Rating of the Best BEKO Cookers of 2022 (TOP 8)

Rating of the best BEKO cookers of 2022 (TOP 8)


In this ranking, I have collected the best BEKO cookers of 2022. Beko is one of the top five home appliance brands in the world. BEKO cookers are known to buyers in Europe and the EU as budget-friendly, technically advanced, with a good product range. The manufacturer offers electric, gas, combined models, classic and three-level. In the Top, we will consider all types of VEKO cookers, according to the rating of the Walmart resource.

Electric stoves VEKO

Rating of the best BEKO cookers of 2022 (TOP 8)

FSM 67320 GWS

An electric stove with a stylish design, the model goes beyond the category of an ordinary household appliance and can serve as a kitchen decoration. External design, a wide range of functionality, a low price of 23,420 rubles – that’s what influenced the choice of buyers.


  • Universal white body color. Always in trend, suitable for any situation.
  • Glass-ceramic work surface. Easy to maintain, powerful in heating the burners, economical in terms of energy consumption – 9.9 kW.
  • The optimal width is 60 cm. The distance between the burners is well thought out, you can take everything in preparation, the dishes will not “shift” each other.
  • Burners 4 burners of different sizes. Two single-circuit 14 and 18 cm, there is one double-circuit, you can put dishes for heating with a small bottom up to 12 cm or increase to 21 cm. Another oval shape for a roaster with an extension of the zone 170/265 cm.
  • Simple and familiar mechanical control of eight modes of operation. Everything fixes and shows the LED display, and the electronic clock is a godsend for the hostess. A specific time is set until the dish is ready, and then a sound signal will inform you that you can remove the dishes. At the same time, the heating of the burner is turned off.
  • 65 l large volume oven with hinged door. There are three glasses on the door. There is a backlight inside the oven. Powered by electricity. The addition – a grill and a heating element heated in two levels with a fan – will allow you to bake and cook a lot of healthy dishes and the most “capricious” pastries.
  • A very useful option is blocking the panel and indicating the display of a hot burner. Usually in the form of dashes of red color.
  • A set of baking sheets of different depths.
  • At the bottom of the stove is a useful and ergonomic sliding section.
  • Air cooling of the body is provided in the operating mode.

According to user reviews, there are also disadvantages to the technique:

  • Many are dissatisfied with the guides for baking sheets, they are not telescopic, but ordinary wire ones.
  • Inconvenient and not thought out location of the temperature controller. It gets very hot when the oven is on.
  • No power cable included, you have to buy more.
  • The front panel gets very hot at the highest possible oven temperature. It immediately starts to smell like plastic. The service confirmed that this is a common problem.

Rating of the best BEKO cookers of 2022 (TOP 8)

CSS 48100GS

General characteristics with FSM 67320 GWS:

  • There is an indication near the hot burner.
  • Grill, double-circuit heating element.
  • Drawer at the bottom of the stove.
  • The oven is illuminated, you can determine the readiness of pastries or roasts without opening the door.
  • Timer to turn off the burners.

Differences from FSM 67320 GWS:

  • Dimensions: 10 cm narrower in width,
  • On the working hob made of glass ceramics, instead of 4, there are only 3 burners.
  • Smaller oven volume 45 l and only 2 glasses.
  • No convection and no clock.
  • There is no panel control lock.

Benefits noted in customer reviews:

  • The quality of technology is fully consistent with the cost. The set of options implemented in this model in other brands is much more expensive.
  • The best option for a small kitchen. Compact and functional.
  • In terms of heating time, the burners are comparable to gas counterparts.

Of the minuses, all buyers noted the absence of an electrical cable and blocking.

Gas stoves BEKO

Always popular for high-quality assembly and affordable price. In the review, we present only two models, but they will reveal all the pros and cons inherent in this product group.

Rating of the best BEKO cookers of 2022 (TOP 8)

CSG 52000W

According to the Walmart rating, the model received the highest score – 5. The budget and affordable price is 95$, the classic design and design of the panel, the universal white body color.

What the manufacturer equipped the stove with:

  • Enamelled hob. Enamel of good quality according to customer reviews. Easily washed from burning and fat, does not turn yellow. Retains its original luster for almost the entire life of the appliance.
  • Ordinary mechanical switches with plastic handles.
  • Volumetric oven 56 l with a folding classic door.
  • Increased safety due to the oven gas control option. A special thermoelectric system will cut off the gas supply if the fire goes out.
  • There are 4 burners on the hob, one WOK burner for quick heating.
  • Ergonomic and useful drawer at the bottom of the case for various kitchen small items.

What are the cons noted in the reviews:

  • No burner control. Buyers believe that it was possible to add a little in cost, but to equip stop control for burners.
  • The enamel goes into a fine mesh of cracks if the oven is overheated.

Combined stoves Beko

Over the past 5 years, combined models have become more popular than conventional ones operating on a single energy source. This expands the functionality of the equipment, if you need a quick warm-up – a gas burner is used, you need uniform heat – an electric one. Optional manufacturer improvements create all the prerequisites for optimizing the cooking of your favorite dishes.

Rating of the best BEKO cookers of 2022 (TOP 8)

FFSS 62000W

Model with gas hob and electric oven. Low price 10 5 dollars.


  • The enameled worktop has 4 burners and one turbo for quick reheating or cooking. Gas control is provided for all burners. Protection against gas leaks in the event of an extinguished flame. If the fire goes out, the sensor will cut off the gas supply.
  • The 71 l electric oven has a grill.


  • When operating the top gas / bottom electric type, the budget is saved. Usually gas is cheaper than electricity, and according to statistics, the oven is used 50-70% less often than burners.
  • In the electric oven, pastries and baked goods are prepared without additional moisture.

Negative reviews:

  • It is not always convenient to start the electric furnace when the burner is on.

Rating of the best BEKO cookers of 2022 (TOP 8)

FFSS 54000W

In terms of functionality, it has a number of advantages:

  • On the enameled worktop, there are 2 gas and electric burners, plus 2 turbo burners.
  • Smaller electric oven – 60 l.
  • There is an electric grill.
  • Oven lighting.
  • Compact only 50 cm wide. A great option for studio spaces and small kitchens.

Buyers did not find any cons, an excellent stove at a low cost.

Rating of the best BEKO cookers of 2022 (TOP 8)

FSE 63110 DW

The stove differs from the previous ones in the number of types of burners.

Difference of characteristics from FFSS 54000 W:

  • The cost is 30$ more.
  • On the enamel work surface there is another set of burners – more gas – 3 units, and electric 1.
  • It belongs to class A for energy consumption. Power consumption at face value 7.9 kW.
  • There is a mechanical electric ignition.
  • Sound timer.
  • The oven is 6 liters larger.
  • Grill electric.
  • For the oven, a cooling fan system goes to the backlight.


  • Ignition not built into the handle, but common.


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