Multicooker or Air Grill – What to Buy for the Kitchen?

Multicooker or air grill - what to buy for the kitchen?


Useful functions of modern technology

Multifunctional units, such as multicooker air grills, are gaining more and more popularity among housewives. They allow you to prepare exquisite dishes using a wide variety of technologies:

  • steam treatment;
  • cooking soups and porridges;
  • frying meat;
  • roasting vegetables;
  • extinguishing the stew;
  • sweet pastry

How not to get lost in the variety of kitchen utensils? What is the best device to buy to save time, space and effort? What is the difference between devices that are similar in functionality and appearance? Let’s figure out how a slow cooker differs from an air grill.

Multicooker or air grill - what to buy for the kitchen?

7 differences between a slow cooker and an air grill

Let’s consider the main distinguishing features implemented in these two types of kitchen appliances:

1. Useful volume. The capacity of the multicooker does NOT exceed 5 liters, and the air grill can reach more than 15 liters.
2. Principle of operation. The heating element of the multicooker is located at the bottom of the bowl, and in the air grill, heated air is supplied from above.
3. Bowl material. A non-stick pan in a multicooker and a fireproof dish or grill in an air grill.
4. Functionality. It is approximately the same, but the air grill is mainly used for frying and baking, and the multicooker for stewing and cooking.
5. Power. Up to 1000 W for a slow cooker, 1700 W for an air grill.
6. Weight of the device. The slow cooker weighs about 3 kg, the air grill about 8 kg.
7. Care. It is enough to rinse the multicooker bowl with water and wipe it with a napkin. It is quite difficult to wash the air grill because of the heating device located on the lid.

Multicooker or air grill - what to buy for the kitchen?

Having determined how a multicooker differs from an air grill, it will not be difficult for you to purchase the necessary equipment for personal use. Order high-quality household appliances at affordable prices


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