Rating of the Best Electric Stoves in 2022 (TOP 15)

Rating of the best electric stoves in 2022 (TOP 15)


The rating presents the best electric stoves of 2022 so that your future kitchen assistant gives only positive emotions and enriches the home menu with truly delicious dishes.

Table of participants in the ranking of the best electric stoves in 2022

TOP-4 inexpensive electric stoves with enamelled surface

Enamelled electric stoves are cheap. The coating is resistant, several colors, unpretentious in care. But various contaminants adhere well to the enamel, and during operation it becomes covered with small scratches.

Flama CE3201-W

Rating of the best electric stoves in 2022 (TOP 15)

Opens the Flama CE3201-W rating with two burners and a 4L oven with a maximum temperature of 280°C. It has 4 modes of operation. Power can be adjusted with rotary switches. A drawer for dishes is provided.

  • low price – only 67$;
  • compact – 50 × 85 × 36 cm.
  • unreliable design of the European assembly. Some users note that the stove creaks and staggers. The seal on the dish storage compartment quickly leaves;
  • bad oven. It provides a stepwise choice of temperatures.

Flama CE3201-W is a simple compact model. The burners heat up quickly, all modes work fine. The oven is suitable for baking vegetables, meat, fish. But for baking cakes and pastries, it is unsuitable, since it is possible to set the temperature on it to either 200 ° C or 280 ° C. Because of this, the baked goods remain raw inside or burn. Therefore, for its preparation, it is better to take DARINA S EM 521 404 W, which will be discussed further in our rating. According to reviews, it evenly bakes the dough.

DARINA S EM 521 404 W

Rating of the best electric stoves in 2022 (TOP 15)

Another budget sample is DARINA S EM 521 404 W with two cast-iron burners that operate in 6 modes. Rotary switches are used to switch them. The oven has a volume of 45 liters. Its maximum heating is 270 °C. The oven door is made of simple double glass.

  • economical energy consumption. One burner
    consumes 1 kW.
  • no light bulb in the oven;
  • sharp legs with a small area leave dents on soft flooring.

It does not have any modern features, such as a timer, but it is enough for daily use by a small family. For a large family, De Luxe 5004.12e black with 4 burners is optimal.

De Luxe 5004.12

Rating of the best electric stoves in 2022 (TOP 15)

Electric stove De Luxe 5004.12e in black, dimensions – 50 × 85 × 50 cm. It is equipped with 4 burners of different diameters and power. The oven has a volume of 43 liters. Mechanical control. The price of the model is 8350 rubles.

  • understandable management. There is a temperature graduation on the oven handle;
  • good oven. It evenly heats food from above and below.
  • burners are very close to each other. Because of this, it is difficult to use medium-sized dishes at the same time;
  • low quality of the European assembly.

The De Luxe 5004.12e model is a compact full-fledged stove. Fits in a small kitchen, will help to prepare food for a large family. But its quality is questionable. During operation, the heating elements fail, the protective coating of the burners flies around. Therefore, it is better to overpay a little and take Belarusian-made GEFEST 5140 0031.

GEFEST 5140 0031

Rating of the best electric stoves in 2022 (TOP 15)

The stove has earned the “Customers’ Choice” mark on Yandex. Market. It has 3 burners of different diameters, a spacious oven for 52 liters. The oven is equipped with stamped guides that can withstand heavy baking sheets and lighting. The case for storage of utensils is mounted in the case.

  • burners heat up very quickly;
  • convenient management. There are mechanical power switches and clear markings;
  • functionality. There are 6 operating modes.
  • short network cable;
  • narrow back apron. It does not protect the wall well from pollution;
  • inconvenient drawer for storing utensils. It has no bottom, all items are stacked on the floor.

The presence of three rather than four burners seems strange. However, in real life, rarely does anyone turn on more than two at the same time. Burners of different diameters and power in order to rationally use electrical energy. The oven is standard, it does not have a grill or convection. But unlike the Flama CE3201-W model, it is suitable for baking. It provides 5 levels of installation of the baking sheet.

TOP-6 electric stoves with glass-ceramic surface

Glass-ceramic plates differ from others with a smooth and mirror surface. Glass ceramics, despite the apparent fragility, has high strength, is not afraid of mechanical stress, quickly and evenly distributes heat over the working area.

DARINA 1B EC331 606W

Rating of the best electric stoves in 2022 (TOP 15)

Worktop with three burners of different power. There is a residual heat indicator.

The oven has four operating modes. It has a unique thermal insulation, which creates the effect of a thermos, saves energy consumption.

  • burners heat up quickly;
  • economical energy consumption;
  • There is a residual heat indicator.
  • The oven does not operate at the correct temperature.

DARINA 1B EC331 606 W is an economical stove option. The customer gets a panel with residual heat indicators and fast heating, a double glazed oven and a stylish design. But there are complaints about the operation of the oven: it takes more time to cook the dish than usual. If you plan to use the oven often, then it is better to buy Beko FCS 47002 W, which quickly raises the temperature required for baking.

TOP 5 desktop electric stoves

A desktop electric stove is very useful in the country, in a student dormitory or at home, if the gas is suddenly turned off. Such a portable device is compact, equipped with powerful burners, has a wide range of functions.

Galaxy GL3054

Rating of the best electric stoves in 2022 (TOP 15)

Electric cooker Galaxy GL3054 consists of one burner with a diameter of 16.5 cm and a glass-ceramic hob. Power – 2 kW. Management – using buttons and a timer. 7 automatic cooking modes. There is protection against overheating.

  • affordable price – 19$;
  • compactness. The dimensions of the tiles are 5×30×36 cm, and the weight is 1.7 kg;
  • anti-slip feet;
  • high heating rate of the burner.
  • small burner diameter. If you put a large frying pan or pot on it, it gives an error;
  • large power step.

Desktop cooker Galaxy GL3054 is a good solution for summer cottages. It is not suitable for everyday cooking. Firstly, the modes are designed for complete cooking cycles with automatic shutdown. Secondly, the power step is too large. The next model from our rating, Kitfort KT-107, has the same problem.

Kitfort KT-107

Rating of the best electric stoves in 2022 (TOP 15)

Electric stove Kitfort KT-107 with one induction burner. It has a safety shutdown feature that trips when it overheats. Automatic dish detection. The panel is made of glass-ceramic. The control is carried out by tact switches. In total, the stove has 8 power levels.

  • withstands loads up to 10 kg;
  • convenient, clear control. The control panel has buttons and LED indicators;
  • heats up quickly;
  • a large selection of basic functions.
  • power step – 300. Because of this, it is difficult to cook some dishes;
  • makes an unpleasant electrical noise during operation;
  • no power off button. The maximum heating power does not correspond to the nominal value. 1800W tiles = 1300W electrical;
  • fastidiousness to dishes: it is necessary from a ferromagnetic material.

It takes up very little space, so it can be easily hidden in a closet. Of course, it will not work to cook constantly on it, since the middle of the pan heats up very much, and the edges remain cold. You need to buy special dishes. In order not to do this, it is better to immediately overpay a little and buy an ENDEVER DP-43 tile. You can use any pans and pots with it.


Rating of the best electric stoves in 2022 (TOP 15)

Electric stove with one burner with a power of 2 kW. The panel is made of glass-ceramic. Touch control. There is a display that shows the selected parameters. There are functions of the timer, blocking of management. There are 7 basic cooking modes.

  • high quality ceramic heater. Thanks to this spiral element, cooking is fast;
  • the optimal size of the hob is 26 cm;
  • you can use dishes from any materials, and not just from ferromagnetic;
  • smooth transition of power between programs.
  • short network cable. The stove must be installed near the outlet;
  • noisy fan.

Even the steak on it turns out to be excellent, not like an ordinary scrambled egg. Perhaps this is due to the smooth adjustment of power. For example, the first stove from our Galaxy GL3054 rating has a large power step, so dishes often burn.


Rating of the best electric stoves in 2022 (TOP 15)

Electric hob GEFEST PE 720 with two burners of different diameters. It has an enamel finish. Mechanical type control – rotary switches. The power consumption of the stove is 2700 watts.

  • heats up quickly;
  • compact. Dimensions – 50 × 34.5 × 9 cm.
  • uncomfortable management. The model is equipped with turn signals: they must be installed in the desired position according to the markings;
  • traditional design. The style of the stove is irrelevant for modern kitchens.

The GEFEST PE 720 panel will replace a conventional electric stove, as it has two burners. It quickly and evenly heats the dishes. However, compared to the ENDEVER DP-43 model, it is outdated. This also applies to functionality. No cooking modes, timer. Power can be adjusted with knobs, but the markings are hard to see. The design also leaves much to be desired. 30 $ for such equipment is a little expensive.

Xiaomi Mijia Mi Home Induction Cooker

Rating of the best electric stoves in 2022 (TOP 15)

The Xiaomi Mijia Mi Home Induction Cooker induction cooker is made of white glossy plastic. The price is 4,5 dollars. The working surface is a circle of tempered glass, in the center of which is a thermometer showing its exact temperature.

The tile can be controlled both manually (there are two touch buttons. A rotary knob with a display button) and through the application (from a smartphone or other mobile device). Five operating modes are provided.

  • control via smartphone is possible;
  • accurate temperature control;
  • uniform heating of the burner;
  • the ability to create your own programs / modes.
  • Difficulty connecting to a Wi-Fi network;
  • the Mi application is “raw”;
  • does not handle high temperatures well.

If the GEFEST PE 720 stove can be called outdated, then Xiaomi Mijia Mi Home Induction Cooker is a modern technique for advanced users. It can be recommended for cooking any dishes. It is convenient to use it: you can control it from your smartphone, however, the application is only available in Chinese.


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