HOW to USE a TOASTER – 5 Useful Tips

HOW TO USE A TOASTER - 5 useful tips


It is much easier to toast, dry or heat slices of bread in a toaster. The task is clear, and there are many nuances to make toast in the toaster evenly fried and brown. After all, losers turn toast into burnt rusk in two seconds.

HOW TO USE A TOASTER - 5 useful tips

What can be cooked with a toaster

In addition to frying bread, the toaster can heat a croissant, ciabatta or a bun with filling, soften products and dry crackers. And dried bread, as you know, is the basis for various sandwiches.

HOW TO USE A TOASTER - 5 useful tips

It can be served with fruit, honey, chocolate or peanut paste. Unsweet toasts are rubbed with garlic, spread with oil or eaten with cheese, sausage, fish.

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How to make toast in the toaster: simple instructions

A toaster can be mechanical, semi-automatic or automatic. Depending on the type, the modes and options may differ for convenience, but the principle of operation is the same.

Choose the desired mode, press the lever to start cooking toast. The basket with the future toasts will lower and the bread will begin to toast thanks to the heating elements located on both sides.

Slice thickness

The thickness of the slice plays an important role. Bread that is too thin will quickly fry and, most likely, dry out. Too thick a piece is fried unevenly, it may not turn out crispy. It is best to use bread of the same thickness. Frozen slices must be thawed beforehand.

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Degree of roasting

The temperature set in the device affects the degree of roasting. Some models may have an indicator or a mode switch, which simplifies cooking. If the slices are thin and porous, for example, ciabatta, yeast bread or a loaf with a lot of baking powder, choose a gentle mode with a lower temperature. If the piece is thicker and dense in structure, the mode is medium and higher.

It is necessary to adjust the temperature depending on what is being prepared – for a sandwich with cheese, the temperature is lower, for croutons it is higher.

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Cooking time

Automatic models turn themselves off after reaching the selected temperature. Some models may have a timer. In mechanical models, it is better to start with production from 30 seconds. If necessary, lower the bread basket again.

Looking after the toaster

After using the device, you need to shake off the crumbs or clean the tray, otherwise they will burn the next time you use them.

HOW TO USE A TOASTER - 5 useful tips

From crumbs stuck on the walls and dust, the toaster must be cleaned manually using a brush. This should be done carefully so as not to damage the heating elements. First, the toaster is disconnected from the network.
It is not recommended to wash the inner chamber, only wipe the outside with a damp cloth.

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Which bread is best for the toaster

Special bread for toasts is best. It is called so not only because the size and thickness of the slices is perfect for a toaster. Toast slices crumble less, stay fresh longer and don’t seep through oil or sauce as much. Therefore, it is better to use it for sandwiches in the toaster.

HOW TO USE A TOASTER - 5 useful tips

But if you prefer other varieties, you can take any other – it’s not a problem. For making toasts, whole grain, yeast-free, with bran, from various types of flour are suitable. The composition of the bread or the shape of the slice does not affect the preparation of toast. The main thing is that the slices are the same size.

Tips and tricks for using a toaster

So that the slices always turn out the right browning, and the toaster served for a long time, we share five useful tricks:

  1. Bread should not touch the walls of the device
    Otherwise, it will burn and the toaster may break.
  2. Toasts with a melting filling are not left unattended
    The device may break or cause a house fire.
  3. Do not remove jammed bread with foreign objects
    It is more appropriate to carefully lift the lever and get the slice. Or turn the toaster upside down trying to shake it out.
  4. If you need more toast, set a lower temperature for the next load
    The spirals have already warmed up from the previous session. If the model does not have automatic temperature control, all subsequent toasts will be more toasted.
  5. It is better to spread a thick paste on the slices after cooking
    Thus, jam or honey will spread better under the influence of temperature, and spices will open more strongly when heated.

HOW TO USE A TOASTER - 5 useful tips

Safety rules and what not to do

A toaster is a fire hazard. Before using the device for sandwiches, make sure that it is installed far from curtains, textiles, and there are no flammable objects nearby.

HOW TO USE A TOASTER - 5 useful tips

It is strictly prohibited:

  • Cover the toaster while working.
  • Use liquid ingredients.
  • Wash with water or non-prescribed detergents.
  • Take out toasts with metal objects.
  • Clean without unplugging.

In order not to burn yourself, it is safer to remove freshly made toast with tongs, chopsticks, or a spatula. Or use a tack.

If there is no manual at hand, the most important nuances of the manufacturing process have been compiled in a table.

These tips will help you get the expected result. Use it. After all, the tastiest and most crispy toasts for breakfast can be made only with the help of a toaster. At the same time, without the use of oil, which is important for nutrition.

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