HOW to CHOOSE Waffle Irons

HOW TO CHOOSE waffle irons


HOW TO CHOOSE waffle irons

The more solid the power of the 3-in-1 waffle maker (waffles/sandwich/sandwich), the more dexterous it bakes. In 3 minutes, the delicacy will be browned no worse than a little sun. Low-wattage models “grind” it twice as long. And they will not get crispy waffles, they will be soft.

What is a waffle maker?

This is a device for baking waffles, sandwiches, cookies and shawarma. The versatility of the device is achieved due to replaceable nozzles. Their number and functionality depend on the configuration, which, in turn, affects the cost of the device.

The waffle irons are airtight, but know the measure. It is not necessary to generously fill the plates with dough, the excess liquid will spill out and contaminate everything around. The non-stick coating helps save oil. Once you have greased the warm surfaces, you can cook to your heart’s content – the waffles do not stick.

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Selection criteria: a table of 9 parameters

HOW TO CHOOSE waffle irons

The table contains nine characteristics that reveal the “goodness” of the device.

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Purpose: is there a significant difference between the pros and for the house

HOW TO CHOOSE waffle irons

Waffle makers are divided into 2 classes.

1. Professional ones are designed for baking a large number of waffles of various shapes and recipes. Up to hearts, cups and tubes. They have significant power, so they “eat” electricity by kilowatts. Expensive for home use, bearable for business if trade is booming.

2. Models for home use bake several wafers in one cycle. They are not bulky, the power varies from 700 W and above. An example of this is Russell Hobbs 24530-56. Undemanding in care, a teenager and a grandmother can handle it. The only thing is to protect your hands so as not to burn. The class of the device does not affect the ease of use and the warranty period.

HOW TO CHOOSE waffle irons

The closer the waffle iron is to the professional class, the more purposes it has. Upgraded models can combine up to 5-6 devices at the same time:

  1. Waffle maker
  2. A sandwich maker like the Sencor SSM3120WH.
  3. Grill.
  4. Sausage maker (for cooking sausages in dough).
  5. Nuts (bake halves for “nut” cookies).
  6. Tartaletnitsy.
  7. Dough for making cupcakes, cookies, etc.



HOW TO CHOOSE waffle irons

Conventionally, manufacturers of bakery products are divided into 3 categories in the rating:

  • budget, but high-quality: Magio, Maxwell, Saturn, Steba. These are suitable for those who cook from occasion to occasion;
  • middle schooler: Saturn, Sencor, Russell Hobbs, Tefal are quite good and convenient for improving cooking skills;
  • very expensive: Binatone, Clatronic, Graef are designed for work in cafes and restaurants. Designed for industrial loads.

Number of sections: why one is better than five

HOW TO CHOOSE waffle irons

Waffle makers of the American type have 1-2 sections. And all because the form must be large. Viennese waffles are smaller, so you can cook 4-5 at a time. The shape of the plates contributes to this.

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Coverage as an indicator of quality

Choose one of two:

  • nothing sticks to Teflon. But it is easily scratched, and then the writing is gone. No matter how much you lubricate the plates, everything that doesn’t get to them will still stick to them. Teflon cracks quickly. So it is better not to hook the waffle with a knife, and even more so you should not rub the device with a rolling pin;
  • ceramics are capricious, but not picky. If you press too hard, the wafer may stick. However, you can clean the plates with a hard washcloth, nothing will happen to them.

When choosing a device, you need to pay attention to the quality of the coating. It should be smooth and even. If you notice bumps or dents, pass by. Such a waffle maker will not last long.


Body material: the better plastic and metal

HOW TO CHOOSE waffle irons

About the features of plastic and metal briefly in the table.

Battery life

The waffle iron gets very hot. This directly affects the duration of work: too long work provokes overheating and breakdown.

On average, waffle makers can work continuously for 20-30 minutes. Professional models can easily last an hour or more.

Before buying a waffle maker, you need to understand what the cooking volumes will be.

If you have to work a lot and often, it is better to take one that can last 40-50 minutes from one switch on. The price for such waffle irons will be higher, but the costs fully pay for themselves.

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Which manufacturer is better: 6 most famous

HOW TO CHOOSE waffle irons

Judging by the reviews of real buyers, tests from bloggers and the characteristics of the equipment, 6 best brands can be singled out.

  1. Ardesto – waffle makers are quite budget-friendly and at the same time bake any waffles.

  2. Philips – they are a little more expensive than the aforementioned brand, but they make up for it with a variety of functions.
  3. Russell Hobbs has been awarded the British Quality Mark. Will last more than one decade.
  4. Cook hot sandwiches and even grill meat on Sencor models.
  5. Tefal – kitchen appliances and dishes from this brand are famous for their special durability.
  6. Clatronic is used even in restaurants with Michelin stars! Having one is a status indicator.

Before choosing a waffle iron, it is important to understand what you need from it: versatility, power or multitasking – when the device bakes a lot in one approach.

You can select the desired model from the list. Or study forums where users share their impressions of their devices. Each waffle maker has its own “pluses”. Let them become fat for you!



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