Rating of the Best Bosch Electric Meat Grinders 2022 (TOP 6)

Rating of the best Bosch electric meat grinders 2022 (TOP 6)


Despite the narrow specialization and limited set of functions, choosing an electric meat grinder is a very responsible matter. The most important thing is to calculate the required power. Adequately assess your needs: how much and how often will the device be used? To facilitate the choice, we offer the TOP 6 best, according to users of Bosch devices in 2022.

Bosch MFW 3520

Rating of the best Bosch electric meat grinders 2022 (TOP 6)

The electric meat grinder is small in size, in a pleasant stylish design. The device easily grinds minced meat to a homogeneous state. Power 500 watts, accelerates to peak 1500 watts. The power of the device is enough to process 1.9 kg of meat per minute.

Model advantages:

  • The delivery set includes two molding knives with perforation 4 and 8 mm, a nozzle for cooking homemade sausages, tubes for stuffing – kebbe.
  • The tray for loading and the case of the device are made of plastic of high durability.
  • A mechanism is provided to protect the engine from excessive heating, automatic shutdown in case of overloads, for example, if the blade hits a large bone.
  • Efficient chopping is provided by a double-edged knife.
  • Under the storage of accessories and the power cord, special compartments are allocated in the body of the device.
  • Works relatively quietly.
  • The reliable position of the meat grinder on the working surface is fixed with rubberized legs.

Buyers point to the excellent quality of the Polish assembly, which is in no way inferior to the German one. Sturdy design and protective mechanism are the defining characteristics when buying this unit. Decent option costing up to 50 dollars. The only drawback mentioned in the reviews is the lack of reverse.

Bosch MFW 45020/45120

Rating of the best Bosch electric meat grinders 2022 (TOP 6)

Another electric meat grinder from the middle price segment of the rating. The average market cost of the device ranges from 5600-57$. Users like it for its speed of material processing and thoughtful safe design.


  • Beautiful design.
  • The power of 500 W declared by the manufacturer allows processing a large volume of products – 2.7 kg per minute. In addition to the standard disk for minced meat, the set also includes a nozzle for sausages and kebbe.
  • Unlike Bosch MFW 3520, the model is equipped with a reverse. If veins are wound around the knife, you can easily remove them by turning on the reverse stroke. The spiral auger spins in reverse mode, moving the stuck fibers back into the loading mouth.
  • The ergonomic shape of the case prevents slipping out of the hands, a convenient handle is provided for transportation. For the stability of the product on the surface of the table on the bottom there are legs-linings of a rubberized composition.
  • Nozzles and grids are hidden in a special section.
  • The degree of grinding is adjustable, the device can be easily disassembled and cleaned.
  • Automatic shutdown is triggered when the motor overheats, protecting the meat grinder from breakage.


  • noisy;
  • the loading tray is not tightly fixed, sometimes slips off;
  • nozzle with medium holes sold separately.

The golden ratio of price and quality, the model justifies the money spent with durability and reliability in operation.

Bosch MFW 66020

Rating of the best Bosch electric meat grinders 2022 (TOP 6)

An electric meat grinder with advanced features will cost a thousand more than a Bosch MFW 45020/45120. A device with a complete set will easily give odds to a food processor. The set includes three cutting discs for preparing minced meat of different sizes, a nozzle for shredding vegetables, a grater for products of different densities, a standard sausage and kebbe.

Additional benefits are:

  • “smart” assembly that prevents problems. The transfer of momentum from the engine to the rotational elements occurs through a metal mount. The socket and the auger gear itself are made of durable material.
  • Motor power: nominal – 600 W, maximum – 1800 W.
  • A large metal loading compartment and high productivity (up to 3 kg / mi) allow you to cover the needs of a family of 4 people.
  • The device is compact and does not take up much space.
  • The reverse motion system allows you to quickly unravel the wound veins from the meat.

Buyers note that the model has excellent equipment. A plus is the low noise level during operation.


  • The receiver and auger can only be washed by hand, their material is not suitable for dishwashers.
  • The spare protective sleeve is not included in the basic package.

Bosch MFW 67440

Rating of the best Bosch electric meat grinders 2022 (TOP 6)

Universal electric meat grinder with the perfect combination of build reliability, performance and functionality. The market price is about 9.50 $, taking into account promotions and discounts, you can find it for 7.50 $.

Model advantages:

  • High motor power – 700 watts.
  • The maximum allowable load is 3.6 kg of product per minute.
  • Use not only for the preparation of meat and sausage products, but also for the preparation of other products – slicing vegetables, grating cheese, crushing nuts.
  • Complete set with a large number of interchangeable nozzles and disks for molding. The material – stainless steel – ensures a long service life.
  • Attractive design.
  • Integrated compartment for parts and cable storage.
  • The connecting part between the motor and the rotating element is made of metal.
  • Built-in thermal indicator for overheating lockout. The auger stops even at peak loads; a reverse stroke is provided to get rid of fibers during the processing of sinewy meat.

Unlike the Bosch MFW 66020, the loading tray is made of plastic, but despite this drawback, in general, buyers are satisfied with the balance of quality and money spent on purchasing the unit.

Bosch MFW 68640

Rating of the best Bosch electric meat grinders 2022 (TOP 6)

A convenient premium-class meat grinder is a trouble-free assistant for the hostess. The powerful 800-watt beast impresses with its productivity. In one minute, the device is able to grind up to 4.3 kg of products. The overall meat grinder can withstand 10 minutes of work without interruption. Striking technical parameters will satisfy both the needs of a large family and mass production.

The model has many advantages:

  • Sturdy plastic body, reliable metal loading tray, stainless steel blades.
  • Extended equipment – the set includes a minced meat chopper, 3 graters of different perforations, a shredding disc, a juicer-press, nozzles for making sausages and sausages, stuffing homemade sausages, cooking kebbe.
  • The model is recognized as the leader of the line in terms of assembly reliability. An excellent solution for intensive applications such as catering. Professional equipment for the preparation of semi-finished meat products at home.
  • Sharp augers cope with meat of any rigidity and sinewiness. When winding the strands around the knife, it is recommended to use the reverse stroke to safely remove the fibers.

Netizens leave positive assessments of the quality of grinding, and note the speed of processing. In addition to the high cost – about 110$, no other disadvantages of the product were found.

Bosch MFW 68660

Rating of the best Bosch electric meat grinders 2022 (TOP 6)

Modern electric meat grinder with steel body and loading tray. The delivery takes place in a wide configuration: cutting discs for shaping minced meat, replaceable nozzles for kebbe, pureeing vegetables, preparing semi-finished sausages, cutting products into slices of different sizes and graters. Unlike the Bosch MFW 68640, the set includes an auger juicer.


  • Rated performance – 800 W, maximum power – 2200 W.
  • To eliminate stuck veins, there is a reverse auger.
  • The motor is protected from malfunctions by an automatic locking system, preventing overheating and overload.
  • The device processes up to 4.3 kg of meat per minute.
  • The wide opening of the loading compartment allows you to process large pieces of food.
  • In the body part there is a place for storing accessories and a network cable.
  • The meat grinder of the premium segment has a stylish appearance and ergonomic design.


  • expensive.
  • works noisily.

The rating was compiled according to the statistics of the Internet resource Walmart. The purpose of the review is to acquaint consumers with the most popular Bosch meat grinders of 2022. The company’s products are equipment that can be trusted, tested by thousands of satisfied users. Build quality, durable materials and ample opportunities according to buyers, are worth the money spent.


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