How to Choose the Right Ice Cream Maker for Your Home?

How to choose the right ice cream maker for your home?



The choice of any household appliances is a difficult question. Before buying, you need to carefully study everything. In order not to make a mistake when choosing an ice cream maker, you should pay attention to the types of devices, their characteristics and features of different models. Consider what the unit will be used for. Do you want to spoil your family or dream of your own party with a variety of desserts? The more information on this topic you look at, the easier it will be to buy a quality product the first time.

How to choose the right ice cream maker for your home?

Ice cream maker selection options

Choosing the right ice cream maker is not easy. There are many small nuances. All of them must be taken into account without exception. To make it easier to analyze all the characteristics, we divided them into blocks.

Structural characteristics:

  1. Bowl and body material You have to pay more for stainless steel, but it will last a long time. In addition, in such a bowl you can safely make ice cream for children. The plastic one is cheaper. But it has flaws. Firstly, very low strength, which will lead to breakdowns in the near future. Secondly, the problem of hygiene. From plastic dishes, as we know, you can’t eat, because it is often a carrier of various bacteria.
  2. bowl size. For some, the bowl is designed for 0.5 liters of ice cream, and for some – for 2 liters. Hence the conclusion that at one time each device gives out different portions. It is better to pay attention to those models where the volume exceeds 1 liter.
  3. Bowl height. While making ice cream, you will need to place the bowl in the freezer. She needs to fit in completely. If the refrigerator is not designed for a high bowl, then you should choose a little lower, for example, by 10 cm. In new models, this parameter often exceeds 20 cm due to the popularity of large refrigerators.


  1. The power of a semi-automatic ice cream maker can fluctuate in the region of 4–35 watts. They save a lot of energy. For one family, such a device is quite enough.
  2. The power of an automatic device should reach 150–200 watts. The higher the power, the faster the unit will make a large amount of yogurt or ice cream. Here electricity is consumed more. But the big plus is that additional features will help you create delicious dishes with minimal effort.

Important! There are models that run on batteries. This saves electricity. Their charge lasts for a long time.

Important additions

Often ice cream makers have additional functions. They are optional, but greatly simplify the preparation. When buying, pay attention to the following details:

  1. The presence of a second bowl. If you are cooking in large quantities, then the second bowl is very useful. While the first portion is in the freezer, the second will already be preparing. Great time saver.
  2. Portion cups available. Sometimes there are several cups in the set, in which you can put ready-made ice cream, yogurt or pour a cocktail. Although you can take your own dishes for this, it will still not be superfluous.
  3. An automatic timer that notifies you when the dish is ready. You can always turn it off.
  4. A special compartment where you can store the power cable.
  5. A small window in the appliance to watch the cooking process.

Types of ice cream makers

There are three types of ice cream makers: mechanical, automatic and semi-automatic. The first ones have long gone out of fashion. They require not only manual work, but also an understanding of the matter. The upside here is the energy savings. Rather, such a unit does not need it. The second and third types are now chosen by almost everyone. Each has its pros and cons. The choice of device depends on your preferences.

Semi-automatic ice cream makers

Semi-automatic ice cream makers must have a removable bowl. It requires additional action. Before cooking, you must put it in the freezer. Preferably overnight. There she must stand for at least 10 hours. This process must be repeated each time before a new portion.


  • this is a budget option that everyone can afford;
  • you can cook only one serving of ice cream or yogurt, because then you need to wash the bowl and put it in the freezer for 10 hours;
  • Due to the long cooking process, the appliance will take up space in the refrigerator for a long time.

Automatic ice cream makers

Automatic ice cream makers are real small freezers. Each device has a special cooling function, which keeps the bowl at the required temperature. It does not need to be taken out, washed or cooled separately. Simply add all the ingredients and turn on the unit.


  • before work, turn on the device for 10-15 minutes to cool it down;
  • you can cook any amount of ice cream, since the bowl does not need to be kept separately for a long time in the cold;
  • serious consumption of electricity;
  • the high cost of even the simplest models.

This type of ice cream maker is the most practical. The unit does almost all the work, does not require space in the refrigerator. You can prepare a new portion at any time. The only downsides are the price and waste of electricity. If these shortcomings are not terrible for you, then you should pay attention to such models.

Overview of the best models

To date, there is a list of leaders in sales. This does not mean that the rest of the products contain many shortcomings. Just some models contain the most optimal parameters.

Tefal IG 3005 – a unique semi-automatic ice cream maker (yogurt maker). Always works great. Doesn’t break. Hygienic bowl. There are 4 additional glasses in the set, where you can put portions of 100 g each. The peculiarity of the glasses is in their walls, which do not allow the ice cream to melt quickly. There are also 4 spatulas for mixing ingredients. The reason for the popularity is also an interesting design. You can choose a bright color with any pattern.

How to choose the right ice cream maker for your home?

Moulinex YG 230 – This is also a semi-automatic device that develops power up to 22 watts. In the set you will find 7 small glasses made of quality material. The unit itself has a compartment where you can hide the cable. Thanks to the transparent lid, you can see at what stage the cooking is in progress. Works flawlessly. It is possible to choose the color and design.

How to choose the right ice cream maker for your home?

Panasonic BH-941P – a great semi-automatic ice cream maker that runs on batteries. A large bowl allows you to cook a serving of about a kilogram at a time. Cooking takes place in the freezer. Very convenient and fast. It only takes up a lot of space, so you first need to find out the dimensions of your freezer and compare them with the size of the appliance. There are no additional features.

How to choose the right ice cream maker for your home?

Kenwood IM 250 – a semi-automatic device that makes it possible to save a lot on electricity. The bowl holds 1 litre. This unit is a real lifesaver. It can be used at various events where a large number of servings are required. The whole device is compact. It does not require much space in the refrigerator. The top lid is transparent so you can watch the ice cream being made.

How to choose the right ice cream maker for your home?

Nemox Gelato Chet 2200 – high-quality device. Fully automatic. Volume – 1.5 liters. The set includes a small bucket and 4 special glasses for serving. Makes ice cream making easy. Can be stored anywhere. Does not require refrigeration or long freezing. Within five minutes after switching on, you can start cooking. The bowl itself has a transparent lid.

How to choose the right ice cream maker for your home?

Bork E801 – very powerful automatic freezer (200 W). There are several operating modes. The bowl is a little over one litre. A built-in timer will let you know when the cooking is over. It can be disabled if necessary. A big plus is the presence of a child lock. Able to work for a long time. There are additional functions that control the freezing level.

How to choose the right ice cream maker for your home?


Having your own ice cream maker is a great purchase for the whole family. After all, any mother worries about the quality of food her child eats. It’s also a great excuse to invite friends over.

When choosing, you should take into account the price, quality, a set of parts and other functions. If you need a simple ice cream maker for yourself, then you can stop at semi-automatic machines. But when it comes to noisy gatherings, it is better to rely on an automatic machine that can independently prepare any number of servings.

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