How to Use the Dishwasher: The First Start, the Choice of Detergent, the Loading of Dishes

How to use the dishwasher: the first start, the choice of detergent, the loading of dishes



After purchasing a dishwashing device, the question arises of its operation. How to use the dishwasher to extend its life? What needs to be done so that she does her job flawlessly? Let’s figure it out.

First start

It is of great importance – how you spend it, such a start and give the car for further work. It is important to start the device and let it start washing according to the instructions. Things to remember:

  • the machine must not be started if it is damaged after transport or if it is not level;
  • the first start should be carried out without dishes, empty;
  • do not forget to pour water into a special container for ionic salt, about 1 liter;
  • select the medium temperature setting and the shortest time program.

After the first wash, salt must be added to the ion exchanger. Water displaced by the agent can pour out of it. This is fine. Most often, a kilogram falls asleep immediately or in accordance with the attached instructions for a particular model.

How to use the dishwasher: the first start, the choice of detergent, the loading of dishes

Rules for loading dishes

How to use the dishwasher? Here the way the plates and glasses are laid out inside the device plays a role. There are certain rules:

  • start filling the machine from the bottom basket;
  • in the presence of large objects, you can remove the stand from below;
  • smaller plates, glasses, glasses, cups, cutlery (forks, spoons, knives), etc. are placed on top;
  • the biggest things are placed down – pots, pans, large plates, etc .;
  • there must be some distance between the dishes so that a jet of water can clean the surfaces;
  • all dishes are installed upside down;
  • if in one cycle of the program objects are folded that can easily break with those that are more stable – choose a program with a lower temperature regime;
  • small items (holders, lids, stoppers) should be placed in special compartments or in compartments for forks and spoons.

How to use the dishwasher: the first start, the choice of detergent, the loading of dishes

Rinse any heavy residue before placing plates and cups in the machine. This will not only save energy, but also reduce the consumption of detergents.

How to choose a program

Models, as well as the list of programs used in them, may vary. We list the most common ones.

Pre-wash or soak

It is used when it is necessary to soak stuck or burnt food residues or fill dishes with water that gradually fill the machine until the main program is started. In addition, in this mode, it is possible to rinse the dishes before serving.

high intensity wash

This program allows you to wash the most persistent dirt. It is carried out at a temperature of 65-70 ° C.

Be careful when opening the door after the washing cycle is completed – hot steam comes out of the machine.

Standard or normal wash

Choose it to clean dishes from medium to high resistance stains. This type of washing is the most commonly used.

Economy or eco-wash

Can be used for all degrees of pollution. The program will not cope only with the strongest. But it is distinguished by a reduced consumption of electrical energy, water and detergents. It can be used to clean porcelain and faience products.

Delicate wash

In this mode, you can safely clean all fragile items: glass, porcelain, crystal, etc. The temperature regime is very gentle – 45 ° C and therefore does not wash off fatty and high-grade dirt.

Quick wash

Two times shorter than the standard cycle. It is carried out at 55°C and does not soak and dry washed dishes. Do not have time to wash the dishes in which the remnants of food have already dried up.

Unload the machine starting from the bottom shelf.

Detergent tips

The next step in answering the question of how to properly use the dishwasher is the selection of funds. As you know, standard cleaning solutions are completely unsuitable here. Manufacturers produce specialized formulations:

  • powder type;
  • tablet;
  • gel.

The listed products do an excellent job of cleaning dishes from food debris, grease and other contaminants. In addition to them, it is necessary to use salts to soften water hardness. It prevents the formation of scale, salt and mineral deposits on machine parts. The amount of salt depends on the hardness of the water, which you can find out either in specialized services or measure it using the instruments built into the machine. But this function depends on the machine model.

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Additional funds

Purifier. The inside of the machine also needs to be cleaned from accumulated deposits. It is performed every six months – 8 months with the help of a special composition. It is based on polycarboxylate and other active substances. The product is suitable not only for dishwashers, but also for washing machines.

Most often, cleaners are produced in the form of a gel. To use it, open the cap of the bottle according to the instructions (you do not need to unscrew it) and place it upside down in the upper basket for dishes or cutlery. Run the machine for one repetition of the program without dishes at a temperature of at least 65°C.

Among the well-known manufacturers: Finish, Somat, Filtero, Sano, Uniplus.

rinse aid. This tool perfectly helps to cope with the appearance of stains, stains and drops on the dishes during the drying process, and also saves transparent objects from gradual clouding. Some models themselves regulate the amount of rinse aid depending on the selected washing mode. For example, Aqua Sensor Bosh is one of these craftsmen.

The agent is added with each wash and is consumed by the machine in the last rinse. Try Frosch, Meine Liebe, Finish, Luxus, Sodasan.

How to use the dishwasher: the first start, the choice of detergent, the loading of dishes

Freshener. Another additional tool for achieving the best dishwashing result. Helps eliminate possible unpleasant odors on dishes and inside the machine.

The leader is the Polish manufacturer Finish for the dishwasher. In his line you can find all the necessary tools. You can also purchase Frisch-aktiv.

What is the best tool to use?

Many companies that manufacture dishwasher products have begun to produce tablets from several layers, including detergent, rinse aid, freshener and other additives at once. For example, Finish, Somat, Clean & Fresh tablets. It turned out to be convenient, and there was no difference in the result when using the complex of funds or separately. Dry products are suitable for all machines of well-known manufacturers such as Beco, Ariston, Electrolux, Hansa, Siemens and others.

Do not use a conventional cleaner like Fairy – due to the creation of abundant foam and the absence of substances that allow food to slide off the surface of the plates more easily and quickly, you can damage the machine.

Many housewives like the use of the gel, but not all models have the possibility of using it. In addition to detergents, the composition of the product includes components that soften water and prevent the formation of scale. Also convenient are tablets in a gel case, inside of which there is a powder. Considering that the tablets do not always have time to dissolve during the washing cycle (if the short or eco option is chosen), such forms of release of funds are considered preferable.

What Not to Wash in the Dishwasher

Given the impact of high temperature water at different angles, it is forbidden to put into the device:

  • dishes with no heat-resistant coating;
  • objects, parts of which are connected with glue;
  • dishes made of steel prone to rust;
  • plastic items that are not labeled as heat resistant or machine washable;

This point applies to many subjects. Almost all modern dishes are produced with similar designations.

  • wooden objects, as well as from tin and copper;
  • dishes with a hand-drawn pattern, as well as Gzhel and Khokhloma;
  • the dishwasher cannot wash, so sponges, towels and other things should not be folded into it.

Do not forget that household appliances will last longer if you properly care for the dishwasher.


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