Mixer and Blender: Similarities and Differences

Mixer and blender: similarities and differences


The most versatile tool is a food processor. But due to its bulky dimensions and time-consuming maintenance, you don’t always want to use its services.

Such simple and functional devices as a mixer or blender can be an excellent replacement for a combine harvester. We suggest considering how a mixer differs from a blender, so that you can choose the most suitable device for your needs.

The main differences

Among the most obvious differences between these two related devices, the following most significant points can be highlighted:

1. Purpose. The mixer is used to mix the ingredients of the dish to a homogeneous mass and give it a porous consistency. The blender is used for grinding hard and soft food.
2. Functionality. The mixer can be stationary or manual. Stationary has proven itself well in the preparation of large volumes of mixtures of various types. Manual is used for quick whipping of small portions. Among the blenders, there are submersible and stationary models. With the help of a submersible device, you can easily grind nuts and ice, vegetables and fruits, prepare baby formula. A stationary blender will also allow you to whip up a lush milkshake or mix a vitamin smoothie.
3. Nozzles. When working with a mixer, whisks or hooks for kneading the dough are mainly used. The main working tools of a blender are blade knives and other choppers.

Mixer and blender: similarities and differences

What is more suitable for you: a blender or a mixer?

After learning how mixers differ from blenders, you will be able to choose the right electrical appliances for your kitchen. If you need a device for grinding solid ingredients, slicing vegetable and fruit salads, making baby porridge, then an immersion blender will be your reliable assistant. It takes up little space for storage, is quickly assembled and disassembled, and is easy to clean.

If you often prepare dough, whip cream for a cake, spoil your loved ones with air puree, then you should get a stationary mixer. It will allow you to cook large dishes, while maintaining cleanliness and order around. By setting a timer for a certain period, you will free up time for other activities.

Mixer and blender: similarities and differences

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