Rating of the Best Kitchen Hoods Kronasteel 2022 (TOP 11)

Rating of the best kitchen hoods Kronasteel 2022 (TOP 11)


In this ranking, I have collected 1 of the best Kronasteel cooker hoods of 2022. The trademark “Kronasteel” comes from Germany and has been on the domestic market for 17 years. The company specializes in the production of kitchen ventilation systems. Brand hoods undergo quality control, consisting of three stages. The model line contains devices from different price segments: budget, medium and premium. By design, various modifications are also presented: built-in, fireplace, suspended. In this review, devices popular in the current year from different price segments and all presented designs are considered.

The best Kronasteel built-in hoods

Built-in exhaust structures are beneficial to customers for several reasons:

  • Completely hides in the kitchen furniture and does not spoil the interior.
  • A small part of the unit is visible from the outside, which allows the manufacturer to save on design development. Due to this, customers get a wide range of functions at a lower cost, in comparison with chimney or hanging hoods.

But the downside is the need to comply with the dimensions during installation.

Rating of the best kitchen hoods Kronasteel 2022 (TOP 11)

Kronasteel Kamilla 1M 500 white

This is a retractable version with a built-in dimension of 50 cm. The diameter of the air outlet is 12 cm. The metal case is white. Equipped with a 110W motor.

Works in the diverting and circulating mode with a result of 390 m3/min. Speeds are regulated in the range of 3 switchings. Operated mechanically with buttons. Illumination with a halogen lamp. Grease filter included. During use, it makes noise at the level of 56 dB. There is an anti-return valve.


  • All functionality required from the device.
  • Relatively quiet operation.
  • Budget price.
  • Easy to operate mechanics with a long service life.


  • The panel after extension does not reach the extreme burners.
  • Not supplied with charcoal filter.

Rating of the best kitchen hoods Kronasteel 2022 (TOP 11)

Kronasteel Kamilla 1M 600 inox

It differs in size in width – 60 cm, the presence of two backlight lamps at once and a large weight – 9 kg. The case is also metal, but painted in a characteristic silver color.

Retractable model, nozzle diameter 12 cm. Works for removal and circulation, but the carbon filter must be purchased separately. Cleans the air at a rate of 390 m3/hour. 3 speed modes. It is controlled by mechanics by means of buttons. There is a grease filter and a non-return valve, it makes noise at the level of 56 dB.


  • Good power.
  • budget cost.
  • Easy control mechanics.
  • All required functionality.


  • Loud noise in 2nd and 3rd gear.
  • The carbon filter must be purchased separately.
  • Marked silver panel.

The best Kronasteel fireplace hoods

Chimney hoods are the opposite of built-in and belong to a separate category. This modification of the devices is not hidden in the furniture, but, on the contrary, stands out in the design and is often its central element, and therefore has an original appearance and a slightly higher price for similar functionality.

Rating of the best kitchen hoods Kronasteel 2022 (TOP 11)

Kronasteel Bella 500 inox SL

The size of the unit is 50 cm wide. The body is made of silver-colored metal. It is equipped with one motor providing removal and circulation up to 550 m3/hour. Operated by mechanics, slide switches. Work at 3 speeds.

There is comfortable lighting with a 28W halogen lamp. The set includes two filters – coal and grease. Noise during operation up to 56 dB. Good choice for a reasonable price.


  • Graceful design.
  • Good performance.
  • Low noise level.
  • Budget price.
  • Charcoal filter included.


  • Slider control.
  • No anti-return valve included.

The best hanging hoods

Suspended hoods are simple and functional modifications, they do not need to be built into furniture, they are simply and quickly mounted on a vertical surface. Due to the simple design, they can have advanced functionality and a low price, which is why they are popular with buyers.

Rating of the best kitchen hoods Kronasteel 2022 (TOP 11)

Kronasteel Jessica slim PB 600 white

The currently presented range of suspended hoods from the manufacturer is reduced to the Jessica line, the models of which differ in color and width. You can consider it on the example of this modification. The cost of the line varies between 30$

Model in white metal. Width dimension 60 cm, nozzle diameter 12 cm. Works for drainage and circulation with a capacity of 350 m3/hour. Equipped with one motor. 3 speeds available for switching. Mechanical control, buttons. Illuminated by an incandescent lamp. Grease and charcoal filter included.


  • Quiet motor operation.
  • budget cost.
  • Easy installation and control system.
  • Good performance.


There are no cons for the given price.


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