HOW to USE a JUICER – 5 Rules to Remember

HOW TO USE A JUICER - 5 rules to remember


Homemade juice is much more useful than store-bought juice. First, it is fresh, and secondly, we know exactly which vegetables and fruits it is made from.

HOW TO USE A JUICER - 5 rules to remember

A juicer will help you get a freshly squeezed product quickly and easily. How to use it correctly so as not to break it and prepare a delicious drink, read on.

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What can juice be made from, and what can’t

Juicy ripe berries, fruits and vegetables are used to make juices at home. Both seasonal citrus fruits that grow in our region and overseas citrus fruits are suitable.

You can also mix different types of fruits to get an interesting taste of the drink. For example, carrot and apple, tomato and bell pepper, celery and beet go well together.

HOW TO USE A JUICER - 5 rules to remember

Before using the juicer, also read the list of products that should not be placed in the device. They include:

  • Broccoli. The juice of this cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables causes bloating and colic.
  • You can’t squeeze an avocado. To get the benefit, add it to a smoothie, grinding it with a blender.
  • Coconut is not juicy. It is better to drink milk extracted from it.
  • Rhubarb has too coarse fibers. It can break the juicer.
  • The banana is soft, but not juicy. It is better to make banana puree using a food processor.

Pear juice is contraindicated for those who are sensitive to fructose. This drink also has a pronounced laxative effect. It will be correct to combine it with another juice in a ratio of 1:3, where one part of pear juice and three parts of another fruit.

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How to use a juicer correctly

In order to squeeze the juice as best as possible, the device is carefully prepared for operation.

Assembling the device

Before starting the juicer, check the integrity of the cord, assemble the device, following the manufacturer’s instructions. And only then plug it into the outlet. On many juicer models, there is a lock on activation in case of incorrect assembly or missing parts. Don’t let this confuse you.

The hardware part in which the electric motor is located is not washed, only wiped with a damp cloth if necessary. You understand yourself: moisture and electric nodes are incompatible concepts.

Preparation of ingredients

Fresh, ripe fruits are chosen to make a tasty and healthy drink. Before processing in a juicer, they are prepared in several stages:

  1. Wash the fruits under running water.
  2. They cut off rotten places, fruit stalks.
  3. They pull out the bones.
  4. Cut into pieces or slices.

Now the slices can be placed in the compartment and with the help of a pusher, the juice can be squeezed out.

Supply of raw materials

Chopped products are fed into the throat in small portions, pushing with a pusher. It is not worth stuffing the compartment to the top, try too hard with the pusher either. Because the engine of the device will work under tension and may burn out. It is not necessary to create an additional load on the device. He will cope with his task without outside help.

If there are strange sounds during the operation of the device or the smell of burnt plastic, it is better to stop the juicer and turn it off from the mains. It should be shown to the master, because it is cheaper to prevent a problem than to make money.

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Work time

The time of continuous operation of manual juicers is not limited. Electric models need to be allowed to rest after spinning: on average, from 1 to 5 minutes. This is indicated in the instructions for the device. If you ignore the manufacturer’s advice, the electric motor will easily fail due to overloads. And replacing it is not a cheap pleasure.

Cleaning the cake

As the device works, the cake container is cleaned and washed with warm water and detergent. It is important not to put it off until later, so as not to tear off dried particles of waste from the walls of the compartment.

HOW TO USE A JUICER - 5 rules to remember

And if such an occasion has already occurred, the container is soaked in warm water for 10-15 minutes, after which it is washed and rinsed under running water.

How to use a manual juicer: secrets of efficiency

This type of device includes an auger, a press, and a citrus juicer.

HOW TO USE A JUICER - 5 rules to remember

Here are three recommendations for using each:

  • Shnekova: it is as easy to work with it as with a meat grinder. The fruits are cut, pushed into the wide opening of the device and crushed. The raw material as a liquid mass flows through the hole. After work, the device is disassembled, the cake is removed, the parts are washed with running water.
  • The press is designed for citrus fruits and pomegranates. It has two plates, one of which is convex. The fruit is cut in half and placed on the convex part. The lever is lowered, pressing the pulp, thus separating the juice.
  • A citrus juicer is characterized by the presence of a cone. A fruit cut in half is planted on it, and the juice is squeezed out by turning it over. To get the most out of the drink, the fruit is first rolled on the table, slightly pressed against the surface.

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How to take care of juicers so that they serve for a long time

No matter what the juicer is, it is necessary to wash its components on time, and the motor unit should only be wiped with a damp sponge. The main thing is that:

  1. Do not boil the parts of the juicer.
  2. Operate the electrical appliance thoughtfully, without exceeding the operating time indicated by the manufacturer.
  3. After work, the device should be disassembled and washed so that recycled particles do not dry on the walls of the parts and do not provoke the appearance of rust.
  4. Be sure to wipe the parts with a clean cloth.
  5. Store the juicer in a dry and clean place.

Top 4 mistakes in juicer operation

Now you know how to use a juicer so that it squeezes efficiently and works without problems. Follow these tips and enjoy fresh healthy drinks.

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