HOW to DRY APPLES in the MICROWAVE — 6 Rules, Pros and Cons of Cooking

HOW TO DRY APPLES IN THE MICROWAVE — 6 rules, pros and cons of cooking


Drying apples in a microwave oven is financially inexpensive. You just need to understand some nuances and make yourself a belly holiday.

Can you dry apples in the microwave?

Definitely yes. Although this cooking option is less popular than cooking in the oven or fruit dryer. However, microwaved apples come out just as ruddy, moderately dried if not overcooked, and with a full set of vitamins in each slice. The sweetness is preserved, the acid is leveled due to a slight burning sensation.

HOW TO DRY APPLES IN THE MICROWAVE — 6 rules, pros and cons of cooking

Using a microwave significantly speeds up cooking. It is enough to adjust the required power, set the timer, put the slices on the circle and wait for the result.

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Dried apples in the microwave oven: how to decide on the variety

Winter and summer varieties are equally good for dried fruits. Apples should be ripe, but not overripe. The juicier and softer they are, the less time it will take to dry, and vice versa. Do not focus on the appearance and perfection of the product. Defects will be easily removed during cleaning and cutting.

Popular types for drying apples in a microwave oven are:

  • Antonivka and Bezsimyanka;
  • Granny Smith, Pink Lady and others.

HOW TO DRY APPLES IN THE MICROWAVE — 6 rules, pros and cons of cooking

Late varieties are better to use fresh. They will lie juicy all winter and will not disappear.

How to dry apples in the microwave oven: instructions in 3 steps

A microwave oven is good because you can adjust the power and control the degree of readiness. For drying, it is better to choose the second and third power modes.

Step-by-step preparation of apple treats in a microwave oven:

  1. Prepare apples: wash and dry
    If they are wet, it will take longer to dry. It is not necessary to clean the skin. It contains many vitamins that are preserved even after drying. In addition, the finished pieces with the skin will look more beautiful and appetizing.
  2. Cut apples into slices
    The optimal thickness is not less than 3 mm. Shape and size are not important, every hostess can show imagination and experiment. But if the particles are too thin, they will shrivel and turn into breadcrumbs.
  3. After slicing, start cooking
    The result depends on the juiciness and thickness of the slices and the selected power of the device. It is recommended to set the timer for ten minutes first.

HOW TO DRY APPLES IN THE MICROWAVE — 6 rules, pros and cons of cooking

When the timer goes to zero, assess readiness. If they are not dried until golden, set the same time again and check the drying every five minutes. Housewives like to season the fragrant pieces with cinnamon or sugar to enhance the taste and smell.

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How to make apple chips in the microwave

Such deliciousness reaches its condition faster in an oven with a grill. In a matter of seconds, you get a real delicacy with a perfect crunch, the taste of which makes your mouth full of saliva. The slices are nutritious, sometimes it is impossible to tear yourself away from them. They are loved by young children and adults on diets.

HOW TO DRY APPLES IN THE MICROWAVE — 6 rules, pros and cons of cooking

5 stages of cooking apple chips in a microwave oven:

  1. Wash the apples, cut out the core, cut into thin slices.
  2. Make a sprinkling of vanilla, sugar and cinnamon and roll the circles in it.
  3. Place the pieces on the grid base of the grill and turn on the maximum microwave power. Let it work for three minutes.
  4. Check the slices for doneness.
  5. For a ruddy crust, hold in the microwave oven at medium power (700-800 W) for a few more minutes, but no more than 3.

The variety and color of apples do not affect the result.

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Pros and cons of drying apples in microwave ovens: table

However, electromagnetic waves preserve the beneficial properties of fruits. Therefore, the question of how to dry apples better – traditionally or in a microwave oven – is quite rhetorical. In the microwave, it is faster, but not enough, in other devices there are many particles, but they dry longer.

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How to properly store dried apples

So that midges and worms do not start, drying is stored in glass jars, fabric bags, paper bags and cardboard boxes. Ideally, a place where there is no moisture, otherwise there is a high probability of mold. It is better, of course, in a dark place where there is good ventilation, and the temperature is within 15 degrees. A cool environment will extend the drying shelf life. A glazed loggia is perfect, but you should refuse a non-glazed balcony.

You can put table salt near drying. It extracts moisture, dried fruits will never mold. Therefore, making dried apples in a microwave oven is very simple.

Take and do, the recommendations from this article are in front of you!

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