Okami Robotic Vacuum Cleaner U90 Vision Review

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We meet another Okami model from the U-Series line, which differs from its “younger” version Okami U80 by the presence of an optical camera. What has changed in the device after the introduction of an improved navigation system and what the Okami U90 is, we will find out below.

Equipment and design of the device

Traditionally, we tell what is inside the box except for the robot itself:

  • Charging base
  • Adapter
  • Wet cleaning tank
  • Microfiber cloths in the amount of 2 pcs.
  • Side brushes
  • HEPA filters
  • Brush for cleaning the appliance
  • Warranty and instructions

You may notice that the factory package, like the Okami U80, does not include a virtual wall, but do not rush to get upset. You can now limit the cleaning area using a virtual wall in the official application.

The design of the device is similar to the rest of the devices in this line: a perfectly round shape, a fascinating black color and an interesting pattern on the case.

At the top is a control panel consisting of two buttons: “Power” and “Home”. There is also a novelty from Okami – HD-camera Vision 3.0.

The dust container is located on the side of the gadget, where you can also see the ventilation holes and a bumper that softens the touch of the device with environmental objects. Below there is a V-Shape 3.0 turbo brush, which provides effective cleaning of all types of coatings, including carpets. Massive driving wheels, a swivel roller, two side brushes, a place for attaching microfiber are also installed there.

How did the Okami U90 outperform the Okami U80?

The main difference is the improved navigation model. The HD camera allows you to quickly analyze the space and create a more accurate map of the room. Thus, orientation in space reaches a new level.

The power of the device has been increased to 2500 Pa by moving the engine closer to the dust collector.

As in the U80 version, the device controls the liquid supply to the napkin, which increases the efficiency when cleaning different types of coatings. For example, the robot will wet tiles and tiles more abundantly, and laminates and parquets will be wiped at the minimum mode.

Charging station Okami U90

Do you have a large house or apartment and are you worried that the robot will not have time to clean the entire apartment at once? We inform you that the new version of the vacuum cleaner has a continuous cleaning mode. After being discharged, the gadget will go to the docking station for recharging, and then return to the place of the interrupted cleaning. The process takes place without human intervention.

Okami U90 dimensions allow it to get under furniture and carry out cleaning there. And the structure of the turbo brush and wheels make it possible to clean carpets.

You can manage your device in three ways:

  • Official app. We recommend this option, because it opens up a lot of opportunities for the user.
  • Remote control.
  • Control panel on the body of the vacuum cleaner.
Robot vacuum cleaner Okami U90

Final verdict

Brief characteristics:

  • dry and wet cleaning
  • dust container 0.60 l
  • fine filter included
  • smartphone control
  • battery life: 120 min
  • weekday programming
  • WxDxH: 33x33x7.60 cm
  • type of sensors: optical
  • remote control

Advantages: accurate navigation system, interrupted cleaning mode, high suction power, intelligent wet cleaning, user-friendly application interface and many functions available in it.

No deficiencies were identified during the work. The vacuum cleaner meets all the declared characteristics and perfectly copes with its tasks. The gadget occupies a leading position in the ranking of robotic vacuum cleaners with camera-based navigation.


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