Rating of the Best Kitfort Blenders of 2022 (TOP 9)

Rating of the best Kitfort blenders of 2022 (TOP 9)


Kitfort equipment is becoming more and more popular among buyers every year. Blenders are one of the most popular types of household appliances that have long ceased to be a curiosity. Interest in healthy eating, caring for children, the desire to save time and effort – these are the most common arguments in favor of buying devices for mixing and grinding ingredients. In this rating, we will look at the TOP 10 Kitfort blender models of 2022.

Rating of the best Kitfort blenders of 2022 (TOP 9)

Low Power Blenders

In order to whip a cocktail of liquids or soft foods, mix ingredients for batter or puree, you do not need much force. However, the manufacturer claims that some devices can crush ice, chop hard vegetables, fruits, and grind meat. Low-power blenders are suitable for those who have not yet dealt with such equipment or do not cook complex dishes in it.

Rating of the best Kitfort blenders of 2022 (TOP 9)

Kitfort KT-1331

The most popular model in this category. Simple and clear design, high-quality assembly, ease of use, capacious bowl, light weight, stable, compact. Main characteristics:

  • 350 W of power;
  • 2 speeds;
  • mechanical control;
  • plastic jug and body;
  • capacity 1.25 l;
  • mill 200 ml;
  • the presence of additional modes (chopping ice, pulsed).

The speed changes smoothly, during operation, you can add food to the bowl without having to interrupt cooking.

Among the shortcomings are the smell of plastic, which disappears after a week or two after the start of use, thin knives, noisy work. The device copes with mashed potatoes and cocktails perfectly, but large pieces of meat for minced meat are beyond its power. A suitable option for getting to know stationary blenders, making drinks, baby food.

Rating of the best Kitfort blenders of 2022 (TOP 9)

Kitfort KT-1340

It does not break ice, and the coffee grinder is much smaller in volume, only 50 ml. The main advantage is the presence of two bottles (600 and 400 ml) with tight lids, you can pour ready-made cocktails into them to take them with you. This opportunity will be of interest to athletes, parents, as well as those who prefer to make drinks at home.

  • power 350 W;
  • parts are made of plastic;
  • 2 speeds with smooth transition;
  • bowl capacity 1 l;
  • pulse mode;
  • hole for food in the lid.

Consumers complain about an unpleasant smell that does not immediately disappear. This is not too big a disadvantage for a blender for 1990 rubles. All containers are easy to clean, and there are no foreign tastes in ready-made mixtures.

Medium Power Blenders

Devices that consume from 500 W to 1 kW have more options for mixing, chopping and grinding food. They do not require pre-cutting the ingredients into too small pieces. You can easily prepare a thick puree or paste of nuts. The range of their capabilities is wider: manufacturers often add ready-made programs for lovers of certain dishes.

Rating of the best Kitfort blenders of 2022 (TOP 9)

Kitfort KT-1301

Kitchen gadget with electronic control and LCD display. Brief characteristics:

  • power 1 kW;
  • knife rotation speed up to 130$ revolutions per minute;
  • 6 speed modes with a smooth transition;
  • glass bowl and metal body;
  • capacity 1.6 l;
  • shutdown timer;
  • ice pick;
  • pulse mode

The speed is adjusted by pressing the buttons. The control panel is non-touch, avoiding accidental touches. The capacious jug closes hermetically, there is no splashing during operation. All parts are well washed, dirt does not clog under the buttons. The set time is displayed on the screen, the selected speed is noticeable thanks to the LED backlight.

There are disadvantages: it does not always cope with frozen food, it is noisy, it does not chop small quantities of food well. There have been reports of broken plastic mounts. Splash marks and touch marks remain on the stainless steel case.

High performance and quality materials fully justify the costs. Suitable for those who want to try out a model with wider functionality.

Rating of the best Kitfort blenders of 2022 (TOP 9)

Kitfort KT-1335

It can easily make smoothies, cream soup, ice cream, chop nuts, fruits, vegetables. To do this, you just need to lay down the products and select the desired function with the appropriate parameters. Works fast, quiet, sharp blades do a great job of mixing and chopping. The volumetric and light bowl does not smell, it washes well. The appearance is elegant, the cord can be removed in a special compartment. This model will help to solve most of the everyday culinary tasks.


  • power of 1 kW;
  • bowl volume 2 l;
  • electronic control;
  • liquid crystal display;
  • LED lights;
  • timer;
  • pulse mode;
  • ability to crush ice
  • plastic version.


  • blades of knives spin at a speed of 340$ revolutions per minute;
  • the kit includes a plastic pusher and a spatula for mixing ingredients;
  • there are 5 automatic programs for the most common tasks.

Based on customer reviews, no cons were found. In general, users were satisfied with the blender, it works perfectly, the quality grinds, whipping is good, it is easy to use, the guarantee is a year, the bowl is light.

High Power Blenders

Equipment more powerful than 1 kW is comparable to professional kitchen equipment. Additional features will come in handy for those who prefer to replace several household appliances with one. The requirements for the quality of materials and assembly are increasing.

Rating of the best Kitfort blenders of 2022 (TOP 9)

Kitfort KT-1327

The speed is adjustable from the minimum value to the maximum. Informative display, catchy design. The soup cooker function allows you to heat the contents of the plastic jug to prepare pureed soups and jams. There is a smoothie program. There is an option to select products to use optimal speed settings.


  • 1300 W;
  • 280$ revolutions per minute;
  • capacity 2 l;
  • touch control;
  • supovarka;
  • timer;
  • temperature sensor;
  • pulse mode;
  • ice pick;
  • ready programs
  • plastic pusher.

High power is the cause of breakdowns and noise. This model has vibration protection, but when working at maximum speed, the device still buzzes quite loudly – this is the only minus of the technique.

Rating of the best Kitfort blenders of 2022 (TOP 9)

Kitfort KT-1334

Outwardly, it looks like the KT-1327 model: a two-liter jug, the speed is also adjustable from minimum to maximum.


  • 1500 W of power;
  • 300$ revolutions per minute;
  • touch control;
  • 5 programs (“smoothies”, “cream soup”, “ice cream”, “vegetables + fruits” and “nuts”);
  • spatula and pusher.

It copes with its tasks perfectly, does not leave lumps, cuts products evenly. The plastic jug is large, compact, no odors. Opinions of buyers about automatic programs were divided: some were satisfied, others consider ready-made algorithms superfluous.

Kitfort’s range of stationary blenders includes options for the low-key consumer and gourmets. Many devices are available at affordable prices. Expensive devices can compete with similar equipment from other brands that are well known. While the preponderance is clearly on the side of low-power devices, perhaps in the coming years the company will update its lineup and introduce more powerful blenders.


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