Overview of the Abir X8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Equipment and Functionality

Overview of the Abir x8 robot vacuum cleaner, equipment and functionality


“Smart” technology simplifies a person’s life in all areas, so house cleaning is no exception. To maintain cleanliness in the premises and save time, they came up with robotic vacuum cleaners. It is enough to turn on the device, set the parameters and you can do other things. But which model to choose so that it serves for more than one year, effectively cleans the room and does not break? We bring to your attention review of the novelty Abir X8 with an impressive array of features.

told about functional features of the Abir X8 vacuum cleanerconsidered the strengths and weaknesses, summed up the work of the presented model.

Appearance of the vacuum cleaner

The device is equipped with a plastic case, has a glossy finish, and there is also a pattern on the top panel. To start it robot vacuum cleanerjust press the start button. The second button is designed to turn off the model and return to the base for charging.

Overview of the Abir x8 robot vacuum cleaner, equipment and functionality

On the bottom platform you will find section for cleaning the dust collector. It is recommended to clean it regularly in order for the cleaning to be effective. The vacuum cleaner also has other functional elements:

  • contact pad for the docking station;
  • wheels to move around;
  • side brushes;
  • napkins and fasteners of the turbo brush for wet cleaning.

Built-in navigation helps the Abir X8 vacuum cleaner avoid obstacles, but the developers still endowed the model with a rubber protective bumper. Due to slightly beveled side faces, the device overcomes protrusions more easily. But even in the event of an accidental collision, the body will still remain intact, because the rubber will absorb and take the brunt of the blow.

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What is included?

The price of a robot vacuum cleaner ranges from 350 $. up 400$ If you bought the presented model, the following should be standard:

  • the vacuum cleaner itself;
  • turbo brush;
  • container for dirt and dust;
  • dock station;
  • water tank;
  • cleaning tool;
  • additional side brushes;
  • instruction;
  • remote control panel.
Overview of the Abir x8 robot vacuum cleaner, equipment and functionality

If you have any questions, look again at the instructions, because there is a description in European, so you will quickly understand everything.

Remote and app control

You can control the device using the remote control. Press the corresponding button to enable or disable, or select the mode – “automatic cleaning”. Provided button for automatic return of the robot vacuum cleaner to the charging station, and if necessary, you can direct the model to the required place for cleaning. To get started, press the button located in the center.

Overview of the Abir x8 robot vacuum cleaner, equipment and functionality

If you want to adjust the suction power, use the buttons below the joystick. On it, you will also find the cleaning mode around the perimeter of the room or transfer the Abir X8 to local mode. The robot vacuum also works through the Weback app, voice control is supported. To do this, you need to use the Yandex.Alisa virtual assistant. Commands in European.

Functionality and Features

In the review, we superficially considered the main features, so we smoothly move on to extended functionality of the vacuum cleaner.

  • After the first passage of the device around the room, the robot creates a map in memory, which is displayed on the operating panel.
  • Go to settings to make changes to the map, clear it and create a new one.
  • Voice commands in European are supportedso there are no difficulties in management.
  • There is Threshold modes, cleaning log.

In the main menu, you can connect several rooms into one, so that the robot cleans several rooms at once without your participation. Several modes can be saved to the memory card at once. If necessary, immediately set the places in the room where the Abir X8 cannot enter.

After entering several values ​​in the memory card, the next time you turn it on, you select the one you need for cleaning today. According to the reviews of the owners of the vacuum cleaner, it takes about 11 minutes to clean a room of 12 square meters.

What you need to know about the quality of cleaning on different surfaces?

On practice The robot vacuum cleaner is able to draw in dust and remove debris in recesses up to 4 mm. With such small gaps, the device easily copes and qualitatively sucks debris into the dust collection compartment. On different surfaces, the Abir X8 model behaves as follows.

Overview of the Abir x8 robot vacuum cleaner, equipment and functionality
  • Laminate and parquet board. Easily collects debris, removes hair and wool. If there is too much hair, the brush will have to be cleaned immediately after cleaning.
  • Carpet. Collects small debris, draws in dust even on carpets with high pile up to 12 mm.

If you turn on the wet cleaning mode, the vacuum cleaner will wipe the floor in a Y-shaped path. Due to this, it is easy to remove dirt from linoleum and laminate. In the case when there were some stains from spilled tea or wine, the device can easily cope with them. But if the spots are old, have long been absorbed, then even the efforts of this model will not be enough.

How does the Abir X8 overcome obstacles?

The company that created the vacuum cleaner claims that their model can easily cope with an obstacle of up to 2 cm. But according to the owners, this model is able to overcome an obstacle of no more than 15 mm – this is slightly less than stated by the manufacturer. Another drawback is that the device takes black mats for obstacles and bypasses them.

Overview of the Abir x8 robot vacuum cleaner, equipment and functionality

At maximum power, the noise level does not exceed 64 dB, and at minimum – 55 dB. The vacuum cleaner works quite quietly, which will appeal to lovers of silent cleaning.

Advantages and disadvantages

Every technology innovation has its own strengths and weaknesses. No device can meet the requirements of every user at the same time. If you’re still in doubt, buy yourself smart vacuum cleanerPay attention to the pros and cons of this model.

We highlight the following from the advantages.

  • Automatically detects obstacles, there is zoning into rooms.
  • Voice alerts in European are supported.
  • It is possible to control with a remote control and through the application.
  • The memory card can save multiple cleaning cards.
  • Decent navigation, easy control.
  • In floor cleaning mode, the robot moves in a serpentine fashion, which is very efficient.
  • On one battery charge will clean an apartment up to 100 sq. m.
Overview of the Abir x8 robot vacuum cleaner, equipment and functionality

But, like any smart device, even such a popular vacuum cleaner has its weaknesses. Of the minuses, we highlight the following aspects.

  • It is impossible to wash the floor and vacuum at the same time.
  • Too dark surfaces are sometimes recognized by the device as obstacles and bypass them.
  • When compared with other powerful models – poor cross-country ability.


Before buying new items, pay attention to technical specifications of the vacuum cleaner. For this price category, quite worthy parameters, viz.

  • Suction power within – 2500-5000 Pa.
  • Dimensions – 330 by 96 mm.
  • The capacity of the liquid tank is 360 ml.
  • Battery parameters – Li-Ion 3200 mAh.
  • The operating time on a single charge is 2 hours.
  • Suitable for cleaning rooms up to – 100 m2.
  • The capacity of the dust container is 600 ml.

The vacuum cleaner easily overcomes obstacles up to 2 cm, and in practice – up to 15 mm, and the weight of the model is 2 kg. If the battery is fully charged, robot vacuum cleaner cleans an apartment up to 100 m2 on a single charge. For larger apartments, you will need to charge the device.

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Summing up: is it worth buying an Abir X8 vacuum cleaner?

From the description above, it can be concluded that this model with pretty good technical characteristics. If you have a house or apartment up to 100 square meters, the device will make your life easier and free up a lot of free time.

The vacuum cleaner quietly penetrates into cracks up to 4 mm, draws in dust, and in the wet cleaning mode copes with small spots. Fully filled water in the jar is enough to moisten and wash the floor in several rooms at once. But if there are too many black carpets or coatings in an apartment or house, then this can be a problem for you, because the sensor of the robot vacuum cleaner takes them for obstacles, and therefore bypasses them.

In general, in the tests carried out, the vacuum cleaner demonstrated high-quality and effective cleaning. The brushes work properly, no defects were found during cleaning. Everyone chooses for himself whether to accept the manufacturer’s offer at such a price or not, and our review will help you.

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