Rating of Cyclone Vacuum Cleaners for Apartment Cleaning

Rating of cyclone vacuum cleaners for apartment cleaning


A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. In our review, an attractive “tit” will be powerful cyclonic vacuum cleaners from well-known brands: Xiaomi, LG, Thomas, Dyson, Samsung, Bosch, Candy and others. Ordering goods in orderly rows of ratings is always in demand by buyers, since it takes personal time to view the entire assortment kaleidoscope. We have prepared TOP 10 best models – technological, vertical and classic, worthy of your apartments and houses and corresponding to the balance of cost and quality. We recommend reading about the “crane” in our articles about robotic vacuum cleaners.

To make it easy for you to choose a worthy option cyclone dry/wet vacuum cleaner, in the description of each model, we examined its technical features, the pros and cons of the design, operating modes, suction power and other important characteristics. Let’s fly!

The content of the rating of cyclone vacuum cleaners.

  1. Xiaomi Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner G10 Global
  2. Thomas DryBox Amfibia 788596
  3. LG VC83209UHAS
  4. Bosch BCS61113
  5. Samsung VC18M21N9VD
  6. Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Pro 2
  7. Gorenje VC 1903 GACBUC
  8. Xiaomi Jimmy JV51
  9. Tefal Air Force FlexPower TY9490WO
  10. Candy CAF1020 019
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  12. Xiaomi Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner G10 Global

The place of the leader is occupied by stylish and functional upright cyclone vacuum cleaner from the popular brand Xiaomi. Wireless Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner G10 Global features a universal nozzle that determines the type of coating (laminate, carpet, parquet, etc.) The suction power is automatically adjusted (max = 150 W). Continuous operation on one battery charge up to 65 minutes. There is a convenient LCD display (the ability to set the menu in European), electric and turbo brushes for collecting pet hair, hair, dust and threads. A classic set of nozzles for different purposes. 600 ml dust container, 230 ml water tank. The weight of the device is 4.2 kg. The price is about 200 dollars. The Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner G10 Global model has the best balance of price and functionality in the ranking.

Features of the cyclone vacuum cleaner: adjustable water flow, maneuverability due to swivel joints on a powerful turbo brush, ergonomic handle, charge indication.

Pros: 2-in-1 design: easy to use hand-held attachments (no connecting pipe). Wet and dry cleaning.

There are no significant downsides.

Rating of cyclone vacuum cleaners for apartment cleaning

Thomas DryBox Amfibia 788596

The second place in the ranking belongs to one of the best vacuum cleaners of cyclone type for wet/dry cleaning of the apartment of the Thomas product line. The functional DryBox Amfibia 788596 model is distinguished by the DryBox fractional dust separation system located in the container, and the AquaBox filter, which allows you to additionally “wash” the air during dry cleaning. Suction power – 325 watts. The volume of the dust collector is 2.6 liters.

Additional features: liquid collection function, wet cleaning with detergent (tank capacity of 1.8 l), an extended set of nozzles, automatic cord winding 8 m long.

Cons: heavy weight (8.25 kg), high price (> 250$)

Rating of cyclone vacuum cleaners for apartment cleaning


Ranked third is Cyclone vacuum cleaner LG VC83209UHAS for dry cleaning, featuring high-quality filtration technology “Turbo cyclone” and automatic dust pressing system. Suction power – 420 watts. No dust bags! Stylish design.

And the rest of the characteristics are worth considering.

  • Big dust collector on 1,2 l.
  • HEPA fine filter 14 class, which guarantees purified air at the outlet.
  • Powerful turbo brush and a set of convenient nozzles.
  • Noise level <74 dB.
  • The weight of the device is 6 kg. Dimensions 28.8×30.5×44.5 cm.

In our rating, the price of this device is average: up to 200 dollars.

Peculiarities cyclone vacuum cleaner LG VC83209UHAS: there is protection against overheating, auto winding of the cord 6.3 m long.

The minus is the lack of a liquid collection function, as well as general wet cleaning.

Rating of cyclone vacuum cleaners for apartment cleaning

Bosch BCS61113

On the fourth step of the rating, we put a vertical cyclone-type vacuum cleaner from the Bosch brand. Stylish laconic model BCS61113 It is designed for dry cleaning and features a light weight (2.3 kg) and a 2-in-1 design. With a detachable handheld device, it is convenient to dust curtains, closet shelves, cornices and upholstered furniture. Autonomous work within 30 min. allows you to clean the interior of the car. Price up to 200 dollars. Information about other characteristics:

  • suction power – 150 W;
  • dust container volume – 300 ml (located at the top, like the brushless DigitalSpin electric motor);
  • turbo brush + 3 nozzles included;
  • output fine filter HEPA;
  • noise level <80 dB.

Additional chips cyclone vacuum cleaner: there is a blowing function, the battery is removable, the ability to control the suction power on the handle, high-quality assembly, vacuum cleaner charging indicator, flexible crevice nozzle.

Cons: the filter cannot be washed with water, high cost, short time of continuous operation. According to these criteria, a quality device is inferior to the leaders of the rating.

Rating of cyclone vacuum cleaners for apartment cleaning

Samsung VC18M21N9VD

Offer to place in fifth place Rating Anti-Tangle VC18M21N9VD Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner (Pet Care Series) may seem wrong at first. The reason is that the model is not a battery type. But the technical characteristics, low weight (4.6 kg) and low price up to 110$. reliable network model from the Samsung brand convince of the opposite.

  • Suction power – 380 watts.
  • Capacious transparent dust container with a volume of 1.5 liters.
  • 2 efficient turbo brushes (optional mini Pet Care turbo brush). Easily cope with pet hair, hair, small and large litter.
  • Outlet HEPA fine filter class 13 + additional washable filter inside the container.
  • Noise level <87 dB.

Additional features: auto winding of the cord 6 m long, power adjustment. In the ranking

Minus: the output filter is not washable.

Rating of cyclone vacuum cleaners for apartment cleaning

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Pro 2

Stylish cyclonic vacuum cleaner Cinetic Big Ball Animal Pro 2 from the famous company Dyson (premium price segment) takes sixth place in our rating. The purpose of the device is dry cleaning of floor coverings and furniture. The volume of the dust collector is 800 ml.

The model differs in 5 original nozzles in addition to a turbo brush with carbon fiber bristles + a mini turbo brush for collecting pet hair. Suction power – 164 W with economical consumption of 700 W. Noise level <80 dB. Weight – 5.68 kg.

Peculiarities vacuum cleaner Cinetic Big Ball Animal Pro 2 with cyclone filter: a special design of rubberized wheels that enhance the maneuverability of the device, a “tumbler” mechanism that returns the device to its original position when it rolls over.

Additional features: hinged bar, container full indicator, automatic cord winder 6.68 m long.

This is the most expensive model in our rating (> 450$). Cons: overpriced, low suction power.

Rating of cyclone vacuum cleaners for apartment cleaning

Gorenje VC 1903 GACBUCY

Budget Chinese model of attractive cyclonic vacuum cleaner Gorenje VC 1903 GACBUCY for dry cleaning ranked seventh in the rankings. Its difference is not only in the low average price of up to 60 dollars, but also in a large 2.2-liter dust container. Turbo brush. Noise level <84 dB.

Pros: output double HEPA filter, it can be washed with water.

Additional features: rubberized maneuverable wheels, automatic winding of the cord 5 m long, vertical parking.

Minus: minimal equipment.

Rating of cyclone vacuum cleaners for apartment cleaning

Xiaomi Jimmy JV51

Eighth place in the ranking is occupied by the lightest (1.45 kg) vertical cyclone vacuum cleaner Jimmy JV51 for dry cleaning apartments. The 500 ml dust container is located at the top of the boom. Autonomy up to 50 minutes, suction power – 115 watts. Outlet HEPA fine filter. Price up to 100 dollars.

Features of the model: synchronization with the phone via Bluetooth. This allows you to track the level of charge, the degree of filling of the container, the value of the harvested area and the level of filter contamination. Plus an ergonomic handle and a manual version of the vacuum cleaner.

Cons: long charging, does not clean carpets well.

Rating of cyclone vacuum cleaners for apartment cleaning

Tefal Air Force FlexPower TY9490WO

Without vertical cyclonic vacuum cleaner with LED light you can’t do without a turbo brush in the rating! The stylish Air Force FlexPower TY9490WO model from the Tefal brand features an additional mini electric brush for collecting pet hair on any floor coverings and a 2-in-1 Aqua nozzle for combined cleaning (dry + wet at the same time). Other characteristics are also interesting.

  • The capacity of the dust container is 600 ml.
  • Fast battery charging up to 3 hours with continuous operation of the vacuum cleaner up to 35 minutes.
  • Suction power – 100 W (power control is located on the ergonomic handle).
  • Noise level <82 dB.

Additional features: The innovative foldable rod shape makes it easy to collect dust under the sofa, armchairs and cabinets. The manual version of the cyclone device will help clean the cornices, curtains and shelves. The container is emptied at the push of a button.

If in our rating you paid attention to original and light (3 kg) model Air Force FlexPower TY9490WOconsider the small disadvantages: low power and the price is slightly> 200 dollars.

Rating of cyclone vacuum cleaners for apartment cleaning

Candy CAF1020 019

In the last tenth place in the ranking, we placed the most budget cyclone vacuum cleaner with large 1.7L transparent dust box and 250W suction power. The compact network model has a stylish look and low weight (4.95 kg). Noise level <85 dB. Nozzles for floor, parquet and carpet, crevice and dust brush. Low price up to 60 dollars. and full compliance with the balance of quality and price.

Features: washable outlet filter, soft rubberized wheels, convenient container cleaning at the touch of a button.

Cons: cord length 5 m, one power mode.

Rating of cyclone vacuum cleaners for apartment cleaning

Summing up the rating

Ten Powerful and Stylish Cyclone Vacuum Cleaners Great for keeping your home clean every day. Aren’t you embarrassed that we offered a mix of net and upright vacuum cleaners in the rating? The main thing is that all models have a vortex filtration system, and HEPA outlet filters purify the air from allergens and dust. Removal of garbage from the plastic container is made by pressing of the button. No bags and the trouble of buying them! Taking into account the balance “quality – price” + functionality + convenience for a person, the winner of the rating was model Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner G10 Global from Xiaomi. We recommend that you take a closer look at high-quality and technologically advanced vertical vacuum cleaners and robotic equipment from a Chinese manufacturer.

Enjoy the shopping!


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