disinfecting clothes, including those made from light, delicate fabrics, as well as home textiles, upholstered furniture, car seats. The main functions of the steamer:

  • smoothing any type of clothing, curtains, curtains in an upright position;
  • elimination of unpleasant odors;
  • destruction of bacteria and dust mites in upholstered furniture, pillows, mattresses;
  • removal of dust, dirt, stains on textiles;
  • care for pleated fabrics;
  • disinfection and cleaning of toys.

Unit characteristics:

  1. power – 2200 W;
  2. the maximum water heating temperature is 130 degrees;
  3. water heating time – 45 seconds;
  4. steam supply rate – 35 g / min.;
  5. duration of continuous operation – 50 minutes;
  6. steaming modes – one;
  7. flexible hose length – 1.5 m.
  8. device dimensions: 25x35x27cm,
  9. weight – 5 kg.

Options and additional features of the model:

  • removable water tank;
  • a universal nozzle and a nozzle for aligning the “arrows” on trousers;
  • power indicator;
  • automatic shutdown in the absence of water, overheating, idle more than 15 minutes;
  • automatic cord winder;
  • sliding rack with clothes hanger (maximum height 1.87 m);
  • container with additional nozzles;
  • protective glove and special clips for fixing textiles.
  • The floor-standing device is powered by a 220 V network, equipped with a long flexible hose, temperature and modes are adjusted using a button on the case.

Users emphasize the stylish design of the unit as advantages, the ability to choose a housing in exquisite colors – white, blue or gray. Also, buyers like the extensive and thoughtful functionality at an adequate cost. Among the shortcomings, a short power cord is noted – 1.2 m, and the fragility of plastic nozzles.

Combined models

Rating of the best Kitfort steam cleaners and steamers in 2022 (TOP 5)

Kitfort KT-904

The versatile floor appliance will help not only to clean the house, but you can also use it as a clothes steamer. The jet is powerful, the steam is hot. There is no built-in steamer hanger, but the functionality is much higher than conventional steamers. Suitable for those who are allergic to chemical cleaners, as well as small children for whom disinfection is very important.

The main functions of the combined model:

  • washing vacuum cleaner;
  • window cleaner;
  • steamer for clothes and home textiles;
  • disinfectant for all surfaces.

Main characteristics:

  • working pressure – 4 bar;
  • power – 2000 W;
  • tank volume – 1.8 l;
  • maximum temperature of water and steam – 98 degrees;
  • heating time – 4-5 minutes;
  • steaming mode – one;
  • flexible hose length – 1.9 m.
  • dimensions: 31×14.5×39 cm,
  • weight – about 5 kg.

Device complete set:

  1. brush with a napkin for the floor;
  2. steam nozzle with a special bag;
  3. measuring cup and funnel;
  4. round soft brush;
  5. glass scraper;
  6. string nozzle;
  7. extension tube.


  • stability due to the well-thought-out case design;
  • mobility thanks to movable wheels;
  • the ability to use dry or wet steam;
  • stainless steel boiler (aluminum);
  • a set of additional nozzles for processing surfaces and materials of any kind;
  • modern design in stylish colors (light green and black);
  • compact and ergonomic – does not take up much space when stored in a closet or pantry.

Among the shortcomings, users note the following:

  • relatively long heating;
  • after 10-15 minutes of active operation, pressure and power decrease;
  • a short cord limits the mobility of the unit;
  • there is no container for storing nozzles;
  • do not add water while working with the device, you must first turn it off.

A bestseller and a favorite with buyers. Without the use of household chemicals, you can disinfect, clean and bring pillows, blankets, curtains, fur coats and other fur or textile products to an excellent look at home.


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